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Pumpkin Spice Gum Hits Shelves, Consumerist Editor’s Forehead Hits Desk

As Peak Pumpkin Spice approaches, eventually, food manufacturers will run out of items that they can inject real or artificial pumpkin flavoring and spices into. When that happens, we’ll end up with ridiculous things like pumpkin spice flavored gum. Show More Summary

Hewlett-Packard Recalls Nearly 6 Million Power Cords Because Melting Doesn’t Charge The Computer

Computer power cords are meant to provide juice to your device; they aren’t meant to melt or catch fire. So when that happens, it’s time for a recall. Such is the case for Hewlett-Packard. The computer company recalled nearly 6 million LS-15 AC power cords in the United States and Canada because they can overheat, posing a potential fire and … [More]

Disney Wants Drone Patents So Puppets Can Fly Around In Air Shows

If the idea of hot air balloon creatures causes you to tremble — all those huge, leering smiles floating above like some kind of slow-moving demons just biding their creepy time — you might not want to think about puppets gamboling around in the sky controlled by drones. That’s exactly the future Disney is envisioning with three drone-related patents it’s … [More]

There’s A GoPro For Dogs, But We Really Want To Know What The Sneaky Cat Is Up To

The makers of GoPro, the portable camera consumers can use to capture their every adventure, have ventured into the world of the unknown: a dog’s exploits. The canine-specific product, called GoPro Fetch, aims to provide an inside look at just what man’s best friend does when man isn’t around, Business Insider reports. GoPro Fetch comes with a dog harness, … [More]

Little Caesars Makes Pizzas Out Of Giant Flat Pretzels

While chain pizzeria competitor Pizza Hut stuffs pizza crusts with anything they can think of, Little Caesars keeps it simple. Their gimmick is having “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas with basic toppings ready to go at low prices during dinner hours, so getting a pizza requires no advance thought. Now they’re joining both the Exotic Pizza Wars and the fast-food pretzel bun … [More]

Self-Serve Coffee Shop Manages To Make Money On The Honor System

You might think that offering customers the choice to pay whatever they want for something would be a sure way to the poorhouse. But one North Dakota coffee shop is not only making its honor system work, but it’s making money. The owner of a North Dakota coffee shop says all the attention he’s gotten lately for his idea of … [More]

California Becomes Second State To Require “Kill Switch” On All Smartphones

California officially became the second state in the U.S. to require smartphone manufacturers to include a “kill switch” function on all devices. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill into law on Monday, just two weeks after the measure passed the state senate. The measure would require phones made after July 1, 2015 to include a feature that allows phone … [More]

Bedbugs Continue To Infiltrate New York Subway System In Search Of Fresh Blood To Suck

Remember earlier this month when we told you that bedbugs were spotted on at least three New York Subway trains? Things apparently aren’t bug-free yet. In fact, the bugs seem to be staging some kind of coup – biting conductors and all. According to the New York Daily News, a conductor on the N train – which runs … [More]

You’re Not Seeing Things, Virginia Drivers — Those Are Some Seriously Crooked Road Lines

Drivers in Virginia were probably rubbing their eyes and wondering if maybe someone slipped a bit of booze into their morning coffee yesterday, when the lane lines on a major roadway turned all squiggly and wiggly. Which way do wobbly lines point? All of the ways, which can be pretty confusing, reports The Virginia Department of Transportation arrived … [More]

It’s Official: Burger King To Merge With Tim Hortons In $11B Deal

Young love! It happens so fast. It feels like only yesterday, after all, that we first noticed Burger King and Tim Hortons were holding hands. And now the new couple have made it official — they’ll be merging to create one of the largest fast food companies out there. Burger King announced today that it’ll be getting together with … [More]

United Flight Diverted After Passenger Uses Banned Seat Recline Jammer, Starts Scuffle

I’ve always been of the thought that if a flight is less than two hours there’s no need to recline my seat, but anymore than that and it’s fair game. One man apparently doesn’t see it that way and his use of a seat recline jammer got him and the woman in front of him removed from the plane. According … [More]

August Recall Roundup – Beware Of Toppling Bar Stools

In the Recall Roundup for August, dangerous beanbag chairs and overheating heaters could lurk around every corner, and there could be a defective car in your garage right now. Don’t be scared, though. The CPSC is here to protect us all from toppling bar stools and overheating night lights. Home Ace Bayou Corporation bean bag chairs – can be unzipped, … [More]

Cats Take Over Pizza Hut Japan, Serve Fur-Stuffed Crust And Cuteness

Do you enjoy Pizza Hut’s products, but wish they could be served up by someone with a surly, anti-customer attitude, no food service or management skills, and with a generous sprinkling of cat hair on everything? Perhaps you would enjoy the fantasy world in current Pizza Hut ads in Japan, where cats have been hired to run a Pizza Hut … [More]

Your Facebook Newsfeed Was Flooded With Clickbait Garbage. Then This Happened

If you’ve used the Internet for more than a few minutes, you know what clickbait is: headlines written to entice you to click on a link boosting its traffic and its visibility on Facebook. Now Facebook is fighting back…and you’ll never believe how they’re doing it! In true clickbait fashion, that first paragraph was misleading. You will, in fact, believe … [More]

Millennials’ Inability To Commit To Monogamous Fast Food Relationships Is Hurting McDonald’s

While it would be great for companies if all consumers agreed to go steady with just one of its suitors, choosing say, one fast food restaurant above all the rest and devoting themselves entirely to that relationship, that’s just not how it works. We consumers like to play the field, especially millennials, and that’s bad news for companies like McDonald’s.… [More]

Amazon (Not Google!) Acquires Video Game Streaming Company Twitch For $970 Million

Rumors of video game live-streaming service being acquired by Google for $1 billion have been slightly exaggerated. It turns out the price of the biggest gaming live-streaming site on the internet is only $970 million, about $30 million shy of that billion-with-a-B mark. But the rumor was wrong in one huge way: it’s Amazon, not Google, spending the scratch … [More]

CFPB: Company Should Pay $7M For Processing Illegal Fees For Debt-Relief Services

Charging up front for debt-relief services without any actual results for the customer is illegal. But despite that, says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a payment processing company processed millions of dollars worth of illegal fees from consumers. As a result, the CFPB says in its complaint today that it wants a federal district court to give the okay to … [More]

Apple Will Replace Your Defective iPhone 5 Battery

Is your iPhone battery failing, but your device is now out of warranty? We have good news for some owners of that model of iPhone: Apple has announced a repair program for certain iPhones that have a reputation for bad battery life. If you bought your iPhone 5 between September 2012 and January 2013, it may be one of the … [More]

This Is What An Arby’s “Meat Mountain” Sandwich Looks Like In The Wild

We asked, and we received: After putting out the call for evidence of Arby’s new off-menu “Meat Mountain” sandwich, featuring an array of meats stacked like a towering, $10 homage to carnivores everywhere, one of our obliging readers has provided a snap of the sandwich in the wild. Consumerist reader Joe from San Antonio sent in proof of his … [More]

TiVo’s New Cable-Free Over-The-Air DVR Tries To Fill Streaming Vacancy Left By Aereo Demise

Aereo might have been shut down by the Supreme Court, but the reason they were open in the first place is because consumers want a way to record and stream broadcast TV without subscribing to cable. There are some homebrew workarounds, but none of them are seamless. Now TiVo, one of the first companies to make the whole … [More]

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