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Forgotify, the Last Frontier: “Faces”

Memo to musicians: Please, for the love of everything, stop using dorky backup vocals. David Wooster Atkinson, from what I can tell, is a self-produced and self-marketed musician, which is what so many of us are becoming in response to greedy record labels. Sure, we get to keep the profits, but when marketing an album can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars,... Read More

Nikki Ferrell And Juan Pablo Galavis Are Over

Nikki Ferrell has dumped former “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis! Rejoice! Yesterday, Ferrell unfollowed Galavis on social media and posted this cryptic quote on Instagram: “Isn’t it pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove that they weren’t even worth a second of it. Nope not one single [...]

Oh, Thank God, There’s A New OK Go Music Video

Crappy things that have happened today: The water main by my apartment was being worked on with no notice, so I had to book it to a café to work so that I could pee during my work day The café totally forgot that I paid for food and a drink A post got messed [...]

31 Days of Halloween — Day 27, Such Links to Show You

October is almost over, which means it’s nearly time to say goodbye to our annual horror series, 31 Days of Halloween. As we round up this year’s posts, here’s a quick look at some horror-related writings around the web. I’m a jaded old horror fan, so coming across something that genuinely scares me is a rarity. “Screwfly Solution” by James... Read More

CBC Host Jian Ghomeshi Fired After Accusations Of Abuse

Canadian Broadcasting Company host Jian Ghomeshi was fired over allegations of abuse. Three women say that Ghomeshi was violent towards them before and during sexual encounters they say were not consensual. [Death and Taxes] Brazilian employers are often racist and insulting toward their maids, according to a Twitter account which retweets such insults in order [...]

Beyoncé Is Partnering With Topshop For A New Fashion Line

Beyoncé will be expanding her entertainment company, Parkwood, to include a new, as-yet-unnamed fashion line in partnership with Topshop, one of Bey’s favorite brands. It’ll be debuting for Fall 2015. Her previous fashion line, House of Dereon, was discontinued in 2012. The new line isn’t just a celebrity collaboration with Topshop — the CEO of [...]

Prepping for NaNoWriMo: Quick, What’s Your NaNo Story About?

Guys, I’m super excited about NaNo this year. My book Sole Possession started out as a NaNo project! I had to throw big chunks of my first draft away, though, because I didn’t plan enough up front. In this writing challenge and the ones in the next two weeks, I am going to try to save us all from that fate! OK, so... Read More

Five Classic Scary Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Halloween is almost here! If you’re not in the spirit yet, here are five classic films guaranteed to spook you! 1. Nosferatu (1922) The infamous silent movie that set the standard for vampire movies. It’s loosely based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the vampire in this film is pretty nasty, unlike the sparkly, devastatingly gorgeous vampires we see today. It’s... Read More

16 Pieces Of Advice From The Women’s Bathroom At This Café

I don’t know what inspires people to not just graffiti bathroom walls, but actually write commands. And it’s ubiquitous — at least half of what you’ll read in any bathroom is a command of some sort. Bathroom graffiti-ers know that you’ve got nothing else to look at while you’re on the john (I mean, presumably), [...]

Health Today: Everyone Rejoice, Chocolate Can Improve Your Memory

Chocolate is proven to improve memory, and all of your dreams just came true -Eater Love pumpkin? Here are 6 healthy recipes you need in your arsenal -Alignyo We need to talk about men dressing up as fat women for Halloween -HuffPo Women...Show More Summary

New Show Recap: The Good Wife 6×06: “Old Spice”

Look down at your desk — now back to me: I’m on a horse. This is the blog your blog could smell like if it used Old Spice. This episode certainly smelled Old Spice-y — the pace is picking up now that Alicia’s campaign is off to a raging start! Alicia was being pressured to make a public statement of faith for the... Read More

Pregnant Marathoners Don’t Care If You Think They Shouldn’t Be Running

The New York Times has an incredible story up this morning, profiling elite marathoners running through – and after – their pregnancies. Depending on your own beliefs about exercise and pregnancy you’re probably going to fall into two...Show More Summary

Rejoice! Hollywood’s Hottest DILF, Ryan Gosling, Has Gone Back To Work!

Ryan Gosling, no doubt sporting that sexy new dad smell (spit-up + baby-wearing sweat + the natural musk of a man with potent semen and little sleep), has emerged from wherever he’s been hiding with baby Esmeralda and girlfriend Eva Mendes! The actor was spotted on the set of “The Nice Guys” in Atlanta with [...]

No, Jaylen Fryberg Was Not Mentally Ill

Radar is calling it “shocking” and “bizarre” that Jaylen Fryberg’s friends and classmates miss him, that they have good things to say about him, and that they’ve built a memorial for him by the memorials for his victims at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School fence. Late last week, Fryberg shot and killed one classmate and seriously [...]

News in Asia Loves Links

This week’s version of “News in Asia” is linky because it’s hard to write with a five-month-old in your arms (even if she is adorable). Auntie duty calls. [Trigger warning for rape and violence against trans women.] India celebrated Diwali, its Festival of Lights this week. Here are some images of the celebration. An indictment of three Japanese executives over... Read More

Taylor Swift’s Dad Photobombs Her Album Release

You know that moment when your parents contribute lovingly goofy photobombs to your social media stream, forever diminishing any attempt at putting out some aloof “cool factor”? The same thing happened to Taylor Swift today when her dad peeked into her Instagram frame as she celebrated the release of her new album, further cementing her status [...]

Gene Simmons Proudly Tells Women To “Stop Depending On Men,” Womankind Collectively Rolls Eyes

In promoting his new book (which I am too irritated to even link to) on Fox News’ “Trending With Tantaros,” KISS frontman Gene Simmons proclaimed that we ladies need to stop leeching off our men because so many dudes walk out anyway, and that we should just actively plan for abandonment instead. Gene, what’s the deal [...]

Lunchtime Poll: Overthrow the Pumpkinarchy

As a lover of a limited number of pumpkin-related things (baked goods and soup, mostly) it pains me to write this, but pumpkin-mania is exhausting. We live in the Internet age, where attention spans are short and ruckus-raising abounds, there’s no reason pumpkin condoms and coffees should still exist in 2014.  We need to do our part for Internet culture and... Read More

Man Chokes Woman He Met Online Because She Didn’t Match Her Profile

Another post about a guy responding in an abusive manner towards a woman who didn’t adhere to his expectations? you may be thinking. I promise, we will stop posting about the topic just as soon as stories about the violent manifestations of pervasive male entitlement stop filling the news cycle. You can hold me to [...]

Debate This: Men, Why Is The Pressure To Pursue Women So Painful And Difficult For You?

Bye Felipe is an Instagram collection of Tinder creeps curated by Alexandra Tweten, an Los Angeles-based journalist inspired by her own bad experiences on Tinder. The difference between Bye Felipe (the name is inspired by the “Bye, Felicia” meme) and other blogs dedicated to exposing assholes on dating sites is the particular kind of asshole [...]

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