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Thursday Style: Mary Jane Outfit Inspiration

1.|2.|3.|4.|5.|6.|7.|8. Who loves chunky heels and Mary Jane shoes? Me, I’m fond of! Today’s outfit has a vintage twist with a pair of embroidered daddy jeans from ModCloth and the burgundy chunky-heeled shoes that I believe will sold...Show More Summary

These women got their pussies into formation outside Trump Tower for the best reason

The group's signs (which should truly be commended) said things like, "GOP Hands Off Me," "Pussies In Formation," "Pussy Grabs Back," and "Cunt Touch This," many in reference to the "grab them by the pussy" without their consent heard round the world. I'm also pretty sure that phrase was responsible

Hi, here are maggots crawling all over KFC chicken, bye

Mmm, just what you want with your extra crispy fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Adorable kids are recreating Solange’s album cover and it’s making the world seem better

Michaela Lemoine, mother of Ahnari, told BuzzFeed News that her daughter wanted to recreate the album cover the second her daughter saw the cover. Lemoine says her daughter put the clips in herself and her mom just had to "fix them." The image of this is so cute I almost fell off my entire chair …

No women won Nobel Prizes this year, but Bob Dylan won for literature

Look guys, I know people have won the award who didn't specifically write books, but come the fuck on guys. Zero women? After 115 years of having depressing-ass statistics for award women? And at a time when women are killing it? And, weirder still, Trump was freaking nominated for a Nobel Prize

Nancy Grace walked out of an interview after being accused of exploiting dead kids, because facts are hard

Her self-titled show on HLN may be coming to an end, but there's no way she could leave without a little controversy.

Two women have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault

One woman, Jessica Leeds, told The New York Times  she had a disgusting encounter with Trump 30 years ago.

20+ Reasons why Ryan Reynolds Rocks as a Dad

Ryan Reynolds – a name attached to one of the best Marvel movies in my book. He’s not only THE perfect guy to play Deadpool not only because of his disgustingly addictive sense of humor and dripping in sarcasm personality but because he’s a such a fun guy in his movies! And, based on his […] The post 20+ Reasons why Ryan Reynolds Rocks as a Dad appeared first on momooze.

University of Maryland might charge students $34 a year to help with their sexual assaults

That's right. The school's plan is to start charging students a mandatory fee to handle Title IX complaints because there are so many cases they can't afford to handle them all properly. For real. Are you openly weeping yet? I'm openly weeping, so I just assumed you were, too.

Gabrielle Union is totally fine with you not seeing ‘Birth of a Nation’ amid sexual assault controversy

After months of intense advertising, the film brought in a measly $7.1 million in ticket sales, not doubt related to the fact that the director, writer, producer, and star hasn't been able to escape a sexual assault controversy from his past.

The 6 most cringe-worthy defenses of Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comment

Believe it or not, it actually does get worse than "oh, it was just locker room banter!"

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