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Try Bamboo Leggings To Stay Extra Toasty This Winter

I have yet to try out the magic warming powers of fleece leggings, but that’s because I’ve been too busy obsessing over my cozy bamboo-lined pair. Bamboo leggings can probably be found on many corners of the internet, but mine come from a kickass small business called Toast, known for its ultra-warm stadium skirts which were developed [...]

Travel Porn: 14 Tucked Away Beaches To Dream About This Winter

With winter rearing its ugly head, it’s about time we all start lusting over a beach vacation — especially the kind that inspires us to seek out the more pristine and preserved gems nature has to offer, even if they’re slightly off the beaten path. Whether you’re just practicing your daydreaming or making concrete travel [...]

6 Guy Celebs Whose Style Would Look Awesome on Any Girl

This post is brought to you by our friends at Teen. We have a lot of fashion muses. It’s just a simple fact. From the Jenner girls to Taylor Swift, there are plenty of famous chicas we would more than love to dress like. But who says...Show More Summary

Idina Menzel & Michael Buble Cast Adorable Kids In Their “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Cover

Idina Menzel and Michael Buble recorded a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” together, and instead of starring in the music video themselves, they enlisted two precious kids to perform in their place. With the help of some fierce dance skills and updated lyrics that are slightly less creepy than the originals, these two can get [...]

I’ve Discovered My New Favorite Charity: The Warwick Rowers

I fully support any charity organization that consists of hot men whose motto is “Proudly Getting Naked For Club And Community.” Meet The Warwick Rowers: a rowing team who are raising funds for their charity, Sport Allies, which advocates for the fight against bullying and homophobia in school and sport. These humble (and ridiculously hot) [...]

#BestinDelusionalWhiteMen Long Reads

For the last several months I have been entertaining myself between work emails by delving into the archives. One recurring theme in my internet journalism travels is the exploits of white men who reach for the stars and fall far short. Here are some of my favorites. The Story: The Professor, The Bikini Model, and a Suitcase Full of... Read More

Bill Cosby’s Upcoming NBC Series Cancelled Due To Sexual Assault Allegations

In light of the numerous sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, NBC is no longer moving forward with the Cosby-centered sitcom that was in the works. [] Tracy Morgan is still suffering from the effects of the traumatic brain injury he sustained in a June car accident. According to Morgan’s lawyer, he maybe never be “the Tracy [...]

New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4X08, “Smash the Mirror”

Time for another recap of OUAT‘s Frozen story arc. This episode was a two-hour episode, and while a lot happened, we also got a lot of backstory. The episode opens in Arendelle. The Snow Queen has concealed the hat in a cave. Later, she journeys to see the sorcerer’s apprentice in the Enchanted Forest so that she can make a... Read More

10 Ways To Tackle Money Issues As A Couple

A strong relationship with your partner, and a solid, secure financial life together, begins with what you bring to the table. As a money and relationship coach, I work with couples who struggle with this; and, while there’s a lot they need to work on together, they first must start with themselves. And so do [...]

Watch the Curls

You don’t have to worry, this isn’t about a white woman claiming to be part of the Natural Hair Movement. Nor about Lady Gaga’s song “Hair” (although I think she has a point with the sentence “I am my hair”). New experiences and adventures come in many shapes and sizes. For me, going to a different hairdresser is one such... Read More

Watch Don Lemon’s 14-Second Apology For His Stupid Rape Advice

Don Lemon gave a 14-second “if you were offended” apology for giving one of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims terrible and unsolicited rape prevention advice. pMediaite] Bill Cosby is far from the only scumbag in Hollywood. [The Daily Beast] The ongoing online war between Anonymous and the KKK is just fantastic to read about. [ZDNet] An [...]

Just As I Said THREE YEARS Ago, Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Want To Be People‘s Sexiest Man Alive

Today in “Breaking Celebrity News That I Broke Three Damn Years Ago,” The Wrap is reporting that Ryan Gosling has been approached by People magazine multiple times and offered their annual “Sexiest Man Alive” title, but that he’s had his reps turn it — and the associated magazine cover shoot — down. “The consensus was [...]

Awesomely Affordable: 50 Winter Coats For $150 And Under

Brrrrrrr, it’s cold in here! If you haven’t bought a winter coat, don’t shed a tear. I found 50 awesomely affordable pieces of outerwear! From faux fur and hooded to puffy and sleek, your chances of staying warm this season don’t have to be bleak. So click through this gallery and break out your credit [...]

Birth. Stories. Horror. Power.

Stories matter. They are one of the fundamental ways in which we learn. In pregnancy and childbirth, “horror stories” are to avoided. To be ignored. To be drowned out by the empowered. Why does empowerment need to come at the exclusion of a whole spectrum of knowledge? One of the ways in which the birth trauma I experienced came to... Read More

Disney Releases Official Trailer For “Cinderella”

I didn’t even know this movie was happening until about five minutes ago, but now that I do know, I’m happy about it. Even though the story of Cinderella has been made into a movie several times already (who could forget the Rodgers and Hammerstein version with Brandy and Whitney Houston?), I can’t help but [...]

PM News: 6 Things To Know Before Changing Your Hair Color

6 things that you HAVE to know before you change your hair color. -Ok! Magazine Former supermodel Janice Dickinson accuses Bill Cosby of rape. -HLNtv These celebrity bridesmaids definitely upstaged the bride. -Ok! Magazine Outfits under $100 that are PERFECT for Thanksgiving travel. Show More Summary

5 Interesting Facts I Learned From The Times‘ Graphs On Birth Control Effectiveness

The New York Times compiled data about birth control effectiveness for 15 different methods, over time, with perfect use and with typical use, and sorted them into handy-dandy interactive graphs. Birth control is sort of nightmarish for me because the least effective methods are non-invasive and non-hormonal, but those are the methods I have to [...]

See Elle Fanning’s Transformation Into A Transgender Teen

We were very surprised when Elle Fanning dyed her signature long, pale blonde hair into a brunette long bob. It was a completely different look, and a lot of people thought she was unrecognizable. That makeover is nothing compared to the drastic transformation Elle has gone through to play a transgender teen in her new [...]

10 Ways to Stay Organized While Working 80 Hours a Week

Being organized is difficult in the best of circumstances. When your ass is owned by your employer for the equivalent of two people per week, organization can become a huge challenge. Worry not, fellow workaholics, I’m here with a list of surefire tricks and techniques to keep your life running like a well-oiled machine. 10. It’s time to outsource. If... Read More

Janice Dickinson Said “Bill Cosby Preys On Women” During 2006 Howard Stern Interview

This morning, I told you that supermodel Janice Dickinson told “Entertainment Tonight” that Bill Cosby raped her back in 1982. But while this is the first time she’s spoken out publicly about her own alleged rape, she just about implied as much in a 2006 interview with Howard Stern, which the shock jock’s website chose [...]

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