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IRS Suspects Russian Identity Thieves In Data Breach

You may remember that the Internal Revenue Service announced late yesterday that about 100,000 taxpayers’ personal information was breached when thieves armed with their personal information were able to log in to the IRS transcript system and extract even more sensitive information about their victims. Show More Summary

Judge Upholds Gainful Employment Rule, Throws Out For-Profit Industry Lawsuit

The Department of Education’s gainful employment rules, aimed at reigning in the for-profit college industry, came one step closer to its July implementation today as a judge threw out a for-profit industry lawsuit that attempted to further weaken the upcoming law. Reuters reports that U.S. District Court of New York Judge Lewis Kaplan upheld the rules, putting an end … [More]

Apple Working On Fix For Text That Instantly Crashes iPhones

It sounds like something out of a horror movie…if mobile phones watched horror movies. A certain string of Arabic characters, when sent to an iPhone, can crash the device and force it to restart immediately. It’s a hilarious prank, but also a nasty security flaw that could disrupt important phone calls. We’re not going to tell you what that string … [More]

ThinkGeek’s Parent Company Says A New Suitor Has Followed Hot Topic Into The Bidding Ring

What’s a little retail merger romance without a love triangle thrown in for good measure? After the news yesterday Hot Topic was buying online retailer ThinkGeek’s parent company GeekNet in a deal worth $122 million, the purveyor of sci-fi curiosities and comic book inspirations says another suitor has thrown in a bid to buy it. On Wednesday, Geeknet confirmed that … [More]

Fed Survey Finds Most Consumers Are Happy With Their Finances, Despite Lack Of Retirement Savings

As the economy continues to bounce back from the Great Recession, consumers have adopted a more optimistic outlook when it comes to their finances despite the fact that a third of the country has no savings put away for the future, according to a new survey from the Federal Reserve. The 2014 Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking [PDF… [More]

30 People Kicked Out Of Hotel After Scuffle Over Waffle Iron

Few people are very amiable before breakfast, but things got really out of hand this week at a hotel in Michigan. A brawl of Chuck E. Cheese proportions broke out during breakfast at a hotel in Pere Marquette Township, Michigan. Two women began an argument over whose turn it was to make a waffle at the hotel’s breakfast bar. How … [More]

Woman Hospitalized After Bite From Black Widow Spider Hiding In Grapes From The Supermarket

Just because we’ve heard of people finding black widow spiders in their grapes doesn’t make it any less icky this time around: A Vermont woman was reportedly hospitalized after a stowaway arachnid hiding in her produce bit her. The woman bought the grapes at a Shaw’s supermarket in Massachusetts, reports WPTZ. Her mother says that when she reached her … [More]

FCC Proposes Giving Consumers Right To Block Telemarketing Calls & Texts

You know what’s not awesome? Answering your phone only to be greeted by a prerecorded robocall telemarketing message. Even a decade after the establishment of the Do Not Call registry and rules banning certain types of robocalls, unwanted calls and messages still top the list of complaints to the FCC each year. Today, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler proposed closing some … [More]

Taco Bell Confirms It’s Testing Delivery Near College Campuses Because Obviously

When the folks at Taco Bell sat down to think about where they could find a population likely to want fast food Mexican fare delivered to their doorsteps, they likely didn’t have to work that one out for very long. After earlier reports that the chain might be testing delivery, Taco Bell confirms it’s trying things out in certain likely … [More]

Could Takata’s Replacement Airbags Be Just As Dangerous?

Generally when consumers take their vehicles to a dealer for a recall remedy, they leave with the peace of mind that the potential safety issue has been fixed. That may not end up being the case for more than 34 million recently recalled vehicles equipped with Takata airbags, as the parts manufacturer, automakers and federal regulators struggle to determine … [More]

A Legitimate Car Seller Will Not Ask For Payment In Amazon Gift Cards

As gift cards go, Amazon gift cards are pretty flexible: they’re available in any amount and can be used for a wide variety of merchandise. You can even use them to buy imaginary cars. At least, that’s what happened to a Michigan man who thought that he was buying a car that was in Montana, but was in fact sending … [More]

Terrible People Have Stolen 25 Chickens From Nonprofit’s Coop In Series Of Heists

We’ve heard about no good, very bad and otherwise terrible people pilfering produce from nonprofit organizations in the past (tangerines, pumpkins, corn, onions), and now it appears poultry is also on the list of things thieves are willing to swipe from their rightful owners. Thieves in Northern California have been targeting a chicken coop owned … [More]

Executives For The World’s Largest Diploma Mill Arrested

Less than two weeks after an investigative report detailed how a Pakistan-based IT company allegedly raked in millions of dollars a month by selling bogus diplomas, degrees and certifications through a series of fake websites and forceful...Show More Summary

Delta Air Lines Pilot Gets Pizza Delivered To The Plane For Passengers On Delayed Flight

Following on the heels of Delta Air Lines’ decision to serve free pizza to make up for a smoke-filled cabin — because feeling mad/sad/annoyed while eating hot cheese is a near impossibility — a Delta pilot ordered pies delivered to a plane full of passengers delayed by bad weather. And apparently, this is all part of a new pizza policy … [More]

Walmart Leak Reveals Name, Details Of Upcoming Amazon Prime Competitor

Earlier this month it was revealed that Walmart, whose online business has been hugely overshadowed by its bricks-and-mortar operations, was finally going to take a real stab at Amazon with the introduction of an annual subscription service that offered free shipping and other benefits, but at a lower yearly cost than Amazon Prime. Show More Summary

NYC Hotel Bar: Dress Code Should Not Have Been Enforced Against Navy Officer In Uniform

It’s understandable that some establishments use a dress code to maintain a certain atmosphere, but one New York City hotel is now apologizing after an employee enforced a strict set of clothing rules for the hotel’s popular rooftop bar, reportedly refusing to allow a Navy officer in because she was in uniform. According to a member of the group, three … [More]

Spirit Flight Attendant Probably Shouldn’t Have Posed For Photos In Jet’s Engine Well

When going through the boarding process for an upcoming flight, one might expect to see the crew members readying the cabin, welcoming travelers or just generally inside the aircraft. That’s why it was a bit unsettling for several passengers to see a flight attendant posing for photos inside the plane’s engine well before a recent Spirit Airlines flight. WLS-TV in … [More]

Why Builders Are Tearing Down Old Suburban Houses And Replacing Them

I was recently alarmed to see a modest-sized house in my neighborhood demolished to make way for a much larger residence that straddles two lots. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that house knocked down: it was a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home built during the Great Depression taking up space in a wealthy suburb, and the real estate market won’t … [More]

Ford Recalls Nearly 445K Vehicles For Power Steering Failure, Fuel Leak Issues

Ford Motor Company issued two new recalls Wednesday covering nearly 445,000 vehicles after receiving numerous complaint and incident reports, including at least four accidents related to loss of power steering and high underbody temperatures. Ford...Show More Summary

FIFA Officials Arrested On Racketeering, Bribery, Money Laundering Charges

The world’s most prominent soccer organization has been rocked this morning with the arrest in Switzerland of multiple officials of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and several allied businesses on charges that include racketeering, bribery, wire fraud and money laundering. Show More Summary

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