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9 unique perfumes that don’t smell like alcohol mixed with garbage

Because so many perfumes just smell like your grandma's perfume fell into a bigger bucket of alcohol and no.

The only takeaway from the ‘Insecure’ finale is that Lawrence is no catch

Twitter exploded for two days after Sunday night's Insecure finale. It was an all-out gender spar sight of glory. Whether you're team Issa, #LawrenceHive or team no one, one thing's for sure: Lawrence was not a catch. Save your capes, gents.

The “Can you hear me now?” guy is in an adorable new ad with his adorable husband

That's right! That dude is gay in real life and for some reason that makes him way cooler to me immediately.

Federal lawsuit claims KSU illegally refuses to investigate off-campus rapes

"I reported so it wouldn’t happen to somebody else. I didn’t realize I was the somebody else."

27 percent of European men think rape is totally OK sometimes

Your daily reminder that the U.S. is pretty fucked up, but Europe is hardly a paragon for women's rights.

Delta Airlines bans Trump supporter for life for calling women “Hillary bitches”

Sure, this is hardly enough to restore the sense of justice the election inevitably robbed us of, but at the very least, Delta is doing something.

The lovely state of Texas now requires women to bury or cremate fetuses

In its biggest "fuck you" to women yet, Texas Republicans tell women that fetuses are people.

10+ Great Christmas Gift Alternatives to Give This Year

It’s less than 30 days til the most wonderful time of the year. Do you have all your Christmas gifts together? Or did you wait for Black Friday sale to buy all of them? Well, some of us could not take the Black Friday squeeze because of several reasons. Then, there are some of us […] The post 10+ Great Christmas Gift Alternatives to Give This Year appeared first on momooze.

98-year-old yoga teacher hates water, loves wine, is us

Täo Porchon-Lynch, the "oh, yes I can get behind this" yoga teacher, wears high heels and big clip-on earrings, has had three hip replacements, and never drinks water, nope.

Facebook has major problems monitoring hate speech and Germany is not having it

As recent user activity makes clear, Facebook hasn't done a damn thing to monitor hate speech on its platform.

NASA will give you $30,000 to solve its space poop problem. Yes, for real.

The cosmic mystery of how astronauts can safely use the bathroom remains unsolved.

Helen Mirren says she loves getting older because at least she’s not dead, continues to rule

The idea of dying young when you’re 25 is kind of cool – a bit romantic, like James Dean. But then you realize that life is too much fun to do that."

6 things to know about Tom Price, Trump’s secretary of health and human services pick

Goodbye Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, Obamacare, and everything semi-decent about our healthcare.

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