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Aghalieaku Airways

The Nigerian diaspora in action, Benjamin Aghalieku Arinze is the founder of the Swaziland based Aghalieaku Airways. The Swazi Observer reports: The King Mswati III International Airport could soon see more planes landing and taking off from there just a few years after it was launched by His Majesty King Mswati III. Show More Summary

African press review 29 September 2016

Kenyan government agency names 32 counties which have broken the tribalism record. while South Africa's MTN to sell 35 percent of its investments in Ghana.

Recent Reports and Articles on the Sahel and the Horn

A few new reports have come out lately about the Sahel and the Horn of Africa, all of which may interest readers: Nimo-Ilhan Ali, “Going on Tahriib: The Causes and Consequences of Somali Youth Migration to Europe” (Rift Valley Institute) Jennifer … Continue reading ?

Senegal's Surf Camps

Another feather in the country's tourism cap. A series of surfing camps have emerged: Oumar Surf Camp founded by Oumar Seye and the NGor Island Surf Camp

African press review 28 September 2016

MT is in turmoil as Nigeria prepares to probe the alleged repartriation of 12 billion euros to South Africa.  Meanwhile, Indian Vice President ends Nigerian visit with pledge to pump four billion euros into the economy.

South African novel Green Lion leaps off the page; the politics of touch in "The Lifebloom Gift"

This month, Africa: Stories in the 55 talks to South African writer Henrietta Rose-Innes about her latest Cape Town-based novel, Green Lion, and the relationship between humans and animals in an urban setting. We also take another look at Abdul Adan's short story "The Lifebloom Gift" on the presence (and absence) of physical touch in society.

African press review 27 September 2016

 Recession-hit Nigeria contracts a budget serving loan of one billion dollars from the African Development Bank while  the #FeesMustFall Campaign turns violent in South Africa.

Mini-Grids from Jumeme Rural Power Supply

In the energy supply space, ESI reports: image via In Tanzania, Jumeme Rural Power Supply announced that Bwisya village inhabitants in Ukara Island will soon have access to electricity via a solar mini-grid project...Jumeme Rural Power Supply was founded in 2014 to develop, build, own and operate rural mini-grids in Tanzania. Show More Summary

African press review 26 September 2016

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe slams "African cowards" who won't help him reform the UN and  the foreign exchange scarcity hits Nigeria as Naira keeps tumbling in looming recession.

TDK Elegant House - Garment Manufacturer's in Liberia

The Liberian Observer reports: image via...A factory, which goes by the name, “TDK Elegant House,” will produce large assortment of clothes at cheaper prices compared to imported clothes.Howard, Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise,...Show More Summary

African press review 24 September 2016

The Chibok Girls are back in the news in Nigeria, with the president saying he'll pay Boko Haram for their release. Riek Machar, banned from political activity in Sudan and refused asylum in Ethiopia, is running out of places in which to live in exile. Show More Summary

From farmer to chef: Developing the African cuisine value chain

Emanuela Gregorio writing on the AFDB blog: New innovations in the food industry, one of the world’s oldest and largest industries, are creating attractive opportunities on the African continent. With unusual blends of spices and bold...Show More Summary

JJiguene - A Tech Hub for Women

A SmartMonkey conversation with the Co-Founder, Binta Coudy De

Somaliland's Meat Exports

"Livestock for the Hajj" Over at VOA: Every year, the breakaway republic of Somaliland, in east Africa, exports millions of livestock to Saudi Arabia to feed the millions of Muslim faithful making the pilgrimage to Mecca...[more]

African press review 23 September 2016

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela says South Africa's ruling African National Congress needs to find a fresh way to tackle corruption. The country is one of eight bribery and corruption hotspots on the African continent. The United Nations refugee...Show More Summary

UNCTAD annual report shows mixed bag in African trade

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, has released its annual report, which this year looks at issues concerning the export of African raw materials to developed countries.

New Record Low Solar Price in Abu Dhabi – Costs Plunging Faster Than Expected

Ramez Naam writes: The price of solar power – in the very sunniest locations in particular – is plunging faster than I expected. I’ve been talking for years now about the exponential decline of solar power prices. I’ve often been called a wide-eyed optimist. Here’s what those projections (based on historical learning rates) look like. More here

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