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Bill Cosby: “People Should Fact Check”

“I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos. People should fact check. People shouldn’t have to go through that and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.” Yesterday, alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby finally “broke his silence” about the controversy surrounding him in an interview with Florida [...]

Charts For People Obsessed With “Serial”

WE ARE ALL LAURA. (See more amazing charts for “Serial” podcast obsessives over at The Bold Italic.)

‘Sweet Peach’ Probiotic, Developed By Two Men, Will Make Women’s Vaginas Smell Like Peaches

Two science startup dudes introduced a new product idea this week: a probiotic supplement that will make women’s vaginas smell like peaches. Austin Heinz and Gilad Gome, the founders of biotech startups Cambrian Genomics and Personalized Probiotics respectively, previewed their plans for a line of customer-specific probiotics, including the “Sweet Peach,” at the Nov. 19 [...]

Beyonce Throws The Best Hotel Party Ever In Video For “7/11?

Beyonce has blessed us once again with a music video to end all music videos for her new song “7/11.” The vid, which appears to be shot on an actual damn iPhone, shows Bey and her girls getting silly in a hotel room, having the ultimate dance party, using everything from Red Solo cups to [...]

This Weekend Open Thread Really Doesn’t Miss Living in Buffalo

I mean, holy crap. I grew up in Buffalo. I’ve seen my fair share of snow. I’ve seen my share of snow accumulating by the foot in short periods of time. I’ve had school close for several days because you just couldn’t get there. But what they got this week is RIDICULOUS. Stay inside, people. Or at least make sure... Read More

Robin Williams’ Kids Are “Trying To Stay Strong”

Robin Williams’ eldest son Zak Williams told People that he and his family are doing their best to carry on since the actor’s passing. Williams said it’s important to him that people know they’re doing okay, but that “it’s tremendously sad … we’re trying to stay strong … we’re experiencing the new normal now.” [People; HuffPost] Dave [...]

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Is Resigning

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is negotiating his resignation. [Salon] The police have been lying about the distance between Mike Brown’s body and Darren Wilson’s car, which affects the argument about whether Wilson was genuinely in danger and thus justified in shooting to kill. [RawStory] Meanwhile, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has compared the company’s struggles [...]

This Week in Misogyny

There was a ton of great writing about Bill Cosby this week, and because there needs to be balance in the universe or some shit, a corresponding amount of truly heinous commentary. Let’s dive on in. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) On Bill Cosby I can’t possibly round up everything that was written about Bill Cosby’s... Read More

Yet Another “50 Shades Of Grey” Trailer Has Arrived

Universal is baiting us with another “50 Shades Of Grey” ad just a week after the big reveal of the movie’s official trailer. This one is a TV spot featuring a Beyonce song once again and pretty much a recycled version of the same three or so clips we’ve already seen. I mean, at least this [...]

16 Weekender Bags For Your Next Getaway

In the hierarchy of bags, the weekender is an oft-overlooked gem. That’s a bummer, because when a regular purse won’t do, it’s the perfect midsize stand-in for the gym, work, and of course, a weekend jaunt. Shopping for them always makes me daydream of some spontaneous getaway scenario in which I decide to head somewhere [...]

In Honor Of Mike Nichols, A Defense Of Mrs. Robinson

Losing a creative visionary is always tragic — and we’ve just lost one of the most creative visionaries of the film world. Esteemed director Mike Nichols died today at age 83 of undisclosed causes. Though the name may not ring a bell immediately, you’ve probably seen at least one movie from his portfolio of dark, thoughtful films: Closer, Charlie Wilson’s War,... Read More

12 Ways To Pamper Your Body To Show It How Grateful You Are

If Thanksgiving is the season to be thankful, don’t you think you should be spending a little bit of time being thankful for… you? Everyone needs to put in the effort to take care of herself once in a while, and this week seems like the perfect time. Show More Summary

PM News: How To DIY Your Very Own Faux Fur Vest

DIY your own faux fur vest with this super-simple tutorial. -College Fashion Taylor Swift's look has changed since she moved to NYC! -Ok! Magazine Come see the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show models on Instagram. -Popsugar 21 celebs you probably didn't know are vegetarians. Show More Summary

This Is What It’s Like To Grow Up With A Hoarder Mother

I never questioned whether it was normal that my mother received packages of sweaters and costume jewelry from eBay on a daily basis. I never contemplated whether it was standard operating procedure to build two walls’ worth of closets in the basement because the ones in the main part of the house were already crammed. Show More Summary

Why Aren’t Victims Of Cults Treated With More Seriousness And Respect?

Yesterday, I wrote a response to a Refinery 29 profile of an anonymous Scientologist named “Elaine” which I believe glossed over very serious allegations of abuse within the Church and ultimately served as a piece of PR masquerading as “journalism.” I took issue with a number of aspects of writer Kelsey Miller’s reporting on this [...]

Friday News Bites: Marriage Equality in Montana + More

Yeah, I’m busy on Facebook liking every single positive mention of marriage equality in my state. My whole timeline is one big victory lap from everyone I know who has hoped for this moment. And while Montana’s victory is no more momentous than any other state embracing marriage equality — like South Carolina also did this week — this is the state... Read More

Health Today: Texting Is Hazardous To Your Health

5 ways texting is slowly destroying your health -Bustle Why you should own both day and night lip treatments -The Frisky An attempt to censor a lingerie ad went seriously, horribly wrong -The Gloss 7 cold weather skincare care mistakes...Show More Summary

Kickstartable: Element Botanicals Project Make. More. Grow.

This week’s Kickstartable spoke to me because HELLO WINTER. As soon as the air turns cold, my skin turns dry and cracked. I am always looking for quality skin products that can up my moisture retention rate. Element Botanicals seems to have products that will fit that bill. Their Project Make. More. Grow. will help get their products onto more... Read More

Frisky Q&A: Secrets In Lace Co-Founder Daniel Whitsett On Classic Looks, Body Positivity & Vintage Style Icons

Lingerie brand Secrets In Lace turns back the clock to a time when lingerie was beautifully made to last. The brand is the world’s largest seller of 100% nylon stockings, which are manufactured on the same machines once used to make the high-quality stockings of the 1950?s. Secrets In Lace also sells garter belts, bullet bras, [...]

Jon Stewart Got All Lovey Dovey On “Colbert”

It’s been interesting watching Jon Stewart do the media rounds to promote his movie, “Rosewater,” after building a long career out of lampooning the American news media. For example, prior to this week, the last time Stewart appeared on CNN was in 2004, when he got the “Crossfire” audience to applaud the idea that “Crossfire” [...]

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