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Zendaya asks woman body-shamed on Twitter to model her clothing line

It turns out modeling had always been a dream of the woman's, so the malicious attack actually worked out in her favor.

By age six girls are less likely to see themselves as brilliant

A new study shows that stereotyping of intelligence starts early with girls.

What’s being done to stop Trump’s refugee ban? It could be a long fight ahead

As massive protests broke out at most major airports over the weekend, some were quick to take legal action as well.

14 Bad-ass Grandmas Ready to Teach you a Lesson

Grandmas are funny. Well, not all grandmas are. Some people are blessed with incredibly humorous grandmas while others are graced with the super strict by the book ones. I have the latter from both sides. But, I won’t spoil your anticipation...Show More Summary

15+ Best Marriage Tweets of 2016

Many people say marriage is the end of a life of freedom and the beginning of a life where you have to consider the other person all the time. Some people say it’s the beginning of a happy life as one. Then, some people regret getting married. Marriage is supposed to be a great chapter […] The post 15+ Best Marriage Tweets of 2016 appeared first on momooze.

Madeleine Albright beautifully bashed Trump’s proposed refugee ban

"There is no fine print on the Statue of Liberty, and today she is weeping because of the actions of President Trump."

Melania Trump is tired of everyone making fun of her

The Trumps' lawyer fired back at Chelsea Handler for dissing the new first lady.

Mexican president cancels White House meeting after Trump pushes forward with his wall plan

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell estimated that building Trump's wall would cost about $12-15 billion. BILLION. Duh Mexico doesn't want to pay for it.

Angela Peoples is the hero we all need and she has a message for white feminists

Has a picture ever been so accurate? Angela Peoples, the black woman in the viral photo, has a message for white feminists.

Roxane Gay pulls forthcoming book from publisher in response to bigot Milo Yiannopoulos’s book deal

New York Times Bestselling author can't "in good conscience" do business with a publisher willing to give an alt-right leader a platform.

10 Most Loved Babies of 2016

Okay, so, social media has been nothing but full of political crap, horrendous breaking news and the occasional People Are Awesome videos we all love. Most of the time you just get frustrated going through them unless all your newsfeed shows are cats and cute animals. Show More Summary

Generation X spends more time on social media than millennials, says new study

It's not a gigantic difference, but it does prove that Generation X has no room to nag younger folks about how they spend their time.

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