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President Chris Christie Will Recriminalize Pot In States That Have Legalized It

That should go over well with the majority of Americans who support legalization. 

Dr. Suniti Solomon, India’s Pioneering HIV Researcher, Died This Week

Plus, did you know that marital rape was legal in the United States through the mid-80s? No wonder Donald Trump is still stuck in that decade...

Ten Things Not To Say to a Writer

Ten Things Not To Say To a Writer is a trending hashtag on Twitter at the moment. A lot of what was said really struck a chord with me. I mean, I know I am not some mega-successful author like J.K. Rowling (not yet, anyway), but I am a writer and still get ridiculous comments.  … Continue reading Ten Things Not To Say to a Writer

We Try It: Quorn’s Bacon Style Slices

A lot of vegetarians I know miss the flavor of bacon and it is one of the hardest tastes to replicate when cooking. Unfortunately, for the most part, fake bacon just doesn’t pass muster; the texture, taste, and saltiness just don’t match. Now Quorn, maker of assorted imitation meats, has thrown its hat into the … Continue reading We Try It: Quorn’s Bacon Style Slices

Caregiving: Delicate

It is easy to get lost in jargon when talking about mental health. I endeavour to keep conversation comfortable; I talk about my husband’s mental health issues. Issues. It is such a delightfully benign word to use. Issues. It suggests an easy to read pamphlet. Bullet points, perhaps? Issues. In my attempt to be delicate, … Continue reading Caregiving: Delicate

Rihanna Wanted To March In Baltimore And Play A Show, But Police Wouldn’t Let Her

Plus, Hulk Hogan's sex tape shitshow gets more scandalous and some dudes want to tell you about blowjobs. Also, a Birkin bag won't be called a Birkin bag soon. Tuesday!

PoC News in America

This week, I had a lot of feelings about the busy week in news. Let’s get to it. Sandra Bland was laid to rest this past weekend. Initial autopsy reports may indicate that her death was not a homicide but Bland’s family  (and logic) says otherwise. For a summary of events, you can read actor … Continue reading PoC News in America

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