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How to Be an Ally (as Shown by Adele)

It's been almost a week since Adele's 25 won the 2017 Grammy for Album of the Year over Queen Bey's Lemonade. In the days since the upset (and it was an upset by all definitions of the word), much has been said about whether Adele's not-so-acceptance speech was the right thing to do. Some praised her, while some…

Foreign Words to Help You Describe Falling in Love

Sometimes English just doesn't have the words to describe it. Luckily, these other languages do!

#HurtBae Is Devastating but Let’s Call It What It Is…

#HurtBae has taken over the Internet, but no one has really called it what it is: a really relatable example of emotional abuse

Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Be Having More Orgasms

Because they can make your life so much better and healthier, according to science.

Open Your Mind: Non-Monogamous Dating Styles Explained

Thinking about opening up your relationship? Here are some ways that people make it work.

10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for School Girls

Let’s face it. There are times that moms sleep in – not on purpose but sometimes we just get so tired getting up early every morning. Because of these once in a while circumstance, we have less time to get our kids ready for school especially if you send them with packed lunches. Then, you […] The post 10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for School Girls appeared first on momooze.

7 Ways to Surviving Your First Swingers Party

If you've been wanting to engage in a sex party and just don't know what the hell to do, I've got some tips for you.

This Year I Played Designer ( And Got The Coziest Winter!)

What’s your favorite piece of clothing in winter? I mean, something that will keep you warm AND amazingly good looking at the same time.

11 Movies to Watch to Forget That It’s Valentine’s Day

Don't have anyone to snuggle up to this Valentine's Day? Here are some movies to watch instead.

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