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15 Braided Hairstyles for Girls That Are Both Dainty and Neat

Braided hairstyles for girls are so awesomely beautiful that Disney made them even more famous. Elsa’s braid was so popular, it was unreal. Then, many girls tried to copy Rapunzel’s braid to the best of their hair thickness’ ability....Show More Summary

10 Green Baby Products That are Actually Worth Buying

As an eco-conscious parent, you want your baby to use green products. However, it’s not easy “going green”. Much of the green marketplace has fallen victim to “greenwashing,” which is when companies claim that their products are eco-conscious even though they still contain harmful ingredients. Show More Summary

What You Need to Know for Planning One Killer Easter Brunch

You don’t have to be religious to celebrate Easter, this we know. Why? Because who doesn’t love a roast and pastel egg-shaped plates? Who doesn’t love Rosé in a plastic champagne glass with a little paper rabbit haphazardly taped on? Nobody doesn’t love that. Show More Summary

The Coolest Parents Ever Make Recreate Movie Scenes from Cardboard

Some parents buy toys for their kids. Some take them to different places in the world. Others would encourage a hobby. While some, recreate movies out of cardboard boxes with their kids. Yes, you read me right. Lilly, Leon and Orson make up the small Mackie family with a huge imagination and incomparable creativity. Show More Summary

30+ Adorable Easter Crafts to Make with your Kids

Easter is right around the corner and egg hunts will be the only thing your kids will ever talk about for the next days to come. You can tide them over and keep the excitement with Easter crafts you can make together. Much like how Christmas...Show More Summary

30+ Woodland Baby Shower Invites You’d Go Crazy For

Well, we’ve already created a post dedicated solely to your woodland baby shower needs. Then, we thought, why not create one dedicated just for woodland baby shower invites? Clearly, the first post was not enough to satiate your need for more invite inspirations. Show More Summary

14 Disney Hairstyles for Your Little Girl to Channel Her Inner Princess

Disney hairstyles are the bomb. I’ve always wondered if an actual human being can pull off Elsa’s braid or if Pocahontas’ super straight hair can be Au naturale. I’ve pulled off Mulan’s hairstyle in Mulan 1 & 2. Yes, I’m Asian and I have naturally straight hair which made Mulan’s hair doable. Show More Summary

In the Bedroom, Relationships, and More: Men Tell Women the Secrets They Wish We Knew

Sometimes we want to hear what men think... Sometimes we don't. This is both of those times.

Guys Describe What It Feels Like Inside of a Woman’s V

Ladies, ever wondered what guys feel when they're inside of you? Well, here's your chance to find out.

8 Burning Questions You Have About Peens

Look, we've all be mystified by the idea of having a peen. Here are the answers to the questions you were too afraid to ask.

Trend Alert: Woodland Rocking 2017 Baby Showers

Ever thought of having a woodland baby shower for your baby? Consider it your chance to channel your inner Snow White or Pocahontas you’ve been dying to let out. No one is going to question your fantasy because woodland baby shower themes...Show More Summary

20+ Sugar-Free Homemade Treats Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

Sugar-free homemade treats are usually a no-no for our kids’ palates. They think because it’s sugar-free or has less sugar it wouldn’t taste as good. To be honest, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Chocolate chip cookies will still taste good to them even if you use sugar-free chocolate chips. Show More Summary

30+ Jaw Dropping Playhouse Ideas that you Would Want to Live in

Playhouses have been a part of childhood for a very long time. They were called doll houses and many toy manufacturers have taken advantage of the doll house craze. Remember Polly Pockets? It’s a pocket-sized dollhouse for little plastic dolls your child can bring with her. Show More Summary

How To Start Working With Brands As An Influencer

What makes influencers stand out in such a crowded blogosphere?

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