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Dish Found Liable For Tens Of Millions Of Call In Violation Of Federal Telemarketing Rules

More than five years after being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for years of allegedly illegal telemarketing calls, Dish Network has been held liable by a federal court in Illinois for tens of millions of calls made in violation of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) beginning as far back as 2007. The FTC announced today that the U.S. District … [More]

Officials In Chinese City Blaming “Severe Air Pollution” On Bacon, Delicious Bacon

While smoked bacon might be No. 1 on your list of favorite all-time foods/friends in the entire world, one city in China has had it up to here with oderiferous waves of pork smell wafting into the air. Officials there are blaming residents’ love of homemade smoked bacon on “severe air pollution.” More like, “severe belly delight,” am I right? … [More]

FCC Fines ESPN, Viacom $1.4M For Improper Use Of Emergency Alert Tones

Hearing the emergency alert warning tones blaring from your television typically makes you take immediate notice (and immediately hit the Mute button). So when a broadcaster allows a commercial or program to air similar sounds without...Show More Summary

Class-Action Suit Over Shortchanged Walmart Returns Allowed To Move Forward

While Walmart customers enjoy the ability to return items to any of the retailer’s locations, a number of these shoppers have claimed over the years that they were getting less for their returns than they should have because of sales tax differences between the purchase and return locations. Show More Summary

Watch Out For Scammers Renting Out Homes They Don’t Own

“Make sure that someone owns the apartment they’re making available for rent” seems like a completely batty consumer warning, but unfortunately it is also a necessary one. People in Sacramento say that they handed hundreds of dollars each over to a woman advertising rooms for rent on Craigslist, only to discover that she’d rented the same space out to multiple … [More]

Amazon Yanks Its New Upscale Diaper Brand To Make “Design Improvements”

Let’s take a second to imagine what an improperly designed diaper would look like. Or hey, smell like. Now that we’ve been there, Amazon says it’s pulling the upscale brand of diapers for Prime members it introduced six weeks ago, telling customers that the diapers need some “design improvements.” Prime members who subscribed to the diaper deliveries received … [More]

Survey Says: Financial Cheating Common In American Couples

Have you been keeping a close eye on your joint piggy bank? Or perhaps you’ve got your very own credit card you keep separate from your significant other, the one you use to buy the things you don’t want to admit to (season 5 of that awful reality TV show, a giant wheel of cheese, etc.). You aren’t the only … [More]

Regulators Scrutinizing 2013 Ford Truck Recall After Receiving 30 Additional Complaints

A week after the new head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warned automakers and consumers that the agency would take an aggressive approach to vehicle safety, the regulator announced it is revisiting the 2013 recall...Show More Summary

Netflix Will Stream ‘The Interview’ Starting This Weekend

What’s that? You aren’t the type who finds reading quarterly financial parts titillating? Totally fine, because other people are around to read them and pull out the fun parts, like the fact that Netflix is bringing The Interview toShow More Summary

Making Foie Gras Illegal Made Californians Slather It On Everything

There are some things that you don’t appreciate until you’re threatened with having them taken away. One of them is foie gras, the controversial goose-liver paste that was illegal in California from 2012 until just a few weeks ago. Telling Californians that they couldn’t have the paste made them defiant, apparently, and defiance leads to foie gras ice cream … [More]

College Students Leaving $3B In Grant Money Unclaimed By Not Filing FAFSA

College students and financial supporters of college students: Remember when we told you at the end of the year that you needed to get your Free Application for Federal Student Aid in ASAP? Maybe you pinned it on the cork board in the kitchen or made a mental note that disappeared as soon as you had to remember the … [More]

Lyft Switches To Non-Fuzzy, Glowing Mustaches On Cars

Lyft already ditched its signature giant fuzzy pink mustaches for the front grills of working vehicles for its classier premium ride service, but regular drivers were still putting fuzzy pink mustaches on the front grills of their cars. Show More Summary

Is Consolidation On The Horizon For Budget Airlines?

In recent years, the airline industry has undergone a rather stark transformation through a series of mega-mergers between legacy carriers. Still, one group has been left relatively untouched: budget carriers. But the Chairman of the...Show More Summary

Report: Orbitz Contemplating Putting Itself Up For Sale

If you’re in the market for a couple travel websites, travel agent Orbitz Worldwide Inc, the company that runs and, could be looking for a buyer to hook up with, according to a new report. Bloomberg News says the company is exploring a sale, citing people with inside knowledge about the situation. The company hired a financial adviser … [More]

NBC To Stream Super Bowl To Convince People To Buy Cable

Rather than requiring that online viewers prove they have cable TV subscriptions in order to watch its live stream of the Super Bowl, NBC has decided that giving un-cabled Americans online access to the year’s biggest non-curling single-night...Show More Summary

Walmart Lets People Pick Up Tax Refunds In Cash In Stores

Happy first day of tax season! Today is the first day that you can file your federal income tax return. Most Americans have to file a tax return, but a substantial number of people still don’t have bank accounts and conduct life in cash. Walmart wants to keep people in that situation away from check-cashing stores…and keep them in Walmart … [More]

Investor Demands Staples, Office Depot Begin Courting, Hoping To Hear Wedding Bells Soon

There’s a fine line between offering helpful suggestions and aggressively pushing for someone to do what you want. When it comes to activist investors Starboard Value, they tend to fall squarely in the latter camp – who can forget their harsh words for Olive Garden and ruthless take over of its board of directors? The firm appears to be … [More]

Beware Of Unprepared, Unscrupulous Tax Preparers

While one might assume that it requires a modicum of tax expertise and perhaps some sort of certification to be a paid tax preparer, the sad fact is that most states have little to no standards for selling tax preparation services, meaning that once again millions of Americans are being put at risk when seeking help with their tax returns.… [More]

Facebook Launches Effort To Cut Down On Those Annoying Hoax Stories Your Friends Can’t Stop Believing

No, Betty White is not dead (and neither is Eddie Murphy, Celine Dion, Jon Bon Jovi, etc). No, a bunch of worms didn’t burst out of a woman’s chest. But because your friends on Facebook are easily fooled and don’t know about the existence of, it’s up to you to run through that gauntlet of idiocy on your news … [More] Still Trying To Be Amazon, Launching VOD & Streaming Service

Back in 2013, online retailer engaged in a tit-for-tat book-discounting battle with Amazon. While the short-lived competition didn’t exactly prove to be a sales dream for, the company is now reportedly preparing to...Show More Summary

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