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Zero Day: Before EAA AirVenture Starts

12 hours agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Since 1970, when EAA moved its annual convention to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, it has tried starting the event on different days of the week. But finding a day that suits everyone’s schedules is an impossible task because there are really three different groups of participants. Show More Summary

Want to Fly at AirVenture?

3 days agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Want to Fly at Airventure? Is there anything sadder than a bunch of pilots standing around watching a handful of other aviators fly past looking like they’re having all the fun? Ho hum. But it happens to all of us at AirVenture … every...Show More Summary

AirVenture Anticipation: Meeting the Martin Mars

Coming face-to-face with a truly rare airplane is one of aviation’s singular rewards. And to actually see it fly, oh, be still my fluttering aviation geek heart. The Martin Mars is coming to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, and for the firstShow More Summary

H.R. 636 Will Help Fix ATC Staffing, I Hope

2 weeks agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

I’d like to interrupt your afternoon for just a minute before you head out the door for the weekend. Congress is expected to vote next week on another FAA funding extension – H.R. 636 – and the industry’s hoping it’s all thumbs up … but not just because a majority vote will keep the agency’s lights on until October 2017. Passage of H.R. Show More Summary

Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social Unites Airports & Gives Pilots a Reason to Fly

3 weeks agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Employing social media, airports across Wisconsin have taken the $100 hamburger flight to the next level with the Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social. They divided the state in to eight regions or “branches,” with an airport in each of them holding a social every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5 p.m. Show More Summary

EAA Oshkosh: The Best AirVenture Photography Refocuses Participatory Emotions

last monthVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

In the English language, there must be a word that summarizes the emotional conflation of the self-satisfaction that comes from a distinctive personal accomplishment and the whispers from a subconscious troll holding up that same achievement as primary evidence of intellectual failure. Show More Summary

Worst. Email. Ever.

My 35th birthday was on April 17th, and I spent it in about the best way I could imagine: Dawn and I cruising up the west coast in our Piper Pacer. The day prior we started in Torrance, CA, where the plane had been kept since our February...Show More Summary

Supersonic Technology is About to Transform Aviation (Again)

The newest trends in private aviation are being supported by NASA and DARPA, which is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. NASA needs no introduction, but to give you a clearer view on what DARPA does, know that they’re the brains behin... via

Could You Pass a Checkride Based on the New Airman Certification Standards?

2 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

One of the tried and true tropes of aviation is that, in general, the successful completion of a checkride marks the peak currency and proficiency of a pilot’s knowledge and skills. For those rarely exercised after that point, it is all downhill from there. Show More Summary

Embraer Sets the New Standard for Private Air Travel

Brazilian jet maker Embraer has revolutionized private air travel with its new design concept, the Kyoto Airship. Intended to be incorporated into the prototype of its lauded Lineage 100... via

Business Class Perks Setting the Standard in Air Travel

Air travel has evolved immensely over the last couple of decades. British Airways could be said to have been the catalyst for the change; in 2000 the airline changed the game with the introduction of lay flat seats to Business Class, an area of the pla... via

Armstrong Air & Space Museum Holds Touching Surprises

2 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Interactive exhibits aside, the unifying prohibition as most museums is “Do Not Touch!” A look at the shiny noses on bronze busts of notable figures tactilely demonstrates the long-term wear that would damage more fragile artifacts of historical significance. Show More Summary

Lillium is the Private Aircraft of the Future

The European Space Agency is dreaming up an aircraft of the future: egg-shaped, electric-powered and able to take off from helipads or runways due to its pivoting engines. In a press release earlier this month, the ESA said the new plane, which would h... via

Anchors Aweigh

Last post I alluded to some pretty major developments in my and Dawn's lives, and I won't keep you in suspense. Last August we decided we want to do something completely different. Dawn was starting to get burned out on teaching and I'm not growing any fonder of Minnesota winters; there's really nothing keeping us here. Show More Summary

Egyptair 804 Plus Aviation’s Dumb and Dumber

2 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Egyptair A-320 – Egyptair 804 Plus Aviation’s Dumb and Dumber It’s an old ATC trick … using the word “appears” that is. Whenever a pilot would ask us tower guys to give their landing gear the once over because of some odd cockpit indication, the airplane would make a slow pass, then wait for an opinion. Show More Summary

Does First Class Beat Private Jet Travel?

With commercial airlines scrambling to recapture luxury market share from private jet companies, goalposts in the sky have moved. Flying first class has never been more attractive but the same can be said for flying private, thanks to new technolo... via

Wings are Next for MAAM’s Black Widow

3 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Pinned against the hangar wall by a floor-filling mass of airplanes from a B-25 to a Pietenpol, The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s P-61 Black Widow restoration project seems unchanged from my last visit in 2014. Wearing its cowled but propless...Show More Summary

Six Months In (Sorta)

Considering my lack of posting you might think that my airline is working me to death, but no, that's not the case. Recently I passed 120 hours on the B757/767...just over six months since I went to class! Keep in mind that I was originally awarded the slot way back in Feb 2015, meaning I'm only nine months away from my seat lock expiring. Show More Summary

Parachute Museum Is Pioneer Gold Mine

3 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Jumping from any elevation, even a knee-high footstool, has never been something I have eagerly anticipated, which makes my lifelong fascination with parachutes hard to explain. It all started in the early 1960s, I think, with my godparents,...Show More Summary

Made-to-Order GA & Economic Exclusivity

3 months agoVehicles / Aircraft : JetWhine

Economically, Piper Aircraft’s recent announcement that that it has gone totally made-to-order, makes sense. Unsold aircraft, commonly called “white tails” (a term that first described unsold airliners, identified by vertical stabilizers...Show More Summary

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