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I Asked My Boyfriend To Sleep With Someone Else, And It Was Fantastic For Both Of Us

I found myself capable of deriving sexual pleasure from my boyfriends' experience. I’ve since read this feeling is called "compersion." Compersion is defined by the urban dictionary as the "feeling of joy when a loved one invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship."

Model Rain Dove Highlights Olympic Uniform “Sexploitation” In Photo Series

As the reportage coming out of Rio 2016 made abundantly clear, sexism against female athletes is still unfortunately going strong.

Federal Texas Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Order Just As The School Year Starts

Marking no small coincidence, this all went down right before schools in Texas kicked off the new school year Monday.

7 Cute Area Rugs That Will Cover Up All The Mistakes You’re Still Making In Life

For when you reach that point in life when you feel like you definitely should already have your shit together but you don't but you realize that having a really dope area rug in your home is a shockingly effective lie. You know, that point.

Tanning Salon Owners Say Obamacare Is Destroying Their Business

Economists and experts say it's not the just the tax's fault, and the industry was on decline for some time, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears be damned.

Thank God There Will Be Justice For Barb In ‘Stranger Things,’ Because We’ve All Been Her

In the meantime, it's crucial to reflect upon the reasons people love Barb so much, which is largely based on how relatable she is.

Two Women Live-Tweeted Their Abortion Travels From Ireland To England, Because The Quest Is Real

When we talk about the closing of Planned Parenthoods or other abortion clinics in certain shitty states, what we're really talking about is forcing women to travel, sometimes really far, to get an abortion if they need or want one. It doesn't just happen in Texas either.

Boy Band Godfather Lou Pearlman Dies In Federal Prison At The Age Of 62

He created the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and pretty much every boy band you love.

This Woman Celebrated Her 100th Birthday By Beating Her Grandkids At Beer Pong

While celebrating her 100th birthday with her family in Illinois (as badass centenarians do), this take-no-shit granny was recorded by her grandkids as she proceeded to not only hold her own at beer pong, but out-throw and outdrink the stammering 20-somethings.

The Flamingo Statement Guide to Orange High Heels

Don’t you ever feel the pink bird in yourself is singing out loud for things you don’t have the courage to buy AND wear? The post The Flamingo Statement Guide to Orange High Heels appeared first on Female Jungle....

20+ Tips for Pumping More Breast Milk

If you just started with breastfeeding your baby, you realized one thing – it’s not as easy as everyone tells you. One thing is to get the baby to latch on properly and the second one is to make sure your body produces enough milk. If you opted for pumping breast milk for whatever reasons, you […] The post 20+ Tips for Pumping More Breast Milk appeared first on momooze.

The Importance of Play in Early Childhood – Infographic

We all know kids love to play, but do you know how important it actually is? Child’s play may be simple as 1-2-3, but what we do know but don’t think of is the benefits it has to our kids. What we see are bruised knees, dirty clothes and a whole lot of adrenaline running through […] The post The Importance of Play in Early Childhood – Infographic appeared first on momooze.

100+ Stunning Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower? The first thing you will probably wonder about is what style or theme to choose if any – and straight after that where do you get your invitations printed? Baby showers are not cheap affair these days – lots...Show More Summary

There Will Now Be A Philando Castile Scholarship At The High School He Loved

In a move to honor his legacy of kindness and commitment to education, a Philando Castile scholarship is being funded by the fellow alumni of his beloved highschool.

Twitter Is Shutting Down Alleged Terrorist Accounts, But Still Not Tackling Threats Of Abuse

While combating terrorism might sound good, the fact that they've largely skirted  addressing the intense issues of racist, homophobic, sexist and violently transphobic threats and abuse that occurs daily, shows that Twitter may not be as concerned with  regulating violent users as they are  emulating a do-gooder  public image. …

The Clintons Made A Big Announcement About What Will Happen To The Clinton Foundation If Hillary’s Elected

The move was meant to quiet suspicions about foreign donors during Hillary's time as secretary of state and make it clear that the same questionable dealings won't go down the next time she's in public office.

Lifelike Dolls Look So Real They’re Confused For Human Babies And It’s Super Creepy

However, there is indeed a creation more sinister than a human baby itself, and that is the creepy baby doll lookalikes who appear so realistic even the cops are creeped out.

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