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The Changing Nature of Lubunca, Turkey's LGBTQ Slang

A young man wearing huge mirrored sunglasses and a fur coat looks into the camera confidently, while, behind him, a gaggle of fans giggles nervously. He blows a kiss at the camera. “Ablan star bebe?im,” he says to applause. The phrase...Show More Summary

3 Links I Love: Qantas’s Position of Strength, Making Money Where No Airline Can, Pittsburgh Spends A Lot to Save a Little

This week’s featured link: Qantas extends Emirates deal, switches from Dubai to Singapore as Sydney-London stopover – ABC Australia When... Read More

Echolocation and Its Discontents

For the past 45 years, volunteers working with Chicago's Field Museum have spent mornings walking tight circles around McCormick Place, a massive, glassy convention center in the middle of the city. There, they find and collect the many birds that have crashed into the building and died. Show More Summary

Disco-Dancing Peacock Spiders Are Impossible to Resist

Peacock spiders are not only one of the strangest looking, most colorful arachnids on the planet, they are also really good dancers. Along with his recent naming of seven new species of peacock spiders, one researcher recently showed...Show More Summary

Snow Leopards Are Finally No Longer Listed as Endangered

Snow leopards have been a symbol of endangered species for years, and have made memorable appearances in the Planet Earth series and other nature documentaries, and a memorable non-appearance in Peter Matthiessen's National Book Award–winning The Snow Leopard, about the efforts of biologist George Schaller. Show More Summary

Spielberg's Forgotten 'L.A. 2017' Dreamt of Today's Dystopian Future

Long before Close Encounters of the Third Kind or E.T. put Steven Spielberg on the map as one of the greatest science fiction visionaries of all time, he was a hungry young director aiming to elevate the look of early 1970s television. Show More Summary

Etihad’s New Fashion Focused Safety Video Is A Missed Opportunity

I've always thought that Etihad has among the best branding of any airline. It's one of their strong points for sure. While the airline has been cost cutting like crazy when it comes to the passenger experience, up until now they'veShow More Summary

A Brief History of Napkins, From Soft Dough to Paper

A version of this post originally appeared on Tedium, a twice-weekly newsletter that hunts for the end of the long tail. The first napkin was edible. We can thank the Spartans in Ancient Greece for that. In those days, they ate everything by hand. Show More Summary

NASA Honored the Voyager Probes With Groovy Posters

Back in 1977, NASA launched two of the most important craft in its history, the Voyager probes 1 and 2. Now on the 40 anniversary of their launch, NASA has released a handful of promotional posters to remind people that they are still...Show More Summary

The Transcendental Ritual of Mongolian Camel Coaxing May Soon Be Lost Forever

Springtime in the Gobi is as life-giving as it is treacherous. As the -45-degree lows of winter yield to 100-degree summertime highs, the traditional livestock of the area’s Mongolian herders start to give birth. Risks are many. Shaggy Bactrian camels (two humps!) are pregnant for 13 months, and usually give birth to a calf every second year. Show More Summary

The Strip in Washington, D.C.

There’s no outward indication that the alleyway off of Orleans Place NE is different from any other in Washington D.C. Economic development in the surrounding Atlas District neighborhood has forced out most of the human evidence of the era 25 years ago when newscasters dubbed D.C. Show More Summary

'Smart' Rubber Bands Are on Their Way

Since they were patented in 1845, rubber bands have been put to a staggering variety of uses. If one rubber band manufacturer is to be believed, there's about to be a lot more, as science is set to create a major upgrade to the old office...Show More Summary

Two Guys Rode the Entire Boston Subway System in Record Time

In the classic tune "Charlie on the MTA," the eponymous Charlie, a Bostonian, gets stuck on the city's subway system forever when he can't pay the whole fare. "Did he ever return?" asks the song's chorus, before answering its own question:...Show More Summary

Meet the Team: The Many Faces of Nomadic Matt

Over the years, this blog has grown from a part-time hobby to one of the biggest travel blogs in the world. During that time, I've built an awesome team of remote workers to help me keep this blog running smoothly. Allow me to introduce to Nomadic Matt crew! The post Meet the Team: The Many Faces of Nomadic Matt appeared first on Nomadic Matt's Travel Site.

Review: Animal Interactions And Excursions At Volunteer Southern Africa

In my previous post about my experience with Volunteer Southern Africa’s Living with Big Cats Program, I went through everyday life and volunteer activities. In this post, I’ll be detailing some of the unique things we got to do throughout...Show More Summary

Kelly Butte Civil Defense Center in Portland, Oregon

Kelly Butte is a long-extinct volcanic cinder cone outside Portland, Oregon that’s presently used as a city park. But for a time, Kelly Butte was also the site of a two-story subterranean civil defense shelter designed to protect against Soviet atomic bombs. Show More Summary

For Sale: An Eternity With Eleanor Rigby

Nobody came to Eleanor Rigby’s funeral, but the right person may be able to spend forever by her side. The woman who may have been the inspiration for the famous Beatles song is buried in St Peter’s churchyard in Woolton, Liverpool, where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met at a church fete. Show More Summary

Watching Animals Watch the Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, Elise Ricard, like millions of others across the United States, will stare at the sky for about ninety seconds to watch the moon fully eclipse the sun. Just before that, though, she's going to try to spend five minutes or so watching a squirrel. Show More Summary

A Brief History of the Unbreakable Comb

A version of this post originally appeared on Tedium, a twice-weekly newsletter that hunts for the end of the long tail. Modern hair combs are unusually simple tools—perhaps our simplest. Their single row of bristles, usually black,Show More Summary

3 Links I Love: The Decline in Short-Haul Flying, All Hail the DC-3, Evacuating an A380

This week’s featured link: What Caused Short Haul Traffic Decline in the US? – the $34b Question – LinkedIn One... Read More

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