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Spa Retreat or Virgin Atlantic Flight? Airline Shows Off Their Upper Class Services in New Video

Most people time their arrival to the airport perfectly, giving enough time to get through security but not so much that they’re left with nothing to do in the terminal. Well, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class fliers show up early for entirely differen... via

In Search of Sunshine, Part II: Atlanta to Sebastian

When the Bahamas plan first came together, my sailor/pilot friend Andy was planning on flying the rental Piper Warrior. As a fairly junior captain at NewCo, though, he ended up getting a trip that conflicted with our schedule, and couldn't get out of it because the company put his annual line check on that trip. Show More Summary

Pilot Reincarnation: What Bird Would You Be?

From time unrecorded, humans have looked up and envied the birds above them. In time we created machines to emulate their various forms of flight. But have you ever given a moments thought to pilot reincarnation and what kind of bird you would be? I’m not sure why I awoke with this question in mind […]

At United Airlines, Does Making Money Trump Safety?

At United Airlines, does making money trump safety? A recent Aviation Week article quotes United CEO Jeff Smisek saying, “We’re going to run the airline for profit maximization …” That made me wonder a bit. Then I noticed last week’s Wall Street Journal story in which the airline strongly chastised its pilots for cockpit safety issues the company warned could […]

Chasing Ghosts at NAS Brunswick Maine

On Monday, September 29, I completed a lifetime quest of visiting all 50 states by chasing ghosts at Brunswick Executive Airport (BXM), the former Naval Air Station Brunswick Maine. I chose it because my late father, a naval aviator, served here as an SB2C Helldiver (below) pilot at the war’s end. In seeking the ghost […]

Have You Seen a Baumann Brigadier?

As the photo here shows, it looks like an old Aero Commander, and when I first saw this photo that was my initial identification. And then I noticed that the tail feathers were lower, and that the horizontal stab didn’t have the Commander’s dihedral, and, oh yeah, it has pusher props. Knowing me as a […]

Caught In the (P-61) Black Widow’s Web

A side benefit of visiting Reading, Pennsylvania, where two of my wife’s three sons (and 6.5 of her 11.5 grandchildren) reside is catching up on the Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s restoration of its P-61 Black Widow. When I first saw the airplane in 1995, just before we got married, its bent and corroded pieces were […]

Time to Give ATC an “Atta Boy”

Dear Reader / Listeners – You now have the option to listen to the Aviation Minute podcast or read the text below. If you receive Jetwhine via e-mail, you can click here to listen as well. Time to Give ATC an “Atta Boy” Most aviation stories only seem to find their way on to the desks of those […]

Changing Aviation Interest & Participation

This past week the mailman delivered a reason to think about my unknown but rapidly approaching expiration date. Thanking me for my four decade membership tenure, EAA offered me a three-figure rebate if I bought a four-figure lifetime membership. The numbers didn’t work out to my benefit. Weeks away from the conclusion of the first […]

Droning on About UAS

Dear Reader / Listeners – You now have the option to listen to The Aviation Minute podcast or read the text below. If you receive Jetwhine via e-mail, you can click here to listen as well. At the risk of droning on about a topic my pals David and Max at the UAV Digest show are getting tired […]

Seeing Where Bird Strikes are a Threat

Bird strikes are perhaps the greatest unappreciated risk pilots face. There are a number of reasons for this, but among the primary contenders is the fact that most strikes result in expensive airframe and powerplant repairs rather than catastrophic conclusions. There was some attention paid to this important topic after some geese put US Airways […]

Drones in the News

Drones in the News When I was a kid my mom told me she could always tell when I was hiding something … “It shows all over your face,” she’d say. So what does this have to do with the recent uptick in news coverage of drones, UAS, UAVs, RPVs and the rest? I sat […]

An Airline Career Query & No Good Answer

Directed my way by a leader familiar with my connection to aviation, an Eagle Scout e-mailed me this question: “I want to become an airline pilot when I get older and I’d like to know where to start? What things can I do as a high schooler or…I read somewhere that taking a ground school […]

FAA Rules Alone Won’t Prevent a Drone-jet Collision

FAA rules alone won’t prevent a drone-jet collision By Robert P. Mark, reprinted from The Chicago Tribune, December 25, 2014 This holiday season, one of the hottest-selling toys has been the quadcopter drone, a tiny remote-controlled helicopter that carries a small video camera anyplace the ground-based operator sends it. Show More Summary

Airmanship and the Fundamentals of Flight

Sporty’s debut of its Cessna 172LITE Project has rightfully attracted the attention of a cannonball launched from the high dive at the deep end of the aviation pool. While most are paying attention to the splash made by the airplane’s rental affordability, what seemed most important to me were the words of general aviation’s patron […]

Where Airline Pilots Stand in Labor Statistics

Given the recent reports of job growth and the enduring discussions about pilot shortages, I moseyed over to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see which occupations are ascending and which are in decline and where airline pilots show up on that spectrum. The good news is that airline pilots are not on the list […]

First-Person View: The Future of Flight

  Simply put, first-person view (FPV) is a smart phone perspective of flight. It gives the person in command of a remotely piloted aircraft a real-time look at where it is going. And it is the future of flying because it provides what people want—a view of their world from a different perspective—efficiently and economically. Looking […]

Is GA Included in NASA’s Low-Altitude Drone Traffic Management Program?

Late last year, NASA launched it Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) program to devise and test an automated system that would keep drones from bumping into each other as they performed a variety of missions. What concerns me is that nowhere in the online presentation, or in a Google search of news about […]

Why is Regional Airline Pay So Bad?

Why is Regional Airline Pay So Bad? Dear Reader / Listeners – You now have the option to listen to The Aviation Minute podcast or just read the text of the show below. If you receive Jetwhine via e-mail, you can click here to listen as well. I was thinking the other day about my early days as […]

The FAA Invites Comments on Drone NPRM

Over the past quarter century I’ve read most of the Notices of Proposed Rulemaking that would affect general aviation. What separates the just released NPRM that introduces Part 107, Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, from all the others is not its subject, small unmanned aircraft systems, but a phrase: “The FAA invites […]

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