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VIDEO: Flexjet's Red Label Promises the Same Dedicated Crew Every Time You Fly

Flexjet created a new video to show off their new Red Label offering, which is a benefit that owners get after buying one of the company’s newest fractional aircraft. Promising that you will feel like you own the entire plane, the Red Label means... via

Dayton NAHA: A Model for the Rebirth of Aviation

5 days agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

When the National Aviation Heritage Alliance, a coalition formed by the leaders of the 19 sites that comprise the National Aviation Heritage Area (both served by the NAHA acronym), invited me to its inaugural Aviation Writers Summit in Dayton, Ohio, I accepted without expectations. My anticipation of the event, which concluded last Friday afternoon, was […]

JFK's TWA Flight Center to Become Airport's First Hotel After $265M Renovation

Designed by architect Eero Saarinen, the TWA Flight Center was the central terminal at JFK Airport for years. With its dramatic shape suggestive of a bird, the building marked a pretty big shift in corporate construction, leading other airports to put... via

ATC and Pilots: When to Keep your Mouth Shut and when to Speak Up

ATC and Pilots This sounds a bit pathetic, but most of the professional pilots I’ve known in my life have been smart alecks, me included … always ready with an opinion, whether anyone asked for it or not. We’re all control freaks to some degree I suppose, not an earth-shattering revelation of course, because those […]

AirVenture Volunteers: One Lady’s Story

2 weeks agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

AirVenture Volunteers: One Lady’s Story Publisher Note: One of the best parts about Jetwhine is that Scott and I often receive stories from readers out of the blue. While we can’t use them all, there are some that simply jump to the top of the pile as soon as we finish reading them. This story, sent […]

Above & Beyond: Volunteer Pilots Fight for Israel

2 weeks agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Trailer for Above and Beyond. Wandering through the recently added titles to Netflix’s “watch now” films the other night, I came across Above and Beyond, a documentary about the birth of what became the Israeli Air Force during the nation’s 1948 fight for survival. (It’s also available on-demand and through iTunes.) And that’s about all […]

United Airlines: Time to Stop Just Talking About Customers

2 weeks agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Over the last 20 years, we all listened to one United CEO after another talk about how much they value their customers. Enough talk. United’s new CEO Oscar Munoz needs to stop the talking and start showing customers if the carrier ever really wants to again be great. Give a listen and tell me what you think.  […]

Labor of Love: Capturing Veteran Leather

2 weeks agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

When John Slemp came to the lunch at EAA AirVenture 2015, he carried with him a large flat package that was maybe 20 by 24 inches by an inch deep and wrapped in brown paper. At such gatherings, most people just show up with their appetites, and as we later learned, John did, too, […]

A Finite Fraternity: Combat Fighter Ace

2 weeks agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Frederick Payne, America’s oldest surviving combat fighter ace, died August 6 at age 104. According to his obituary in The New York Times, the retired U.S. Marine Corps brigadier general earned this singular achievement at the controls of a Grumman F4F Wildcat in the skies over Guadalcanal in 1942. What’s interesting to me is that […]

Historic Concorde Supersonic Aircraft May Return to the Skies in 2019

Sometimes good old fashioned grit and perseverance can make your dreams come true, which seems to be the case for members of Club Concorde. The group—full of diehard fans, from former pilots and engineers to airline bigwigs and frequent fliers&md... via

Etihad Airways and Jet Charter Chapman Freeborn Partner Up to Offer a More Complete Air Travel Experience

Etihad Airways announced a new collaboration with Chapman Freeborn, which will bring the jet charter specialist’s clientele to Etihad’s 125-square-foot The Residence and First Apartment cabins found on the Airbus A380 fleet. Chapman Freebor... via

WWII Junkers F13 All-Metal Aircraft are Basically Flying Art Deco Masterpieces Up for Sale

Developed in Germany, the Junkers F13 aircraft was the first all-metal passenger plane, able to fit six people and known for its low-wing cantilever design. The single-engine Junker was pretty advanced for its time and was frequently used by the afflue... via

Aviation is Work … Usually

2 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

I really don’t like traveling much any more. It’s usually way too much work on the airlines, efforts over which I usually have very little control other than complaining a bit on Twitter which doesn’t do much these days anyway. My business jet trips are fewer and farther between than the old days too. Take my […]

Aviation Safety: Courage and the Pragmatic Acceptance of Inalienable Power

2 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Like pilots everywhere, I never surrender an opportunity to go flying. And then there are days like today. Thunder rumbles closer, rain beats on the windows, and online radar reveals the crawling approach of a large green blob with an enlarged blood red heart. Yes, today is a good day to be on the ground, […]

Jetwhine to AirVenture: Lunch for 20 Please

2 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Jetwhine to AirVenture: Lunch for 20 Please One of the best parts of my annual trek to AirVenture is that happily, I have always found it next to impossible to sit anywhere on the grounds and NOT talk to the person next to me. Over the years I’ve run into pilots, other bloggers and podcasters, […]

AirVenture Gateway Park: Portal to Drone Integration & Safety?

2 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Framed by the diagonal street that connects the main gate of EAA AirVenture to the forums area is a triangle of land that over the years has proven to be a prism that spotlights a newest member of the aviation community before it mixes invisibly into the larger community. Now named Aviation Gateway Park, this […]

Forget Better Seats, Delta is Upgrading Their High-Value Customers to Private Jets

If you’re one of Delta’s “high-value customers” (meaning, you’ve racked up enough SkyMiles to achieve the airline’s Medallion status), you may be offered their brand new... via

If Every Day Were Like Oshkosh...

You'd awake every morning at 6:30am to the beautiful music of Merlin V12s at full power as half a dozen P-51s roar overhead to embark on the dawn patrol....You'd cheerfully chat with perfect strangers while standing in line for a lukewarm...Show More Summary

Swiss Airlines Revitalizes Long-Haul Fleet With New Boeing 777 Aircraft

Starting next year, Swiss International Airlines will be giving their long-haul fleet a complete makeover by bringing in brand new Boeing 777 aircraft. Not only do the intercontinental twinjets gulp down a lot less fuel, emit less carbon diox... via

AirVenture 2015, Jetwhine AND a Free Lunch?

3 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Ed Note: We’ve had such a great response to the story that I’m sad to say we’ve run out of slots for lunch. Do send along an e-mail if you’d still like to connect at AirVenture to grab some Jetwhine/Airplane Geeks buttons.   Long before Jetwhine and the Airplane Geeks Show, there was the EAA […]

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