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African press review 25 February 2017

To South Africa first, and there's plenty of newspaper coverage of what's being described as "xenophobic violence" against illegal immigrants in the country.

Innovative Direct-Current Microgrids to Solve India’s Power Woes

From IEEE: Solar DC microgrids could do for electrification what mobile phones did for telephony

In Ethiopia, blueMoon - An agribusiness incubator

Founded by Eleni Gabre-Madhin: blueMoon is an exciting initiative to discover, nurture, and fund exceptional agribusiness ideas among youth that are innovative, scalable, and have huge transformational potential. We want to discover and grow Ethiopian youth agribusiness startups that can change the world.

What Libya's new travel ban really means

Authorities in control of eastern Libya have banned residents aged between 18 and 45 from travelling abroad without permission. The military government says the aim is to stop people from joining terrorists groups. RFI takes a look at the reasons behind the ban.

UjuziKilimo | Technology+Data for quality modern farming.

From Allabout Circuits: image via Brian Bosire and his partners are trying to help African farmers be successful in order to improve rural economics—but also to reduce the number of Africans who go to bed hungry. Their project, named UjuziKilimo, uses an electronic sensor to analyze soil for farmers. Show More Summary

Mark Amo-Boateng - AUV/ROV Builder

via the X-PrizeMark Amo-Boateng (Founder of Ocean Discovery Africa), leads a team building intelligent low-cost modular AUV/ROV systems to democratize ocean discovery, using advanced artificial intelligence and algorithms to navigate and explore the ocean.

African press review 24 February 2017

Reality, fiction, truth and falsehoods take centre stage in several African newspapers this morning.  

Oslo Conference calls on donors to fight famine, starvation

An international donor conference in Oslo, Norway aiming to raise a chunk of the 1.4 billion euros the United Nations says it needs to address deepening food insecurity in the region this year. Earlier this week the United Nations said 1.4 million children were in danger of dying because of famines in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

Cape Town Art Fair showcases artists from Africa

Some 400 artists from Africa and 60 galleries from across the continent and Europe were showcased at the 2017 Cape Town Art Fair, which took place this past weekend in South Africa. In the Tomorrow’s Today section, which focused on 10...Show More Summary

African press review 23 February 2017

Today's look at the African press covers news from South Africa to Gambia to Zimbabwe.

African press review 22 February 2017

What's wrong with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari? And, is the best government that which governs least? Two of the topics that interest the African press today.

Visualizing physical data from IoT aquaponic systems by Kijani Grows

Chris Gammell writing in Medium: Eric Maundu of Kijani Grows discusses a full-stack system for visualizing the characteristics of aquaponic systems. At HDDG16, Eric Maundu of KijaniGrows talked about how he regularly monitors the aquaponics systems he creates in Oakland, CA. Show More Summary

Bodyboarder dies after shark attack off Réunion island

A 26-year-old man has died after being bitten by a shark while bodyboarding off the French Indian ocean island of Réunion.

CAR one year on

Tuesday 14 February marked a year since elections were held in the Central African Republic. Since then thousands have been driven from their homes by fighting between the Seleka rebels who deposed president François Bozizié and anti-Balaka militias. Show More Summary

African press review 21 February 2017

Hundreds of thousands face starvation in South Sudan's famine, a direct result of the three-year civil war. The question of food security is becoming serious in neighbouring countries too. South Africa's finance minister needs to plug a two-billion-euro hole in the budget. And the world's heaviest woman loses 40 kilos in slightly over a week.

France calls on DRC to shed light on massacre video

France has called on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to speedily investigate a video that appears to show soldiers massacring civilians in Kasai region, the scene of a rebellion since September 2016.

African press review 20 February 2017

Does South Africa need an expensive bronze statue of Jacob Zuma? As foreigners are targeted in attacks in Johannesburg and Pretoria, southern African papers ask if the Rainbow Republic is on the verge of another wave of xenophobia. And Grace Mugabe says Zimbabweans would vote for her husband, even if he was dead.

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