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Takata Airbag Recall Lowered, Still Largest Auto Recall In History

Months after Japanese auto parts maker Takata gave into pressure by federal regulators and recalled more than 30 million vehicles equipped with potentially deadly airbags, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revised the...Show More Summary

Google Won’t Consider Sites Mobile-Friendly If They Use Those Annoying, Full-Screen App Install Ads

There you are, searching for the perfect cheese dip recipe on your phone, and you think you’ve finally found the cheesiest of the cheesy. You click on the Google search result, excited, anticipating, ready to gain knowledge — and you’re faced with a plea to install that site’s app that covers your entire screen and forces you to find the … [More]

Burger King Planning Peace Burger With Denny’s, Wayback, Others; Still Not Giving Up On McD’s

Burger King is quite ready to give up hope that McDonald’s will see the light and agree to squash the beef in the name of peace. But while the King continues to wait, it is moving forward with offers of collaboration from other restaurant chains. Burger King announced today on social media that will gladly accept offers from Denny’s, … [More]

The Uber Misclassified Employee Lawsuit Is Now A California Class Action

While class action lawsuits can be an effective consumer remedy, they are not a quick one. Former drivers for ride-hailing service Uber first filed a class action on behalf of all California drivers in 2013, and it has just now been certified as a class action. The original lawsuit alleges that drivers for Uber are misclassified employees, who should … [More]

Beautifully Classic and Ladylike Look

7 hours agoLifestyle / Shopping : Fash365

Maximize Your September Style It may be September but the heat is still with us for awhile. So enjoy the great selection of Maxi dresses still in the stores. They're a cool and elegant choice in these Dog Days of summer. I've paired them here with a gladiator sandal and some fun jewelry. Show More Summary

Kmart Pays $1.4 Million To Settle Accusations Of Illegal Coupon Acceptance, Prescription Incentives

In most of the country, pharmacies can offer rewards points, coupons, or other inducements to get you to switch prescriptions to them. Not only is this illegal in certain states, it’s also illegal to offer these incentives to customers with health insurance through Medicaid. Show More Summary

McDonald’s Franchisees Vote In All-Day Breakfast, Will Start October 6

After months of speculation, testing, and fretting over egg shortages, the day is finally here: McDonald’s franchisees have cast their votes, and all-day breakfast is going nationwide. Maybe they’ll use up those margarine stashes more quickly than anticipated. Show More Summary

Safeway To Refund Customers $30.9M For Online Ordering Overcharges

Nearly nine months ago, a federal court in California ruled that Safeway must refund customers the amount of money they were overcharged when the company broke its own terms and conditions by marking up prices of items ordered online. We finally know how much the supermarket chain will hand over: about $30.9 million. The fine marks the end of a … [More]

Don’t Want To Go Over Comcast’s Data Cap? That’ll Be Another $30

Comcast has been testing data caps — they adorably call them “data thresholds” — in a number of markets around the country since 2013. In those markets, if customers cross the threshold, they can be hit with overage fees. But if you live in the Miami area and want “unlimited” data, you can get it — for an … [More]

Should The USPS Open Up Mailboxes To All Kinds Of Deliveries?

What are mailboxes? What are they used for, and what should they be used for? In the delivery biz now, companies are wondering what goes in our mailboxes, what a mailbox should be, and who should be allowed to have access to them. Now, only you and your mail carrier are legally allowed to use your mailbox. Should that change? … [More]

Sen. Calls For More Precise Data On “On-Demand” Economy & Workforce

Independent contractors are nothing new — taxi drivers paying to use a medallion, barbers renting out chairs to cut hair, local artisans selling jewelry and apparel on consignment — but the boom in online platforms that give everyone...Show More Summary

Delta Will Give Business Customers Travel Credits If Its On-Time Rate Dips Below Both United & American

In a move that seems meant to reassure business customers while simultaneously patting itself on the back for a job well-done, Delta Air Lines is talking up its current lead over United Airlines and American Airlines in the area of on-time flights by promising to pay travel credits into corporate accounts if it falls behind its rivals. With 83.7% of … [More]

7-Eleven Expands Delivery Service To Three More Cities, Still Doesn’t Include Slurpees

Two months after 7-Eleven announced that lucky (maybe) residents of San Francisco and Oakland could have microwaved burritos and other convenience store fare (no Slurpees, though) delivered right to their home, the company has expanded the service. Show More Summary

Emergency Responders Smash Car’s Window After Report Of Baby Locked Inside, End Up Rescuing Lifelike Doll

If you’re in the habit of leaving eerily lifelike baby dolls strapped into a car seat while you’re out and about, you might want to reconsider, unless, of course, you like having your car’s windows smashed open: police in Oakland, Calif. say emergency responders busted the window of a vehicle after passersby reported a baby locked inside, only to find … [More]

Federal Advisory Panel Recommends Clearer Disclosure Of Airline, Hotel Resort Fees

It’s no secret that airlines have increased their fees and shrunk the size of their seats over the years in an attempt to maximize revenue. While those extra costs and seat sizes are generally available through the carrier’s website,...Show More Summary

Scientists Working Hard To Save Us All From Rapidly Melting Ice Cream Cones

It’s a hot day, you’ve got a cool treat — it’s inevitable. That ice cream scoop, once so perfect in its rounded form, is going to melt, forcing you to fight the age-old battle against drips with your tongue as your only weapon. Take heart, dessert warriors: there are scientists out there who are trying to help us all, by … [More]

Radioshack Creditors Claim Pre-Bankruptcy Shenanigans Go Back To Early 2014

The electronics retailer RadioShack had been obviously doomed for a while, finally declaring bankruptcy in February of 2015. Yet lenders kept giving the company money to keep the lights on and keep paying employees to ask for phone numbers and buy extended warranties. Now a group of junior creditors have filed a lawsuit against former Radioshack leaders and the hedge … [More]

Analyst: Best Buy’s Prices Now Much Closer To Amazon’s

When looking for the best deal on electronics consumers used to flock to a little chain called Best Buy, but over time Amazon – with the growing convenience of shopping from home, speedy deliveries and discounts – has crowded into the electronic store’s customer pool. Now, after years of playing catchup, it appears that Best Buy has closed the pricing … [More]

Following Deaths, FDA Warns Makers Of Powdered Caffeine That Their Products Are Dangerous

Last summer, two young adults died after ingesting powdered caffeine, leading the Food and Drug Administration to warn consumers of the potential hazards of the popular stimulant while public health advocates called for a ban on the powdered product. Show More Summary

First Look: Nike Reinvents Cold Weather Training Gear

The brand's thermoregulating technology keeps you warm and dry amid winter's worst co[...]

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