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Competitor Gas-X Objects To DulcoGas ‘Maximum Strength’ Label

When you see the words “Maximum Strength” plastered on a container of over-the-counter medicine, you most likely assume that the drug contains the highest dose that you can buy without a prescription, or the maximum dose that a person can take in one day. “Maximum strength” really has no fixed meaning, and that’s what has led to a dispute between … [More]

Domino’s Promotion Guilts Stores That Haven’t Dropped “Pizza” From Restaurant Signage

You may have heard that Domino’s Pizza changed its name recently, simply dropping the Pizza, because, you know, it sells more than just circles of sauce and cheese now. To make sure the new name is being used, the company started an initiative asking customers to embarrass stores using the old name and logo by shaming them on social media. … [More]

Sony Isn’t Sure People Want To Pay $160 For A Quieter Memory Card, Is Going To Sell’em Anyway

Don’t you just hate all that noise your memory cards make? No? Then you probably aren’t going to want to buy Sony’s new $160 memory cards, which the company brags offers “Premium Sound” that generates less electrical noise when reading data. Actually, Sony isn’t even sure there are any customers out there who would actually be interested in the 64 … [More]

Time Warner Cable Out-Comcasts Comcast, Renames Customer “Cnt”

Lest you think that it’s just Comcast employees that are spitefully renaming customers “Ahole Brown,” or “super btch,” the company’s pending merger partner has proven it can do much worse — by slapping the C-bomb on a customer’s bill. Ars Technica has a copy of a bill addressed to “Cnt Martinez,” which we’re pretty sure is not intended … [More]

Ontario Education Officials Close 14 Everest Campuses Amid Corinthian Colleges’ Downfall

If you thought the issues plaguing beleaguered for-profit college operator Corinthian Colleges Inc. didn’t extend beyond the borders of the United States, then you were wrong. Some 2,400 students in Canada are now left to pick up the...Show More Summary

Credit-Swaps Traders Think Sears Will Fail In The Next Year

Credit default swaps are a confusing concept, since some forms resemble gambling on the failure of a company without even owning any stock in it. As a consumer, especially if you’re someone who likes to shop at Sears, you should know that now that Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy, the hot retailer that credit swap traders are betting will fail … [More]

Self-Proclaimed “Crazy” Man Ate At Benihana 579 Times In 2014

Remember that guy who ate at Olive Garden 115 times in seven weeks using his neverending pasta pass? He’s probably feeling the competitive burn right about now, after a Utah man won a national contest by eating at Benihana 579 times last year. Yes, 579 times. The next closest competitor only managed a paltry 300 visits in 2014, notes … [More]

Watch Unhappy Little Caesars Customer Throw Register, Display Case At Employee

While the recent McDonald’s employee meltdown had a certain nihilistic joy to it, with the fired worker made a calamitous exit but in a way that didn’t really put anyone at risk, this footage from a Little Caesars here in Philadelphia is downright terrifying as an angry customer attempts to attack an employee with everything he can get his hands … [More]

60,000 Consumers Call On FCC To Not Allow Robocalls To Cellphones

Earlier this year, we told you how the American Bankers Association was seeking exemptions from the FCC that would allow banks to get around a law that forbids businesses from robocalling cellphones without prior approval. Today, 60,000...Show More Summary

Delta Air Lines Passenger Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Flight Crew Members, Police Officer

It’s one thing to have a mile-high cocktail, but it’s an entirely another to get to the point where you’re kicking and screaming at the flight crew. Los Angeles airport police say they arrested an intoxicated Delta Air Lines passenger...Show More Summary

Colleges May Be Violating CARD Act By Not Providing Copies Of Credit Card Agreements

Although the number of agreements between credit card issuers and higher education institutions are on the decline, many of the schools that do have such agreements may be in violation of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility,...Show More Summary

FDA Warns That Undeclared Peanuts Could Lurk Inside Cumin Jars, Spice Mixes, Prepared Foods

Life with a severe food allergy can be scary enough, but knowing that sometimes labels are inaccurate and that not all allergens are identified is even scarier. The situation right now where a batch of ground cumin was contaminated with peanuts shows that even spices and spice blends can be dangerous to people with severe enough allergies. We highlighted many … [More]

Police Say Texas Teens Shot Blow Darts At Fellow Walmart Shoppers

Two Texas 18-year-old men have been accused of treating Walmart customers like some kind of animal to be hunted. Police say the twosome blew darts at shoppers, including an elderly woman on a motorized scooter and a 10-year-old boy. One of the victims, a 72-year-old woman, told KHOU she was on her way toward the doors on her motorized scooter … [More]

T-Mobile Claims It’s Bigger Than Sprint, Open To Working With Dish On Wireless Services

With AT&T and Verizon comfortably controlling the two lead spots in the U.S. wireless market, it’s left to Sprint and T-Mobile to duke it out over the third-place position. And if you believe the latest chest-thumping from T-Mo CEO John Legere, his company is now at least tied with Sprint if not ahead. In its latest earnings report, T-Mobile … [More]

NBC Now Streaming Live Via App, But Only In Certain Markets

Years after other ABC opened up its live network feed to online streaming, NBC is finally allowing people to access its shows live online via the network’s Android and iOS app — but only in certain markets and with the now-common requirement of having a pay-TV subscription. In order to access the NBC live-stream, you have to be in a … [More]

Lawsuit Against Jim Beam Challenges Bourbon’s “Handcrafted” Claim

When it comes to making a name for a brand, the words companies use to describe their products are chosen very carefully for maximum appeal. But the thing is, those words have to be true. Jim Beam is the latest liquor maker to face challenges over its claims that its bourbon is actually “handcrafted.” The lawsuit against Jim Beam was … [More]

American Express Loses Antitrust Lawsuit Over Merchant Rules

After nearly five years of legal battles, a federal court has ruled that American Express’s merchant agreements violate antitrust laws and has resulted in higher costs for consumers. The lawsuit, filed by the Justice Dept. and attorneys...Show More Summary

What You Tell Your Samsung Smart TV Isn’t Encrypted When It’s Uploaded

Last week, the world collectively freaked out when we learned that Samsung’s smart TVs can take things that we say in our living rooms and uploads them to a third-party transcription service. The gadget-maker tried to calm us all down by explaining how the service works, but there’s a problem: people may have assumed that data is encrypted. It’s not. … [More]

McDonald’s Bringing Back Chicken Selects Amid Increased Focus On Poultry

Two months after McDonald’s announced it would cut down on menu offerings, the Golden Arches has plans to bring back its defunct Chicken Select tenders. Bloomberg reports that McDonald’s Chicken Selects will begin appearing at restaurants...Show More Summary

Lenovo Laptops Come Pre-Installed With Giant Security Hole

It’s not uncommon for a new PC to come with some pre-installed crap on it you don’t want. From proprietary hard drive management tools to antivirus trials, software bundling is sadly common. But the junk shipping on new Lenovo laptops goes one troublesome step further: the bloatware present on several models is not only annoying, but dangerous, with a vulnerability … [More]

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