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Dating Don’ts: Assorted Lessons & Observations From Watching “Dating Naked”

“Dating Naked” is a show on VH1 in which complete strangers gather at a resort somewhere tropical and mosquito-ridden and go on carefully staged dates with strangers, completely naked. It may sound like a ratings gamble, another entree in the already overrun category of dating shows, but the thing about it is that it’s actually [...]

The 10 Best New Shows Coming To Fall TV

Sure, the coming of fall may signal the time for all basic chicks to get their PSL on and break out the furry boots, infinity scarves, and completely unnecessary hats. But more importantly, it means the start of a promising new TV season! This summer was exceptionally bad for any new TV, so I am [...]

Watch Kristen Wiig & Ellen Bring You The One And Only “Frozen” Cover Worth Seeing

“Frozen” overload seems to have peaked sometime over the summer, and by now about a thousand mediocre covers of “Let It Go” have shoved their way into our lives, but this one is too awesome to ignore. Both Kristen Wiig and Ellen claim not to know the words to the song, but that doesn’t stop [...]

Mommie Dearest: On Adrian Peterson, Discipline & Child Abuse

Growing up, I was occasionally threatened with “the belt,” or asked if I wanted a “patch on my tuchus” whenever I behaved extra naughty. But that’s all they were — threats. Instead, my parents sent me to my room, took away prized privileges, or assigned me extra chores. Now, with my own son, there aren’t [...]

Rihanna To CBS Thursday Night Football: “Fuck You”

Last week, CBS pulled Rihanna from performing in an intro before Thursday Night Football, allegedly because she’s a famous domestic violence survivor and the NFL is still incompetently bumbling the Ray Rice situation. But they asked RiRi to perform again, and she is not having is: this morning, she told CBS to go fuck themselves [...]

11 OKCupid Questions I’d Like To See Put Into Rotation

True facts: I’m still on OKCupid, mostly to gawk at people and to try to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS. I’ve answered 1503 of them. I’m behind. That being said, I don’t think they’re always as to-the-point as they could be, and some of them are just plain bizarre (and they get weirder the more you [...]

Dream Or Nightmare: Purses Made Of Recycled Dog Hair

Doris Carvalho, a veterinarian and designer from Tampa, has put together Fur You by Doris, a line of purses made of the dog hair that gets left over at the groomer’s salon (read: no dogs are harmed to make them). Carvalho launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $15,000 to create and market her [...]

Watch Old People React To The “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Trailer, Read Scenes From Book

Warning: What you are about to see is equal parts hilarious and uncomfortable. YouTubers The Fine Bros have corralled a bunch of elders and forced them to watch the trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which left some squeamish and others completely intrigued. My favorite commentator is the lady who refers to the movie subject [...]

PoC News in America

Another week of some dramatic highs and lows in pop culture, news, and media — so let’s get to it! This past week, Ruby Bridges celebrated her 60th birthday. Ruby Bridges is famous for being one of the first African American children to attend an an integrated school. She bravely went to school despite facing mobs and threats to herself and... Read More

Robin Thicke Was Totally High While Recording “Blurred Lines”

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams are being sued by Marvin Gaye’s family for stealing parts of his song “Got To Give It Up” to use in “Blurred Lines.” When Thicke was asked in legal proceedings whether he was present when the “Blurred Lines” rhythm track was being created, he said he was high the whole [...]

Tales Of An Abortion Doula

This fascinating essay about a woman’s experience as an abortion doula is a must-read. [] Today is the 51st anniversary of the Birmingham church bombing that killed four little girls. [] Cover Girl appears to have moved their crossmarketing page for the Baltimore Ravens, who terminated their contract last week with Ray Rice for beating [...]

Forgotify, the Last Frontier: “Neptune, the Mystic,” from Gustav Holst’s Suite The Planets

Convinced that Forgotify is trying to make me look like an opportunistic journalist, I regret to inform you that I actually performed this work less than three weeks ago.  To prove my innocence, here is the link that Forgotify suggested: a 1990 recording of the piece, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and Choir. But because I have a touch... Read More

30 Reasons To Love Prince Harry On His 30th Birthday

The life of Prince Harry has many a twist and turn. The dubious parentage! The mother’s tragic early death! The Nazi costume! The endless parade of high society blonde girlfriends! The butt-naked Vegas photos! It would be easy to write Harry off as a spoiled, rich idiot — and, well, that would probably be fair. [...]

10 Obnoxious Onesies You Should Not Put On Your Baby

We all know that babies can’t read and sometimes, it is very funny to put them in a onesie that says something silly that will make all of the literate people who see it laugh. I know we had a few for our kids given to us as gifts and it was amusing to put it on our innocent and clueless baby while we took pictures and giggled at their baby naivete. Show More Summary

Baby Girl Freaks When Her Dad Shaves His Beard

This little girl’s perfectly pleasant game of peekaboo was ruined when her dad decided it would be oh so fun to shave his beard off. Whether she didn’t recognize her dad without that beard or just thought he looked super gross without his facial fuzz, she was not having it. Hey, at least she knows how [...]

TV Bracket: Fabulous Women of the ’70s Nominees

Everyone grab your bell bottoms, your maxi dresses, and your best costume jewelry; it’s time for a trip back to the seventies, to nominate all our favorite lady characters.  To be eligible in this category, a show must have started on or after January 1, 1970. End date is not important. The character can be a lead, a supporting, or... Read More

The Full “Mockingjay: Part One” Trailer Is Here

The full trailer for “Mockingjay: Part One” is here and it looks a lot like Mockingjay the book: really, really, really not as good as the first two book in the Hunger Games series. (Sorry, Hollywood, I know you don’t want to hear this.) In “Part One” — “Mockingjay” has been split into two films — [...]

“Orange Is The New Black” Paired With “Golden Girls” Is Genius

Whatever brilliant mind set scenes from “Orange Is The New Black” to the “Golden Girls” theme deserves all of the awards. This is so good, it almost tops the kitty rendition of the series. Almost. [Cosmopolitan]

Working Before Sunrise

I’m not a morning person. Secretly, I think work days shouldn’t start earlier than 9:30 am. When I got the offer for my latest job contract, I vehemently put in that I wouldn’t start earlier than seven o’clock (giving me a six o’clock alarm) (which is still too early). So how did I end up with work days that start at 5:15 am? My usual... Read More

20 Style Tips On How To Wear Ankle Boots

This post is brought to you by our friends at Gurl. After a long, cold winter, I was really excited to spend the summer wearing flip-flops and sandals. I couldn’t wait to show off my pedicures and to free my feet. But now, after a long, hot summer, I’m pretty excited to start wearing boots again. Show More Summary

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