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JPMorgan Chase, At Least Four Other Banks Hit By Hackers In Coordinated Attacks

No one is too big to get hacked — and that includes JPMorgan Chase and at least four other banks that were hit by hackers earlier this month. The FBI is investigating the blitzes, which seem to be sophisticated, coordinated cyberattacks that grabbed gigagbytes of data. According to sources cited by the New York Times, hackers grabbed information including … [More]

Tim Hortons: Nice To Meet You, America! Have A Buffalo Crunch Doughnut

You might’ve heard that Burger King is merging with Tim Hortons, a restaurant chain based in Canada. But because many Americans might not be as familiar with the company, Tim Hortons is offering a sort of “howdy do!” from our neighbors to the north, apparently, by way of a “Buffalo Crunch” doughnut. Perhaps because we all look like a … [More]

Redbox Is Running DVD And Blu-Ray Price Hike Tests Again

Movie and game rental kiosk company Redbox is considering another price change to its DVD and Blu-Ray rentals. They’re testing out new pricing schemes in different markets, presumably to figure out which pricing scheme consumers hate the least. In the market where reader Dave is, in Salt Lake City, Utah, they’re trying the price points of $1.50 for DVDs and … [More]

Dairy Queen Substitutes Cleaning Solution For Vanilla Syrup, Serves It To 7-Year-Old

People who enjoy beverages were horrified two weeks ago when we shared the story of a woman in Utah who drank sweet tea laced with degreaser when a restaurant employee mistook a lye-based cleaner for sugar. Now something similar has happened in Colorado, where an employee mistook cleaning solution for vanilla syrup and served up a cleaning chemical shake to … [More]

How ISPs “Compete” With Municipal Networks: Lobbying and Campaign Donations That Block Them

Say you’re mayor of a small city. Your city is small enough and far enough away from other cities that the big cable companies don’t want to spend what it would cost to run wires through your town, because the amount they will make in return isn’t worth it. That’s reasonable, from a business perspective. So you and the residents … [More]

Hershey Joins Elite Club Of Companies With Poo-Like Logos

Hershey decision to redesign the company logo to look more chocolaty was probably well-intentioned. But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions… and littered with poo from jerks who don’t pick up after their dogs. The response to the designers’ use of an unwrapped Hershey Kiss — complete with a wafting paper ribbon — has … [More]

Abercrombie & Fitch Ditching Logo-Heavy Clothing Because That Is So Last Decade

The halls of middle schools everywhere will be changed with this bit of news: Abercrombie & Fitch is scaling back the number of clothing items adorned with its once popular logo. Reuters reports that weakened sales and a change in clothing preferences led the company to change its steadfast practice of slapping a super sized logo on everything. “In the … [More]

Your Favorite Horror Icons — Now In IKEA Form

While it might seem like Jason Voorhees — the silent, masked killer from the Friday the 13th movies — has a knack for being everywhere at once, you can’t have a mass-produced Jason in every home in America at a reasonable price. Yet. Since Hollywood can constantly “re-imagine” horror franchises for new audiences, Illustrator Ed Harrington has reworked a number … [More]

Banquet Frozen Dinners Court The Old-Fogey Demographic

For most consumer items, you want to attract customers who are as young as possible in order to win their brand loyalty for life. In the frozen dinner business, that’s become a problem, because people under age 40 or so simply aren’t interested in frozen meals, no matter how fresh and healthy the packages proclaim them to be. ConAgra, for … [More]

People Get Angry When Starbucks Questions Their Age, Deletes Their Gold Accounts

There are two things that I wouldn’t want to deal with in the morning: explaining that I am not a tween and having someone stand between me and that piping hot cup of joe. For thousands of Starbucks users my morning nightmare scenario came true earlier this week. GeekWire reports that Starbucks canceled the Gold accounts and deactivated associated rewards … [More]

Food Industry Initiative Highlights How Little The FDA Knows About What’s In Our Food

For decades, the food industry has been able to use ingredients that are “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) without approval from the FDA. When first used in the ’50s, this was intended to apply to ingredients, like vegetable oils and vinegars, where an additive’s safety is common knowledge, but in 1997, a backlogged FDA allowed food companies to merely submit … [More]

Louisiana Parish Warns Residents After Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In The Water Supply

For the second time in less than a year, a brain-eating amoeba has shown up in the water supply of another Louisiana parish. Last September health officials warned of the deadly bacteria in one area’s drinking water, and now systems in another parish have tested positive for the Naegleria fowleri amoeba. The state’s Department of Health and Hospitals said … [More]

What Happens When You Try To Create The Ultimate Oreo?

While Nabisco itself has been working hard to create strange permutations of the brand, outside researchers are also pushing the boundaries of Oreo Science. First came the high school students who calculated that Double Stuf Oreos only contain 1.86 times as much Stuf as regular Oreos. Now the frosting scientists at the Onion’s A.V. Club have conducted their … [More]

Like A Bad Date, Dollar General Just Won’t Give Up Its Dream Of Happily Ever After With Family Dollar

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. That’s the stance Dollar General appears to be taking as it continues to court a deal to acquire Family Dollar after being spurned by the smaller dollar store chain last week. Like a bad date, Dollar General executives say they aren’t backing down in their attempt to persuade Family … [More]

Russia’s Biggest Bank Offering Loaner Cats To Entice Mortgage Borrowers

Because it’s apparently good luck in Russia to let a cat stroll through your new home before you move your stuff in, and because mortgage interest rates have skyrocketed in the country, some employees at the nation’s largest bank are offering to lend out their feline friends to a handful of mortgage borrowers in the coming months. BusinessWeek reports that … [More]

Guy Saves Hundreds By Displaying Homemade “Ginger Discount” Card At Local Businesses

As if we need further proof that redheaded folks are smooth, savvy and otherwise generally awesome, one flame-haired fellow in Scotland is taking advantage of his coif’s color by flashing a homemade “Ginger Discount Card” to save on tabs at the bar, restaurants and anywhere he can buy stuff. It all started when his body made the card for his … [More]

FCC Fines T-Mobile $819,000 For Selling Phones That Don’t Work With Hearing Aids

Let’s point out something very, very obvious: within reason, everyone should have the right to communicate over the phone, even if they live with some form of hearing loss. For that reason, the Federal Communications Commission requires mobile phone carriers to sell a certain number of handsets that work with hearing aids. The agency says that T-Mobile failed to do … [More]

Time Warner Cable Fined $1.1 Million For Failing To Report Outages

No, this isn’t about the huge nationwide outage that hit millions of Time Warner Cable customers earlier this week, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The FCC has announced that TWC must pay a $1.1 million penalty for failing to report a number of network outages to the Commission. Earlier this week, the FCC revealed [PDF] … [More]

The Best Way For Students To Avoid High Fees With Campus Banking Products Is To Barely Use Them

All around the country, new and returning college students are being handed IDs they can use as debit cards or they’re being told they can have their aid disbursals deposited straight onto a school-branded card. It all seems incredibly...Show More Summary

Husband Hunts Down Special Coin For His Wife After She Uses It At Toll Booth

Finding one coin among all the others filling the coffers of toll booths is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. Or really, it’s like finding one particular coin out of a bunch of others. But that’s just what one husband did after his wife had to use a coin with sentimental value to pay a toll. The … [More]

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