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The DEA’s new marijuana regulations will hurt children and the disabled most

Much is rightfully made of the racist implications of the War on Drugs, but criminalizing medical marijuana has deeply ableist implications, as well.

Here are the 9 best moments from Michelle Obama’s final interview with Oprah

Leave it to Oprah to know we all needed just one more hour  with Michelle Obama before all hell breaks loose.

Judge responsible for Brock Turner’s light sentence cleared of any misconduct

How do you prove and then punish the thought process that went into giving a man convicted of  three felony sexual assault charges   just six months. Apparently you don't.

People are trolling Ivanka Trump’s boots on Amazon in the best way

That people are on Amazon trolling Ivanka's clothing line sort of gives me hope.

12 Slow Cook Dinners to Get you Through this Winter

Slow cook dinners are super convenient. You can put them together ahead of time without having that big worry it’ll burn. You can leave it to slow cook, check and stir once in a while, and then serve it when you’re ready to. There’s plenty of slow cook dinner choices you can make. Show More Summary

15+ Brilliant Slumber Party Ideas to Glam Up the Night

I remember the first time I had a slumber party I was scared to death. I wasn’t really comfortable talking to girls or being in a crowd, but it turned out better than I expected. Holding a slumber party for your girls is such a great...Show More Summary

This Dad’s Instagram Account About Parenting is Absolutely Hilarious!

Parenting is like an abstract painting that’s very beautiful even in the eyes of ordinary people. You don’t have to have an artist’s eye to understand the beauty of it’s day to day mess. Did you know that the most like photos onlineShow More Summary

Khloé Kardashian’s new relationship with new dad Tristan Thompson is extremely not cute

Even for a reality star who has built a career on appropriation, black stereotypes, reality TV and sleeping with black men, this is low.

Congress closes Flint water investigation, as politicians continue to fail the city at every turn

The report not only fails to offer any new information about what happened or how to solve the problem, but essentially turns the Flint water crisis into a partisan issue and an attack on the EPA's climate change efforts.

This man stood up to homophobic bullies by running 401 marathons in 401 days

Oh, and just in case you're too tired to do the math, yes, that is totally 1 marathon every day for over a freaking year!!!

Charlotte repeals trans bathroom protection ahead of North Carolina’s expected HB2 reversal

It's indicative of the kind of world we're living in that an anti-discriminatory law has to be repealed so a discriminatory law can be trashed. A dumpster fire that continues to burn, basically.

A woman found a venomous snake around her Christmas tree, in case you forgot we’re living in the End Times

" Cheryl from Frankston got an early Christmas surprise this morning when she found a new decoration had been added to her tree." CHERYL!!!

Pittsburgh lawmakers ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors

When this ban becomes law, Pittsburgh will join other cities like Cincinnati, Miami Beach, and Seattle to take a stand against conversion therapy.

Well, this is huge: A woman just had the first baby using an egg frozen in childhood

Moaza Al-Matrooshi made medical history as the world's first woman to give birth with the tissue from an ovary frozen before she reached puberty.

Brave sex shop employees used dildos to fight off an armed robber

Perhaps the criminals of the world will now think twice before making a dick move in a store filled with dicks.

Julia Roberts is set to star in her first TV show, and it might not totally suck

Julia Roberts has been a leading lady in films for more than 25 years, but has never jumped over to TV.

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