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6 Extremely Scary Haunted Locations In Ohio

Apparently their activities managed to open a "portal to hell," which summoned Satan himself as well as a “gatekeeper” of sorts known as "The Shadow Man.” Legend states that the Shadow Man still patrols the tunnels.

Amor Fati: Learning To Love And Accept Everything That Happens

“You ought to be preparing hear truths, which no inflexibility will be able to withstand,” James Madison once wrote to Thomas Jefferson.

Me Llama Mrs. Llama: A “Happy” Surprise

Remember when Mr. Llama surprised me and our guests with a Disney “Safety Video”? Well, as it turns out…I had my own video surprise for him. (I know, we’re just two peas in a pod.) Something I was working on … read more

Some Dishes Deserve Three Different Kinds of Chilies

This thrice-spicy recipe for grilled squid from Rita's in East London features ancho chili mayonnaise, fresh red chilies, and chipotle oil.

14 Women Pose Naked To Redefine 'American Beauty' On Their Own Terms

The "American beauty" comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors.  That's what photographer Carey Fruth set out to prove with her photo series, "American Beauty," which features 14 diverse women lying naked in a bed of lilacs. Fruth...Show More Summary

A 3-D Food Lab And Restaurant Wants To Turn Yuck Into Yum

A group of top chefs, food scientists and tech geeks have set up a lab in Belgium to master 3-D food printing. Their goal: to create nutritionally enhanced foods that appeal to the pickiest palates.

Fake Road Trippin' Through Europe In A Computer-Generated Truck

Hauling some tubes through the Alps. (Screenshot: Joshua Livingston/Flickr CC-BY 2.0) The call of the open road can be unrelenting. Once you hear it, it takes hold of you, whispering “go, get out” every time you're in the driver’s seat. Show More Summary

Miss Piggy Sings 'Bitch Better Have My Money' Because Of Course (VIDEO)

Post by The Stir Bloggers. Miss Piggy does a cover of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" and it is fierce. And how are we now just realizing how abusive toward Kermit she is? Poor Kermie. Watch the porkie princess flaunt her stuff...Show More Summary

How To Escape From Handcuffs

(Photo: underworld/ Let's say you get handcuffed. Let's say that, once restrained, you decide that the whole being handcuffed thing is not so appealing, but you don't have easy access to the key that will bring you freedom. We won't ask any questions about how you got there. Show More Summary

Transgender model is first to star in national makeup campaign

She was already the first transgender model to be profiled in Vogue. Now Andreja Peji?, 23, just became the first transgender model to have her own major beauty ad campaign See also: What style means to a transgender girl Originally announced back in April, Peji?’s first campaign with beauty brand Make Up For Ever has launched. Show More Summary

21 Facts You Didn’t Know About Labrador Retrievers, Every Child’s Favorite Dog

It takes a certain something to be voted the most favoritest dog in all of America for twenty four years straight.

Kids, Screens and Play

Driving home with our year-old grandson from New York's Catskill mountains last weekend, my wife and I recalled previous summer car rides, singing songs with our kids when they were young. We liked to sing Motown, the Beatles, and a country classic our daughter later recalled as "the hobo song" ("King of the Road"). Show More Summary

Vela is the bike of the future in the body of a classic cruiser Vela is the bike of the future, wrapped up in the body of a classic fixed-gear cruiser.  The beautiful, electric single-speed cruiser comes with a Li-ion 370Wh removable battery, GPS tracking, anti-theft alarm system, a

I Have No Idea What You're Talking About. And I'm Not Sorry.

I was talking to a friend last night and I mentioned that I had listened to “Ghost” by Ella Henderson eight consecutive times en route to our get together. She narrowed her eyes thinkingly and stared past me and nodded her head. The song title and the artist clearly rang no bells. Show More Summary

You Need to See Apple's Mesmerizing New Ad

Apple's latest attempt to impress users with how amazing the iPhone is comes from a dazzling new video about the App Store. Released on Sunday, the short 30-second ad tells people that there are over 1.5 million "awe-inspiring" appsShow More Summary

Would You Edit Your Photos Like a Fashion Blogger?

Picture this: you're having a great outfit/hair/makeup day and decide to take a selfie. But the lighting is poor, you've got a pimple the size of Texas, and for some reason, your phone's camera isn't really doing you justice. What'sShow More Summary

We Spoke to the Rapper Who Made a Song About Paula Deen’s Racism

Millions of people were outraged by Paula Deen's racism controversy, but rapper Marv Mack may be the first musician to speak his mind about her downfall and what it means for America's social issues.

John Oliver Scolds America for Its Food Waste Problem

Americans waste nearly 40 percent of the food produced each year. Food waste is a major issue around the world and particularly in the U.S. A recent report revealed Americans waste nearly 40 percent (about 730 football stadiums worth) of food produced every year. Show More Summary

Boost Your Good Luck By Expecting to Be Lucky

Whether or not “luck” really exists is a matter that you can take up with Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, it does seem like it’s possible to maximize your lucky breaks. One key way to do that? Expect that they’ll actually happen more often. Read more...

Battles, Batman, and Liberace: A Cultural History of Capes

Ever Wonder how capes came to be Thor-t of as superheroic? (Photo: randychiu on Flickr) Simple in design, yet evocative of the utmost drama and intrigue, capes are sartorial shorthand for imminent action. To fasten one around your shoulders is to say to the world: “Some pretty major scenes are about to go down. Show More Summary

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