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New Show Recap: Wolf Hall 1×02, “Entirely Beloved”

It is December 1529. Wolsey has lost power and has taken refuge at Esher. Cromwell is still in London, seeking to have Wolsey reinstated. He pays a visit to Henry, who refuses to talk about the cardinal. It looks like Henry is doing all he can to avoid making a final decision about Wolsey. Cromwell … Continue reading New Show Recap: Wolf Hall 1×02, “Entirely Beloved”

Martha Stewart Living According to Taystee & Poussey

Does anyone else miss the dreamiest of dream teams, Taystee & Poussey as much as I do? Ever since Netflix dropped the trailer for season 3 of Orange is the New Black, all I can think about is how great those two are at everything, mostly friendship. In this week’s ladymag feature, we guess how … Continue reading Martha Stewart Living According to Taystee & Poussey

The Soapbox: My Bindi Is Not Your Bindi

I’ve realized that there’s a rather marked difference in being proud of your culture, and having ownership over it. Both are important and necessary, but for 20-some odd years, my culture was something that happened to me, but only in the last seven years has it actually become mine.

Rihanna Gets Political In Her New Video For “American Oxygen”

Finally, here is the video for “American Oxygen,” the song that Rihanna released exclusively on Tidal a week ago. It’s now available for us plebes who aren’t willing to pay $20 a month for a music service that apparently sort of sucks. The video for “American Oxygen” is a casual indictment of her adopted homeland, with breezy, faux-optimistic […]

This Week in Human Interest Cuteness

Boy, did I have writer’s block this week! I could not make myself write another thing on the articles I have been working on for a while, so I decided to take a look at some representative dog human-interest stories to see if anything inspired me, and found things that interested me, but not enough … Continue reading This Week in Human Interest Cuteness

Tennessee Votes To Make The Bible The State Book, Has Nothing Else To Attend To

Tennessee gets more federal tax dollars than it gives, will just spend that money on lawsuits to defend this.

Mommie Dearest: Quit Bitching About Kids On Airplanes

Very few parents want to be seen as the problem, and want to have as relaxed a flight experience as you do.

Goodbye, Gloss

It's not you, it's me. Literally, it would have to be me, because you are not employed here. More » Goodbye, Gloss is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

Tulsa Reserve Deputy Who “Accidentally” Killed Unarmed Black Suspect May Have Lacked Training

Today in news that does not shock but nonetheless repulses me: Robert Bates, that “Reserve Deputy” with the Tulsa police department who shot and killed unarmed suspect Eric Harris over the weekend after he “mistakenly” grabbed his gun instead of his Taser, may have lacked the training required to be on the job in the first […]

Brunette Ryan Gosling: Would Still Hit It, Just Not As Enthusiastically

Baby Goose dyed his hair very, very dark brown for his new role in “The Big Short: Inside The Doomsday Machine,” and I gotta say, my girl boner is only at half mast. Luckily it’s only temporary and I plan on advising him via Twitter to return to his natural blonde ASAP.

6 Things I Learned Meeting With A Life Coach

When T.J. Maxx reached out to me about meeting with a life coach and photographer, their pitch seemed so in tune with the current season of my life – my obsession with building happier routines, my renewed focus on the tiny joyful moments of each day as the bigger picture of my life took a frazzled turn — I had to give it […]

An Interview With A Real Person Willing To Lose A Tendon For Candy Crush

In depressingly hilarious “the machines are going to kill us all” news, a San Diego man of just 29 years recently tore a tendon in his thumb after almost two straight months of playing Candy Crush non-stop. As Polygon reports, it wasn’t the tendon tear that made his case unique — it was the fact […]

Cody Simpson’s Rihanna Cover Is So Perfect

Cody Simpson serenaded SiriusXM with an acoustic cover of Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney’s “FourFiveSeconds,” and if you didn’t love the song enough based on the original alone, you’re definitely going to love it now. Perfection. [HuffPost]

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