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Google & NFL Strike Deal To Bring NFL Content To YouTube

Just in time for the Super Bowl this weekend, the National Football League has decided to play nice and share with others, announcing a partnership with Google this week that will bring game highlights to a YouTube channel and search results. In the past, the NFL kept its video content clutched tightly to its chest, making this somewhat of a … [More]

Kia Recalls 87,000 Sedans For Potential Fire Hazard

The purpose of a cooling fan in your vehicle is to cool the car’s components under the hood. For nearly 87,000 Kia sedans, that apparently isn’t the case, as a piece of the fan has been found to overheat, melt and start a fire. So should come as no surprise that Kia would then recall those vehicles – which it … [More]

If You’re Flying Anywhere Near The Northeast Today Or Tomorrow, Call Your Airline Now

If you watch TV, read newspapers, or consume any news source at all on the internet up to and including Facebook and Twitter, you’ve probably heard that there’s a monster snowstorm bearing down on the northeast. And that means bad times at the airport: over 2000 flights for today have already been cancelled, along with nearly as many tomorrow. The … [More]

Why No One’s Saying What Charlie Sheen Got

At the moment, the biggest secret of TV is how much money CBS had to pay Charlie Sheen to continue his hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men. The network knows the psychological effect of a big number. Just look what happened to NBC and Jerry Seinfeld.

Monetizing the Male Ego

Men can't resist paying a premium for "Extra Large" condoms. The condom industry has made a science of converting inches to dollars, but "extra large" is mostly in the customers' heads.

How Much Should an eBook Cost?

The iPad bookstore is matching Amazon's prices on some titles, while Amazon is raising some prices.

Cash and Calories

Obama's health care bill says restaurants must post calories on the menu. "Nanny state" intrusion? Not according to the restaurant industry, which supports the new regulation. The reason may have less to do with waistlnes than the bottom line.

Sticker Shock Hits Disneyland

When Disneyland opened in 1955, admission was $1. Today it's $72. Walt Disney was a pioneer of psychological pricing — but can anything persuade families to pay today's theme park prices?

Curse of the $8 Blanket

How can you run a business when customers hate you? Airlines are trying to figure that out. The real problem may not be the airlnes but human nature.

Offers You Can't Refuse

Don't think of an elephant! D'oh, you just did. As this demonstrates, there are some limits to "free will." A largely robotic part of our minds helps determine what we think about. Some tricks of psychological pricing exploit this. They present offers you can't refuse.

Home Won't Sell? Try Two Prices Instead of One

Houses aren't selling, and behavioral economists say sellers are to blame. But a psychological pricing trick can help sellers get more and better offers.

Does 9 Just Sound Cheap?

From "invitation only" high-fashion web sites to the 99 Cents Only Store, prices ending in 9 have a strange attraction for value-conscious shoppers. A new study suggests that the poetry of prices can be as important as the math.

Maddest of the “Mad Men” (Part 3)

What if it was possible to persuade consumers to buy without their awareness? Today's marketers use the new psychology to do just that.

Maddest of the “Mad Men” (Part 2)

James Vicary, prophet of psychological marketing, gambled his career on a hoax—and lost.

Maddest of the “Mad Men”

Mad Men presents the advertising world as an exercise in moral ambiguity. That perception has much to do with James Vicary, ad man and con man. He's more relevant than ever in the age of Google.

How Much Is Enough?

How the psychology of fair value (literally) shapes the products on market shelves.

Changes To TurboTax Lead To Consumer Revolt, Opportunity For Competitors

It’s the opening weekend of tax season! If you work an hourly or salaried job, the W-2 form summarizing how much you earned and how much tax you’ve paid is already in your mailbox or will be soon, since the deadline to mail them out is February 2nd. If you plan use the Windows or Mac version of TurboTax, though, … [More]

California DMV Says Uber & Lyft Cars Need Commercial License Plates

Ride-sharing services operating in California have several issues lately: Uber being sued by San Francisco and Los Angeles counties, and L.A. mulling its own ride-sharing-like app just to name a few. Well, things don’t look to be getting...Show More Summary

Egg Company Locally Laid Turns Complaint Letter Into Lesson About Sustainable Agriculture

Having received our fair share of complaint letters over the years, we know how tempting it can be to fire back at critics with negativity — but because that doesn’t solve anything, we’ve learned it’s always better to catch those flies with honey when possible. And in that vein, egg company Locally Laid took a shopper’s complaint about its high … [More]

UPS: We Tried Too Hard To Deliver Your Holiday Packages On Time

Today we have to ask ourselves the important questions like, “is there such a thing as being too prepared?” If you happen to be the United Parcel Service and we’re talking about the 2014 holiday shipping season then you’d probably say yes. Bloomberg reports that UPS is blaming the costly extra measures it took to ensure on-time delivery leading up … [More]

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