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Nanotechnology with LEGO2NANO

Can we bring it to Africa? London Centre for Nanotechnology reports: We live in the age of nanotechnology. Scientists can now build structures one atom or molecule at a time, like children building with LEGO blocks. This is leading to...Show More Summary

Learning by doing in Brazil

Over at the Makery, Fabien Eychenne writes: One of the best universities of Saõ Paulo is opening an engineering course with an integrated fablab that favours learning by prototyping. Makery went to see what it was all about. “Today, I made a prototype with a toothbrush head”, writes Alejandro Quiroga on his blog. Show More Summary

Resources on Nigeria’s New Acting Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase

On April 21, Nigeria’s outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan fired Inspector General of Police (IGP) Suleiman Abba, the head of Nigeria’s National Police Force. Abba had been in the position since last August. He has been replaced, on an acting basis, by Deputy IGP … Continue reading ?

Getting kids excited about electronics

From INK Talks: Technology educator Shashwat Ratan points out how the education system fails in teaching the fundamentals of technology in a way that sparks curiosity. Watch as Ratan demos ElecroBricks — low-cost electronics kits that do not need any programming or soldering skills — and a range of imaginative things kids have made using it.

“Makerspaces are the nurseries of collaborative models”

Michel Bauwens in conversation with the Makery: In Burkina Faso, makers built their own fablab: Ouagalab. © Ouagalab Are fablabs and other makerspaces fertile ground for the future emergence of a peer-to-peer model capable of “saving...Show More Summary

Attend The Active Matter Summit

Organized by the Self Assembly Lab - The Active Matter SummitIn recent decades, developments in software and hardware technologies have created dramatic shifts in design, manufacturing and research. Software technologies have facilitated automated process and new solutions for complex problems. Show More Summary


From Hackteria, an introduction to nanotechnology - NanoHacking-UNILI: "The innovators of 1600 were hackers before the word existed; they proposed open sharing of ideas for the benefit of humanity. Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke, Descartes,...Show More Summary

Open Source Scientific Hardware

In Appropedia: Open source scientific hardware is open source hardware used by scientists to do research or for education. This gallery and associated sub-pages are an extension of the book the Open Source Lab, which is about how to make scientific equipment following open source principles.

Controversy around a Mauritanian Atheist

Reportedly (Arabic), A Mauritanian man recently professed atheism on Facebook. I haven’t been able to find the original page, but the incident has caused controversy in the country. The government’s High Council for Fatwa and Grievances released a statement (Arabic) announcing … Continue reading ?

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Lagos Ferry Services

Ferry services continue to grow in strength across Lagos.Marketplace Africa reports In Lagos, Nigeria, some business owners are taking the wheel when it comes to transportation in Nigeria. One company manufactures the only car that originates...Show More Summary

Mali: On the CMA’s Refusal to Sign the Algiers Accord

In Algeria, the Malian government and various factions connected to the 2012-2013 rebellion have been negotiating a peace agreement. Today, the northern Malian Tuareg rebel alliance known as the Coordination for the Movements of Azawad (CMA) reiterated its refusal to sign the … Continue reading ?

Medtech Ethiopia

HowWeMadeIt reports: As Africa’s second most populous country, Ethiopia’s healthcare industry holds significant potential. According to Dr Mohammed Nuri (42), founder and CEO of local pharmaceutical company Medtech Ethiopia, the industry commands more than 18bn Ethiopian birr (about US$881m) in annual sales. Show More Summary

DStv launches Africa Magic Igbo channel

In Africa Business Central: In line with its ongoing development strategy, Africa Magic, the continent’s leading provider of African entertainment content, has announced the launch of a new channel, Africa Magic Igbo. Designed to showcase...Show More Summary

Making in Action 'Ghanian Hustle' at Suame Magazine

Yepoka Yeebo writing in Roads and Kingdoms: image by Yepoka Yeebo via Road & Kingdoms There’s a word for it in Ga: nakpee. That combination of awe and disbelief that leaves you breathless. That’s what I feel when I round a corner in a field full of what I assume are rusting old tanker trucks and find a man standing on a massive sheet of curved metal. Show More Summary

Silicon Congo from BantuHub

A BantuHub initiative, Biztech Africa reports: The four tech entrepreneurs that were chosen by the first edition of Silicon Congo will go through an intense training programme to help them grow and prosper and make a significant impact...Show More Summary

The Birth of Africa's Francophone Start-Up Ecosystem

From Smart Monkey TV: African Francophone start-up culture has been slower to take off than in Anglophone countries. The roots of the explanation for why this might be the case are a mixture of cultural and economic. Russell Southwood...Show More Summary


From Hackteria: A “jugaad” improved and low-cost Makey Makey based on Coconuts: images via Hacketeria

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