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Amazon Isn’t Cracking Down On Shared Prime Accounts, Reminds Everyone Of Actual Rules

Amazon is finally sort of cracking down on Prime members who share their membership within a “household” that actually consists of their old roommate, their dad who lives four states away, and a co-worker. We all learned this when the e-commerce company quietly changed who is considered a “household” for the purpose of sharing your Prime benefits. Now Amazon … [More]

Noted Porn Copyright Troll Asks Court To Block Use Of Terms Like “Porn” & “Copyright Troll”

We’ve told you before about Malibu Media, the porn company that has filed more than 3,500 lawsuits against alleged illegal online sharers of its adult content, thus earning its “copyright troll” badge with ease. But the company doesn’t want that term being used against it in court. In a case that’s been going on for three years, Malibu recently … [More]

Apple Denies Report That It’s Planning To Sell Mobile Services Directly To iPhone Users

Apple has come out against a recent report that had claimed the company was testing a mobile virtual network operator, a cellular service that would replace traditional phone carriers for iPhone users in the U.S. and Europe. The company usually stays mum in these kinds of situations, but today it denied Business Insider’s report that it was moving in … [More]

At Least 124 People Died Because Of General Motors Ignition Defect

One year after General Motors’ victim compensation fund began accepting death and injury claims related to its massive ignition switch issue and six months after the submission deadline, the carmaker announced it had completed its review. Show More Summary

No More “TargetExpress” Or “CityTarget,” Just Small Target Stores

Between TargetExpress and CityTarget, the country’s No. 2 big box retailer appears to have the mini urban store market down. But when you operate three similarly named stores, there’s bound to be a bit of confusion, right? Apparently...Show More Summary

Acer Takes A Week To Fix $150 Pricing Error On Its Website

It’s frustrating enough when an online retailer makes a typo that leads customers to think an item is on sale. It doesn’t help when the retailer subsequently brushes you off when you bring this error to their attention. And even after the media has pointed out the mistake to the corporate office, it will inexplicably take more time for the … [More]

Charter Wants To Follow FiOS Into Offering “Skinny Bundles” For Cable Customers

Last spring, Verizon FiOS rejiggered its pay-TV slate into so-called “skinny bundles,” where customers pay for a small core base of channels and then add on smaller, niche-targeted bundles of channels as they please. The change resulted in a very public spat Disney, but the folks at Charter think it’s a good enough idea to consider. Deadline reports that Charter … [More]

CVS/Caremark Dropping Viagra From Drug Formulary

Patients who use the erectile dysfunction pill Viagra and whose health insurance drug coverage is through CVS/Caremark will have to pay cash or switch to Cialis: the pharmacy benefits administrator has removed the drug from its formulary, which is a fancy word for “list of drugs that we’ll pay for.” Despite what all of the spam messages in your inbox … [More]

Hipster Dad Version Of Hamburglar Fails To Sell McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

The updated version of the Hamburglar, a classic McDonald’s character, had one job. He was supposed to sell “third-pounder” sirloin burgers to children of the ’70s and ’80s who grew up with the Hamburglar as part of the McDonaldLand marketing ensemble, and who are now young adult “foodies.” Yet the appeal to nostalgia and his snazzy hamburger tie weren’t enough … [More]

Office Depot Plans To Close 400 Stores By The End Of 2016

Office Depot and Staples are the country’s two largest remaining big-box office supplies chains, and earlier this year, Staples proposed to to acquire Office Depot. While the two companies wait for the Federal Trade Commission to bless the marriage or call off the engagement, Office Depot has announced plans to speed up its store closings, with a goal of shuttering … [More]

Our Jeans Make Us Unique.

9 hours agoLifestyle / Shopping : Fash365

You don’t have to be a Geneticist to know our jeans make us unique. Just when you think that designers can't come up with a new jean, they do! A new color. A new cut. A new fabric. A new style. So, no excuses. There's a pair out there just for you. Show More Summary

Sharp Will Stop Selling TVs In The Americas, Licenses Name To Hisense

Sharp was an early player in the flat panel screen market, but the Japanese company has decided to leave behind their TV business in the Americas, agreeing to license their name to a Chinese company, Hisense. Sharp sold its factory in Mexico to Hisense, which will presumably supply TVs to customers in North and South America alike. Sharp will hand … [More]

DOJ Sues Supplement Makers Over Mislabeling, Failure To Follow Good Manufacturing Processes

When people buy dietary supplements, they do so assuming that the product in the pill, powder, or liquid actually is what it claims to be, and that the amount you’re taking is correct. The U.S. Department of Justice has accused three...Show More Summary

The Coffee World Mourns Death Of Mr. Coffee Co-Founder

Nowadays it’s a pretty safe bet that we’d associate the word coffee with Keurig or Starbucks, but not too long ago there was another name synonymous with a hot cup of joe: Mr. Coffee. Sadly, the man who helped revolutionize the way we get our morning cup of java passed away this weekend. Vincent Marotta, 91, co-founded Mr. Coffee along … [More]

Delta Air Lines Bans Shipments Of Big Game Trophies

Following the recent news about and backlash against a Minnesota man who killed a beloved lion during a paid hunt in Africa, Delta Air Lines says the company is banning shipments of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide. Reports of a dentist who’s accused of luring a lion named Cecil from a national park in Zimbabwe and … [More]

CDC: 358 People In 26 States Confirmed To Have Cyclosporiasis From Cilantro

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration imposed a partial import ban on cilantro grown in Mexico after an outbreak of the parasitic gastrointestinal illness Cyclosporiasis was traced to specific fields and processing facilities in that country. Show More Summary

Amazon Echo Is Coming To Staples, But Not One Near You – Only Online

So who will be the first retailer to offer Amazon’s high-tech, sort-of assistant speaker? None other than the e-tailer’s office supply rival Staples. The Verge reports that Amazon struck a deal to sell its web-connected home entertainment speaker (also known as Siri in a box) through Staples, but not actually in stores. While it’s not uncommon for tech companies … [More]

Citigroup Facing Federal Investigation Into Student Loan-Servicing Practices

Just last month federal regulators announced that an ongoing probe into potentially unscrupulous student loan-servicing practices resulted in nearly $18.5 million in refunds and fines from Discover Bank. Now, regulators appear to have...Show More Summary

Report: Apple Considering Being Your Phone Carrier (Sort Of)

There could come a time in the future where you not only buy your phone or mobile device from Apple, but you could pay the company to talk, text and get access to data as well. A new report says Apple is talking about launching what’s known as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service in the U.S. as well … [More]

AT&T Rollover Data A Good Idea In Theory, Useless For Some Real Users

Tom is an AT&T customer, and currently has a data plan that includes rollover data. Normally, he and the other person on his plan are very precise: he says that they normally use 2.8 GB of their shared 3 GB plan. Recently, their normal practices didn’t work, and they had to dip into the rollover data. That’s when they … [More]

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