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Couleur Cafe

A growing coffee culture across West Africa. Latest stop - Abidjan's Couleur Cafe founded by Fabienne Dervain:

ZIka Hackathon Hong Kong

From Makerbay: The international community is looking at ways to prevent Zika Virus from spreading. Join an international group of makers / hackers / scientists / citizen scientists that are trying to develop innovative measures against Zika at MakerBay, Hong Kong...[more]

Bio Nano & #Nanotechnology

From Autodesk: Autodesk' BioNano WorkWhat could happen when the future of making things gets shrunk down to nanoscale? What kind of shapes could be created? What new kinds of techniques could be used to fight disease?Posted by Autodesk on Monday, February 8, 2016

Africa Internet Group set to become continent’s first ‘unicorn’

In the FT: Africa Internet Group is set to become the continent’s first “unicorn” after securing an investment valuing the ecommerce group at more than $1bn...[more]

Building a Luxury Line

Leila Janah founder of Samasource writes:...At Laxmi, we wanted none of that. We decided to form a new brand dedicated to a deeper, more positive luxury oriented around social good and ingredients that are better for our consumers and...Show More Summary

From DIY YouTube Videos to Mechanic Master

Verve Nation reporting on Taiwo Abiri's motor repair business- 'Motomi': image via FaceBook He studied Economics because his sister said it was a good course, studied for MBA as advised by his parents, so as to end up in an exquisite office where he would earn a six-figure salary. But what he truly wanted was to be a motor mechanic.More here

The Maker Space Movement

John Schwartz in the NYtimes:...tinkering is now a pedagogy image via Rutgers Makerspace...These days, tinkering is a bit more high tech. The blending of technology and craft in tools like 3-D printers and laser cutters has made it possible for ordinary people to make extraordinary things. Show More Summary

3d printed 'Mama Africa' Fashion collection

By Benedict on 3der's: Desktop 3D printer manufacturer BEEVERYCREATIVE has used its wealth of 3D printing expertise to help Lisbon based Fashion Studio produce a range of Africa-inspired, 3D printed accessories...The 3D printed collection,...Show More Summary

Reel Fruit, Nigeria

From CCTV: Affiong Williams is on track to becoming one of Nigeria's young, high net worth individuals with her fruit processing company, Reel Fruit. Set up in 2014, the company packages, brands and processes locally grown fruits. Williams has grown from packaging the products in her home, to running a small factory that now supplies 80 stores in Nigeria.

Support 'the Bombchel Factory'

Founded by Archel Bernard in Monrovia, Liberia. On Kickstarter: An Ethical African Fashion Wonderland via The NYTimes

Manufacturing 101

Karol Muñoz writes: image via Medium In a time of the internet of things, those “things” still need to be made.The step from prototyping to manufacturing is the toughest part for a hardware startup. Many young companies don’t survive a miscalculation of time or cost in the manufacturing process. Show More Summary

Fred Turner: The link from anti-fascist art and the “historical problem” of Facebook

Fred Turner, the leading chronicler of the links between the 60s counterculture and the internet revolution, turned his sights to the rise of multimedia in America prior to the 1960s in his recent book The Democratic Surround. On February 4, … Continue reading ?

Keur Accessories

In lifestyles, from Paris: Keur (founded by Alfi Keur)is a Gateway between Dakar and Paris, Keur- or "house" in Wolof- offers a selection of decorative objects and accessories authentic house and colorful, fully manufactured in Senegal. With a taste for the offset, Keur taps into the creative treasures of his country to permeate our homes of her love of life and her fantasy.

'Pidgin English' Garments

Olumide is the creator of Pidgin English: Interpretations of African culture and influences expressed through garments...

Why is Verizon letting rural broadband decay?

Let me start with an apology: reading other people’s tech support horror stories is less fun than hearing them describe their medical problems or recount their dreams. No one wants to hear them. While this starts as a tech support … Continue reading ?

Building Desktop Factories with Mayku

From Andre at 3ders: Mayku - The World's First Desktop Factory from Mayku on Vimeo. Since getting involved with the Maker movement back in 2011, the idea that 3D printing is somehow part of a new philosophy in localizing production was a cornerstone belief. Show More Summary

Gambella 'Eco Hub'

In Ethiopia: Gambella 'Eco Hub' is a partnership a permaculture project the Addis Ababa University and the Horn of Africa Regional and Environmental Centre and Network. via Mail & Guardian

Yao Dodzi Dogbo, palm grove programmer

Over at the Makery Caroline Grellier writes: Ave Palm farm management app. image via the Makery Both director of a model palm grove and developer of software made in Africa, Yao Dodzi Dogbo (founder of CERGI Banking Services) from Côte d’Ivoire is a fervent supporter of using new technologies for agriculture in Africa...[more]

How To Start A 1-Acre, Self-Sustaining Homestead

From the Mind Unleashed: Illustration by: Dorling Kindersley (Mother Earth News) Expert advice on how to establish self-sufficient food production, including guidance on crop rotations, raising livestock and grazing management. YourShow More Summary

Heroin and Hope

This story is cross-posted on, where it’s got more links, images and a layout that lets you see what’s behind the links while you read the story. Check it out there, and try FOLD to publish your own stories. … Continue readi...

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