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Pop-Up House – Affordable Passive House

The French Firm Popup House has developed a method of building an affordable passive House The video is quite explanatory: Pop-Up House: the affordable passive house from Popup House on Vimeo. Pop Up House – Paris Mai 2016 – Journée de solidarité logement from Popup House on Vimeo. Show More Summary

I'll Drink to That: Winegrower Fred Merwarth of Hermann J. Wiemer

Episode 408 of I'll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features Fred Merwarth, who is both the winemaker and vineyard manager at the Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard in the Finger Lakes area of New York State. Fred Merwarth is an anomaly among winemakers, because he also runs a vine nursery. Show More Summary

The biggest artwork in Europe "recharges" an Italian mountain with new trees

Spanish artist Escif is on an eco art mission to reforest Southern Italy's Mount Olivella, which due to  massive deforestation centuries ago, is causing hydrogeological instability in the region today. The artist's impressive environmental...Show More Summary

Rodrigo Duterte faces ouster efforts alleging he's mentally insane, a murderer

Rodrigo Duterte, the controversial, outspoken president of the Philippines who is leading a violent anti-drug crackdown, is facing efforts to oust him from office. "We are just waiting for the people to see the light," Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV told the Financial Times. Show More Summary

Dining on a Dime: Season 3

For season three, host Lucas Peterson heads back to his hometown to try local Chicago comfort food of all sorts In this inaugural episode of season three of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson is thrilled to find himself back in his hometown: Chicago. Show More Summary

Belgium’s Beer Pipeline Is Saving the Oldest Brewery in Bruges

Forget oil, this is the way to go Belgium is a country with its priorities in order. While Americans debate the merits of oil pipelines, Belgians are using the technology to efficiently distribute suds throughout the country. The beer...Show More Summary

Dining on a Dime: Season 2

Host Lucas Peterson goes to spa basements, cell phone stores, and Staten Island to find the best cheap eats in New York Welcome to the second season of Dining on a Dime, coming to you from New York City. In this season, host Lucas Peterson...Show More Summary

Dining on a Dime: Season 1

In season one, host Lucas Peterson eats his way through Los Angeles to be transported to Louisville and Taipei (among other places) Welcome to Dining on a Dime, a video series focusing on terrifically inexpensive food — and the cultures and stories of the people behind it — in Los Angeles. Show More Summary

Dining on a Dime: Season 6

For the sixth season, host Lucas Peterson crosses the border to try some of Toronto's finest cheap eats Dining on a Dime — Eater's cheap eats series hosted by Lucas Peterson — is back for its sixth season, and this time, it's going somewhere no Dining on a Dime season has ever gone before: across a border. Show More Summary

This ‘Apology’ From CoverGirl Is Almost As Bad As The Racist Tweet They’re Supposedly Saying Sorry For

While neither James nor CoverGirl immediately apologized, the brand eventually came out with their own version of a statement: a photo of the male model hugging Zendaya.

Dining on a Dime: Season 7

Watch as host Lucas Peterson explores the best cheap eats in Seattle, from popover pancakes to Malaysian frog legs Dining on a Dime — Eater's beloved cheap eats series hosted by the inimitable Lucas Peterson — returns next week for the start of its seventh season, taking a brand new city (and all of its best inexpensive meals) by storm. Show More Summary

The Shy Edwardian Filmmaker Who Showed Nature's Secrets to the World

The Balancing Bluebottle wasn’t exactly a hit when it first premiered at the Palace Theatre in London in autumn 1908. The star of this short silent film was a common fly turned circus performer, filmed so closely and clearly you could see the hairs on its body, and projected to monstrous size on the film screen. Show More Summary

The Unique Promise of Vitamin D

Why it may never be possible to recommend that everyone take a supplement—as much as people want to believe.

'Sunshine Sento Sake' Is the Next Best Thing to Being in Tokyo

Skip work. Take a bath. Drink a beer. Eat some snacks. Repeat. I live in an apartment in Brooklyn, which means that my bathtub could only support a throat-to-toe deep soak for, say, a hobbit, or Dobby the house-elf. If I want that experience, my best bet is booking a stay in a luxury hotel. Show More Summary

Tokyo Plays Itself

Tokyo is a wonderland of maid cafes, owl villages, and robot restaurants. What does it all really mean? On the top floor of @home cafe in Tokyo’s geek-friendly Akihabara district, in a low-ceilinged, brightly lit room that smelled of...Show More Summary

This NSFW Song Dubbed Over Peppa Pig Is Absolutely Hilarious

Peppa Pig introduces her friends to Bring Me The Horizon - Abs (@bmthdrown_) February 1, 2016 Ahh, Peppa Pig, a show that kids collectively love and parents adamantly can't stand. Between the awkward and constant...Show More Summary

Saimin Noodles Are Ramen’s Tastier, Chewier Cousin

A blend of Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese cultures in one bowl Saimin noodles are a staple in Hawaii, but for some reason they haven’t gained much popularity in the mainland. In this episode of Cooking in America, host Sheldon Simeon...Show More Summary

Katy Perry Drops a Candy-Coated “Chained To The Rhythm” Video

Katy Perry has unleashed the candyfloss-dripped visuals for her new track “Chained To The Rhythm”. ?This new video features the singer in a sickeningly-sweet dystopia, where she gets catapulted around a theme park named “Oblivia”. Skip Marley links up with the American songstress at the end of the video, coming out of a 3D-movie screen […]

Teenage fan steals the show at Bruce Springsteen concert in Australia -- see the clip!

Cutting class doesn't get better than this! An Australian teen had the night of his life when he was pulled up on stage to perform one of his favorite songs with Bruce Springsteen at his Brisbane, Australia, concert on Thursday night. Show More Summary

NASA scientists propose to make Pluto a planet again

Alan Stern has never been happy with Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet. Principal investigator of NASA's New Horizons mission, he told Gizmodo the International Astronomical Union's new definition of a planet, which excludes Pluto, is...Show More Summary

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