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Taco Bell Bosses Accused Of Forcing Worker To Give Customers Fake Money As Change

We would all be a lot richer if we could each invent our own money but alas, that’s just not how it works (I’d be a millionaire if only I could buy stuff with high fives, sigh). Which is why officials are none too pleased with the operators of two Taco Bell locations in New York, after a worker claimed … [More]

Back-To-School Halloween Candy Keeps Kids Healthy And Happy

Okay, we get that it’s difficult to swap out seasonal sections in retail stores, and that items sell out when we think it might be too “early” for the next holiday to come along. However, Michael spotted an odd combination of one retail “holiday,” back to school season, and the following holiday, Halloween. “I was at Walgreens in Chicago last … [More]

Arby’s Is Now Selling A “Meat Mountain” For $10

Like my Uncle Kevin used to say, “if you build it, they will come.” And if you build a mountain out of meat and show people pictures of it, some people are probably going to want to eat it. Hence, the birth of Arby’s new off-menu Meat Mountain offering. Arby’s wanted to make sure everyone knew it didn’t only sell … [More]

Comcast Locks Customers Out Of Accounts, Has Been “Working On It” Since 2012

Last month, we shared with you the sad story of Karen, who somehow got locked out of her Comcast account. This would have been easier to deal with if Comcast believed Karen when she described the problem, but they didn’t. Now more customers are reporting the same problem: they’re locked out of their accounts, and Comcast’s solutions range from … [More]

Slot Machine’s 20-Year Reign Of Stinginess Ends After Player Hits $2.4M Jackpot

For the last two decades, one slot machine in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been the darling of players, with someone reportedly giving it a whirl every five seconds. But it’s never coughed up the big jackpot in all its years… until now. Gamblers from around the world would do things like kiss the machine, caress it, wait … [More]

Cheaters’ Dating Site Would Sure Like It If You Pay To Delete Your Profile (But You Don’t Have To)

The time has come, and you’re done being a member of Ashley Madison, a dating website with the mission of pairing up married people who want to cheat on their spouses. But do you have to pay $19 just to delete your profile, as some users thought was the case? Not really, but also yes, you can pay $19. It … [More]

Walmart Doesn’t Advertise Their Roll-Forward Pricing

Walmart is famous for lowering prices and calling them “rollbacks,” but sometimes the opposite happens, too. Reader Ben spotted this example of roll-forward pricing at his local Walmart on a clearance sign. Of course, prices go up all the time, but Walmart doesn’t brag about it. Usually, tiny clearance price changes that aren’t really a sale are due to … [More]

Hotels Taking Cue From Airlines, Making Mountains Of Money From Add-On Fees

Airlines have long since discovered that they can make billions by charging consumers for everything, from daring to have luggage to calling customer service. Now, it seems, their travel partners up the line are joining them in the bold new future, as hotels find ever more creative ways of adding to your bill. Hotels have found a way to bounce … [More]

PlayStation Network Crashes, Hackers Make Bomb Threat Against Plane Carrying Sony Exec

After claiming responsibility for a denial-of-service attack that took down the Sony PlayStation network, a group of hackers tweeted that there was a bomb onboard an American Airlines flight carrying the president of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley. Show More Summary

Burger King Mulling Idea Of Merging With Canadian Coffee Chain Tim Hortons

Love is in the air this bright Monday morning, and it smells like Whoppers and coffee: Burger King and Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons have confirmed that they’re courting the idea of a merger, sending pulses racing, hearts soaring and the stock market into palpitations. Ah, young merger-related love. The twosome are discussing a deal that would make the combined … [More]

Where Are The Best Deals On College Textbooks? Generally, Amazon

Our power-shopping colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports wondered: which of the used-textbook services have the best prices on popular course materials? You can usually get the best prices by bypassing the campus bookstore, but...Show More Summary

Used Car Dealer Accused Of Rolling Back Odometers, Selling Cars And Lies

A couple in California who ran a used car dealership embody consumers’ worst fears about buying used cars. They now face almost 80 criminal charges of grand theft by false pretenses, perjury, filing false documents with the DMV, and twenty counts of unlawfully rolling back a car odometer. The investigation started in April of this year, when a customer of … [More]

Initial Questions Offer Hope That FCC Isn’t Going Easy On Comcast/TWC Merger

While the FCC’s public comment period for the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger remain open through Monday, the commission has already sent off its first round of questions to the companies involved. And judging by both the quantity and quality of the things being asked, it looks like the FCC isn’t ready to rubber-stamp the deal. The FCC has sent lengthy … [More]

5 Best Lines From Review Of Entire Taco Bell Dollar Menu

This week, Taco Bell took a break from its 172-year tradition of selling handcraftd, top-of-the-line, high-priced authentic Mexican cuisine to launch a dollar menu. Since even that is too expensive to convince me to eat at the Bell, I have to rely on some brave canaries willing to test the air of this fast food coal mine to see … [More]

Staples Will Keep Closing Stores, Nobody Is Surprised

Earlier this year, Staples announced plans to close 225 underperforming store due to poor performance. Almost six months later, the office supply retailer hasn’t managed to turn things around, mostly because consumers are looking elsewhere for most of the things they would buy at Staples. Show More Summary

Keurig Makes Deal To Produce K-Cups For Maxwell House & Other Kraft-Branded Coffees

Remember a few years ago when we showed you the astonishing video of the shrinking Maxwell House cans? Well, it’s about to get even smaller because Kraft, the maker of the “eh, it’s good enough” coffee, struck a deal giving Keurig to power to produce single-serve K-cups of its java. Kraft’s decision to allow Keurig Green Mountain Inc. to … [More]

52 Ill-Informed Mayors Agree: The Comcast/TWC Merger Is Greatest Thing Ever

The gleaming USB drive that is Comcast HQ towers above the rest of the skyline here in Philadelphia, and the company is set to build another gleaming spire as a monument to its greatness right across the street. Just a few blocks away from the nation’s largest cable and Internet provider sits Mayor Michael “Why do people always laugh at … [More]

Two Big Reasons CNN Money Is Only Half Right About Gigabit Broadband Expansion

Broadband internet coverage in the United States is still pretty uneven. While some, mainly rural, communities are scrambling to connect to the 21st century using slow, old, and unreliable tech, some urban areas are dashing forward at over 1000 Mbps. The list of lucky cities with gigabit connections is growing, as CNN Money reports, but it’s not growing in … [More]

It Just Got More Expensive For Older Youths To Fly Solo With American Airlines

Older tweens flying solo on American Airlines and hoping for a bit more independence can kiss those dreams goodbye. The latest American/US Airways merger-related policy update for the airline involves increasing the age for which unaccompanied minors must pay to be supervised. According to the Dallas Morning New’s Aviation Blog, starting on Sept. Show More Summary

Appeals Court Won’t Hear Aereo’s “We’re A Cable Company” Argument

Following its crushing defeat before the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this summer, streaming video startup Aereo tried to stay alive by arguing that since the court said it was acting like a cable company, it should then be considered a cable company. Alas, a federal appeals court has decided not to hear this debate, possibly hammering the final … [More]

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