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Linotte Reads 50 Shades: Fifty Shades Freed, Chapter Twenty-five – Part Four

Hello, all! Time for another recap of Fifty Shades Freed! We’re wrapping this up, but we still have a few good chapters and some bonus material to get through! “Blip will love you, too. You’ll be the center of Blip’s — Junior’s world,” I whisper. “Children love their parents unconditionally, Christian. That’s how they come into the world. Programmed to... Read More

PM News: The Perfect Weekender Bags For Your Upcoming Travels

These cute weekender bags will make your travels so much easier! -The Frisky Selena Gomez tears up singing a Justin Bieber-inspired song. -Ok! Magazine Would you wear a box purse after seeing these photos? -College Fashion Your friends' awesome social media updates can be upsetting.. Show More Summary

HBO Is Turning Lawrence Wright’s Epic Scientology Exposé Into A Documentary And I Am Here For It

Welp, I think it’s safe to say that executives at HBO have been added to the Church of Scientology’s lengthy suppressive persons list, as the cable network is poised to turn Going Clear into a documentary. Due out in 2015, the documentary will be directed by Alex Gibney and be based on Lawrence Wright’s impeccably [...]

Katy Perry Rants Over ‘Perverted And Disgusting’ Paparazzi, And For Once You’ll Agree With Her

Now I admit, I haven’t always been kind to Katy Perry. But I can’t help it, because sometimes she really just… tests my patience? But this isn’t an analysis on my tepid, polarizing views on Katy Perry. This is about me agreeing withShow More Summary

Health Today: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Self-Waxing

The do’s and don’ts of self-waxing -Gurl What to do if your friends’ social media updates are depressing you -The Frisky This machine can actually make cheap wine taste expensive -Bustle Here’s proof that Jennifer Aniston is the original Kim...Show More Summary

Frisky Eats: Toward A Better Cranberry Relish

Cranberries are the most maligned of all Thanksgiving foods. What’s up with that? Sure, they taste terrible on their own raw — they’re hard and crunchy and really, really sour — but if you cook them right they’re the bomb! You don’t have to abandon your canned cranberry sauce if you’re Team Cranberry Jell-O, but [...]

Dwelling in Truth

This essay is part of a year long series following one fed-up reader’s white literature “detox.” Read more here, and follow her book list here. The hood has a parking lot economy. If you drive down certain streets in predominately black neighborhoods, you’ll see tables and tents or sometimes just a pickup with its truck bed door open. Some of the products on... Read More

What If Black Friday Was A Horror Movie?

Black Friday is fast approaching and bringing with it untold physical and emotional suffering in the name of discounted juicers and Xboxes. Fist fights will break out at Walmart, people will camp outside their local Best Buy days in advance, and, well, the whole fiasco will look something like a horror movie. The folks at [...]

Stop Commenting On My Daughter’s Size, Because She’s Listening

Whenever someone comments on my daughter’s height it fills me with a fire so bright. It’s a combination of my own insecurities about my height mixed with my desire to protect her from the onslaught of comments. More » Stop Commenting...Show More Summary

The End Zone: 7 Times Rob Gronkowski Has Been His Most Rob Gronkowski

The Patriots improbably excellent season just keeps getting better and better. After a rocky start, Tom Brady has more than proven that he hasn’t gotten any less effective with age. But it’s tight end Rob Gronkowski, now back at full strength after knee surgery earlier in the year, who has been having a monster year, [...]

News in Asia is Imitating Art

It may be that art is imitating life. Protesters in Thailand have taken to flashing the three-fingered salute, the symbol of resistance in the Hunger Games. The theater chain Apex has suspended screenings of Mockingjay after five student protesters were arrested. Show More Summary

Coming Soon: A Mood Ring That Actually Works!

For those of us who made it past middle school without ceasing to be mystified by the magical powers of mood rings (ahem, me), good news: a Finnish startup is bringing us a Moodmetric ring fitted with a tiny biometric sensor. Soon we can buy a mood ring that is backed by science! That’s surely [...]

Make It Work: Handle The Interview, Don’t Let It Handle You

Like online dating and stopping to talk to people you haven’t seen since college at Urban Outfitters while shopping for underwear, job interviews are a necessary evil. If you have a job, you got that job because you put on your fancy “interview pants,” took a long lunch and went to an office somewhere to [...]

Lunchtime Poll: Non-Canon Thanksgiving Foods

Friends, I want to know what you make for Thanksgiving that isn’t considered Thanksgiving “canon,” so to speak. And for our non-American/non-Canadian readers, what would you make for Thanksgiving, if you decided to participate? Last year, I made BBQ beef brisket instead of turkey. I like turkey, but I love brisket. If Thanksgiving is supposed to be a celebration of... Read More

20 Style Tips On How To Wear Maxi Skirts In The Winter

This post is brought to you by our friends at Gurl. This past summer, I practically lived in maxi skirts. I paired them with crop tops, t-shirts, loose tank tops, and even sometimes used them as a bathing suit cover-up. I’ve been missing them so much that I know I need to start incorporating them into my winter wardrobe. Show More Summary

Be My Boyfriend: Ben Schwartz, Who Stood Up To A Catcaller, Was Stabbed Nine Times, And Is Calling For An End To Street Harassment

Dear Ben Schwartz, I am so, so sorry for the injuries you incurred to your face, neck, and back after a catcaller stabbed you when you approached him to ask him to stop harassing your girlfriend. That is monstrous. It just goes to show that catcalling really isn’t “just a compliment” or a man “just [...]

47 Absolutely Necessary GIFs From “7/11,” Beyonce’s Best Video Ever

No but really, to quote Kanye West, Beyonce really has just made one of the greatest videos of all time, and it was all seemingly filmed on an iPhone. Or it just looks that way and it was really filmed on super expensive equipment with a gang of cameramen. But I doubt it. Regardless! Bey’s [...]

Frisky Rant: No, The Wrap, Bill Cosby Is Not Being “Raped” By His Accusers’ Allegations

This Saturday, entertainment blog The Wrap posted a stunningly tone-deaf guest op-ed entitled “The Rape of Bill Cosby.” The tongue-in-cheek opening line read “Bill Cosby raped me.” And that was the best part of the entire debacle. The remainder of the piece, which was meant to be an excoriation of liberal media (on a liberal [...]

Mommie Dearest: No, Feminism Is Not About Stripping Boys Of Their Masculinity

Recently, Tara Kennedy-Kline, a mother of two boys, took to the internet to proudly declare that she cannot (and will not) support feminism. If the title of the piece didn’t send up a bevy of red flags, the fact that it appeared on Thought Catalog should have clued me in to the fact that it [...]

This Is Why We’ve Never Seen Taylor Swift’s Bellybutton

Taylor Swift has been killing it lately in the media, hitting up parks to get cute photo ops and being up-close on the cover of multiple huge mags. But one question is still plaguing us all: where is her bellybutton? Now, there are answers thanks to a fortunate (hyuck) interview in Lucky magazine. Read more [...]

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