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Stop Trespassing On Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring

Better just stick to the path around the Grand Prismatic Spring. (Photo: James St. John/CC BY 2.0) Just because you’ve got an upbeat social media presence and enough money to travel around making Youtube videos of your sweet vacation...Show More Summary

The Model Minority Myth Is Hurting Struggling Students

Senior Savenaca Gasaiwai is only one of around 30 Pacific Islander undergraduates out of over 24,000 at the University of California, Irvine. That's why he was surprised last year when a senior administrator at the school told him that...Show More Summary

Marbled Wood Flooring By Snedker Studio

I came across some magical wood flooring (and decorative wood for walls too!) last week and still days later,… The post Marbled Wood Flooring By Snedker Studio appeared first on decor8.

Toyota announces return of the stair-climbing iBOT wheelchair

This week Toyota revealed plans for its second generation iBOT prototype, a wheelchair so adaptable it allows people to climb stairs. The comeback is great news for people who feel limited by conventional wheelchair mobility and could...Show More Summary

Our carbon budget could be shot in five years, researchers say

As we hurtle towards the 2 degrees Celsius limit, climate scientists at CarbonBrief scrutinized carbon budgets to see how long we have left before we use them up. These budgets relate amounts of carbon humans can emit to stay below 1.5 degrees, 2 degrees, and 3 degrees Celsius greater than levels before the Industrial Revolution. Show More Summary

Mitsubishi president and VP to resign amidst fuel-economy scandal

President of Mitsubishi Motors Corp. Tetsuro Aikawa announced his impending resignation in response to the publicity of the automaker’s fuel economy data manipulation. Both he and vice president Ryugo Nakao will step down on June 24,...Show More Summary

11 Relationship Tips You Need to Learn From Kim and Kanye

Kim Kardashian's bodacious lady lumps aren't only a public obsession - we're sure Kanye West can't get enough of 'em either. The fashionable pair aren't shy about their adoration for each other, and that got us thinking about their glamorous relationship. Show More Summary

Climate Change This Week: Hot Spiral, Big Oil Cleaning, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. Bizarre Biodiversity in the Boreal are wood frogs that freeze in winter, thaw in spring - another reason to help preserve these important carbon storing systems. Source...Show More Summary

The Invisible Fire That Talladega Nights Mocked Really Happened

6 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Remember the whole “help me Tom Cruise” scene in Talladega Nights? Yeah. That was making light of one of the most terrifying fires that auto racing has ever, or rather never, seen. Read more...

Donald Trump's Solution to School Shootings Is to Allow More Guns in Schools

Post by Caroline Olney. No one's here to argue that gun violence in schools isn't a huge and real issue in the United States -- even Trump himself has recognized that "the things going on in our schools are unbelievable." But his solution...Show More Summary

Hidden Camera Reveals How Little People Really Know About Poverty

One project aims to change people's perception of poverty by bringing some of its lesser-known realities to light. The Salvation Army in Canada staged an “open house” in May, according to a blog on its site. Much like in a standard open...Show More Summary

1 Family's Reaction to the Beanboozled Challenge Will Leave You Cringing and Cracking Up

Nothing can bring a family together like tasting moldy cheese and barf-flavored jelly beans, right? Well, the lovable Holdernesses took their turn at tasting the absurd candy flavors in their latest video, The Beanboozled Challenge. Penn, Kim, and their adorable kids each took a spin at a wheel to determine their jelly bean fate. Show More Summary

What Cosplay Taught Me About Confidence

In May of 2014, I wore my first costume to a convention. It was a simple Doctor Krieger from Archer. Stepping into the shoes of a character I liked just seemed like a fun way to spend the weekend. Instead, it turned into an exploration of what it means to be confident. Read more...

10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Pregnant Wife

Danielle Murray is no stranger to pregnancy. Having carried four children, she's experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of carrying a baby. To give a glimpse into the less-than-pleasant aspects of pregnancy, Danielle and her husband Jon created a new comedy video for the mom-centric YouTube channel Awestruck. Show More Summary

Romance, Elegance, & Serious Fun in a Wedding Film

After all our gushing yesterday about how much we love wedding films, we figured we shouldn’t wait to share another one! Rich & Nicole got married in stunning Milwaukee venue, Grain Exchange, with a celebration that was equal parts opulent and laid back, romantic and fun. From stopping off for fast food with their bridal party […]

Woman Trapped In Bathroom Stall By Baby-Changing Station

There's absolutely no reason to fear trans people sharing your restroom, but there is a very real threat in public toilets: diaper-changing tables. The woman in this viral video learned the hard way about this potty peril. She was in...Show More Summary

We Did Nothing On Vacation, And I'm Not Sorry

This article first appeared on “What did you do during vacation?” It’s a question intended to spark schoolyard chitchat—a basic social ritual among parents—but I fear I never have quite the right response. Why? Because my two young children and I tend not to do much of anything during a school break. Show More Summary

Top 10 Books To Read Recommended By Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, And Elon Musk

Want to know what goes on inside the minds of billionaires, global leaders, and game-changers? Read what they read. No... The post Top 10 Books To Read Recommended By Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, And Elon Musk appeared first on Lifehac...

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