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Party Favors: Female Tech Execs In Undies, Cute or Sexist?

Is this ad featuring female tech execs in underwear cute or sexist? -HuffPo Style There are tons of things you can do with Vaseline, so get your jelly on. -StyleList Scarlett Johansson & Planned Parenthood designed an awesome tee. -Bustle...Show More Summary

The Science of Race: Is it Genetic or a Social Construct?

[Original publication date: Nov. 16, 2011] In response to my Ask a Nerd post, Lucia asked: I have a science question that is very unpopular.  I do not mean to be offensive, I really do want a good scientific answer to understand these ideas.  So, here goes”: Is there a genetic basis for racial differences?  I am a social scientist... Read More

“Female” is an Adjective: You Got Your Grammar in My Feminism!

[Original publication date: Oct. 21, 2011] First things first. Yes, I know “female” is also a noun. It’s not necessary to bust out the Merriam-Webster to prove me wrong. I have a few editions of my own. But all technicalities aside, language is a living, ever-changing entity, and how we choose to use words is important. They have meaning beyond... Read More

26 Back-To-School Beauty Products Every College Student Needs

This post is brought to you by our friends at Gurl. For many of you, college has probably already started. You’ve probably already moved into your dorm room, and you might even be attending classes at this very moment. But I would bet...Show More Summary

Kim Kardashian Is “Waist Training” Now

Nope, not weight training … waist training. Kim Kardashian posted the above Instagram selfie which shows her wearing a contraption similar to a corset but expressly for the purpose of narrowing the waist permanently. It seems Kim doesn’t think her figure is hourglass enough, so she’s going to extreme measures to get results. I find [...]

The Most Memorable Moments From The 2014 MTV VMAs

Hey! So you probably noticed The Frisky was down all day. We seem to be up and running — FOR NOW!!!! — so I can finally bring you this hilariously late recap of last night’s MTV VMAs. I know, you forgot it happened already. Without the promise of Miley Cyrus’s flapjacks twerking against Robin Thicke’s [...]

Style Superlatives: The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Did y’all catch the MTV VMAs last night? It was quite a show, what with Blue Ivy showing up to steal the spotlight with just a few dance moves. But before I get to recapping the show, let’s review what Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and more wore by handing out some style [...]

Frisky Eats: 10 Crispy Wonton Bites

Sometimes, the best things come in little packages. Correction: crispy little packages that melt in your mouth. Getting hungry? Here are 10 recipes for wontons that will deliver little bites of AMAZING straight into your mouth.

Olivia Wilde Dumps “Breast Milk” On Her Head For #ALSIceBucketChallenge

There is no fucking way Olivia Wilde actually doused herself with breast milk for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge — but pretty funny anyway! Suge Knight, the co-founder of Death Row Records, was shot six times at Chris Brown’s album release party in Los Angeles on Sunday morning. Police say the shooting could be gang-related, given Knight’s connection [...]

Racism And White Feminists: 3 Ways To Be An Ally

[Original publication date: Dec. 19, 2013] I’ve been a teaching assistant for about a year and a half now, and a mentor through the women’s studies major a year prior to that. I have interacted with several students ranging from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and opinions. But none have been quite as special as my white female feminist students. By... Read More

No Touching! And Other Useful Rules for Tattoo Etiquette

[Original publication date: July 21, 2011] Anyone who has been around me (either online or in real life) for the past week or so knows how very, very irritated I was by the “tattoo etiquette” piece from the New York Times‘ City Critic. The writer, Neil Genzlinger, interviewed NY Ink star Ami James – that part actually isn’t so bad – and... Read More

Party Favors: Stop Holding Those Pearly Whites Back

If you want brighter pearly whites, stop having these bad habits. -StyleList Britney Spears has something to say about Katy Perry bringing denim back. -Bustle No one will mistake you for boring in these colorful party dresses. -Refinery29...Show More Summary

9 Lies the Internet Tells You About Bed Bugs

[Original publication date: April 23, 2014] As some of our readers may recall, I was recently infested with bed bugs. It was an unholy nightmare of creepy reveals, itching extremities, and, well, nightmares.  After attempting to fight them on my own for months, armed with earth- and pet-friendly pesticides, a vacuum cleaner, a bottle of bleach water, and a handheld... Read More

Taylor Swift Really Is A Feminist

Taylor Swift reveals she’s been a feminist all this time -HuffPo Women Get glowing summer skin with this DIY body oil -Alignyo This is the perfect weight-loss smoothie -Fit Sugar How to tell if he’s into you…or just your body -Your …...Show More Summary

A Letter to Decent Men: Let’s Talk About Physical Arrogance

[Original publication date: Feb. 28, 2014] Dear Men, Dear Decent Men, This is not a letter to misogynists or selfish jerks, who aren’t going to pay attention to what I have to say anyway. It’s a letter to good, decent men who might not realize that they’re doing something that really frustrates a lot of women in their lives. It’s... Read More

10 Struggles Only Curvy Girls Will Understand

This post is brought to you by our friends at Teen. Skinny girls have problems they face every day, but curvy girls also have struggles that are just as real! If you’ve been blessed with a large chest, small waist and ample hips andShow More Summary

Shop The Trend: Tassels!

Weaving is my current obsession and I’m so excited because this weekend, I’m taking a workshop with THE It Girl of weaving right now, Maryanne Moodie. Her woven tapestries make such great use of color and texture, and I love how she ties in chunky tassels throughout each piece. Tassels are everywhere in fashion these [...]

The Best Behind-The-Scenes Instagrams From The 2014 VMAs, From Drunk Katy Perry To Topless Kesha

The 2014 VMAs are officially over, but the behind-the-scenes Instagram pictures will last us a lifetime. More » The Best Behind-The-Scenes Instagrams From The 2014 VMAs, From Drunk Katy Perry To Topless Kesha is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

Useful Pictures for Facebook Comments that Annoy You

[Original publication date: July 16, 2013] I absolutely love that Facebook has finally enabled picture comments. While gifs don’t actually work (yet??), there are still plenty of fun ways to respond to the tomfoolery on your feed when words fail you entirely. Show More Summary

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