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10 Fall Fashion Trends I Totally Support

Ahh, the changing seasons, the cooling temperatures, the falling leaves, the new excuses to shop for “must have” items for your closet. I have mixed feelings about fall fashion. On one hand, I love to have a good reason to blow some money on pretty things. On the other hand, I personally find fall fashion [...]

New Show Recap: Orange is the New Black, 2×12, “It Was the Change”

Orange is the New Black has had a great season. Being the penultimate episode, “It Was the Change” brought some permanent changes to Litchfield and our favorite and least favorite people.  As I have slowly predicted over the course of this season, Vee’s just deserts are on their way. Show More Summary

What I Learned By Not Shaving My Armpits For A Month

Four weeks ago, I took on a weird little personal challenge. I found myself wondering if having silky smooth, hairless armpits was something I actually chose for my life… or if I was basically screaming “I’ll do anything that western beauty standards tell me to do!” every time I bought a new pack of disposable razors. Show More Summary

Supreme Court To Rule On Online Threats

It’s three months away, but it’s groundbreaking and past due: This December, the Supreme Court will rule on whether online threats are protected by the First Amendment based on whether they qualify as a threat by the intent of the person making it, or by the way a “reasonable person” would interpret the threat. The [...]

PurrVerse: We All Have The Right To A Secret Identity

It was two and a half years ago that I presented at South By Southwest  on sex workers and social media, particularly on the dangers of “real name policies.” Sex workers are using social media, not only to talk to fans, but to talk to each other, to create community while still maintaining a level [...]

News in Europe: Referendum Day!

Greetings, citizens. It’s Scottish referendum day! History in the making! I’m firmly in the let’s-wait-and-see camp, so go follow the news broadcaster of your choice and meet me here next week to discuss the results. Meanwhile, in Ukraine. Show More Summary

Meet Vulvatron, GWAR’s New Frontwoman

Metal isn’t always the friendliest place for female musicians, but damn if GWAR isn’t switching things up in a serious way. The band was fronted by Dave Brockie for almost 30 years, until his death in March this year. They debuted their new female singer, Vulvatron, at Riot Fest in Chicago this weekend. Vulvatron will [...]

Every Horrifying Statistic You Need to Know About Nail Salons in NYC

Maybe re-think your next quickie manicure at that place around the corner from your apartment/office/bodega/favorite bar. According to Racked, nail salons in New York City are approximately 700% grosser than we ever imagined. More »Show More Summary

Why Multivitamins Might Actually Do More Harm Than Good

Why multivitamins might do more harm than good -Greatist Yoga for deep sleep -Alignyo One restaurant rewards customers for writing negative reviews on Yelp -Eater How to pour a correct serving of red wine, because size matters -Fit Sugar...Show More Summary

Customer Who Put His Hand On His Bartender’s Ass Messed With The Wrong Pissed Off Woman

An ex-New York City bartender/aspiring actress named Laura Ramadei penned an open letter to a customer named Brian Lederman, who groped her and said he wanted to order her”to go.” Then when she didn’t respond to his sexual harassment, Lederman — a hedge funder who she easily found online through a Google search, after he [...]

Party Favors: Welcome To The World, Plus-Size High Fashion

It’s about time there was a high fashion plus-size runway show. -HuffPo Style ‘One size fits all’ slippers do not apply to women with big feet. -Bustle The new Marchesa line features the Coachella dress of your dreams. -StyleList This...Show More Summary

Movies I’m Weirdly Obsessed With: Wish Upon a Star

Remember when Katherine Heigl wasn’t an often maligned TV star/rom-com maven? Remember when the Disney Channel had TV movies with budgets and plots that befit their low quality, limited audience reach, and very targeted appeal? WishShow More Summary

Society Fails A Teenager Who Wants An Abortion, Now Her Mom Is Going To Jail

You know how for the last, oh, several decades, pro-choice activists have been saying, “Look, if you make safe, doctor-supervised abortions harder to get, women are just going to go back to unsafe hanger abortions”? Well, it’s true. A Pennsylvania nursing home aide, Jennifer Whalen, is now going to serve 12 to 18 months in [...]

Chicago Bear Brandon Marshall Is Being Sued for Domestic Abuse

First Ray Rice, then Adrian Peterson, now Brandon Marshall: A third NFL player in just 10 days has been brought into the spotlight for allegedly abusing someone close to him. It’s not that September 2014 is just the equivalent of a full moon for NFL players, when all of a sudden they become violent toward [...]

The Easy Keeper: How to Adopt a Nice Dog

There are going to be times in your life when you need an easygoing, lower-trouble dog. Don’t feel guilty about it. Those dogs need good homes, too, and you aren’t obliged to adopt only project dogs. First of all, though, let me remind you that there is no such thing as a perfect dog. Your new dog will need training and... Read More

“DILFs Of Disneyland” Delivers Pictures Hot Dads Straight To Your Instagram Feed

If I were to actually wish upon a star as Disney so commonly pressures us to do, one of my wishes would definitely be regular access to a plethora of hot dads — not to approach, per se, just to admire from afar. Luckily, dreams occasionally do come true, and mine has arrived in the [...]

The End Zone: Is The 49ers New Stadium Cursed?

Don’t you just hate it when you spend over eight years and nearly $1.2 billion dollars to conceive and build the perfect new stadium, just to find out that oops, sorry, it is cursed as hell? Samesies, me too – but looks like that’s what the San Francisco 49ers are up against right now. In [...]

Man With Asperger Syndrome Builds Epic Cat Maze In His Home

Greg Krueger has four cats, and he’s spent the past 15 years turning his Minnesota home into a feline fun house. The house has almost 100 yards of raised catwalks, mazes, nooks in the walls for the cats to crawl through, and lots of fancy woodwork. Krueger doesn’t plan to stop adding onto the project [...]

Make It Stop: “My Neighbor Just Wants To Gab All The Time”

Make It Stop is a new weekly column in which Anna Goldfarb — the blogger behind Shmitten Kitten and Shlooby Kitten — tells you what’s up. Want a fresh take on a stinky dilemma? Email with the subject “Make It Stop.” She’ll make it all better, or at least make you laugh. Girl Scout’s honor. First up, [...]

Jay Z And Beyoncé Are Collaborating On A New Album, And Now My Heart Is Full

Divorce? C’MAN. We don’t believe you, you need more people! Everyone was making out like Bey-Z was getting divorced once the On the Run Tour was over, and instead they’re like, “PSYCH! We’re making an album together.” It’ll be released late this year or early next year. You know what that means, right? It means [...]

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