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Converse Gives Chuck Taylor Sneakers A Makeover For The First Time In 98 Years

What’s old is new again: Converse has updated the design of its signature Chuck Taylor sneakers for the first time in the shoes’ 98 years on this planet. Though hardcore sneaker fans might be gasping for breath and casting about wildly for a chair to sit down in, rest assured that the Chuck Taylor All Star II shoes don’t really … [More]

Banks Run Free Classes For Rich Kids On How To Be Super-Rich

Being a young adult who will inherit billions of dollars isn’t all fabulous parties, designer clothes, and supercars. It also means learning responsibility: at minimum, you’ll be responsible for caring for your own billions, and you could also end up running the family business or a foundation. Show More Summary

Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Recalled Tuna Sickens 62 People In 11 States

At least 62 people in 11 states have become infected in the year’s latest Salmonella outbreak, this one concerning recently recalled frozen raw tuna widely used by restaurants and grocery stores serving sushi. The Centers for Disease...Show More Summary

Walmart Selling Car Seat That Alerts Parents When A Child Is Left Behind

Every summer, we can’t help but wonder why there aren’t more product solutions to the disturbing, but all too familiar, incidents involving children left behind in hot cars, often resulting in death. There’s at least one new product on the market this season that uses technology to alert parents before they accidentally leave their child in the vehicle, a … [More]

Comcast Reportedly Looking To Buy Vice Media, Or Maybe BuzzFeed, Or Maybe Vox…

Now that Comcast is done crying itself to sleep every night about its forced breakup with merger partner Time Warner Cable, the company is getting back to doing what it does best: No, not providing adequate cable/Internet service (don’t...Show More Summary

Anthem Buying Cigna For $54B In Yet Another Mega Insurance Merger

What a difference a month makes: Just a few weeks ago, Cigna rejected Anthem as a suitor, citing things like the major data breach the company suffered earlier this year and turning down its $47 billion merger bid. It seems Anthem has been busy a-courtin’, as the company announced this morning that it’s reached a deal to buy Cigna … [More]

Couple Says They Ordered A McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger, Got A Rag Instead

When placing an order at a fast food restaurant it is, unfortunately, not entirely uncommon to receive the wrong – but still edible – item. However, one Illinois couple visiting McDonald’s this week says that was not the case. The pair tell ABC7 WLS in Chicago that the double cheeseburger they ordered at a local McDonald’s restaurant turned out to … [More]

Ongoing Power Outage At LaGuardia Airport Delays Some Flights Three Hours

While a planned strike earlier this week by contracted baggage handlers and security workers was canceled, saving travelers from experiencing travel disruptions at two of New York’s airports, those passengers coming in and out of LaGuardia faced an interruption of their own on Friday morning when a terminal in the airport lost power.  CNBC reports that a power outage … [More]

Return to the Gold Standard

Go Back to the Gold Standard. Gold always adds luster to your life. And gold accessories never go out of style. So whether it's a perfect Prada pump or a cool cuff or a terrific tote, you're sure to strike gold this season! Jeweled Floral...Show More Summary

Our Nightmare Is Over: Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting Is Back In Stores

If you’re a food company and there’s a Facebook group where more than 16,000 people ask you to bring back a discontinued product, you should probably pay attention. Betty Crocker’s rainbow chip frosting disappeared from stores last year, and we heard from heartbroken and chip-less readers. Show More Summary

Discover Shrink Rays Credit Card Benefits

Sure, we’ve all heard of the Grocery Shrink Ray, but gradually shrinking consumer products doesn’t just apply to physical items. Warranties can shrink, and the services that you receive as part of an account or a subscription can shrink too. Readers are reporting that their Discover card benefits will shrink as of next week, so we have bad news … [More]

Former Corinthian College Students Seek To File $2.5B Claim Against Bankrupt For-Profit Operator

Former students of now-defunct for-profit education chain Corinthian Colleges continued their fight to recoup the money they spent on classes at the company’s Heald College, WyoTech or Everest University campuses, filing a $2.5 billion...Show More Summary

Carnival Must Upgrade Ships, Pay $350K After Disability Violations

Ships operated by the world’s largest cruise provider are about to become more easily accessible for passengers with disabilities, as Carnival Corp. and the Department of Justice reached an agreement to resolve an investigation into complaints that the cruise line failed to adequately provide accommodations for those with disabilities.  The Dept. Show More Summary

Uber Driver Claims Dog Urinated In Car, Sends Pictures Of Different Car

It’s not news that someone did something inappropriate in a hired car: that, unfortunately, has been happening for as long as taxis have existed. No, but one woman in Chicago disputed Uber’s claim that her dog relieved himself on the floor of an UberX vehicle and that she owed $200. UberX, as you may or may not recall, is … [More]

Postal Worker Accused Of Delivering 22,000 Pieces Of Mail Straight To His Garage

Tempting though it may be for a postal worker to swipe any of the millions of pieces of mail flying around the country, most refrain, and our packages and letters get where they’re supposed to go. But every once in a while, we have the misfortune to hear about a mail carrier gone rogue. Like a Philadelphia postal worker who … [More]

City Asks For Fiber Network Help, 5 Years After Being Left At Altar By Verizon FiOS

Back in 2009, it looked liked Alexandria, VA, residents would get a new high-speed Internet option in the form of Verizon FiOS. The city even went through the bureaucratic process of issuing Verizon a franchise. Then the D.C.-area community got dumped at the altar by Big V and has been looking for someone, anyone to step in ever since. In … [More]

Thousands Of Pigs Left Homeless Amid Craze For Tiny Pet Swine

Whether it’s kittens, lizards, puppies or cockatoos, humans just love their pets. But often when one species has a spike in popularity, many pets are left without homes once the craze dies down, and folks realize it’s not always easy raising an animal. You know, because animals have a tendency to eat a lot, and grow, things many pig owners … [More]

Former Operator Of Penalized $5.2M For Illegal Billing

Five years ago, we told readers looking to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to steer clear of, as it was not the official Dept. of Education site for the FAFSA. Today, federal regulators announced a $5.2 million settlement with the company behind the now-defunct website for illegal billing practices. According to the complaint … [More]

Lawsuit Accuses Kohl’s Of Advertising ‘False’ Original Prices

Is it fair to consumers when a retailer sells their own private-label products at a “discount” from the prices that they set in the first place? Two Kohl’s shoppers in California say that it isn’t, and they’ve filed a federal class action suit alleging that discount department store Kohl’s does exactly that. The two lead plaintiffs claim that the real … [More]

Cheaper, More Competitive Broadband: Not Gonna Happen Anytime Soon, Analyst Tells Congress

A committee in Congress yesterday held a hearing on promoting broadband infrastructure investment. That is, getting more wires put in the ground so more people can get online faster and more reliably. That’s a laudable goal that we here at Consumerist tend to cheer on. But one theme became clear from the testimonies of the assembled analysts, industry members, and … [More]

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