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Celebrity Rumor Mongering – Part 2

Did you enjoy spreading some internet rumors? Are you ready for some more falsehoods and untruths (with a few sort of real things sprinkled in for the internet sleuths)? Jennifer Lawrence will get a misprinted tattoo. Amandla Stenberg and Samira Wiley will play sister vigilantes in an action comedy. Show More Summary

Podcasts I Say I Will Listen to… but I Probably Won’t

I’m trying to get better about how I consume media. There are enough movies and TV options being churned out that those alone can take entire lifetimes to fill. Since I have a commute that is over an hour long, I try to look for new music and/or podcasts to fill this time but then … Continue reading Podcasts I Say I Will Listen to… but I Probably Won’t

Record Machine: Hit Factory by Coolzey

Mixing hip-hop, rock, and punk, Coolzey’s 2014 album Hit Factory has the catchiness of a great summer record, lyrical smarts, and a sense of humor. Having seen him live, his recorded self captures the energy of his performances, while still allowing for additional production. Show More Summary

PoC News in America

It’s the first day of June and even though we’re nearly halfway into the year, the news about police brutality and violence against PoCs continues to make waves. Chicago Police took a “hunting” photograph with an unidentified black man posed as prey. Rinku Sen at Colorlines looks at why hiring more cops of color won’t end … Continue reading PoC News in America

PoC News in America

Earlier this week, we brought you a lot of news about the Baltimore Uprising. Here’s everything else we missed from last week. The Aerogram looks at Obama’s support of Modi and how that overshadows and ignores Modi’s history of human rights violations in India. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks to the Wall Street Journal on the … Continue reading PoC News in America

A Bollywood Disco Dance Party

I am in no way exaggerating when I say the late 1970s/early 1980s Bollywood and disco marriage produced the best music ever. The hooks were infectious as hell and will make you dance. Sure, a huge factor in my fondness for this music is my parents (Dad mostly) playing this around the house growing up, but … Continue reading A Bollywood Disco Dance Party

Record Machine: 3 New York Songs Without Frank Sinatra

Friends, when you read this, I’ll be taking my first trip to New York City as an adult, so this week’s Record Machine is as indulgent as ever. And with all due respect to Frank Sinatra, let’s listen to a few other city-centric tunes. “New York, New York” — Ryan Adams The first time I went to … Continue reading Record Machine: 3 New York Songs Without Frank Sinatra

PoC News in America: Baltimore Uprising Edition

This week in PoC News, we stand with Baltimore and the many solidarity marches across the nation highlighting the centuries of violence against black people in the U.S. Since this has been a dramatic week with quick action by protesters,...Show More Summary

The Soapbox: My Bindi Is Not Your Bindi

I’ve realized that there’s a rather marked difference in being proud of your culture, and having ownership over it. Both are important and necessary, but for 20-some odd years, my culture was something that happened to me, but only in the last seven years has it actually become mine.

Azealia Banks Is Maybe, Probably Dating Jesse Bradford

Apparently, Coachella isn’t just made for posers, it’s also made for lovers: Drake and Madonna, Tyler the Creator and Kendall Jenner’s middle finger, and now, inexplicably, Azealia Banks and the annoying older brother from “Bring It On,” Jesse Bradford. Literally, what? While this union has been whispered about for some time, the most delightful little […]

Your Vote Matters: Let’s Get This “Golden Girls” Lego Set Made!

PICURE IT! Sicily, 1932: A glorious fan-created “Golden Girls” Lego set has been accepted into the Lego Ideas program–and if it gets 10,000 votes by the end of the year, Lego will actually make it and you can own one in your very own house! And then play with it while drinking cheap wine and […]

Girl On Girl: RIP Lesbian Bars

I went to my first gay bar when I was 18. This was also the night that I discovered Four Lokos when the gas station was sold out of the other disgusting malt liquor energy drinks. My gay male best friend and I split a can and, with our designated driver, drove an hour from […]

PoC News in America

For those of you celebrating Easter, hope it was a great one! In that spirit, here’s a quick supercut of how much Hollywood loves white Jesus imagery. Now let’s get on the with the rest of the news! Here’s your weekly reminder that Ferguson protests are still going strong and that the news coming out … Continue reading PoC News in America

“Jeopardy” Contestant’s Answer Is Wrong In Many Many Ways

Watching “Jeopardy” can be pretty intense if you’re an old bat like me who finds trivia and Alex Trebeck enticing, but watching this dude give a very wrong and very predatory answer is pretty awkward and squirm-inducing for anyone. If Tom really thinks the age of consent for girls is 12, then maybe we should […]

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