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African press review 23 January 2018

There's still no clarity on the likely fate of South African President Jacob Zuma. Oxfam wants that country's government to do more to close the gap between rich and poor. Will United Nations peacekeepers soon have the right to use lethal force to protect themselves? And is the relationship between politics and the judiciary in Kenya a healthy one?

France condemns DRC police violence

France has condemned the police violence that led to six deaths during protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Sunday.

Is This the End of Money?

Geoffrey Garrett writes: I spent the first week of the New Year with a great group of Wharton undergraduates visiting many of our tremendous alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area. To say it felt very different from the East Coast is an understatement. Show More Summary

Back to George Weah's hometown

George Weah is the most successful African footballer in history and will be sworn in as Liberia’s next president on 22 January. But his beginnings were humble. Correspondent Lucinda Rouse visited the Monrovia slum where Weah was brought up. She met people who knew him before he was famous.

African press review 22 January 2018

Are the lights about to go out for the South African national electricity company? Will the African Union finally implement the Single African Air Transport Market? Why were there long queues outside Nigerian filling stations this weekend?

Indigenous Methods of Food and Seeds Preservation

From the Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Department South Africa: Preservation is the action of preserving food in order to have a secure and reliable source of food during offseasons.This keeps food safe from decay and the risk of going bad. Show More Summary

Loshes Chocolate Made in #Nigeria

From Techpoint: In a bid to position Nigeria to benefit from this multi billion-dollar industry, Femi Oyedipe founded LoshesChocolate in 2015. LoshesChocolate produces chocolates from cocoa beans sourced from various locations in Nigeria. The company boasts of its premium quality chocolates handcrafted from a single source of cocoa to the finished products.More here

African press review 20 January 2018

How much longer can Jacob Zuma hold on to his job as South African president? Will Uganda reintroduce the death penalty in a bid to stop the current wave of crime? Are journalists hampering the return of peace to South Sudan? And how can Nigeria's herder-farmer clashes be resolved?

Jewel Howard Taylor: From first lady to vice president of Liberia

Liberia will have a new government on 22 January as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf hands over to George Weah. But this doesn’t put an end to seeing powerful women in Liberian politics.

In #Kenya Pauline Cosmetics from Nelly Tuikong

Lily Kuo writing in Quartz:When Nelly Tuikong, originally from western Kenya, was studying nursing in the United States, she had trouble finding makeup. Drug store brands carried at most two shades for darker skinned women like herself. Show More Summary

"Ajegunle... With Love" - Linda Ikeji TV's New Show

From Linda Ikeji TVHere's the first promo of another one of our never-before-seen kind of TV reality show, 'Ajegunle...With Love'. Imagine a reality show shot in Ajegunle following the lives of people who were born and brought up there. Show More Summary

#Blockchain for Trustless, Censorship-resistant Software Development from Ellcrys #nigeria

Ellcrys |el-kris| is a blockchain network that will allow anyone in the world start, join or contribute to open source software products and receive compensation for their contributions. Users will be able to create decentralized Git repositories that are censorship resistant, highly available and can be truly owned by multiple persons. Show More Summary

African Press Review 19 January 2018

Will the ANC's national executive committee discuss the question of Jacob Zuma's survival as South African president at its ongoing meeting? Why is Kenya not too worried about Donald Trump and the "shithole" saga? And look what's happened to the Egyptian Cabinet!

Opposition rejects Equatorial Guinea President Obiang’s denial of torture

A political opposition member was tortured to death in front of his party’s headquarters in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, by state security personnel, according to an opposition leader. Gabriel Nse Obiang Obono, the headShow More Summary

Building a Startup Culture in #Nigeria

via Genesys Tech-HubIn the words of Nnamdi Anika, MD, Genesys Tech-Hub, Enugu; "It's quite difficult developing an ecosystem in this part of the country but the greatest advantage we have at Genesys Tech Hub is that we have access to...Show More Summary

African Press Review 18 January 2018

Back to school worries in South Africa. Dry as a bone in Cape Town. And, who are the real racists?

On Female African Entreprneurs - Manatex Fabrics a "Mama Benz" Company

A Credit Suisse post on the rise of female African entrepreneurs"Mama Benz" Maggy Lawson of Lomé, Togo, grew rich by trading in brightly printed cotton. This brilliant businesswoman is not an isolated case. Nowhere are there as manyShow More Summary

Africa Press Review 17 January 2018

Crime and punishment this morning; in Kenya, Egypt, Namibia and Liberia.

Tunisia's rulers fail to live up to Arab Spring promise

Nearly one thousand people have been arrested in Tunisia in the biggest wave of social unrest since the revolution. Anger at new austerity measures has brought hundreds of Tunisians back onto the streets with the same demands they did back in 2011. Seven years on, protesters say the government has failed to live up to the promises of the Arab Spring.

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