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Amazon’s Roving Treasure Truck Delayed In First Weekend Of Business

After more than a week of cruising the streets of Seattle, Amazon’s Treasure Truck was supposed to start handing out goods on Saturday. But that didn’t happen, as the company announced in the early hours of the weekend that it would postpone its big debut. The Seattle Times reports that Amazon delayed the new Treasure Truck’s first offer of … [More]

Hyundai Replaces General Motors As Official Automotive Sponsor Of The NFL

Sure, sometimes breaking up might be hard to do, but it always helps when you’ve got another suitor lined up to take your former flame’s place. Such is the arrangement for the National Football League, which announced today that it’s ending its relationship with General Motors and hooking up with Hyundai. Hyundai will take GM’s place as the NFL’s official … [More]

Victoria’s Secret Plans To End On-Call Scheduling

Employees at Victoria’s Secret will no longer have to call in to find out if they’ll be hawking lotions, perfumes, bras, underwear and other products on any given day, as the company plans to end its use of on-call scheduling. BuzzFeed News, citing several current and former staff members, reports that the retailer decided to reverse its use of so-called … [More]

Now Available At Petco: One Long Tailed Grass Lizard Skeleton For Only $9.99

Are you in the market for a new pet, one that doesn’t require much maintenance or care? Or perhaps, one that requires absolutely nothing from you? You’re in luck: One Petco appears to have a long tailed grass lizard skeleton available in its store tank, for the low price of just $9.99. Consumerist reader Holly pointed us to a recent … [More]

App Developer Settles Charges It Hijacked Consumers’ Phones To Mine Virtual Currency

Some reward programs aren’t really rewarding. In fact, some are downright harmful to consumers. That was apparently the case with an Ohio-based smartphone app developer that recently agreed to settle charges that it hijacked consumers’...Show More Summary

Where In The World Can You Find The Cheapest Beer?

If you’re the kind of person who needs to know everything about a city before you visit, your list of requirements might include pinning down where you can get a cheap beer. So before you hit the road or book that flight, you might want to check out a recent list of which cities around the globe have the priciest … [More]

Fiat Chrysler Recalls 7,000 SUVs, Tells Customers To Immediately Stop Driving Them

About 65 Jeep and Dodge SUV owners can expect to receive a phone call from Fiat Chrysler telling them to stop driving their vehicles. The car maker announced over the weekend that it will recall about 7,690 model year 2015 Dodge Durangos and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles that have a suspension component that could fail. While a majority of the … [More]

Google Adding Railroad Crossings To Maps In Attempt To Curb Accidents

Due to an uptick recently in accidents at railroad crossings, the Federal Railroad Administration is stepping up efforts to keep drivers aware when their route intersects with the path of trains. The agency just announced a new partnership with Google Maps, that will provide the locations of all grade crossings in the country. Accidents at rail crossings spiked by 9% … [More]

PayPal Tweaking User Agreement To Remove Mandatory Robocalls

PayPal’s new user agreement — the one that gives the company even more latitude to make obnoxious prerecorded marketing calls to “any telephone number that you have provided us or that we have otherwise obtained” — is set to kick in this week, but following an FCC warning that this policy might be in violation of federal law, and … [More]

Senator Pushes FAA To Require That Airlines Drop Seat Change Fees For Parents

Nowadays, airlines charge a fee for just about everything – even when it comes to travelers trying to ensure they’re seated next to their children. But that extra cost could be a thing of the past if one legislator has anything to do about it. In a letter to Federal Aviation Administration administrator Michael Huerta, Sen. Bob Casey urged the … [More]

Burger Chain Turns Its Cricket Milkshake April Fool’s Joke Into Real Menu Item

Most of the time when we hear about bugs and food, it’s an unfortunate and unintended event that leads to disgust, repulsion and often, an apology from any business involved. This time it’s different: a burger chain is putting insects on the menu on purpose, after an April Fool’s joke proved to be popular with customers. It’s not like the … [More]

Comcast’s New Remote Control Now Advertises Comcast-Distributed Kids Movie

Hey kids, isn’t vertical integration awesome? Thanks to Comcast’s acquisition of NBC/Universal, the cable giant can now use its latest high-tech remote control to advertise its feature films directly to your living room! Let’s all cheer...Show More Summary

Charter Promises TWC, Bright House Merger Will Not Include Data Caps… For A Few Years, Anyway

Nobody likes home data caps. And nobody really likes their cable companies. So how can Charter and TWC look like good guys and maybe gain a little favor while planning out their merger? By promising to skip the data caps once they’re joined. At least, for a while. Ars Technica points to a filing in which the would-be cable giant … [More]

Report Finds 100+ Products Labeled “Made In U.S.A.” That Were Made Elsewhere

While there is no official review process required for labeling a product as “Made in the U.S.A.,” a company can get into legal trouble for misusing that label, as doing so may constitute false advertising. A new report from an advertising watchdog group claims that Walmart’s website has more than 100 examples of products incorrectly marketed as made in … [More]

Sprint Expands “Direct 2 You” House Call Service To Four More Cities

After launching a program that brings Sprint-trained experts to customers’ homes to help them with the switch to a new device in April, the company says it’s expanding the Direct 2 You service to four more cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. At the time of the program’s launch in April in Kansas City, Sprint claimed … [More]

Kohl’s To Pay Nearly $1M To Settle Allegations It Overcharged Customers In California

Kohl’s Corporation must shell out nearly $1 million to settle lawsuits with four California counties over allegations the company charged customers more than the price advertised on shelves and signs. Officials with Fresno, Riverside,...Show More Summary

All Major U.S. Airlines Offer Free Cancellations Within 24 Hours, Except One

Even the most prepared traveler occasionally has to change their itinerary for unforeseen circumstances. While dealing with airlines to make a simple change can be both a test of your patience and a drain on your bank account, if you catch the issue soon enough you might save hundreds of dollars in change fees. That’s thanks, in part, to Department … [More]

United Airlines Flight Forced To Turn Around After Passenger Refuses To Stop Smoking

Though it might seem like “no smoking” signs on airplanes aren’t even needed anymore — who could possibly think lighting up a cigarette in an enclosed cabin filled with other people is okay? — there are apparently those out there who still need reminding that smoking isn’t allowed. To wit: a United Airlines flight headed to Boston from Denver was … [More]

Sysco Drops Bid To Buy U.S. Foods, Plan To Create Foodservice Supply Voltron

After months of battling with federal regulators – including contentious meetings, a lawsuit and a federal injunction – food distributor Sysco has dropped its plan to merge with rival U.S. Foods. Reuters reports that Sysco – the largest food distribution company in the U.S. – canceled the proposed $3.5 billion deal that would have given the combined venture 25% … [More]

Your Personal Information Is Probably Going To Be For Sale When The Company You Gave It To Is

You’ve signed up for a dating site, and it has promised up and down not to sell your data for marketing purposes. One year in, so far so good. Except the site folds, and someone else buys its assets — and those assets include all your personal info. The new owners made no privacy promise, and now your likes, dislikes, … [More]

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