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Anthony Bourdain on Donald Trump; Taco Bell vs. Chipotle

Five things to know today. Nope, still not Friday. [Photo: Snickers/Official] On this day in 1930 the Snickers bar — named for the Mars family's favorite horse — hit the market. Ever since, Snickers has been at the front of some of America's...Show More Summary

An Important Meditation For Anyone Who's Too Hard On Themselves

You are a person, and being a person is hard. You want to do everything perfectly, but sometimes forces outside of your control become obstacles that prevent you from doing so.  Breathe. Remind yourself that you are not your achievements. Show More Summary

Sleeping Beauty: Whimsical, Opulent, Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Inspiration

Oh my! We’ve been so excited to share this shoot with you guys, ever since we clapped eyes on it. Because it’s off-the-charts levels of gorgeous. Because it features the work of some of our very favourite UK vendors. And because it’s filled with inspired ideas that are both eccentric and accessible. With stunning images by Jessica Withey Photography, […]

Lock Down Your Valentine’s Day Kit With DARYLSTUDIO’s New T-Shirts

If you’re planning your Valentine’s Day kit in advance, you might want to check out these new shirts from DARYLSTUDIO. Produced in three colors, the reversible shirts boast “Love will Keep Us Together” typography on one side and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” on the other, so you’re covered now matter how your V-Day pans out. […]

This New Study Analyzes Why People Think You Have Resting Bitch Face

We were just talking about whether or not we should officially retire the term "resting bitch face" the other day (a recap on how our writer, Petra, feels about it here), and now comes along new research that backs up that—while a very real affliction—RBF doesn't necessarily have to do with being bitchy; or even a woman, for that matter. Show More Summary

Luxury vacation will take travelers from the North to the South pole

People who like freezing and spending lots of money will soon be able go on vacation with both polar bears and penguins, no zoo or Coca-Cola commercial required. VeryFirstTo, a luxury company that caters to those who want to be the "very...Show More Summary

Boy Dancing To Justin Bieber Makes Us 'Sorry' We Can’t Slay Like Him

If you have ears and live on planet Earth, you've heard Justin Bieber's "Sorry." And you know it's a song that begs to be danced to. For most of us, that means sad shimmying from behind the wheel. For John Phillip Bughaw, aka Balang,...Show More Summary

What’s the Difference Between Appropriation and Appreciation?

A bout once every month or two, I get a wedding that’s stunning. The story is aces. The vibe is fun. And I have to reject it because it’s absolutely culturally appropriating. When you work in weddings, you really want to say yes to everything.… The...Show More Summary

Japan Is Launching a Program to Fight Back Against Bad Sushi

Japanese cuisine is infiltrating every corner of the Earth at an impressive rate, with 89,000 Japanese restaurants worldwide as of last year. But there's one problem: a lot of it is bad.

This Sweet Valentine's Day Commercial Captures the Meaning of Love Perfectly

How do you define love? Each individual has his or her own interpretation, but flower delivery service Teleflora created a commercial that's close to capturing it perfectly. Titled "What Is Love?," the beautifully shot ad highlights couples of all ages, races, and sexual orientations, reflecting the diversity of modern romance. Show More Summary

These Videos of NFL Players Doing Their Daughters' Hair Are Beyond Heartwarming

With one of the most-watched televised events in the world occurring this Sunday (The Puppy Bowl Super Bowl), everyone is gearing up for the game—or at least the commercials. But no matter what you're tuning in for, we think it's safe to say you're going to be a fan of this. Show More Summary

Why I Tailgate, by Professional Tailgater Michael Mina

There's nothing like tailgating," says chef and impassioned 49ers fan Michael Mina, owner of the restaurant group that includes RN74, Arcadia, Pabu, and his eponymous fine-dining flagship among many, many others. "Honestly, the 10 tailgate...Show More Summary

Is Congealed Pig’s Blood Really a Superfood?

Last month, UK tabloids hailed black pudding—a staple of the English breakfast—as a superfood. We called up a health expert to find out if a fatty sausage made of blood is truly good for you.

This Dad Is Teaching His Daughter To Crawl With A Special Soundtrack

Los Angeles dad Aaron White is teaching his precious baby girl how to crawl. And with catchy lyrics and beatbox, it's clear the daddy-daughter duo is having a lot of fun in the process. White, a poet and at-risk youth advocate, posted...Show More Summary

Neit is the world’s first hard case, collapsable smart luggage

Tired of cramming your suitcase into whatever precious square feet you have for storage in your small living space? So were the creators of Néit luggage, which is why they developed suitcases able to be flattened and stowed away so you can save your space for more important, everyday items. Show More Summary

The Sweetest Day: Rustic Barn Wedding with Lots of DIY Details

It’s always such an honour to share a couple’s wedding day, and we’re especially grateful when a bride or groom takes the time to share the story behind their day, the great vendors they found, the budgeting tips they discovered, and how they created their gorgeous DIY projects. Not only is it so helpful to other […]

Fine art hair transforms your tresses into famous masterpieces

Looks like hair-dye trends can't stop, won't stop. Kansas stylist Ursula Goff has begun reinterpreting famous works of art as hairstyles, so your hair will now look like a true masterpiece. Into Impressionism? Goff can give you those Claude Monet water lily locks you've always dreamt of. Show More Summary

Chrissy Teigen Hates Nutella, and More Fun Food Facts You Don't Know About Her

Image Source: Instagram user chrissyteigen Chrissy Teigen is giving birth to her first baby with husband John Legend this year and her first real food baby - her cookbook, Cravings. The hilarious and talented 30-year-old doesn't shyShow More Summary

New Video Series Puts Unfiltered Side Of Motherhood On Display

  A new series from Scary Mommy features moms talking about the best and worst parts of motherhood -- hilarity, rants and all. For comedian Judy Gold, the emphasis is on the comedy. A Web series called "Motherf&@!ng Motherhood" showcases moms opening up about their parenting styles and offering advice to fellow parents. Show More Summary

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