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When Bae Has Multiple Personalities

Women have been described as more complex than men, but in relationships we would go so far as to say they have a form of multiple personality disorder. Boyfriends and Husbands will tell you about how different their personas can be. Maybe women just know how to get what they want and therefore when they're…

My Thoughts When I Fight With Bae

It is always a struggle fighting in any relationship. But arguing when you're in a couple is even harder. Isn't it crazy all the places your mind goes during a fight? It seems like the darkest thoughts arise when your fighting with your boyfriend or girlfriend. These CoupleThing Barbie videos shed some light and humor…

When Bae Doesn’t Text All Day

Is there anything more annoying than waiting for a text from your boyfriend? Don't you get so upset at just how upset you get? One of the most common couples fight is via the cell phone. Who texts who more is not necessarily the issue here. It's a matter of respect. Right ladies? This is…

The 2018 Trend Alert: Wooden Toys for Kids

If you are looking for perfect toys that encourage children to use their imagination and be creative while playing, then look no more. Forget about those plastic toys that work on batteries. Those toys took over the market last couple of years, but that is over now. Show More Summary

When Bae Doesn’t Get Quality Time

There is so much miscommunication in relationships so let's make the meaning of quality time very clear here. Men and women often differ in their views of what constitutes time of the quality variety. None the less Barbie breaks it down for us in this epic rant about how to explain it all to bae.

25+ Filled Balloons – Inspiration for your Next Party

We are not sure if you noticed, but filled balloons are the THING for parties in 2018. Check Pinterest and you will be mesmerized by the amount of glitter and prettiness some can stuff into a modest balloon. If you are looking for something...Show More Summary

When Bae Has Man Flu

Every woman knows the struggle of figuring out how to deal with Bae when they are sick! Men act like such big babies during a common cold. If they exhibit the slightest symptoms of coughing and sneezing, rest assured they will act like they're dying. It's a pain in the butt to navigate…

35+ Healthy Coffee Ideas

Hunting new coffee shops and trying out new tastes of coffee can give you a hard time and can chip away your hard-earned money. That is why many coffee nuts out there like to take the matter into their hands in the comfort of their homes. There are a lot of coffee recipes, popular or […] The post 35+ Healthy Coffee Ideas appeared first on momooze.

35+ Gorgeous Baby Shower Dresses

Looking for the perfect maternity baby shower dresses? Throwing a baby shower is a great excuse to treat yourself to something stylish and elegant, before the baby arrives. These days you are spoiled with choice when it comes to baby shower dresses. Show More Summary

My BF Speaks Up: Why Women Are Petty AF

Barbie and Ken have been through a lot. And she has given us many pointers on how to fix a relationship. This time her bf speaks up. Ken is a voice for all men when he explains that evolution plays a large part in why women are so damn petty. Pettiness surely is not just…

20 Tips for Increasing Storage Space in a Family Home

Are you always at war with storage in your home? Here are some genius ideas that will help you win the battle. Declutter The best way to get some extra storage space is to get rid of your old things that just collect dust. After youShow More Summary

CoupleThing: So Blessed

When bae drives you nuts, just remember how much you love them! This is a compilation video of all the funniest moments from our Barbie and Ken series. Relationships can be a lot of work. And thanks to these two icons, we learn some tough life lessons, we laugh at ourselves, and we forge forward…

CoupleThing: When Bae Realizes They’re Psycho

In relationships, there's always some one more crazy than the the other. The moment that your gf or bf realizes this universal truth is priceless. So what? Bae is a psychopath. You still love them don't you? My favorite part of this video is when Barbie has her flashback of all the times she has…

8 Keys to Looking Spectacular in Your Family Portraits

Every so often, you see a bad family photo go viral. You certainly don’t want your family photos to get that kind of attention! With that in mind, this article offers some tips and insights into what you can do to help your photographer take the best photos of your family. Show More Summary

CoupleThing: When Bae is Not Ashamed of Mood Swings

In relationships, it can be very frustrating to figure out how to deal with bae when they're in a bad mood, especially when it comes out of the blue! Mood swings affect everyone! But it certainly helps to understand where your girlfriend or boyfriend is coming from. It's not always just a matter of her…

Dream Treehouses and Hotels around the World for your Bucket List

Are you looking for a vacation that is completely out-of-the-ordinary? One of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you keep with you forever? If so, you may want to look into changing up your accommodations and consider staying in one of the many dream treehouses and hotels you can find around the world. Show More Summary

CoupleThing: When Bae Presses Snooze

Do you press snooze too much? Does Bae like to sleep in? Then you will definitely relate to this ultimate couple fight.

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