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10 Free + Cheap Ways to Fill Boring Weekends

Boredom strikes at a time we least expect and hope for it.  Especially when you have a bunch of out of school kids running around the house screaming their brains out looking for something to do to entertain themselves. Then your mind starts...Show More Summary

8 Tips for Evening Time Routine to Start the Next Day Like a Superwoman

Good morning, sleepy head. You had a good night’s sleep, right? Time to get up, get the kids ready, make breakfast and get on with your day. Today is going to be great. Then you enter the living room or the kitchen and it looks like a hurricane hit it. Show More Summary

Baby Spa is the Latest Baby Craze and We are Excited!

Baby spa? I’ve never heard of such a thing until now. I asked myself, “What do they do there? Do they get massages? Sauna? Facials?”. If this is your first time hearing about a baby spa, you’re probably wondering the same thing. Baby...Show More Summary

13 Ways to Personalize Your Kids’ Clothes with Cool Patches

Are your kids tired of their too plain and too boring looking clothes? It would be a waste to just scrap them when they’re still wearable. Then again, you also don’t want to force them to wear something they don’t want to. Most kidsShow More Summary

12 Ways to Rock a Head Scarf this Summer

I‘ve seen many women wear a head scarf and I often wondered how they’re able to rock the wrapped up look. Just looking at it makes me break out in sweat. It looks too hot for me to bear but they look so fabulous! I have a friend who can pull off the Alicia Keys […] The post 12 Ways to Rock a Head Scarf this Summer appeared first on momooze.

10 Delightful Coffee Recipes you Should Try this Summer

“Can I buy you coffee?” The number of times this question is posed in the dating world is innumerable. Is it that many people like coffee or it is just a cool question to secure a date? True answers could lie in the statistics on coffee consumption. Show More Summary

Top 5 Sanity-Saving Apps for Parents

People always like to say that with each next generation, kids are becoming lazier and lazier. However, it seems that these days, kids are busier than ever. According to a new Pew Research Center study, 73% of school-age kids have played...Show More Summary

These Trendy Swimsuits Won’t Just Cover Your Boobs..!

Are you ready for another hot summer of trendy swimsuits, long days full of warm weather, sunshine and beach?

Musings on Love & Compatibility

Recently, I just celebrated another marriage anniversary which got me thinking… When was the first time you thought about love?  For me, it was when I was 6 years old and madly “in love” with a boy who had the most beautiful chocolate skin and breathtaking black wavy hair. I spent the next 10 years obsessed […]

Parents vs Children – Hilarious Videos Detailing the Painful First Years of Parenting

Parenting is easy. Would you dare say that? Would you dare say parenting is easy when you only have one child? Or are raising one child at a time? You probably won’t have the sanity to say that it’s easy. Imagine if you were raising more than one kid at a time. Show More Summary

20 Balcony Decoration Ideas that will Make You Want to Remodel

I love spending my time in the balcony especially when the weather’s perfect. If it’s cool and breezy out, I’d take a good book, a nice refreshing drink and curl up in our balcony chairs. There are different balcony decoration ideasShow More Summary

15 Braided Hairstyles for Girls That Are Both Dainty and Neat

Braided hairstyles for girls are so awesomely beautiful that Disney made them even more famous. Elsa’s braid was so popular, it was unreal. Then, many girls tried to copy Rapunzel’s braid to the best of their hair thickness’ ability....Show More Summary

10 Green Baby Products That are Actually Worth Buying

As an eco-conscious parent, you want your baby to use green products. However, it’s not easy “going green”. Much of the green marketplace has fallen victim to “greenwashing,” which is when companies claim that their products are eco-conscious even though they still contain harmful ingredients. Show More Summary

What You Need to Know for Planning One Killer Easter Brunch

You don’t have to be religious to celebrate Easter, this we know. Why? Because who doesn’t love a roast and pastel egg-shaped plates? Who doesn’t love Rosé in a plastic champagne glass with a little paper rabbit haphazardly taped on? Nobody doesn’t love that. Show More Summary

The Coolest Parents Ever Make Recreate Movie Scenes from Cardboard

Some parents buy toys for their kids. Some take them to different places in the world. Others would encourage a hobby. While some, recreate movies out of cardboard boxes with their kids. Yes, you read me right. Lilly, Leon and Orson make up the small Mackie family with a huge imagination and incomparable creativity. Show More Summary

30+ Adorable Easter Crafts to Make with your Kids

Easter is right around the corner and egg hunts will be the only thing your kids will ever talk about for the next days to come. You can tide them over and keep the excitement with Easter crafts you can make together. Much like how Christmas...Show More Summary

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