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Feds & NY Attorney General Team Up To Sue Abusive Debt Collectors

Just like one of those action movies where a federal agent gets paired up with a small-town sheriff who knows all the bad guys in the area, the Federal Trade Commission has brought its crackdown on abusive debt collectors to New York and partnered with the Empire State’s attorney general to shut down a pair of unsavory operators. The FTC … [More]

Lawsuit From Ericsson Wants To Ban Apple From Importing iPhones, iPads

Another day, another lawsuit against Apple: This time around, the company’s facing a lawsuit from Ericsson that seeks to ban imports on all iPads and iPhones amidst a dispute about licensing fees for several patents. Fresh off the heels of another lawsuit this week that found a jury ordering Apple to pay $532 million to another company, Apple is squaring … [More]

My Credit Card Interest Rate Is Going Up. What Are My Options?

Earlier this week, American Express announced that it would be raising annual interest rates on more than 1 million accounts, leading lots of people to ask if this could happen to their credit card — and what they should do about it. Credit card companies are indeed allowed to raise your APR, but the CARD Act of 2009 includes … [More]

Amazon Imagines A Future Where Delivery Trucks Print 3D Products At The Curb

There can be a lot of worry over getting a package from Amazon delivered successfully — but what if your item never had to travel farther than the distance between the curb and your door? Amazon has filed a few patent applications in an effort to perhaps make curbside 3D printing a reality for the future. These “mobile manufacturing hubs” … [More]

Report: Americans Are Optimistic About Their Finances But Few Actually Feel Secure

Americans’ positive feelings about the economy have officially returned to the level they were at on the eve of the Great Recession, according to a new study from Pew Charitable Trusts. While that might sound comforting, it doesn’t mean...Show More Summary

Police Say Trucker Used Bond, James Bond-Style Device To Avoid Paying $95 Toll

Perhaps you think you’re clever, sure, but just because you can pull a James Bond and movie move and rig your car in a way that helps you break the law, doesn’t mean you won’t get in trouble for it. Police in New York say a truck driver tried to skirt the rules by modifying his bumper in such a … [More]

TiVo Picks At The Scraps Of Aereo’s Remains

It’s been about eight months since a divided U.S. Supreme Court thrust a dagger through the gut of streaming video startup Aereo, and three months since the company filed for bankruptcy protection. And any hope that the company might be sold or resurrected has vanished with news that its name and patents have been sold off like parts … [More]

Google Reverses Content Policy Prohibiting Adult Content On Blogger Platform

In an abrupt about-face, Google announced early Friday morning that it would reverse a content policy change made just three days earlier that banned the users of the Blogger platform from sharing sexually explicit or graphic nudityShow More Summary

Macy’s Decides To Grow By Targeting Bargain-Hunters

How does a department store company grow when department stores, as a category, are not doing so well? They have to go where customers are, and in general where customers are headed is “downmarket.” Looking at the success that its...Show More Summary

JetBlue Realizes Pun Referencing Large Flying Machines Falling From The Sky Is Not The Best Idea

JetBlue is busy apologizing on Twitter for a now-deleted and ill-advised Tweet that made a bad pun referencing the Hindenburg Disaster. Too soon, perhaps, but also, reminding people of the time a flying machine crashed isn’t the best way to instill confidence in your own flying machines. Just sayin’. Though it’s been more than 75 years since the Hindenburg burst … [More]

Abercrombie & Fitch Lawsuit That Isn’t Really About Hijabs Presented To Supreme Court

Five years ago, a teen applied for a job at a store selling clothes for a children’s clothing store that is part of the Abercrombie & Fitch brand. She wore a hijab, a headcovering that many female Muslims wear, and said that she would continue to wear it to work. This week, her case is before the U.S. Supreme Court, … [More]

From Applause To Lawsuits And Legislation: What Key Players Are Saying About Today’s Net Neutrality Vote

Over the summer, we rounded up what all the key players in broadband and online were saying about the potential for the FCC to write a clear net neutrality rule. Earlier today, the FCC actually went and made that rule; here’s what everyone has to say about it now. Although AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon all hint once again at … [More]

Legislation Aims To Make It Harder For Kids To Snack On Yummy-Looking Detergent Pods

Federal safety agencies and poison control centers have continuously expressed concern that the ever-popular, and convenient detergent pods are extremely dangerous to children, with more than 17,000 kids being poisoned by ingesting the detergent since they came on the scene three years ago. Show More Summary

We’re Not Eating Cereal, And It’s Hurting Kellogg The Most

It’s not surprising that sales of breakfast cereal are falling: Americans, as a whole, are starting to eat breakfast on the move, cut carbs, and many people are fearful of genetically modified corn and wheat. If we do sit down and eat breakfast, we’ll scramble some eggs or microwave some oatmeal. Sure, there’s one cereal cafe in the world, but … [More]

The Return of the Classic North Face Mountain Jacket

Thirty years after it's debut, The North Face has reissued their its Mountain Jacket, addi[...]

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