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Vanhuvamwe Handcrafting

Founded by Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri: "We are in a rebellion against this whole concept of how a fashion accessory should look like" Vanhu Vamwe 'SHONA' for 'one people' sends the message of coming together as citizens of the world. Vanhu...Show More Summary

Beyond The Building

From MASS Design group: Beyond The Building from MASS Design Group on Vimeo.

Memfys Hospital of Neurosurgery

Founded by Samuel C. Ohaegbulam: Memfys Hospital was founded in 2002 as a pioneering Neurosurgical unit based in Enugu, Nigeria. The first and only specialist hospital of its kind in Africa, its mission has always been to offer a standard of neurosurgical and neurological patient care comparable to that found in developed countries. Show More Summary

Crocodile Browser Lite

Designed by Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime, 13 and 15 years old, the Crocodile capable of opening pages at a really high speed. The new UI design improves the user experience of the browser. This new browser will catch your eyes. Incognito AddedTabs AddedDownloads Added...[continue reading]via Tech Cabal

Key Passages from President Buhari’s Inauguration Speech

Today, Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as Nigeria’s new president. He enters office facing high expectations regarding security, anti-corruption, and job creation. Here are a few key passages from the speech he delivered at his inauguration: “Our neighbours in the Sub-region … Continue reading ?

Reawakening Kenyan manufacturing through Gearbox

Excerpted from a post by Tom Jackson in Disrupt Africa: In 1986, then Kenyan president Daniel Arap Moi launched the Nyayo Car project, an ambitious move aimed at creating a Kenyan automobile manufacturing industry. Five prototype vehicles were eventually made, named Pioneer Nyayo Cars, attaining a speed of 120km/h. Show More Summary

Twiga Fruits - Disintermediating the Agriculture Supply Chain

An award winning startup in the agribusiness space: The Twiga Fruits business model is no secret. We raise farmers’ incomes, while lowering market prices, by cutting out the middlemen. It’s about building trust, intelligent solutions to challenges, and scaling logistics to operate over a broader network. Show More Summary

Mobile wallets from 'Mode'

In Think Business Africa: Amidst the hustle and bustle of New Delhi, India, a man has just been loaned Rs 1,886 ($30) over his mobile phone to settle his electricity bill. Elsewhere, in Nigeria’s commercial city of Lagos, a woman has also received a soft loan of N 5,989 ($30) over her phone to visit the salon. Show More Summary

The death of Tidbit and why it matters

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs announced t […]

Solar offers huge opportunities to African startups

Tomy Jackson in Disrupt Africa: View image | Running businesses specialising in the provision of affordable solar power to off-grid communities in Africa offers huge opportunities to entrepreneurs.This is according to...Show More Summary

Hooked on Labs

Charles Leadbeater writing in the Long & Short: image via the Makery Experimentalism is no longer confined to formal scientific labs. It has become an organising method for social policy, startup businesses, venture capitalists, tech companies and the creative arts. Show More Summary

Boko Haram and ISIS: Be Careful with Evidence

In March of this year, the violent Nigerian sect Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. The pledge has elicited questions about what kind of material support the Islamic State may provide to … Continue reading ?

Madagascan fishing villagers employing conservation as a resource strategy :

The Guardian profiles the work of Blue Ventures founded by Alasdair Harris: The Vezo people of south-west Madagascar have been living off the Mozambique channel for more than 1,000 years; their population is both defined and sustained entirely by fishing. Show More Summary

New Museum Cultivates the Art of the Start-Up

The welcome melding of Arts,Sciences and Startups accelerates.Andy Battaglia covers New Inc highlighted earlier: image courtesy of Reify Any artist coming out of school has likely asked the question: What are professional paths to take...Show More Summary

Review of Todd Moss’ The Golden Hour

Last year, Todd Moss published The Golden Hour, a novel about a coup in Mali. Moss served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of African Affairs at the U.S. Department of State from 2007-2008, and he has long been … Continue reading ?

Who is Maker Ed?

In the world of making and education: Maker Ed is a non-profit organization that supports and empowers educators and communities — particularly, those in underserved areas — to facilitate meaningful making and learning experiences with youth.

Bitcoin startups to watch an the Remittance potential

In Disrupt Africa: Bitcoin is gaining traction worldwide, with the first quarter of 2015 seeing record levels of investment pumped into Bitcoin startups globally. Africa is no exception to the trend, with startups springing up with innovative...Show More Summary

Support Audax Summer Code School

In Lagos on Indiegogo: Audax Solutions is an e-learning, training, and assessment solutions company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our code school program is an initiative launched in 2013 to teach children aged 5 -16 in Lagos area primary and secondary schools, computer programming using Scratch, HTML/CSS and JavaScript, which started in 2013. Show More Summary

Off-grid solar systems increasingly viable for low-income communities

Excerpted from the ‘GE Look Ahead’ series: View image | Affordable energy technologies and new business models are bringing off-grid solutions to growing numbers of communities in the developing world As of 2014, 1.3bn people lacked access to electricity. Show More Summary

Portable Solar Power Generator ,Lagos

Made in Nigeria,from Rehobothfix: This 2KVA (2000 Watt) Portable solar generator is for sale in Lagos for =N=275,000. It is produced by our company, Rehobothfix Integrated Services Ltd. We are able to produce 3 - 4 units weekly.Specifications:...Show More Summary

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