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Carrie Underwood Burns A Pumpkin Pie, Proves She's One Of Us

Country music star Carrie Underwood can do no wrong, but sometimes even she has trouble in the kitchen -- like the rest of us.  While prepping for a big Thanksgiving feast Wednesday night, Underwood took to Instagram to share a dessert fail we know all too well. Show More Summary

Here’s What a 5-Year-Old is Capable Of (More Capable Than Me, For Sure!)

. You don’t have to watch all 10 minutes of this video to realize how thoroughly we have forgotten what young children are capable of. (See yesterday’s post, which hinges on the idea that 4 year olds should never be outside near their own homes alone.) Such childhood independence is unusual today, but only because […]

'The Good Dinosaur' Doesn't Feel Like A Pixar Movie

In June, I began a feature on "Inside Out" thusly: "Everything we need to know, we learned from Pixar." That movie, one of the year's best, taught us that humans cannot understand joy if they don't also experience occasional sadness....Show More Summary

Happy Thanksgiving: An American Indian Perspective

All of the Elders I know tell me Native People have been giving thanks for as long as people have existed.

Your Guide to the Best Holiday TV Specials of 2015

By Polly Conway, Common Sense Media Holiday TV specials are like a warm mug of cocoa with marshmallows: sweet, comforting, and best enjoyed with those you love. Common Sense Media rounded up this season's can't-miss shows to keep your...Show More Summary

Celebrating Nosevember At Edgar’s Mission

According to the Edgar’s Mission FB page, it was one year ago today that the wonderfully-named Winifred P. Piglet arrived at their facility. As OZ gets ready to head into their summah down undah, see how Winnie keeps her cool. Winifred P Piglet Guide to Keeping Cool this Summer! from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on […]

Why One California Taco Bell Offers Free Valet

Yo quiero Taco Bell. When California teen Cher Horowitz suggested in the cult-classic film Clueless that she didn't need to learn how to parallel park because "everywhere you go has valet," she knew what she was talking about. According to UPI, the Encina Grande shopping center in Walnut Creek, Calif. Show More Summary

Why the Hottest Gift This Christmas Is Already Banned From Flying

The "powerboard," a motorized, self-balancing, two-wheel scooter inspired by Back to the Future's famous hoverboard, is the hottest gift this holiday season. Unfortunately, it's also banned by airlines as "dangerous goods."

Fleeting Wonders: Japan's World Record Baby-Racing Competition

More than 600 Japanese kids just earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records before they even learned to walk. A 610-baby crawling competition, held on November 23 in the Yokohama shopping mall, was the largest one to date, shattering the record of a crawling race with 451 babies that took place in China last year. Show More Summary

How Americans Changed the Meaning of 'Dream'

Albert Joseph Moore's Dreamers, 1884. (Photo: Public Domain/WikiCommons) This is part two of a five-part series on sleep and dreams, sponsored by Oso mattresses. Read the first one here. There was a time when “hopes” were not automatically paired with “dreams” in our lexicon. Show More Summary

Jon Favreau's 'Chef' Film Will Get the Bollywood Treatment

Imagine the musical numbers in the food truck scenes. Chef, the 2014 film that Jon Favreau wrote, directed, and starred in — with LA-based chef Roy Choi's guidance — is set to get the Bollywood treatment. Variety reports Bollywood star...Show More Summary

14 Times Your Little Ones Revealed Their "Dark Side"

All parents know that their usually darling little ones aren’t afraid to slip over to the “dark side” from time to time. Sometimes it’s experimenting with your tube of cherry-red lipstick, other times it’s flushing your phone and keys down the toilet when you’re supposed to be on your way out the door. Show More Summary

The 15 Healthiest Companies In America That Everyone Longs To Work For

Employers know that talented professionals have multiple job offers. In an effort to win the war for talent and help... The post The 15 Healthiest Companies In America That Everyone Longs To Work For appeared first on Lifehack.

Five Things I Needed to Know to be a Better Parent

Parenting - the ultimate on the job training course. Like many pre-child individuals, I would observe others with children and know that I could do a better job; there would be no runny noses, no back talk and no meltdowns - theirs or mine - in grocery stores. Show More Summary

Here's Why Thin Eyebrows Were So Hot in the '90s

In the '90s there was no one hotter than Drew Barrymore—she was the Guess Girl, wore chokers like a boss, made slip dresses look like a dream, and had the world's cutest short haircut. Trying to be like her was just an accepted hobby. Show More Summary

Technology Helps Combat Modern Terrorism

It is very easy to call technology "evil" during normal times, when nature or man's insanity has not caused havoc to human existence. Yet, when crisis strikes, it is terrifying to think of a world without technology. The advent of digital...Show More Summary

Volunteering at Thanksgiving Is a Total Waste of Time

Joel Berg, the Executive Director of the NYC Coalition Against Hunger, says that there are many more effective ways to fight hunger than spooning soup a couple days a year or donating the cans of meat you don't want to a food drive.

Climate Change This Week: One Degree Closer to Catastrophe, the Clean Surge, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. @@ Way Cool! Nematocampa Forest Caterpillar Shoots Out Tentacles when disturbed by sound - this one recently discovered in the Peruvian Amazon, but this type of caterpillar also occurs in North America. Show More Summary

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