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Minnesota Company Trades Workers’ Completed Time Sheets For Free Beer

If there’s anything that can get sluggish workers to complete their tasks on time, it’s free cake. No wait, it’s free candy. Fooled you all — it’s definitely free beer, at least in the case of one Minnesota ad firm providing a bit of liquid motivation at work. Minneapolis-based firm Colle + McVoy came up with a unique system to … [More]

It’s A Myth That Millennials Are Abandoning Fast Food

Millennials, as a generation, are roughly defined as “anyone younger than the senior Consumerist staff.” They’ve been the subject of hand-wringing in the fast food industry as industry experts fret that the young people just aren’t interested in traditional fast food, instead preferring slightly classier quick-serve fare like Chipotle or Five Guys. Show More Summary

AT&T Calls Throttling Lawsuit “Baseless… Baffling”

Earlier today, the Federal Trade Commission sued AT&T over the throttling of wireless subscribers with unlimited plans. Not surprisingly, the Death Star isn’t exactly pleased with the lawsuit. “The FTC’s allegations are baseless andShow More Summary

The End Is Nigh For Plasma TV: LG Electronics Says It’s Ditching The Technology By Next Month

Like black-and-white TVs and clunky tube sets before it, it was only a matter of time before plasma TV technology was outstripped and replaced by newer innovations on the scene. And the end appears to be nigh for plasma, even more so than before, as LG Electronics announced it’s throwing in its plasma TV hat by the end of November.… [More]

AT&T Sued By Feds For Throttling “Unlimited” Wireless Customers

A few years back, AT&T ticked a lot of wireless customers with so-called “unlimited” plans by announcing that it would throttle data speeds for users who passed certain monthly thresholds. Though customers tried to sue in response, AT&T’s...Show More Summary

Park Rangers: Taking A “Bear Selfie” Is Dangerous And You Should Stop It Right Now

No matter how many times you’ve watched The Jungle Book and thought about how great it would be to be friends with Baloo, it’s a movie and forcing a bear to be your friend is not a good idea. Neither is chasing one down in the wild so you can score the perfect selfie. Because, yes, that is now a … [More]

Buffalo Wild Wings Says It’s Hiking Menu Prices By The End Of November

Tis the season to be chomping away on platters of chicken wings while watching football, but your Sunday sports binges might come with a heftier check soon: Buffalo Wild Wings says it’s increasing the price on menu items by an average of about 3%, as chicken wings are costing restaurants more these days. The restaurant chain known as B-Dubs by … [More]

Comcast Trademarks “True Gig” Name For High-Speed Service It May Someday Launch

It’s not surprising that a company that thought “Xfinity” sounded like a good name for a broadband Internet service and not a strip club with a cheeseball neon sign has come up with an eye-roll-worthy name for the ultra-high speed broadband tier it has yet to reveal. The Donohue Report noticed that Comcast has filed an application with the U.S. … [More]

This ‘Premier Shopping Destination’ Is A Mall For Rich People

When people who are truly wealthy go shopping, they don’t always go to the regular malls that regular people use. No, people who drop six-figure sums at a single mall every year are entitled to a much fancier level of service, and there’s a Long Island mall that exists to provide it to them. Since the ’80s, Americana Manhasset has … [More]

Surprise: Verizon FiOS Now Offering Free Netflix Subscription To Some New Customers

Netflix and Verizon haven’t exactly been the best of friends this year. As the quality of the streaming video service got progressively worse for Verizon FiOS customers, the two companies spent months taking pot-shots at each other before finally resolving the problems in recent weeks. Show More Summary

First Class-Action Suit Filed Against Takata Over Airbag Defects

With nearly 8 million vehicles recalled, 30 injuries and at least four deaths linked to potentially defective Takata airbags, it should come as no surprise that the Japanese auto parts maker would face its fair share of lawsuits from...Show More Summary

Bing Adds The Option To Search The Internet With Emojis

For all those moments when the words escape you and you’re thinking strictly in pictures, search engine Bing announced this week that it’s launching a new option to cruise for answers on the Internet using emojis. “As you likely know, emoji are small pictures used to express an idea or emotion,” Bing helpfully explains to those of us out there … [More]

Lowe’s New Customer Service Robot Just Sounds Like A Really Good Employee

Not so long ago, before the rise of the mega-hardware chains, you could walk into your local home improvement store and find a helpful employee who knew exactly what you needed and where to find it on the shelves. We’ve now reached a point in customer service where Lowe’s has chosen to create a robot to replicate this experience. In … [More]

Taco Bell Inexplicably Marks Launch Of New Pre-Ordering App By Blacking Itself Out On The Internet

Guests coming late to a party tend to like making a grand entrance. Apparently that’s Taco Bell’s plan as the company blacked out its social media and internet presence in an attempt to drum up excitement for its latest innovation: an app that lets customers order meals and prepay. Sound familiar? That’s because Starbucks, McDonald’s and other eateries have … [More]

Florida Town Worried Roving Wild Boars Will Put A Damper On Trick-Or-Treating Fun This Year

There’s the homemade costume that didn’t turn out like you dreamed, the candy bag that springs a hole unnoticed until the trick-or-treating is done, and the sudden flash of bad, stormy weather raining all over your carefully madeup skeleton face. Show More Summary

Has Starbucks Ended The Era Of Free Drink Coupons?

Since the dawn of man — or at least as long as I can remember going to Starbucks — the coffee colossus has given employees the discretion of handing out handwritten free drink coupons. Some customers took this vague offer of hospitality as a chance to push the limits of caffeine delivery. But this informal orgy of free coffee … [More]

Tractor-Trailer Full Of French Fries Overturns On Maine Highway, Awaits Ketchup Truck

It was not a fried-food-free-for-all in Maine yesterday when a tractor-trailer full of frozen French fries rolled over, spilling its cargo on the ground. Since no ketchup trucks or massive traveling ovens showed up in time, instead the state department of agriculture condemned the load of fries and they were hauled to the local dump. The driver says that a … [More]

Foot Locker Employee Admits To Filming Women In Restroom

A Foot Locker employee in New York City faces possible jail time after being caught using his smartphone to record footage of women while they used the store’s toilet. According to the NY Daily News, a former manager at the store in Brooklyn’s Bath Beach neighborhood was using the Foot Locker restroom last week when she noticed a blinking … [More]

Don’t Call It A Cronut: Dunkin’ Donuts To Start Selling A Cross Between A Croissant & A Donut

In a world where you can get a cease and desist letter to stop you from even thinking of calling a croissant/doughnut crossover a cronut, Dunkin’ Donuts knows it has two choices: It can either ignore the (fading) fad of frankenpastries, or it can just play this thing completely straight and call its new croissant-like doughnut/doughnut-like croissant what it … [More]

Walmart Officially Begins Reselling All Those Video Games You Traded In For Groceries

Back in March Walmart launched a program that allows customers to trade in their used video games for store gift cards, you know to buy milk, bread, sweatpants. Now that the mega-retailer likely has a hefty stockpile of said used games it’s ready to resell them, completing its transformation into a bonafide video game reseller. Walmart announced Tuesday that … [More]

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