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This Sketch Perfectly Translates Every First Date Ever

Sometimes the small talk on a first date can feel like a foreign language: He said, "Hi," but what does "hi" really mean? Been there? Of course, you have. Enter Honest Monster, the duo that is Deirdre Devlin and Vana Dabney. These two Los Angeles-based comedians write funny, female-driven sketches that are truthful and thought-provoking. Show More Summary

Matt LeBlanc Still Remembers 'Friends' Songs and Proves It By Singing Them (VIDEO)

Post by Lisa Fogarty. If you're a fan of Friends, there are certain scenes that you'll never forget. Like the one where Matt LeBlanc's Joey discovers he has a hand twin while at a Las Vegas casino and proceeds to create his own song about it. Show More Summary

A Panda Gives You A Tour Of An Air China Boeing 747-8

In terms of things which are on my list of favorite things ever, Air China uploaded a Boeing 747-8 tour to YouTube a few weeks ago. It's no surprise Air China wants to show off their Boeing 747-8s, as they're the latest airline to take delivery of the plane. Show More Summary

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Is the Only Way to Start Your Saturday

Start your weekend with this invigorating Vietnamese iced coffee recipe from Phat Pham of Indochine Estates Coffee in Vietnam.

15 Sensual Songs To Put On Your Weekend Playlist

Sensual, alternative r&b, stuff that is kind of haunting and also makes you want to find someone you dig and make out until your lips are sore.

Trendsetters: Meredith Waga Perez of Belle Fleur New York

Nearly twenty years ago, Meredith Waga Perez and her mother Marilyn Waga set out to launch a boutique floral and event business. More than just setting up a shop though, Meredith knew that she wanted to create a brand- more specifically the kind of understated luxury that brands like her formal employer, Calvin Klein embodied. Show More Summary

Spot Prawn Ceviche Is the Most Idiot-Proof Thing You’ll Make This Week

You've probably made a few ceviches before, but try this spot prawn variation from chef Ned Bell of Vancouver's YEW Seafood + Bar.

Watch Magnus Nilsson Talk Photography For His New Cookbook

In this video from Phaidon Press, Magnus Nilsson, head chef at Fäviken in Sweden and subject of PBS's Mind of a Chef Season 3, discusses photography and landscape shots in his new cookbook. The Nordic Cookbook will be released by Phaidon this coming October, and is expected to be one of the first comprehensive cookbooks on Nordic cuisine published in the English language.

The Dream of the '90s Is Alive in Your Apple Watch

If you never left home without your Tamagotchi pet (or eight) during the '90s, then the gadget's new Apple Watch app is going to rock your world. It lets you revisit the glory days without colorful eggs hanging from your fanny pack! Simply download the Tamagotchi app ($1) to get started feeding, caring for, and loving your pets... Show More Summary

How Portland’s Thai Food Queen Turned a Cart from Craigslist into an Empire

Nong Poonsukwattana found her first food cart in 2009 off an anonymous Craigslist ad. Today, her burgeoning food empire is a Portland staple. But it is hard to believe that all of that buzz comes from just one dish: chicken and rice...

Fracking New York: It's Not Over 'Till It's Over

When Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to ban fracking in New York State in December 2014, New Yorkers thought their worries were over. They were wrong. It was a great start, but too many people don't realize that the state is riddled with...Show More Summary

Delta’s New Uniforms To Be Designed by Zac Posen

Just your friendly neighborhood SkyTeam correspondent here, bringing you news about Delta free from Ben's shade and side-eye. I've written in the recent past about how Delta focuses on style to distinguish itself from its frumpier domestic competitors. Show More Summary

6 Things You’ve Blindly Assumed About Puritans Your Entire Life That Are Actually Dead Wrong

You can thank the trope that women don't enjoy sex or care about it on ideas created and spread by those of the Enlightenment Age, not the religious and sexually satisfied Puritans

Franschhoek, the final day

The last day in the valley. It began with another run with Kevin and Gary. The same 6.5 km route taking us out to the monument, then round past Mr Branson’s new purchase (Mont Rochelle), and the new developments on the extensive properties owned by Analjit Singh (who purchased the three adjoining estates of Dassenberg, Von [...]

Jennifer Lopez Is Always Up For a Fashion Dare

We hate to quote a cliché, but Jennifer Lopez truly is like a fine wine: her style just keeps getting better - or rather, sexier - as the years go on. Case in point? The two jaw-dropping outfits she wore to the 2015 Billboard Latin Music...Show More Summary

Dumplings Are Vital to Toronto’s Tibetan Youths

When it comes to connecting with their home-away-from-home, Toronto's Canadian-Tibetan community share memories over a hot plate of delicious momos.

Session 99: A Little Mild And A Little Excitement

This month's edition of The Session is hosted by Velky Al who asks us to consider American mild. Mild of the Americas? Pan-American mild? I am game. After all, the Western Hemisphere is the happeningist hemisphere if all. Mild. I actually have had two glasses of the stuff over the last few months. Show More Summary

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