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Why The Stolen Ashley Madison Data Is (Legally) Fair Game For The Internet

If your credit card information gets stolen in a data breach, there are certain rules in place that limit your liability and protect you from fraud. But if a hack makes personal, potentially very embarrassing, information public — as in, say, the Ashley Madison hack — there’s not much anyone can do to stop others from seeing or writing about … [More]

Former Airline Catering Employee Sues American Airlines After Cargo Box Falls On Him

Depending on your job, going to work each day might entail putting yourself in harm’s way. However, most of us probably don’t envision going about our daily tasks and having a nearly 700-pound cargo box fall on us. But that’s exactly what happened to a Houston man, and now he’s suing American Airlines. WFAA New 8 reports that the former … [More]

Judge Dismisses Jim Beam False Advertising Lawsuit Over “Handcrafted” Label

A lawsuit that claimed Jim Beam’s “handcrafted” description was all a lie has been dismissed by a federal judge in California, noting that the use of still is common in the industry, and that customers understand the whiskey is made using some machines. Beam Suntory, the maker of Jim Beam and other Kentucky bourbon brands, walked off with a win … [More]

Sears Hires Experienced Consumer Appliance Executive To Run Hardlines, Maybe Sell Stuff

In a department or discount store, “hardlines” refers to tools, appliances, and furniture: the items that your parents still shop at Sears for, but that you don’t. Sears has hired a new executive in charge of their hardlines departments,...Show More Summary

This should be your FIRST resort.

3 days agoLifestyle / Shopping : Fash365

Some fresh style for the waning days of summer. Stretch out the last weeks of summer with a cool caftan, a beautiful new pair of sandals, some Warby Parker sunglasses and a great sun hat. Then find a shady spot and indulge in one last summer novel. Show More Summary

Car Dealerships Still Don’t Understand How Customer Surveys Should Work

For years now, we’ve shared stories of how the current system of car dealership surveys is unfair to everyone involved. If you’re in the market for a car or considering a career in car brand marketing, consider how something as simple as a customer service survey has devolved into bullying, pleading, and lies. It’s unfair to the dealerships, which manufacturers … [More]

New Fast Food Item Ideas Are Born In Test Kitchens, In Franchises, And Everywhere Else

Back in 1972, McDonald’s only served two meals each day: lunch and dinner. It took one enterprising franchisee to invent the Egg McMuffin, and with it, the entire fast food breakfast sandwich industry. Yet there aren’t many new menu items that survive the testing phase in the fast food industry, and a variety of factors could stop a new item … [More]

Wyndham Hotels Loses Legal Battle With Feds Over Lax Security Practices

If a consumer-facing company, like say a massive hotel chain, touts its dedication to the security of customer information and then does something to repeatedly put that information at risk — like storing unencrypted credit card data on barely secure networks — can they be forced to share some of the blame when hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers … [More]

You Can Buy Gas For Under $2 Per Gallon In At Least 12 States Right Now

A few weeks ago, we heard gas prices would probably start dipping below $2 per gallon in many parts of the country as soon as this fall. And in some states, those low prices can already be found at some gas stations. But even so, given the price of crude oil right now, gas should be even cheaper, experts … [More]

9-Out-Of-10 GM Ignition Switch Compensation Claims Denied

The fund set up by General Motors to compensate victims of the carmaker’s long-ignored ignition switch defect ultimately acknowledged that GM was responsible for 124 deaths and 257 injuries, but these confirmed instances only represent a small portion of the thousands of claims rejected by the fund. The fund, which ceased accepting claims after Jan. Show More Summary

Uber Testing Bus-Like Feature That Gives Passengers A Discount For Getting Picked Up Along “Smart Routes”

While some folks might prefer the privacy of their own car and driver, others are totally willing to share a ride in order to save a few bucks. Uber is testing a new feature for its UberPool option — which allows drivers to pick up multiple passengers along a common route — that works similar to bus routes. TechInsider spotted … [More]

Failed Kickstarter Project Ships Cards 3 Years Late After State Of Washington Sues

You may remember that last month, we reported that the first legal action against a crowdfunded project ended with the state of Washington imposing $54,851 in restitution, civil penalties, and the attorney general’s costs and fees on the company, based on the number of backers who lived in Washington state at the time of the Kickstarter campaign. Now there’s a … [More]

McDonald’s Memo Says Android Pay Launching This Week

Though it hasn’t received the headlines that Apple Pay has, Google’s Android Pay mobile payment has been slated for a vague “later this year” launch. Recently leaked memos from McDonald’s now seem to indicate that the platform could go live as early as this week. This is according to Android Police, which posted a screengrab of a “Mobile Payment … [More]

Restaurant Says Offensive Comment On Customer’s Receipt Was A Joke Meant For Kitchen Staff

A Mexican restaurant in Denver says an offensive message on a receipt was never meant to be seen by customers, and instead was just a form of smack talk between employees. A customer who had dinner with her husband at the restaurant on Friday night said she noticed something off below her order of carne asada on their receipt, reports … [More]

Target Must Pay $2.8M To Settle Claims Of Unfair Hiring Practices

Target Corp. must pay $2.8 million to settle allegations that thousands of people lost out on a chance to be employed by the company because of certain discriminatory pre-employment assessments. The U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityShow More Summary

Bargain-Hunting Youngsters Extend The Back-To-School Season Well Into September

Back in July, early research showed that families planned to spend slightly more on back-to-school shopping than last year. A different survey by the National Retail Federation shows that families plan to spend less on back-to-school shopping this year. Show More Summary

New Mexico Group Claims To Have Cooked World’s Longest Tamale

Fans of oversized food, prepare to tell your stomachs to shut up: A group in New Mexico is claiming the world record for longest tamale after cooking 116 feet (and seven inches) of the steamed dish in a special device made especially for the occasion. The group had planned on the tamale being 120 feet long — with a local … [More]

Ashley Madison Offering $378,000 Reward For Info On Hackers

While big companies have been known to offer “bounties” to white-hat hackers to test for weaknesses in their networks and websites to ensure they aren’t one day breached in a cyber attack, it’s too late for, the dating site for cheaters. After the embarrassment of having its users’ private information made very public, the site is now dangling … [More]

Lawsuit Filed By Former Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers Claim Company’s Fees Cut Into Workers’ Tips

It’s not easy being a delivery person — you’re entrusted with getting hot food to its proper destination quickly, and then have face-to-face interactions with customers. The better you perform at your job, the more likely you are to get a nice tip for all that hard work and driving around. Two former pizza delivery drivers who worked for Pizza … [More]

Comcast Hopes To Deploy Multi-Gigabit Broadband By 2018

Earlier this summer, Comcast revealed that it will soon be testing an upgrade to its cable broadband network that should allow it to deliver download speeds of up to 10Gbps, ten times the current top speed of Google Fiber. Now the company is giving some idea of how long it thinks it will need to make this super-fast Internet … [More]

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