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Your Last-Minute Being-Around-Kids Preparation Checklist

I’m gonna tell you some cute stories about my nephews! I got to Texas yesterday morning to visit my family for Christmas. I’ve got three nephews who are better than anyone else’s kids, ever, in every single way, especially in cuteness. The first thing my middle, four-year-old nephew did when I got in the car [...]

Dater X: The Men Of 2014 And What They’ve Taught Me

When I tried to recall all the men who’ve come and gone in my love life over the last year, I wasn’t surprised to find myself staring at a list of names and anxiously tapping my pen, knowing there were a couple I’d forgotten. 2014 was most certainly The Year Of The Dudes. With almost [...]

Have No Shame: 13 Childish Habits We All Have At Christmastime

As “adult” as you may be, there’s something about Christmas that turns back the clock, and transforms us all into non-creepy, non-wrinkly Benjamin Buttons. You’re 29, trapped in a 10-year-old’s body and that is totally 100% acceptable. It’s OKAY to want to hear “The Chipmunk Song” and it’s OKAY to snoop for presents. If you’re [...]

These 8 Incredibly Weird Christmas Videos Are The Gifts That Keep On Giving

I may be an atheist, when it comes to the existence of god or any “supernatural” phenomena, but I am certainly not an atheist when it comes to presents. YAY PRESENTS. I will gladly accept all of the presents, please and thank you, and I like giving them as well. My Christmas present to you, [...]

Amy Adams Can’t Keep It Together During SNL’s “Love Actually” Spoof

Somehow, in its 11 years of existence, I only watched “Love Actually” for the first time this past weekend. It was heartwarming, it was enduring, it was uplifting and I freakin’ loved it, which is what makes the timing of Amy Adams’ guest spot on “Saturday Night Live” this week even more perfect. In a [...]

This Open Thread is Covered in Glitter

Five-year-olds and glitter are a dangerous combination. How many more days of winter break are there? Maybe cookie decorating will be slightly less messy. I’m trying to keep the place marginally clean for Christmas pictures!

Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter Are Over

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have split up after 13 years together. They have two children. :( [People] Chris Klein of “American Pie” is engaged to girlfriend Laina Rose Thyfault. Mazel! [People] Comedy writer Jeremy Lloyd passed away at age 84. [BBC] The AP named “Frozen” the top entertainer of the year. [ABC] 2014 [...]

Book Review: 33 1/3 Definitely Maybe by Alex Niven

Let’s establish one thing from the outset: In no way will this review be unbiased. As someone who has spent the past eighteen years studying the career trajectory of Oasis and the post-breakup albums of the band members, and as someone...Show More Summary

28 Pieces From 2014 That Should Be Required Reading For Women

In the social media age, sometimes it feels like the relevance of a single story lasts about as long as it takes to tweet about it. It can feel like a sensory overload, a near-constant “on to the next!” But once in a while you read a piece that seeps into your core, and sticks [...]

Milwaukee’s Police Brutality Might Be Even More Egregious Than Ferguson’s

The Milwaukee police officer who shot unarmed Black man Dontre Hamilton — who was sober; had a history of schizophrenia; had gotten a toxicology screen on the day of his death and was determined by the Milwaukee PD not to be a threat to himself or anyone else: and was shot 14 times at a [...]

Kreezus Is The Kanye West Christmas Album I Didn’t Know I Wanted

I actually love Christmas music — I agree it’s weird, but it’s my thing — but after three weeks, even I am tiring of “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bell Rock.”And just in time for the holiday, we’ve got some new Christmas tunes to listen to … from Kanye West? Well, sort of. Sketch group Local [...]

The Official Persephone Holiday Drinking Game

Break out the ‘nog. Welcome, holiday pals. As we all know, being forced to spend an entire day locked in with unknown numbers of relatives, distant and close, is trying no matter how many presents you get out of the deal. If your family is anything like my own, there will be booze flowing freely. … Continue reading The Official Persephone Holiday Drinking Game

Japanese Travel Agency Offers Solo Weddings & Rent-A-Grooms To Make You Feel Forever Alone

For the woman with the perfect Pinterest wedding board but no groom in sight, Cerca Travel has a treat in store for you — if you’re willing to drop a few thousand dollars, that is. The agency, which provides travel options in Kyoto, Japan, now offers a “Solo Wedding Trip” package for a lone bride [...]

PM News: Solange Rocks ElevenParis Ads

Solange looks fierce, fierce, fierce in ElevenParis ads! -Bustle Take a look at Kim Kardashian's changing face over the years. -Ok! Magazine And the most "Liked" Instagram photos of 2014 were... -Popsugar Here's how to avoid those common eyebrow shaping mistakes. Show More Summary

Recipe For Disaster: How I Accidentally Made Boob Cookies For Christmas

This is a cautionary tale about Christmas baking gone tragically awry. Do you think you know better than Betty Crocker? I thought I did. I thought that a classic Christmas cookie recipe deserved to be tinkered with. I flew too close to the sun, my friends, and like Icarus, I couldn’t take the heat. Show More Summary

In Honor Of Eddie Vedder’s 50th Birthday, Here Are 57 GIFs Of Pearl Jam’s Frontman (Because I Couldn’t Narrow Them Down!)

There are few things in life that make my chest seize and my stomach flutter with that inexplicable giddy feeling as much as Pearl Jam. My favorite band since I was 12 years old, I’ve been to a dozen Pearl Jam shows, every single one of them a profound spiritual experience and the best day [...]

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Here’s a few things we recommend reading over the break. Black women are leading the way at #BlackLivesMatter protests. For Harriet A history of sex-ed movies. Collector’s Weekly Why is Hollywood scared of Wonder Woman? Bitch Magazine A brief history of cheerleading. Show More Summary

Health Today: Which Dating Red Flags Should You Look Out For?

Real guys tell us which red flags to watch out for when dating. -Gurl Bacon Christmas tree. It’s a real thing. -Bustle Oh yes, there’s actually going to be a porn parady of The Interview. -The Frisky Baked Avocado-Egg Bowl. You’ll …Show More Summary

The New Republic Will Be Hiring Diverse Staff Members

Gabriel Snyder, the new editor-in-chief of The New Republic, whose hire caused a massive fit of whining and a total glaze-over of race issues at the publication by a slew of mainly white staffers who quit, has announced in his new mission statement that the publication will be hiring diverse staff: “As we revive one [...]

The “Entourage” Movie Trailer Is Here — But Does Anyone Care?

If you work for The Frisky, apparently not. When I asked in our group chat if anyone wanted to post the just released trailer for the show’s big screen spinoff, there were crickets. I was just starting to type a grudging “oh okay, finnnnne, I’ll take it,” when Claire piped up and wrote, “Sure. I [...]

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