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Hamster Competes Against Kobayashi In Hot Dog Eating Contest

Animal abuse? The best day of this tiny hamster’s life? Hard to say! Either way, someone had the wherewithal to make a pile of itty-bitty, hamster-sized hot dogs and feed them to one lucky rodent, racing against the clock with Takeru Kobayashi, competitive eater and Guiness world record holder for the most hot dog noshed. [...]

This Open Thread Just Wants to Go Home

I am traveling for work, and it is THE PITS. Does anyone else long for snuggles from their pet (and/or significant other) when they are away? On the plus side, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I know my Bug will be so freakin’ happy to see me tomorrow when I get home. And as an added bonus, I’m... Read More

Cara Delevingne Will Star In The Film Adaptation Of John Green’s “Paper Towns”

Cara Delevingne will take on the female lead in “Paper Towns” and Nat Wolff is in talks to co-star. The film is based on the young adult novel by John Green, who also wrote “The Fault In Our Stars.” [MTV] Netflix bought two seasons of a Judd Apatow comedy called “Love.” The series will star [...]

Why We Should Be Taking Sex Lessons From Men With A Little Extra

The first time I saw “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and the completely unforgettable scene where Ryan Gosling’s character takes off his shirt and Emma Stone’s character says, “It’s like you’re Photoshopped,” I cringed. It wasn’t just that, “OMG, are you effing kidding me,” that came with those abs, but because I just don’t get it. That’s [...]

The Paycheck Fairness Act Fails In Congress (Again)

The Senate failed yet again to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act yesterday, which would have strengthened an employee’s ability to fight pay inequality and prohibited them from retaliation by employers. Republicans have long opposed the bill, which they believe will negatively impact business owners. [Politico] This woman recounts reporting her sexual assault at a school [...]

Record Machine: Echo & The Bunnymen

I love Echo & The Bunnymen’s self-titled 1987 album almost as much as I love their 1984 masterpiece Ocean Rain, but the self-titled is the one I have on vinyl, so here we are. Let’s talk about it. Echo & The Bunnymen is the band’s fifth album, and the last one with singer Ian McCulloch before he left the band.... Read More

Life Dream Status: Taylor Swift’s Cat Blends Right In With Her Outfit

I’ll know I have arrived in life when 1) I find a cat that allows me to casually carry him/her down the street on my arm without scratching me and 2) that cat perfectly matches my sartorial choices. Who needs a cute purse when you can accessorize with a critter that will love you back? [...]

Linotte Reads 50 Shades: Fifty Shades Freed, Chapter Twenty-five – Part One

Happy Tuesday, all! Time for a recap of chapter twenty-five of Fifty Shades Freed. We’re almost done with this train wreck, so  let’s finish it up, bit by agonizing bit. “It was a hot summer day. I was working hard.” He snorts and shakes his head, suddenly amused. “It was backbreaking work shifting that rubble. I was on my own, and... Read More

Lupita Nyong’o & Elmo: “I Love My Skin”

“Elmo can see that Miss Lupita’s skin is a beautiful brown color!” That’s Elmo learning all about skin when “12 Years A Slave” actress Lupita Nyong’o visited “Sesame Street.” They talked about touch and tickling, but the most heartwarming part of their skin conversation is loving their skin color. I hope all the kids who [...]

Miss America Pageant Has Platform To Educate On Domestic Violence, Chooses Victim-Blaming Instead

Given the dismal state of international headlines these past few weeks, the Miss America pageant had a whole host of issues to draw from when putting together the question and answer portion of the competition. The question judge Kathy Ireland asked Miss Florida during the Sunday night competition started off with an impactful topic — [...]

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

In which fashion is tone deaf not once, but twice. Vogue just discovered big booties! Urban Outfitters apparently tried selling a Kent State sweatshirt that appeared to have blood on it, which is politically tone deaf. But should we expect anything else from the purveyors of the Navajo panty? Jezebel When coverage of Serena Williams gets RACIST. The Frisky This just... Read More

Kerry Washington Wants You To Know About Financial Abuse

“It’s the reason why so many people stay. That whole hashtag #WhyIStayed that happened last week, you saw how many of those responses were about feeling trapped financially … I think people just aren’t as aware of financial abuse. If a woman isn’t even aware of the dynamics of financial abuse — what it looks like, what [...]

Home Inspiration: Styled With Studs!

There’s something about studs that bring a wee bit of badass to whatever they adorn. While recently shopping around TJ Maxx for a loveseat, I stumbled upon some furniture and home accessories that I loved, and they all had one thing in common— studs. Whether they’re muted metallic or shiny and bright, studs are the [...]

Party Favors: Stop Those Pesky Period Pimples

It’s time to stop hormonal break outs once and for all. -StyleList Wear a temporary tattoo to make a lasting impression. -The Stir If you desire luxury leather stickers for your handbag, you’re in luck. -Bustle This plus-size clothing...Show More Summary

Weekly Anime Review

There was a lot of talking this week on all of the shows. It’s like it was Let’s Talk week. Mahouka took it really slow despite only having a few episodes left to finish the current story arc. I guess the battles are going to go fast. Captain Earth delivered what was more or less a filler episode from my point-of-view right before the... Read More

Calling All Friends Fans: Central Perk Opens In NYC Tomorrow

Friends fans, get excited: Central Perk opens in NYC tomorrow -Eater Here’s all you need to know about ayurveda, yoga’s sister science -Alignyo You need to try these amazing skincare products -Divine Caroline How much coffee is too much?...Show More Summary

Be My Boyfriend: Mr. Ballsy, AKA Thomas Cantley, Who Is Rolling A Ball Across The U.S. To Raise Money For Testicular Cancer

Dear Thomas, AKA Mr. Ballsy, First, allow me to compliment you on your ball. It’s huge and smooth and you look really hot attached to it. But it’s not the size or the softness or the sex appeal of your ball that appeals to me — it’s what you’re doing with your ball that really [...]

Beyonce Was Drinking Champagne This Weekend So I Guess She’s Not Preggo After All

It appears that Bey and Jay were beginning to panic that the world was finally bored of wondering if ther marriage was on the rocks, so they upped the stakes by hinting at a pregnancy over the weekend. At one of the last performances of their “On The Run” tour, Jay Z changed a lyric [...]

Ask UfYH: Who Even Works 9 to 5 Anymore?

Q: I just started a new job where I’m working twice as many hours as I’m used to, and my schedule is all over the place (some days, some nights, a random day off in the middle of the week instead of a weekend). My routines are all screwed up, and my house is a mess. How do I figure... Read More

The Soapbox: I’m A Feminist Who Loves Miss America And That’s OK

This weekend, Kira Kazantsev from New York won the 88th Miss America pageant at Atlantic City, which was inevitably followed by a slew of blog posts viciously skewering Kazantsev and the Miss America pageant in general. Gawker honedShow More Summary

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