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The best memes from the third presidential debate make the impending apocalypse look alright

The road to Election Day is coming to an end, and everyone in America is ready for it to be over. Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off on Wednesday night, and it's difficult to choose the best memes from the third presidential debate because they are taking over social media. Ahead of time,…

Weirdest TRAP law yet highlights how unnecessary all anti-abortion restrictions are

Of all the dire issues faced by our nation, stopping all third graders from accessing abortion is obviously the priority.

New study: Having daughters helps parents see how horrible Donald Trump is

It shouldn't take having daughters to see how fucked up Trump is, but it's understandable if it helps.

Calls to sexual assault hotlines spiked following the release of the 2005 Trump tapes

Trump accusers aren't the only alleged victims coming forward in herds since the release of the tapes.

Weight Watchers’ new campaign implies fat women need special lights to have sex

You know, because unless you're thin, you like to have sex in a cave with blackout curtains to shield everyone's eyes.

The trailer for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s show is just as weird and confusing as expected

At some point, Stewart produces a tray of brownies which could very well be thoroughly laced with weed, Snoop pops a bottle of champagne, and through it all, they appear to be having the time of their lives.

Watch Stephen Colbert prep President Obama for his upcoming job search

Whichever way this presidential election goes, one thing is for sure: Obama has a big career change ahead of him.

NSFWomen documentary shows what it’s really like to get your period while homeless

Feeling like a human being when you have your period is hard enough in the best circumstances, when you're homeless, it's just awful.

This little girl trying to escape as Trump kisses her is all of us

You know how some people say children are more intuitive than adults? Like in horror movies, children are the first to sense the presence of a ghost, demon, or other evil presence in the house. This may have something to do with why this little girl cringed when Donald Trump tried to kiss her at a rally in…

9 knockoff Halloween costumes that will make you raise an eyebrow

Nothing screams "Halloween" like a near-total indifference to copyright.

Loyola students call out university for referring pregnant women to anti-choice propaganda clinic

Loyola is a private, Catholic institution, but this doesn't justify sending students in need to deceitful organizations.

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