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Look at these cute puppy gifs and keep ignoring Inauguration Day

There's really no avoiding the simple facts that Trump is now president and everything is terrible. But, that doesn't mean you can't attempt to find a little beauty in life to keep yourself from falling into a deep despair.

#ThankYouObamas is the only thing that matters today

The only thing on everybody's mind today: Please don't go. But since that's not an option, thank you.

Perdue Single And Hungry Season 2

The post Perdue Single And Hungry Season 2 appeared first on TheGloss.

Serena Williams will make you apologize if you throw shade at her game

Despite her win, some idiot at a press conference afterwards thought it was a good idea to insult the tennis goddess and question her game.

Everyone needs to hear Samantha Bee bash Trump’s treasury secretary pick

She reminded everyone exactly how much bullshit Trump was talking about draining the swamp.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters been trill

Does this look like the face of a woman you want to try?

No, You Can’t Have a Wolfdog

One of the lesser-known challenges faced by animal welfare organizations is what to do with wolf dogs (or, as we referred to them, wolf hybrids). Our rescue only dealt with this issue one time, and it came as a complete surprise to us. We found two adorable, but very odd-looking puppies with ears perched oddly … Continue reading No, You Can’t Have a Wolfdog

13 states have laws that will instantly criminalize abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned in Trump’s America

On top of just not being able to go to a clinic to end a pregnancy, women and doctors could literally be fined, go to jail, and/or have a criminal record if they attempt to get or perform the procedure.

Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid might be battling through sexy Instagram photos, and no one’s complaining

The possibly made-up, possibly very real tension between the two stars comes from the fact that Gomez started dating The Weeknd, who Hadid used to date.

People want Obama to step down a day early so Joe Biden can be president for 24 hours

Some simply want to ruin all of Trump's "45th president" merchandise already made and ready for Inauguration Day, and I respect that level of petty vengeance.

A baby abducted from the hospital in 1998 was found alive, living with her alleged kidnapper

Mobley was abducted from the hospital by a woman dressed as a nurse right after she was born on July 10, 1998.

Oh great, Trump will keep tweeting from his personal account as president

It would be in everyone's best interest for his administration and trained professionals to tweet for him, but it would also be in everyone's best interest for a trained professional to run the country, so what can you do.

North Dakota votes down marriage equality even though it’s already legal

Seriously, North Dakota? This is just a formality at this point — you guys are just being incredibly bigoted and stubborn.

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