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Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Stars In An Awkward Holiday Music Video

Thirteen-year-old Gia Giudice is back with another music video, and this one’s holiday-themed. Gia’s in a singing girl group called 3KT, which stand for three carat diamonds. Eye roll. Gia’s mom Teresa, future inmate and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, paid hella cash for 3KT’s first video, but money must be tight this time around [...]

Channing Tatum’s E-Mail Writing Style Is The Only Positive Thing To Come Out Of The Sony Hack

There’s been a lot of really cruddy news coming out of the Sony e-mail hack – Angelina Jolie was called “a minimally talented spoiled brat;” an executive suggested she should ask President Obama if he liked Django (in context, it was clearly a racial if not flat-out racist statement); Jennifer Lawrence was paid significantly less [...]

Forgotify, the Last Frontier: Variations on a Theme

“Variations on a Theme by Haydn,” theme originally composed by… not Haydn. Listen here. This week on the dead old white guy show, we have a series of pieces written as variations on a theme originally composed by… someone. The original attribution for the theme, found in a piece written for wind ensemble and titled “St. Anthony Chorale,” was attributed... Read More

Taylor Swift’s 2014 Style Journey

This was a big year for Taylor Swift: she discovered she’s a feminist, her album went platinum, and she went on an epic style odyssey and finished the year a whole different woman (that is, if you believe the clothes make the gal). Let’s explore Taylor’s 2014 sartorial journey…

10 Celebrities Who Changed Their Image In 2014

Since it’s December, the official month of reflection on the year that was, let’s take a moment to acknowledge all the celebrities who got an image makeover this year, whether it was intentional or unintentional, for better or for worse. Show More Summary

PM News: Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Present Might Be A 7,000 Fur Jacket

We're guessing this 7,000 fur jacket is Kanye's present to Kim. -Ok! Magazine Jennifer Anniston is really tired of your questions about motherhood -Popsugar It's time we stop living in fear of holiday weight gain. -Bustle Here's how to search for a job without dying in the process. Show More Summary

Gift Guide: For The Introverted Homebody

Want to know what to get a friend or loved one who seriously never wants to leave the comfort of their own home? Take it from this diehard introverted homebody — these nine gifts are sure to make them dick out on even more future pl...

New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×11, “Heroes and Villains”

Hello, all! Time for episode 4×11 of Once Upon a Time! Now that the Snow Queen situation has been resolved, let’s see what’s going to happen before the holiday break starts! Elsa is finally able to remove the ice wall of Storybrooke, but it seems as though some of Ingrid’s magic blocking the town still remains. It also seems that... Read More

A Woman Misidentified As UVA’s Jackie Is Taking Legal Action Against Chuck Johnson

A woman identified by (Living Piece Of Poop) Chuck Johnson as UVA’s Jackie isn’t Jackie, and is pressing charges. (Jezebel) Bill Cosby Defender Whoopi Goldberg interviewed Bill Cosby Victim Beverly Johnson, and it was as ridiculous as you’d imagine on Whoopi’s part. (Death and Taxes) Another horrifying story about a lack of justice for rape [...]

Health Today: How To Take A Better Gym Selfie

How to take a better gym selfie -The Frisky Here’s a better way to look at the inevitability of holiday weight gain -Bustle What you need to do to never feel stressed at work again -Greatist The 10 most WTF … More » Health Today: How...Show More Summary

Caregiving: Pillow Talk

It’s been too long. Cushions everywhere and wrapped up in a blanket, I feel like I could sink into sleep far too easily. Come, it’s late, there are more blankets. Quilt, comforter, fleece, wool. Cushions and pillows, too. The blinds are down and curtains are drawn. There’s the patter of three sets of paws looking for supper. The hour is... Read More

4 Stupid Ways Everyone Deals With Breakups

Ahh, l’amour. Or, as the French call it, “le humpy jumpy.” It’s a funny thing us humans do to each other, getting all stupid in love with one another, touching tongues, watching Jennifer Aniston films, and feeling this intense longing for the presence of someone else in a way that curiously wanes over time and [...]

Check Out Helen Lambin, An Inked-Up 81-Year-Old

Helen Lambin started getting tattoos when she was 75. Now she’s 81, and she’s just about covered. And I love her, and I want to be her friend – unfortunately, I’m pretty dedicated to a tattoo shop that’s two miles away from hers. She looks like she’d fit in the social scene in Logan Square, [...]

A Guide To Determining If Your Selfie Is Appropriate Or Awful

Are you at a funeral? How about in front of an ongoing hostage crisis? These are questions you should as yourself before you take that topical selfie! More » A Guide To Determining If Your Selfie Is Appropriate Or Awful is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

Girls Don’t Need To Wear Pink To Make You Feel Comfortable

My daughter wears pink sometimes, of course, and purple, and also blue and green and red and orange. She wears lots of different colors of clothing, because she is a human person, and not a strawberry-flavored Popsicle. This fact really bothers some people sometimes, though. Show More Summary

News in Asia

It’s News in Asia time! [Trigger warning for discussion of rape.] What I really love about comic books is that they are used as a means to comment and convey ideas relevant to the times. Now there is a comic book heroine whose origin story speaks directly to a major issue in India. An Indian rape survivor named Priya teams up... Read More

It’s Time To Cry: Grandma Receives A Holiday Surprise In This Apple Ad

I want to be mad at Apple because they’re making me feel so many feelings for the sake of pitching laptops or whatever, but this ad is just too sweet to resent. As you watch this granddaughter surprise her grandma with a very special song, you’ll be too caught up in warm fuzzies to be [...]

2014: The Year In Boobs

Holy moley, were there a lot of boob stories in 2014! You’d think that between #BreakTheInternet and “Anaconda,” this year would go to butts, but you’d be wrong. We learned a lot about Dolly Parton’s boobs, Free the Nipple became part of the feminist movement, and Jasmine Tridevil beguiled us all. Click through to see [...]

Gift Guide: 10 Office Gift Exchange Ideas Under $20 That People Might Actually Want

If you're looking for a crowd pleasing gift under $20 that people might actually want to take home, here are 10 decent ideas! More » Gift Guide: 10 Office Gift Exchange Ideas Under $20 That People Might Actually Want is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

Lunchtime Poll: Your Top 5 List of Ideal Gifts

With the holidays upon us, there is a lot of talk about not only gift-giving and gift-receiving, but also about the gifts we would like to receive, whether or not they’er realistic. I have a running list of these. My top five are as follows: A Kindle Fire An endless supply of champagne A book deal Marriage to Sir Percy... Read More

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