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Report: Amazon Will Open A Real-Life Store In Manhattan

Back in the 1920s, catalog retail giant Sears opened massive spaces in major cities that served as combination retail stores and regional distribution centers for catalog goods. These centers closed in the ’80s and ’90s, but now online retail giant is following the same pattern in a tiny way, opening a combination retail store and pick-up center in New … [More]

Groupon Provides Refund For “Secretly Mexican” Samsung TV

You may remember reader Rob, whose story we featured here a few weeks ago. Rob bought a smart TV from Groupon Goods. and then ended up plunged in a bizarre chain of events involving an imaginary warranty, four different countries, and some very odd claims about how Samsung products have no warranty when they’re sold online. We have good … [More]

We Found The Thing You Were Looking For — Sign Up For Consumerist’s Newsletter

Isn’t it just so funny how you always find the thing you were looking for in the last place you look? No, because you don’t keep looking after, but in this case, we are the last place and we have the thing you were searching for — sign up for Consumerist’s newsletter and cease your restless hunting. All you have … [More]

What Not To Buy At Costco

When you stroll into Costco, leaning with swagger on your huge cart and confidently flashing your membership card at the entrance, there’s an atmosphere in the air of “I’m going to spend a lot of money today, but things will be so much cheaper than shopping elsewhere.” For some items (huge pack of super-thick steaks, we’re looking at you), that’s … [More]

Flood Of Red Bull Drinkers Seems To Have Overwhelmed Settlement Claim Site

When the Internet read yesterday that anyone who bought a Red Bull in the last 12 years was eligible for a refund or complimentary beverage as part of a false advertising lawsuit settlement, apparently too many people were thirsty. The original URL given to file a claim and read more information about the settlement no longer works. You can … [More]

Blaming TWC’s Poor Service, City May Deny Transfer Of Cable To Comcast

Two years ago, the people of Lexington, KY, became Time Warner Cable customers when the company acquired Insight Communications. Now TWC is being bought by Comcast, meaning Lexington residents would be switched again. But it gets more complicated, as Lexington is one of the markets that Comcast would then hand over to Charter. Four different cable companies in fewer … [More]

Casino’s 123-Pound Potato Pocket Nabs The Title Of World’s Biggest Pierogi

Is it just me, or is there an abundance of cooks out there angling to make really, really big food right now? We’ve had a very long bratwurst, a ginormous dish of Hawaiian cuisine and now comes the newest record holder for World’s Biggest Pierogi. Not that I can complain about such a delicious trend, one that now includes … [More]

iPhone 6 Demand Delaying Production On New iPads

The good news for Apple is that the success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is restoring some of the luster to the brand that had faded following the candy-colored disappointment that was the iPhone 5C. The bad news is that keeping up with demand for the new devices is delaying production on new iPads. This is according to … [More]

FTC: WordSmart’s Claims To Improve Students’ Test Scores Aren’t Exactly Truthful

Every parent wants their child to have the best possible chance of getting into a good college. Sometimes that includes enlisting the help of educational programs to boost their college admittance scores. But millions of consumers who...Show More Summary

Creepy Mall Billboard Watches You, Wants To Play Board Games

I find life-size video screen ads with images of people really unnerving, and that was before I came to realize that they could be watching me back. Toy company Mattel, out to promote its board games before the holidays, created a cool event that brought random shoppers and an actor in a remote location together…to play board games. Yes, appeared … [More]

Comcast Eliminating One Annoying Fee By End Of Year

Cable companies are notorious for their fees — modems, set-top boxes, HD service, DVR service, repair visits, early termination fees; the list goes on. But Comcast tells Consumerist that it is ditching one annoying little fee over the next few months. We found out about this after Consumerist reader Steve wrote in to say that Comcast tried to ding him … [More]

A Bad Idea Gets Even Worse When Lit Candle In Car Sparks Fire At Gas Station

Riding around in a car with an open flame is a bad idea all on its own: Any unexpected movements or sharp turns and that candle you lit for ambiance or use when your interior lights are out is going to go flying. Flying fire is bad, but it’s perhaps an even worse idea to have a flickering flame when … [More]

Airplane Cabin Cleaners Strike In New York Over Health And Safety Issues

For many consumers the time between a plane landing and boarding for the next flight may seem like an eternity. But for the men and women tasked with cleaning the cabin of said plane, the short time you are left waiting might not actually be enough to adequately and safely get the job done. It’s health and safety concerns such … [More]

LEGO Dumps Deal Allowing Shell Gas Stations To Hand Out Toy Sets After Campaign Against Arctic Drilling

Danish toy company LEGO has ditched a deal it had with Shell that allowed the company to hand out toy sets at its gas stations in about 30 countries around the world, after Greenpeace activists launched a campaign against Shell drilling in the Arctic. Greenpeace’s July video showing an Arctic landscape with happy people and animals get swalloed up in … [More]

The Troy-Bilt FLEX Is The Cuisinart Of Lawn Care

What if you could buy one piece of equipment that would take care of many of your home and lawn care needs? Kind of like a food processor with different blades, but for the outside of your house. And huge. It would be a snow blower, lawn mower, leaf blower, and pressure washer all in one. This is a real … [More]

Newspapers Warning About “Readers Payment Service” Subscription Scam

All around the country, people are receiving subscription renewal notices from a company called Readers Payment Services (or various other names) for any one of dozens of newspapers. The invoices, which ask for your credit card and personal...Show More Summary

Report: Fidelity Investments Likely Victim Of Same Hackers Responsible For JPMorgan Breach

Just a week after JPMorgan Chase said that 76 million households and 7 million businesses were affected by a late August data breach, another large mutual fund company admits it was likely targeted by the same hackers. But unlike JPMorgan,...Show More Summary

Wells Fargo Employee E-mails CEO & 200K Co-Workers Asking For Raises For All

How many times has someone asked for a raise only to have their boss say, “If I give you a raise, then everybody is going to ask for one”? One Wells Fargo worker pre-empted that part of the conversation when he e-mailed just about everyone in the company asking for raises for all. The Oregon-based 30-year-old, who makes about $15/hour … [More]

Washington Stores Pull Exploding Marijuana Soda Bottles From Shelves

Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Washington, stores have probably not been surprised to see pot-infused products flying off the shelves. But when there’s soda literally exploding on the shelves, well, that’s not the best way to clear out the inventory. At least three marijuana product purveyors in the state have had to pull a sparkling pomegranate … [More]

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