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"Make your own liquid fertiliser" from SoilCares

Anja Weber of SoilCares writes in Daily Nation: To make a liquid fertiliser rich in phosphorus, you should use tithonia, a shrub that grows as a weed or hedge in most parts of the country.Another very useful plant is comfrey (symphytum),...Show More Summary

Novatech Construction Systems

Pauline Mujawamariya, director of the IPA writes:...African innovators are already creating solutions that respond to real needs in Africa. Whilst in Yaoundé last week, I was privileged to spend a few hours with a past Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) nominee, Mr Faustinus Njokikang. Show More Summary

Farming for Oysters in the Gambia

In Gambia, from Worldwatch: image via TRY In 2007, a group of oyster harvesters organized themselves into a producer association called TRY Women's Oyster Harvesting Association. The founding members decided to call the organizationShow More Summary

Soya Couture

From XXLab: Soya Couture from HONFablab on Vimeo.Soya Couture is a project initiated by XXLab. XXLab is a female initiative on open source and free technology, based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They are a group of interdisciplinary background...Show More Summary

Article on Salafism and Media in Nigeria

This summer is proving to be a season when some of my academic projects are coming out. Earlier this month, Islamic Africa published an article I wrote about figures I call “mainstream Salafis” in Nigeria – i.e., shaykhs who do … Continue reading ?

Artisanat des Femmes de Khenifra

On the Cloth Roads Marketplace, from Morocco: The mastery of making traditional, hand-knotted buttons by the Moroccan women of Khenifra has taken on new forms. Through the creative efforts of the Artisanat des Femmes cooperative, these buttons have been strikingly transformed into colorful strings of jewelry. Show More Summary

Diaspora Style from Grace Wales Bonner

In Dazed: image via Dazed When Grace Wales Bonner’s BA collection – where decadent pink mohair, cream bouclé suits, high-waisted flares and jewelled cuffs were styled on a team of striking black male models – burst onto the Central Saint Martins graduate show runway, industry attendees sat up a little straighter in their seats. Show More Summary

Edulink - Closing the Skills Gap

From How We Made It: Developing Africa’s human capital is critical to the continent’s future growth given it has one of the world’s biggest youth demographics. Although enrollment to schools and higher learning institutions in Africa is rising, the quality of education offered is still low. Show More Summary

Make School

Danny Crichton in TechCrunch: College has failed, or so many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs believe. Not only are tuition costs spiraling out of control, but students are leaving college without the ability to produce … anything. We are...Show More Summary

SuperGeeks vs Computer Village

Over at Techpoint: image via Techpoint SuperGeeks is a device repair and service platform that provides after-sales technical support to customers within the Lagos metropolis and suburbs. Founded in 2013 by the duo of Sam Uduma and Edmund...Show More Summary

Harnessing Mistrust for Civic Action

Yes, it’s international press day here on my old, creaky blog. Friends at Süddeutsch Zeitung asked whether I could turn my Re:publica Keynote on mistrust and civics into a newspaper op-ed. Here’s what I came up with, which ran in … Continue reading ?

Who benefits from doubt? Online manipulation and the Russian – and US – internet

I was asked by an editor at RBC, one of Russia’s best respected independent news organizations, to offer my thoughts on the Russian/US infowar. It was a great chance to think about Adrian Chen’s provocative tale about Russia’s Internet Research … Continue reading ?

Linux Laptops from Transforia speaks with the co-founder of Transforia, Joey Amanchukwu: Open source is transforming business all around; creating new models for entrepreneurs. One such company is Transforia, a Silicon Valley startup that's offering fully-supported Linux laptops as part of an IT subscription service to corporate clients. Show More Summary

The Rehabilition of Indigenous African Liquors - Akpeteshie at 'The Republic'

Scotch Whiskey,Russian Vodka,Japanese Sake all proud national drinks and more importantly billion dollar industries.Why not the same for Ogogoro, Umkomboti, Nsafufuo, Muratina and Chang'aa? For mostly self serving protectionist reasons colonial powers suppressed and or criminalized local drink production. Show More Summary

Instaserfs: Precarious Employment in the New – and Old – Economy

(This summer, I’m going to publish some of my work on FOLD, the beautiful platform my student Alexis Hope is building. There’s a graphically enhanced version of this story there.) Benjamen Walker makes some of the best radio around. (Okay, it’s mostly digitally-delivered audio storytelling these days, but who’s counting?) His finest work tends to […]

Benin's Solar "Bluezones"

From Benin 2025: Thanks to a brand new Bolloré Group technology which makes it possible to store solar energy and thus produce a constant source of clean electricity, hectares of wasteland, previously cut off from the grid, become lit spaces supplied with drinking water and connected to the internet: Bluezones. Show More Summary

Enabling Makers To Create "The Next Big Thing"

Ray Almgren writing in Techcrunch: View image | A view of a prototype helicopter at the Apostle Safo Technology Research Centre in Gomoa Mpota, Ghana, Makers have long been known as hobbyists or tinkers. However, with increased access to professional-grade tools, the maker movement is transforming business as usual. Show More Summary

Kwieco Shelter House

Designed by Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects: The architecture of the Shelter House respects local culture and spatial hierarchy. Local materials, renewable energies, local manpower and know-how are used, as well as participatory planning. to ensure that users have a sense of mental ownership in the shelter...[more]

Building Algeria's Tech Space

In Vice: image via Vice :The Ftoorcom team...unlike the flush corridors of Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, and Silicon Roundabout, securing funding for technology ventures is often prohibitively difficult. Algerian companies are not allowed...Show More Summary

Material Makers

In Togo, #6 from Caroline Grellier's 'Material Maker' series : Peanut shells, rice bran, cow pat and homemade moulds… Our material maker continues her inspiring immersion in Togo, at the bio-sourced local material lab. Sample of an insulation board made of straw. Show More Summary

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