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Best Beaches In Miami – Top Public Beaches in Miami!

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the best beaches in Miami. We want to let you in on some of the top public beaches in Miami area we personally frequent with our family and friends. Checkout our these ones and decide for yourself which beach seems to suit your style. Show More Summary

Best Things To Do in Little Havana Miami Neighborhood

If you’re looking for things to do in Little Havana, the original Miami Cuban neighborhood, you’re in luck! It’s a must visit during your trip and listed in any Miami neighborhood map. Don’t be confused and expect an exact replica of Cuba’s capital, Havana. Show More Summary

Living in Miami Beach Vs Miami – 10 Things To Know

Miami Beach is the primary destination of most visitors and we’re often asked: how do you like living in Miami Beach? It’s very common that many visitors fall in love with our region’s warm weather and laid back lifestyle, as we summed it up before. Show More Summary

Our Favorite 6 Day Trips From Miami

Once you’re done exploring our region, let us help you plan few great day trips from Miami. Several interesting sites can be easily reached within a few hours drive and best of all, most are unique costal locations. Wether you’re into...Show More Summary

Protected: Luxury Experience – mph club® is Miami’s Hidden Gem

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Luxury Experience – mph club® is Miami’s Hidden Gem appeared first on Things To Do In Miami & Miami Beach.

A Guide on Relocating from London to Miami

  Aside from a cold and damp climate, London is a city that holds a posh real estate industry. The capital, as a matter of fact, tops the Independent’s list of the most expensive cities in which to live and work. Despite of this, there are still a million and one reasons to love London. Show More Summary

Stanley Marsh 3 Dies

Embiggen Buy a Print More Like This Stanley Marsh 3, the eccentric millionaire, artist and prankster of Amarillo, Texas, has passed away. Although he was best known for his commissioning of the world-famous roadside attraction Cadillac...Show More Summary

By Land or by Sea: The Amphibious RV

While an image like this would normally be cause for concern to the average road tripper, it's just another day for the owner of what possibly qualifies as the coolest camper to hit the market in years. Der Schwimmcaravan, or "the Swimming...Show More Summary

The Mystery of New York's 1964 Luxury Fallout Shelter

Does a completely furnished, midcentury house lie forgotten beneath the soil of a public park in Queens, New York? A handful of optimistic archaeologists aim to find out. In the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, American families became increasingly interested in buying fallout shelters in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. Show More Summary

A Trailer With a View

Tired of escaping the city just to be surrounded by dozens of other campground dwellers? French artist Bufalino Benedetto has the solution with his scissor-lift camper. Titled "La Caravane Dans Le Ciel," or "Caravan of the Sky," Benedetto's...Show More Summary

Lake Monsters of America

Graphic designer Michelle Enemark has published a terrific map of the strange and mysterious creatures rumored to be hiding in the depths of the United States' waterways, including mutant alligators, webbed-footed bipeds and America's...Show More Summary

House of Mirrors

Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree, California, artist Phillip K. Smith III turned a 70-year-old desert cabin into an awe-inspiring optical illusion. With a series of mirrored panels and some LED lighting, Smith created "Lucid Stead" from an abandoned shack that stood on five acres he had purchased in 2004. Show More Summary

The Lost Gypsy Gallery

Here at the Roadside Resort, I generally stick to oddities within the United States. On occasion, though, if something strikes my fancy, I'll ignore the borders and give a creator their due attention. This time, it's Blair Somerville of Papatowai, New Zealand. Show More Summary

Big Tex Is Back

Almost one year ago, the icon of the State Fair of Texas caught fire and disappeared in a plume of black smoke. But, today, Big Tex is back and bigger than ever. Fair officials had planned to reveal the redesigned cowboy colossus onShow More Summary

A Look Back at Aquarena Springs

Having attended college in San Marcos, Texas, I was fortunate enough to live just a couple of blocks from the legendary Aquarena Springs, famous for its live mermaid show, while the park was still operational. I even had the pleasure...Show More Summary

New Photos, at Last

Embiggen Buy a Print More Like This In a freshly renewed effort to vanquish the demon known to the ancients as Procrastib'el, I've been spending my evenings this past week wading through the years of photography I've accumulated on the...Show More Summary

Living Better Electrically

Back in the 1950s, General Electric sponsored a campaign encouraging folks to upgrade their houses with fully electrical appliances. Houses with an electric clothes washer and dryer, an electric refrigerator, electric waste disposalShow More Summary

Ann Arbor, Michigan's Secret Fairy Doors

In 2005, a strange little thing popped up outside a coffee shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was a tiny doorway, just about the right size for, say, a small, mythical, flying creature. It was the first in what has become a series of "fairy...Show More Summary

Giant Head Found Floating in Hudson Identified?

No one has yet claimed ownership of a giant head found last week floating in the Hudson River, but with the help of my friends at Weird N.J., we may have scooped the major news outlets on its possible origin. If you aren't familiar with...Show More Summary

Worst Book Covers or Best Book Covers?

One thing I've heard pretty consistently when talking to fans of the Weird series of books is that they love the cover design. I can't take credit for it, unfortunately, but I agree. It's simple, clean and eye-catching, just the wayShow More Summary

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