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Kim Kardashian’s Best Friend Jonathan Cheban Is Opening A School For Rich Kids

Oh boy. Jonathan Cheban, the dude who kind of looks like Scott Disick, is Kim Kardashian's best friend. He also owns a restaurant and fancies himself a lifestyle mogul, so it makes total sense that his next step is to open the International School Of New York, a school situated in an office suite in…

Marley Dias’s Book Drive For Black Girls Is Officially A Huge Success

When 11-year-old Marley Dias started a book drive last month, she captured our hearts and minds in a way that would make any presidential candidate jealous. Wise beyond her years she echoed frustrations many people have felt: we're all sick and tired of reading about white boys and their dogs. For those close…

Donald Trump Called Ted Cruz A Pussy, Just Like The Founding Fathers Would Have, Says Spokesperson

At a campaign stop on Monday night, Donald Trump repeated an audience member's assertion that Ted Cruz is a "pussy." At first, fearing that the audience at large had not heard her astute observation, Trump called her to the stage to repeat it, and when it wasn't loud enough, repeated it himself. Unsurprisingly, he has…

Dater X: In My Element

After several weeks and one very disruptive snowstorm, The Bartender finally made his way to my city this weekend. I was, of course, thrilled to host him, but I was also a bit apprehensive: having spent no more than a delirious New Year’s Eve night here together, I had no frame of reference…

Lena Dunham Is Taking A Break From Working Due To Endometriosis

Self-care is not the sexiest thing to do in Hollywood, but  making the  difficult decision to do that is something we should all respect.

7 Subtle Ways Shy People Flirt (So Pay Attention!)

Is he smiling at me or is that a grimace? Is she looking at me across the room or she looking at the clock above my head?

Ben Stiller Made A Super Bowl Ad For Female Viagra And It’s Awesome

Another year of Super Bowl commercials have come and gone, along with the universal message that men need beers and boners. With all the commercials for impotency pills over the years, Viagra has become to football what apple pie is to baseball. They just go together. Whether they're watching for Cam's butt, Beyoncé's show…

Get Your Money In Order, Because A New Beyoncé Album Is Coming

Ready your bank accounts and get that group text in order: A new Beyoncé album is coming.

The 10 Most Unique (and Hilarious) Valentine’s Day Cards From Etsy

If I’m not feeling like I want to make my own, the first place I go to for a sweet ass card is Etsy. More » The 10 Most Unique (and Hilarious) Valentine’s Day Cards From Etsy is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

Texas Wants To Label Horrific Family Detention Centers As “Child Care” Centers

Keep getting in trouble for keeping children in prison-like conditions? Just call them "child care centers!"

New Instagram ‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health’ Illustrates Stories Of Mental Illness

The Instagram serves as a supportive platform for followers to share and submit their mental health or trauma related stories and feelings.

33 Matching Tattoos For Couples Who Are in It to Win It

Here is some adorable body art that proves love is literally forever--we hope!

Taraji P. Henson’s Fantastic Joke About Coldplay Was Actually An Accident

Like so many rapt television viewers, Taraji P. Henson was overwhelmed with...something while watching Sunday's Super Bowl 50 halftime show. Her since-deleted tweet and Instagram post about Coldplay's half-time show performance that accidentally referred to Chris Martin & co. Show More Summary

Who Cares Who Won, Watch Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars Perform at Super Bowl Halftime

I’m not lying when I say I spent half of last night’s Super Bowl asleep and the other half choosing not to watch the Super Bowl. This morning I googled who won the game for the sole purpose of determining if Jimmy Fallon’s puppies predicted it correctly. Show More Summary

Man Dies In Krispy Kreme Race That Requires Participants Eat 12 Donuts

The Krispy Kreme Race is in its 12th year and this is the first time anything like this  has occurred.

The Best ‘Making A Murderer’ Theory Is That Steven Avery Is Homer Simpson

Okay, that may have not been what they were going for exactly, but if you look at both of their IQs this totally checks out.

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