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Your dog is probably dreaming about your face while snoozing

Dr. Deidre Barrett shared that based on the behavioral patterns of dogs, and their constant stimulation and obsession with their owners, your dog is most likely dreaming about you.

10 Reasons you should date a Libra, especially since you’re already crushing hard on one right now

Is there any guarantee that your Libra  person will have all of these qualities? Absolutely not. Is it a fun way to promote yourself as very dateable if you’re a Libra ? Absolutely. 

I tried a bunch of witch kits, and now I’m scaring all my friends with my magnificent powers

You too can haz witchcraft every month at ur doorstep. But seriously, if you like witch stuff at all, proceed.

Kendall Jenner reenacted popular performance art pieces like her whole life isn’t one

The series of short odes to performance art works because it doesn't take itself seriously.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the new face of a Boots No7 make-up campaign

The tired tropes in advertising make it truly exciting that the award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is the face of Boots No7  m ake-up as part of its new campaign.

Internet outage disrupts Twitter and Spotify, reportedly due to cyber attack

Friday morning, people across the U.S. couldn't access certain websites, making it feel like the Monday-est Friday ever.

Here’s some footage from Kim Kardashian’s alleged robbery, in case you were wondering

The footage shows three men wearing vests passing by on bikes near the address and 10 minutes later, two people on foot joining them, but they're walking in the opposite direction.

Nonprofit cancer group finds way around Facebook censorship with square boobs

After the Swedish Cancer Society's original self-help video was flagged as "offensive," here's how it cleverly struck back.

Even accused sexual harasser Roger Ailes is done with Trump’s shit

Something we're willing to trust Ailes on: Trump's work ethic and attention span are absolute shit.

The 15 best #TrumpBookReport tweets are book lovers’ saving grace after that garbage debate

At this point in the election, with a little over two weeks until Nov. 8, no one wants to hear Trump's whiny voice. The only thing getting us through this trying time is the fact that he says such absurd things we don't even have to try to make jokes, he just hands them to…

Majority of Americans with mental illness don’t get proper treatment and here are the worst states for care

In a fun (nope) effort to see which states are truly the worst in terms of access, Mental Health America has now released its State of Mental Health Report, and the results are, well, bleak.

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