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2018 Lexus LS Makes Waves In Detroit

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : AutomoBlog

The Lexus LS sedan, the declarative answer to the question of “can the Japanese really compete in the luxury market” is getting a big update for 2018, and it just bowed at this year’s North American International Auto Show. The new company leader is longer and lower than the outgoing model and rides on an […]

We're Back At Tokyo Auto Salon For 2017!

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Another year of Jalopnik brings you another year of Jalopnik East, and coming off Detroit, we’re once again back at the Tokyo Auto Salon for 2017, bringing you all the JDM goodness from Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Daihatsu, Suzuki, and a bunch aftermarket manufacturers. Turn on some Eurobeat and let’s hit the floor! Read more...

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: The Tilted Halo Car

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : AutomoBlog

Dodge calls the Challenger SRT Demon its “halo car.” The car that shines its beneficent light upon all the lower offerings on the company roster. But, since this is a Dodge, and a Challenger, and an SRT on top of that, let’s just say this is not the most angelic of cars. A little while […]

2017 Lotus Exige Race 380:: lighter, faster, track-only special announced

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

Another year, another special-edition Lotus. Say hello to the 2017 Lotus Exige Race 380. A track-only version of the already-hardcore Exige Sport 380 revealed last November, the new Lotus Exige Race 380 has been specifically developed for race teams and privateers to compete in the marque’s global one-make series, the Lotus Cup, as well as […]

Even The Cops Appreciate When You Turn A Near-Crash Into A Sweet Drift

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Catastrophic brake malfunction, or sweet-ass semi-truck driftooo? Both, actually. Read more...

Why Nissan's Invisible Roof Should Become a Thing

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : TopSpeed

The Nissan Vmotion concept gained a significant upgrade for the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, where it showcased a more angular and futuristic take on the company’s current design language and previewed the interior styling we should see in production cars in a few years. Show More Summary

Ford Says Trump Presidency Could Boost Truck Sales

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : TopSpeed

Ford Motor Company’s president of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs, says Trump’s presidency could spark big growth in sales for the pickup truck segment. Hinrichs cites Trump’s pro-growth and promise of extensive infrastructure revitalization as factors, which could spark truck demand. Show More Summary

Comment Of The Day: The Cat Always Comes Back Edition

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Top Gear’s Rory Reid finally caught the cat that had been terrorizing him, a saga which he was sharing through a series of hilarious Tweets. What Rory fails to understand is that the cat always comes back. Read more...

Rolls-Royce looks back at a year filled with bespoke beauties

Rolls-Royce cars are expensive, rare, and endlessly luxurious. They're also sold to clients who often want what others can't have. That's why Rolls-Royce has its own special Bespoke department, which exists to make its demanding and discerning customers' dreams come true. This creates a world filled with vivid colors, ornate interiors, and...

Here's A Solution To The Hardest Badge Engineering Challenge Of All

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

We’re all familiar with badge engineering, right? It’s the magical process by which a carmaker can make a whole new car just by changing the car’s name, badges, maybe lights, and bits of trim and possibly a body panel or two. While this works for many cars, there’s some that seem to be badge engineering-proof. I think… Read more...

CES and Detroit: Drink car tech from the firehose. (CNET on Cars, Ep. 103) video - Roadshow

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Car Tech

Want to see the future of car technology? Cooley found it for you in Las Vegas and Detroit.

Here’s What I Learned Driving The 2016 Ford Ranger You Can’t Buy

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Since the Ford Ranger disappeared from the U.S. market in 2011, it’s been remembered by many as the quintessential “honest truck.” Cheap, lean, purely utilitarian. In 2019 it’s coming back, ostensibly on the same platform used by the current Ranger abroad. So we spent some time with a 2016 truck it to get an idea of… Read more...

2017 Detroit Auto Show – Worst In Show

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : TopSpeed

With our list of the best debuts to show in Detroit now live, it’s time to visit the opposite side of the spectrum with our Worst In Show list. And while it may seem cruel to highlight the following five vehicles as the biggest targets for our automotive ire, we do it out of love. Show More Summary

Toyota's Camry NASCAR Racer is Built in America

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : TopSpeed

With Donald Trump officially elected as the 44th President of the United States, automakers have found themselves under a lot of stress thanks to his “build in American or pay dearly” strategy. Well, that actually led to a bit of a theme at the Detroit Auto Show, with automakers giving nods to the U.S.-based production in one way or another. Show More Summary

Top driving roads around Sydney: Bell, Oberon and Abercrombie River

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

Compiling a short list of cracking driving roads near Sydney might seem the no-brainer though it comes with more ‘buts’ than a cigarette factory (if you added another ‘t’, of course). Particularly if you throw in the criterion that a good drive is one that can be traversed in one day. The slow-moving avalanche that […]

HSV GTS-R W1 final editions spied – last ute and sedan models spotted in Victoria

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

CarAdvice has been sent new images of the final ever HSV versions of the Holden Commodore and Holden Ute – the vehicles you see here are the HSV GTS-R W1 sedan and HSV GTS-R W1 ute. That’s what we think they are, anyway: these spy images were allegedly taken outside HSV‘s head office in Clayton, […]

The 2017 Buick Encore deserves a double-take - Roadshow

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Car Tech

This little subcompact crossover may just be the best offering in its class.

Fiat Chrysler under investigation by Justice Department over diesel emissions

According to a report by Bloomberg, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV is under investigation by the Department of Justice for a possible violation of the Clean Air Act. Bloomberg's report cites "people familiar with the investigation." As we learned yesterday, the EPA is accusing FCA of failing to disclose engine management software for its 3.0-liter...

CarAdvice podcast 35: LIVE from the Detroit Motor Show! Astra sedan, Great Wall Steed review, Holden’s Sean Poppit and hits and misses of Detroit!

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

Direct from the 2017 Detroit Motor Show, join Paul, Mike Costello, Mike Stevens and Matt Campbell. Catch all the car news from Detroit with the reveal of the Toyota Camry, Astra sedan, Astra hatch pricing, Lexus LS, Ford Bronco/Ranger and Mercedes-Benz Project One. Mike Costello reviews the Great Wall Steed and Matt discusses the comparison […]

This Is What The Average Car Looks Like In 2017

2 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

What do cars look like? A question a child (who doesn’t get out much) might ask, but not a childish question. Automotive styling, like fashion or diets named after cities, goes in trends. So what are the design trends we’re seeing now? To figure this out, I tried a little experiment. Read more...

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