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Self-Control Is Just Empathy With Your Future Self

The same part of the brain allows us to step into the shoes of others also helps us restrain ourselves.

Lexus IS covered in 41,999 responsive LEDs for music video

17 minutes agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

httpv:// The company’s American arm has created a one-off Lexus IS, which has been covered head-to-toe with a responsive LED lighting array. Created in conjunction Vevo, the Lexus LIT IS, as it’s known, was created for UK singer Dua Lipa and her latest music video “Be The One”. Almost every conceivable surface of the IS, […]

This School Gun Violence PSA Has a Chilling Twist We All Need to See

Post by Tanvier Peart. Almost four years have passed since the tragic Sandy Hook shooting occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, claiming the lives of 20 children and six adults. It's an event that shook our nation and families to the core and one we'll never forget. Show More Summary

Tom Hanks channels Steve Jobs in 'The Circle'

Tom Hanks delivers a keynote address with menacing undertones in the first trailer for the "The Circle." The thriller is about a young woman (Emma Watson) who joins a social media company and is forced to step in front of the camera, only to attract a huge following and have her identify threatened. Show More Summary

28 Teeny Tiny Gifts That Prove Good Things Come In Small Packages

Everything is cuter when it’s miniature. Just look at Tiny Hamster and his baby burritos and mini Thanksgiving feasts! With that in mind, below we’ve gathered up 28 delightfully small gifts for your miniature-loving friend. (Or yourself. Show More Summary

New animated short film reveals the anxiety and stigma of 'flying while fat'

In tiny airplane cabins, pressure mounts — especially for plus-size travelers entering an aircraft that wasn't designed with them in mind. To bring attention to the discrimination and stress plus-size people face when flying, London-based activist and artist Stacy Bias has created a new animated short film called Flying While Fat. Show More Summary

Hunter befriends surprising guest in viral video

A hunter's surprising encounter with a guest in the forest is going viral. Brian Powers was out in the woods when he spotted a friendly deer. The deer approached him, and the two spent some quality time together. "This deer lives inShow More Summary

'If Men Breastfed' Video Shows A Very Different Experience For Working Dads

In 1978, Gloria Steinem wrote an essay titled “If Men Could Menstruate,” which highlighted the unequal treatment women and men experience in everyday life. Now, Naya Health is applying that concept to another natural function of a woman’s...Show More Summary

The Complete Evolution of Denim in Hip-Hop

From the early 1970s to the modern day, here’s how jeans have literally changed shape over the course of hip-hop culture.

Here’s Every Weird Noise Chance the Rapper Ever Made Cut into One Video

It is essentially now a scientific fact that Chance the Rapper is one of the most unique artists the music landscape has to offer. This is, after all, an artist who has ascended the ladder of success without even dropping his first proper album yet. But perhaps his most unique attribute is the diverse chorus of […]

Mom startled after finding baby covered in bizarre substance

It was a living nightmare for this mom when she walked into her baby's room, and saw diaper rash cream all over the place. The U.K. mother said she had left her 2-year-old daughter, Poppy, with her 15-month-old, Scarlett, for just a moment as she went into the next room. Show More Summary

7 Ideas To Decorate Your Home Using LED Strip Lights

Some setups are absolutely extraordinary and breath-taking. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Depending on how you set them up,... The post 7 Ideas To Decorate Your Home Using LED Strip Lights appeared first on Lifehack. LED light strips can make your home look more elegant. Beautiful. Professional. Chic. Suiting up several areas of your home can make you admire yourself.

Watch Snoop Dogg Discover How Candy Canes Are Mizzade

“Remember that movie The Blob?” The long-running Science Channel show How It’s Made is pretty mesmerizing on its own, but you know what would make it better? If it was hosted by Snoop Dogg. In a recurring Jimmy Kimmel Live segment aptly...Show More Summary

Non-profit creates open-source drinking water filter for 1/10th of the cost

The high-tech vision of open-source software meets low-tech design at non-profit organization OHorizons, an international coalition of  innovators working to solve persistent global challenges. The team's most recent invention is the...Show More Summary

PLP Architecture's CarTube proposes plan to move city traffic underground

What would it look like if we took cars off the road and put them underground? PLP Architecture is proposing we do just that, with their CarTube project that would see the creation of a network of underground tubes with massive conveyor belts that move vehicles from one place to another. Show More Summary

A Proven And Easy Way To Grow Lemon Tree At Your Home

You have two proven ways to grow a lemon tree at your home; you can get a seed or you... The post A Proven And Easy Way To Grow Lemon Tree At Your Home appeared first on Lifehack. You have two proven ways to grow a lemon tree at your home; you can get a seed or you can try grafting.

7 Secrets Of Success From Tony Robbins That Will Lead To A More Successful Life

Tony Robbins – he is the man. You know who he is, I know who he is. As a businessman,... The post 7 Secrets Of Success From Tony Robbins That Will Lead To A More Successful Life appeared first on Lifehack. Tony Robbins has been helping people change their lives and improve for the better. Here are 7 tips you can use that will help you gain some of his success.

Amazon Revolutionized Grocery Shopping - and No, It's Not a Delivery Service

Amazon is eliminating checkout lines and making grocery shopping faster than ever with its newest business venture, Amazon Go. It's an actual grocery store that you walk into, browse and pick up items from shelves, and then... walk straight out without paying at a register. Show More Summary

“Hashtag Wedding. Hashtag Hashtags.”

I can’t remember the first time I spotted a hashtag, although I’d be willing to bet our wedding fund that I clicked my first hashtag on Twitter sometime shortly after I joined in 2009 (the same year Twitter introduced using the pound sign to link groups, events, and ideas). Show More Summary

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