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10+ Super Cute Dog Portraits You’d Want to Look at All Day

Dogs are cute. There’s no doubt about that. Those puppy dog eyes always get the best of us. No human being, unless you’re heartless, is immune to that. But, aside from the puppy dog eyes these canines have mastered, you’d be surprised how expressive they can be. Show More Summary

A Bag Full Of Life

A Bag Full Of Life I don’t know about you, but one of the feelings that I’m experiencing lately while shopping is a mix of happiness and discomfort. FemaleJungle

Top 20 Trending Baby Names for Boys in 2017

It’s another year and for sure, many baby boys will be born this year. One of the hardest parts in preparing for a baby is agreeing on a name. Sometimes parents wait until the birth before they decide. In case you can’t decide, we’ve gathered the top trending names for boys this year. So, grab […] The post Top 20 Trending Baby Names for Boys in 2017 appeared first on momooze.

9 Sexy Movies That Aren’t ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

Okay. I'll say it. Fifty Shades Darker wasn't that good. Here are some alternatives to the Fifty Shades franchise for your next sexy movie night.

The Top 20 Trending Baby Girl Names for 2017

So, we did names for boys already, and we enjoyed the heck out of it. Now, we’re going to sum up the top baby names for girls this year. This list will be filled with dainty, elegant and feminine names that you will fall in love with. Again, grab a pen and paper and jot […] The post The Top 20 Trending Baby Girl Names for 2017 appeared first on momooze.

Exes Playing “Truth or Drink” is the #HurtBae Antidote You Need

Watching exes who make you sad on the internet is so last week. Try this on for size instead.

Katy Perry Is Still on Her Awesome Political Grind in Her New Video

Katy Perry 2020? Probably not, but this video does make a serious statement.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Having Sex With a Big D

If you're dating a guy who has a really large one and don't know how to quite handle it, here's what you should do...

Things That Women Should Never, Ever Do

Here's a collection of my absolute favorite "woman rules" from the internet. Enjoy.

LOL: Republican Official Thinks Equal Pay for Women Is Unfair to Men

James Green may have resigned, but we can still pick apart his flawed logic so no one ever uses it again!

How to Be an Ally (as Shown by Adele)

It's been almost a week since Adele's 25 won the 2017 Grammy for Album of the Year over Queen Bey's Lemonade. In the days since the upset (and it was an upset by all definitions of the word), much has been said about whether Adele's not-so-acceptance speech was the right thing to do. Some praised her, while some…

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