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Watch This Gay Valedictorian Give His Banned Graduation Speech

British police pledge to take rape investigations more seriously; domestic violence in Turkey is treated as a private matter; why do we refer to God with male pronouns?; a gay high school valedictorian gets to give the graduation speech his high school banned.

This Open Thread Cannot Wait ’til Thursday

Two more days. Until the return of Hannibal, of course. I’m pretty psyched that I now have a DVR, so if I’m stuck working late, I don’t have to wait forever to catch up on what I’ve missed. Have any of you been patiently awaiting the return of the best-dressed serial killer on TV?

Record Machine: Hit Factory by Coolzey

Mixing hip-hop, rock, and punk, Coolzey’s 2014 album Hit Factory has the catchiness of a great summer record, lyrical smarts, and a sense of humor. Having seen him live, his recorded self captures the energy of his performances, while still allowing for additional production. Show More Summary

Weekly Anime Review

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 20 Well, Rin didn’t need Saber finally. Lancer was faking being dead, he didn’t hit himself so he would die right away. That gave him the time to stab Kirei to death and save Rin. He also punctured Shinji. I wish he killed him, what a creep. The Archer … Continue reading Weekly Anime Review

Ask UfYH: Easy Ways to Fake a Clean House

So maybe you haven’t been keeping up on your housekeeping routine as much as you’d like. Which is all well and good, but you just found out you’re having company in a few hours. There may not be time to do a top-to-bottom emergency unfucking, but you can fake a clean house with just a … Continue reading Ask UfYH: Easy Ways to Fake a Clean House

School Kitchen Manager Fired For Buying Lunch For Poor Kids

Apparently it is illegal to use your own money to buy food for hungry kids. America!

Do Something New: Get Tested For HIV

Getting tested for HIV might be daunting, but it's worth it.

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