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In #Nigeria - How I went from programming with a feature phone to working for an MIT Startup

Elvis Chidera writes:In 2012, I was just a village boy from Nigeria who had nothing but a dream and a feature(J2ME) phone. Today, I’m a 19 year old Android developer who has worked on over 50 apps and currently work for an MIT startup...[more]

From Private Equity to Pineapple Farming

NPR reports: Jerry Parkes stands in a vast field of spiky leaves and peers at a pineapple that is larger than usual. "Wow, look at the size of this fruit!" he exclaims. A former London investment banker on a Ghanaian farm seems like a fish out of water. Show More Summary

Swigging Cashew, Sorghum, and Sugarcane Beverages from Ghanaian Entrepreneurs

In Ghana Foodtank reports on the advent of liquors, beers and wines that use indigenous ingredients:While commercial beers, imported spirits, and wines can be found at bars, parties, and even funerals across Ghana, taste for local tipples are gaining momentum—in part driven by patriotic pushing for Ghana-made products. Show More Summary

The Rise of The African Tech Scene

Bilal Djelassi writing in Medium: The African continent is no longer seen as an inhospitable place for investors and entrepreneurs. It is rather perceived as a land of multiple opportunities and a viable market, where the word leapfrog spreads as fast as innovation nowadays. Show More Summary

Wireless translation earbuds from MyManu founded by Danny Manu

The BBC reports: Danny's product is called Clik and he bills it as the world's first truly wireless earbuds with live translation. The idea is that you speak in one language and another person hears what you say in their own tongue, either via their own earbuds or via the MyManu smartphone app that Danny has already developed...[more]

Ubenwa a startup from #Nigeria is using machine learning to detect child birth asphyxia

Quartz highlights Ubenwa:A Nigerian startup that has developed a machine learning system to detect child birth asphyxia earlier and hopes to save thousands of babies’ lives every year when its technology is deployed. The founders say the AI solution has achieved over 95% prediction accuracy in trials with nearly 1,400 pre-recorded baby cries. Show More Summary

The African Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manifesto

What is the African Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manifesto? The African Manifesto on Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship is being co-created by young and old Africans from within the continent and the diaspora. It is our statement of how digital innovation and entrepreneurship can play a role in advancing our continent. Show More Summary

African Universities Innovation Accelerator

From ccHub: Despite the proliferation of universities across the African continent, research and knowledge from these institution barely influence how business is done and how governments make decisions. While faculty and students embarks...Show More Summary

The Heart Institute's National Network Of Heart Stations

An update on the work of Ernest Madu founder of the Heart Institute of the Carribean via the Jamiaca Gleaner:Heart Institute of the Caribbean will open a new wing on the medical facility by next March, having spent US$4 million (J$500 million) on the expansion at the Balmoral Avenue complex in Kingston, inclusive of equipment and a cardiac emergency room...[more]

Laolu "Roasbeef" Osuntokun , Co-Founder Lightening labs #blockchain

Lightening labs Cofounded by Laolu Osuntokun is developing Lightning: an open protocol layer that leverages the power of blockchains and smart contracts to make cheap, fast, private transactions available to anyone around the world.via Smile & Mobile

African Press Review 16 December 2017

Who will be the next president of South Africa's ruling African National Congress? Did US soldiers knowingly kill unarmed civilians in a raid in Somalia last August? How much compensation should be paid to the former child soldiers forced to fight in Thomas Lubanga's Union of Congolese Patriots? And where will the money come from?

A Response to a Review of My Book on Boko Haram

Sam Wilkins, a U.S. Special Forces officer who deployed to Nigeria earlier this year, has written a fairly negative review of my new book on Boko Haram. Most of Wilkins’ review reacts to one section dealing with the Islamic State … Continue reading ?

EDUN travels to Kenya in a new short.

A story from the Cut In today’s milieu of mass mindfulness and conscious consumerism, many of us care deeply about the story and mission behind the things we buy. In fact, 43 percent of global respondents to a 2015 survey cited a company’s commitment to social value as an important purchase driver. Show More Summary

Dutch-Ethiopian man jailed for life for Red Terror war crimes

A 63-year-old Dutch-Ethiopian man was sentenced to life in jail on Friday. Dutch judges found Eshetu Alemu guilty of war crimes committed during the Red Terror in the late 1970s, when bloody purges were conducted under the Derg, the regime led by Marxist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam.

ICC orders compensation for DR Congo child soldiers

Nearly 15 years after the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo's north-eastern region of Ituri, international war crimes judges on Friday awarded the child soldiers who fought for warlord Thomas Lubanga 10 million dollars in compensation. Some fear the payout risks reviving old tensions.

Rwandan defence minister refuses to face French judge over Habyaramina death

Rwanda's defence minister has refused to comply with a French examining magistrate's summons to face a witness who accuses him of involvement in the shooting-down of then-president Juvénal Habyaramina's plane, an event that is believed to have sparked the 1994 genocide.

African Press Review 15 December 2017

Another setback for South African President Jacob Zuma as the ruling African National Congress gets ready to choose his successor. Rebel leader Riek Machar will not be attending the South Sudan peace talks due to open in Ethiopia. And Zimbabwe's new president promises free and fair elections in 2018.

FieldLab - 3D-printed, solar-powered lab-in-a-box

Lynsey Chutel reporting for Quartz: FieldLab is a solar-powered lab-in-a-box created by two grad students at Rhodes University in South Africa. The FieldLab can be carried like a briefcase and is designed specifically to address the constraints facing medical diagnostics in Africa: affordability, mobility and robustness. Show More Summary

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