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Top Kids’ Movies to Look Out for This Year

Kids’ movies are one of the highest grossing films in Hollywood nowadays. I mean, last year, Finding Dory came out and it grossed about $1billion worldwide. You’d be surprised but people of all ages watch kids’ movies and the filmmakers know exactly just that. Show More Summary

15+ Outrageously Good Looking Paris Desserts (and Matching Shoes!)

Paris desserts are one of the most coveted edibles in the world. When you talk about the city of love, you think of food, pastries and art. Well, @desserted_in_paris is an Instagram account that taken the dessert world AND the fashion world like a storm. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Turn up the Kink in the Bedroom on Valentine’s Day

Because it's the perfect time to spice things up in your relationship and the bedroom.

6 Vibes to Keep You Company This Valentine’s Day

Don't have a special someone this year? Get one of these special somethings!

14 Valentine’s Day Cards That Say What You Really Mean

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Hopefully bae, Gets you a card, too!

Yes, Women Are “in Your Grill.” It’s Called Politics.

Virginia's 7th District isn't going to take the short end of the stick from their Tea Party congressman, Dave Brat. Give the people what they want... Which is literally just to talk to you.

7 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for Busy Moms

Back in the old days, kitchenware was not valued as they were cheap and could not last long. Things have changed and people are acquiring high-quality cookware. And for this reason, the time has come for people to learn how to take care of the kitchen products. Show More Summary

Here’s How Hollywood Views Women

@ProResting is calling out the sexism of filmmakers... Using thier own words.

Hey, Guys, This Is How NOT to Compliment Women

If you're one of those clueless guys who actually think you're up'ing a girl's self-esteem, here's what not to do.

It’s Time to Talk About Parental Leave

Why is the U.S.A. so resistant to parental leave? We have a theory.

Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement Was Amazing and Just the Distraction We Needed

Thank you Beyoncé for giving us a little distraction from the danger our country is headed towards.

Everything You Need to Know About Pegging and How to Do It to Your Man

If you're open-minded enough to try it and are looking for ways to bring something different in the bedroom, here's what you do...

6 Amazing TV Shows (With Dope Female Leads) to Binge Right Now

When you want to Netflix-and-Chill, but you also need him to know that you're an empowered woman who won't stand for his BS.

This Mom Creates Amazing Food Art for her Son – Check it out!

Kids are the pickiest eaters. They couldn’t care less if you are the best chef in the world. If the food doesn’t look interesting to them, they simply will not eat it. I’ve been cooking all my life and I can affirm that kids are the hardest palates to please. Show More Summary

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