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How To Listen To Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Album That Just Dropped

Thursday night, Frank Ocean released new music from his long-awaited album. Everyone's patiently (and not-so-patiently) waited for his new tunes for way too long, so you should probably listen to it ASAP. Here's how to listen to Boys Don't Cry. Ocean's new album can be streamed on right now. Ocean streamed the new album…

Egyptian TV Suspends “Fat” News Anchors Until They Look More “Appropriate”

Just when you stupidly assume some progress is being made somewhere in the world when it comes to sexism, something completely shitty happens.

Social Media Dependency Is Real And Now There’s A Therapy Program For It

The Social Media Dependency Therapy Program was launched by Talkspace — an online therapy company – in 2015 as a cost-effective way for people to seek help for their dependence on social networking platforms.

T?nr Is The Photo Filter App People With Darker Skin Have Been Waiting For

Most social media apps offer dozens of options to spruce up an otherwise normal photo with blemish blurring edits and cool colors. But, many of these filters don’t translate well onto dark skin.

This Italian Restaurant’s “Black Olives Matter” T-Shirts Are No Laughing Matter

This is a reminder of how insensitive people can be when certain issues are not centered on their own lives and experiences.

Amy Schumer Blocked Roxane Gay On Twitter, And A Ton Of Other Women Who Were Calling Her Out

Seemingly unfazed but rightfully confused, Gay joked online that it wasn't a huge deal considering the fact she'd never followed Schumer on twitter in the first place.

5 Bisexual Men Share Their Experiences With Discrimination

"I remember once hearing a friend say, "I could never date a bisexual man. I’m afraid he would always need to fulfill his other needs that I couldn’t provide for him." which basically implies that bisexual men can’t be faithful or monogamous."

Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Writing Music For A Live-Action ‘The Little Mermaid’ Movie

The beat-boxing creator and former star of Hamilton  will be collaborating on writing songs alongside the Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken.

The JonBenét Ramsey Docuseries Is The Next Crime Show To Obsess Over

If you've found yourself desperately searching the entrails of Netflix and Hulu for a show just dark enough, real enough, and suspenseful enough to merit your next binge session, then you are in luck.

The Number Of Women In U.S. Jails Has Risen Faster Than Men But Gone Unnoticed

Because the mass incarceration problem is believed to predominantly affect men, the ways women have been sucked in hasn't gotten any attention.

I Posted A Fake Missed Connection On Craigslist, And This Is What Happened

The "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist had so many people looking for either a booty call or legit love. One day I decided to fake a connection because isn’t that what we’re all doing these days? No? Just me? Okay. I took to my computer, pulled up Craigslist, and posted the ad.  …

Kesha Drops The Remaining Sexual Abuse Charges Against Producer Dr. Luke

The singer plans to continue to focus on the "professional grievances" she has against the producer regarding her contract with Sony Music's Kemosabe Records.

Roger Ailes Advising Donald Trump For Presidential Debates Is Not Going To Help Either Man’s Reputation

These two men are individually leading their own careers into the garbage, and joining forces can only make matters worse.

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