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Hey, Doree Lewak, Catcalling Is Disgusting — Deal With It!

Look, Doree Lewak, I’m not going to tell you not to court male attention or that you’re wrong for enjoying compliments — within reason — from strangers. I’m not going to condescend to you over the fact that it gives you an ego boost, not least of all because hey, to each their own. I [...]

Morning Quickies: Behold Miley Cyrus’ 5-Foot Bong

It’s still a work in progress. [] Christian Bale and his model wife, Sibi, have welcomed their second child, a son. Congrats! [People] Mischa Barton is being sued for blowing off a film to party in Europe instead. [TMZ] The longtime announcer of “Saturday Night Live,” Don Pardo, died yesterday at 96. [New York Times] [...]

5 People We Should Actually Impeach

Republicans are talking about impeaching President Obama. YAWN. Can I just point out that we talked about impeaching Bush, too? Is this going to be a thing we do with every President? It’s 2014. In terms of eight-year terms, his is almost over. Politicians will start officially announcing their candidacies in February and we’ll be [...]

Woman Steals $3.99 Bottle Of Wine To Reunite With Her Jailed Boyfriend

Alicia Walicke, a 22-year-old from Cedar Park, Texas, was devastated when her boyfriend was arrested and sent to the county jail — so she set out to join him there. Walicke shoplifted a $3.99 bottle of wine from a local gas station and then sat down outside to drink it, waiting for the cops to [...]

Beauty Test Drive: Eyelure Katy Perry Lashes In Lovely Lolita

Who doesn’t love a little glam? I certainly do. So when I was given the opportunity to Beauty Test Drive a pair of Eyelure False Lashes, I wasn’t going to pass it up. There were hundreds of pairs to choose from (including these dramatic falsies which Sophie tried out!), but I was immediately drawn to [...]

Unseen, Unheard, Unvalued, Unimportant…

… and yet folks wonder why I’m angry. There are so many things I would rather be writing about today. There are so many sad things I could be writing about today. Instead of those things, I am writing this. Yesterday, I was walking in lower Manhattan. I was nearing Houston Street, thinking about ducking into the subway station at... Read More

Professor Mireille Miller-Young Sentenced To Anger Management Classes For Stealing Anti-Abortion Protesters’ Sign

Back in March, Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara, made headlines for stealing a graphic anti-abortion sign from a group of protesters called Survivors Of The Abortion Holocaust on her campus. In addition to destroying the sign with scissors, Miller-Young also allegedly scratched and pushed a 16-year-old protester. She was [...]

New Jersey Middle School Refuses To Let Trans Girl Come Back To Classes

Thorne Middle School in Middletown, New Jersey, told a 13-year-old trans girl named Rachel Pepe that she is not allowed back in school unless she goes by her previous identity of “Brian.” [Asbury Park Press] Here are seven Black women to follow for updates on the aftermath of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson, Missouri. [For [...]

Forgotify, the Last Frontier: Week 5

This week dumped me into a musical world almost completely unknown to me, and, surprisingly, unknown to Wikipedia as well.  I stared at my screen, dumbfounded, “How does Wikipedia not know what something is? What is this, the stone age?” I tend to use Wikipedia as a casual research tool that can provide an aggregate of relevant research sources. I... Read More

NYC Politician Announces On Twitter That She Has “High Risk HPV”

Melissa Mark-Viverito made an unusual admission for a politician on Sunday night: New York City’s City Council Speaker announced to her followers on Twitter that she has high risk HPV. Mark-Viverito shared how the common STI she has can potentially lead to cervical cancer and that she is having a biopsy on Tuesday. She tweeted: Yes, [...]

I Will Write About The Snake Sex Video, But I Will Not Watch It

My tolerance for things that are scary/gross/weird is pretty high, but when I heard about the snake sex video that has slithered its way into the internet’s fascination today, my reaction was a whole lot of NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. NOPE. Nope, I will not watch what the Daily Dot describes as “three and [...]

Book Review: Alias Hook, by Lisa Jensen

With the popularity of such shows as ABC’s Once Upon a Time, fairytale retellings seem to be all the rage in literature right now. Lisa Jensen’s novel Alias Hook, has been released at a perfect time, since OUAT is now focusing on the redemption of the infamous villain from Peter Pan. But Jensen offers us a much more sympathetic portrayal of... Read More

I Have Been Waiting My Whole Life For This Butter Knife

I love toast. I love butter. I especially love toast slathered in butter. And nothing ruins a perfectly good piece of toast like cold, hard butter that refuses to spread, breaks the bread and nestles into little chunks that refuse to melt. And then when you bite into it? Dry toast with chunks of butter [...]

Style Stealer: Lily Collins’ Cute Kimono Cover-Up

If it’s warm out but you still want to wear some sort of coverup, consider a kimono jacket like the one Lily Collins is wearing over her simple skinny jeans and grey T. The billowy sleeves and floral print add visual interest, while the thin, lightweight fabric doesn’t turn you into a bucket of walking [...]

Persephone Postcards: Bryant Park, NYC

New York City in the summertime can be magical. Even though I ended up there because I was looking for somewhere to eat my Mr. Softee soft-serve twist while my friend ate her Chipotle burrito, I’m usually never disappointed by an evening in Bryant Park. There are usually a bunch of (sometimes hilarious) free events (fly-fishing?) going on in a relatively small... Read More

Fashion Blogger Dana Suchow Gets Real About Photoshopping Her Images

Last week, Dana Suchow of the awesome fashion blog Do The Hot Pants shared with her readers that she’d used Photoshop in the past to alter some of her self portraits. She posted a slew of unretouched photos, pointing out where she’d previously shaved a few inches off her stomach or brightened her skin. She wrote: [...]

On Making The Case For Kink As A Sexual Orientation

Today on is an excellent piece about why “kinky” should be considered a sexual orientation. Writer Jillian Keenan posits how we define a person’s sexual orientation should include what kind of energies turn a person on — dominant or submissive, for example — because for people like Keenan and myself, our sexuality is more [...]

Follow Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Philosophy

Follow Jennifer Aniston‘s yoga philosophy -Alignyo Watch Jimmy Fallon compete in a hot wing eating contest -Eater What women really think about sex -HuffPost Women 10 reasons to change your mind about kale -Fit Sugar How to remove blackheads...Show More Summary

News in Asia

News in Asia. Get your news from Asia here. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his first Independence Day speech this past week. In the speech, he invited foreign manufacturers to make their products in India, condemned crimes against women and vowed to end caste and religious discrimination. Show More Summary

Party Favors: Gosh Barbie, Pull Yourself Together

These Barbie dolls obviously got dressed in the dark. -Bustle Be the guardian of your very own heart galaxy with this nail tutorial. -Divine Caroline Plus-size denim shopping just got a whole lot easier. -HuffPo Style If you’re not sure...Show More Summary

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