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African press review 22 February 2017

What's wrong with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari? And, is the best government that which governs least? Two of the topics that interest the African press today.

Visualizing physical data from IoT aquaponic systems by Kijani Grows

Chris Gammell writing in Medium: Eric Maundu of Kijani Grows discusses a full-stack system for visualizing the characteristics of aquaponic systems. At HDDG16, Eric Maundu of KijaniGrows talked about how he regularly monitors the aquaponics systems he creates in Oakland, CA. Show More Summary

Bodyboarder dies after shark attack off Réunion island

A 26-year-old man has died after being bitten by a shark while bodyboarding off the French Indian ocean island of Réunion.

CAR one year on

Tuesday 14 February marked a year since elections were held in the Central African Republic. Since then thousands have been driven from their homes by fighting between the Seleka rebels who deposed president François Bozizié and anti-Balaka militias. Show More Summary

African press review 21 February 2017

Hundreds of thousands face starvation in South Sudan's famine, a direct result of the three-year civil war. The question of food security is becoming serious in neighbouring countries too. South Africa's finance minister needs to plug a two-billion-euro hole in the budget. And the world's heaviest woman loses 40 kilos in slightly over a week.

France calls on DRC to shed light on massacre video

France has called on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to speedily investigate a video that appears to show soldiers massacring civilians in Kasai region, the scene of a rebellion since September 2016.

African press review 20 February 2017

Does South Africa need an expensive bronze statue of Jacob Zuma? As foreigners are targeted in attacks in Johannesburg and Pretoria, southern African papers ask if the Rainbow Republic is on the verge of another wave of xenophobia. And Grace Mugabe says Zimbabweans would vote for her husband, even if he was dead.

Seeing Haiti: a photo essay

Imagine a nation with a noble and proud history, but a rough last century. It was occupied by a massive, powerful neighbor to the north, who undermined its political system and land ownership to benefit its national commercial interests. Soon … Continue reading ?

African press review 18 February 2017

Why is the Kenyan government refusing to issue new international landing licences at Nairobi airport? Why has South Sudan's labour minister resigned? And why has a court in Cyprus decided to send a suspect back to Egypt, acknowledging that he may well be tortured on his return?

African press review 17 February 2017

Kenya may not be able to buy millions of dollars worth of weapons from the United States. Top banks in South Africa may have to pay billions of rand in fines because of the way they rigged the foreign exchange markets against customers. Uganda's Kizza Besigye is tired. And Egypt gets its first-ever female state governor.

On President Trump’s Call with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

On February 13, President Donald Trump spoke by telephone with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Many observers, including me and Nigerian analyst Muktar Usman-Janguza, were impatiently awaiting for the White House to post a readout of the call, which it finally did yesterday. … Continue reading ?

African press review 16 February 2017

Health is, naturally, an issue of universal concern. More than a few newspapers in different parts of the African continent offer in-depth coverage today.  

How does Gambia get back into the Commonwealth club?

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visited Gambia on Wednesday and said that the country’s bid to re-join the Commonwealth group of ex-British colonies would happen in the “coming months”. However, applying for membership of the club...Show More Summary

Reforming Gambia's notorious National Intelligence Agency

In Gambia, the government of president Adama Barrow has the said it will reform its notorious prison system. It has already renamed and started reorganising Gambia's infamous NIA - the national intelligence agency. RFI’s Bineta Diagne met a former NIA agent in the capital Banjul. Show More Summary

Armyworm threatens crops in Zimbabwe

Today the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is holding an emergency meeting in the Zimbabwean capital to try to halt the spread of armyworm, a highly-damaging pest.

“Tribal Dynamics” and Wannabe Gordian Knot-Cutters

Reading Crisis Group’s latest report on Yemen, two sentences jumped out at me: Western analysis tends to explore [al-Qaida]’s relationship with local tribes but less often examines the group as a tool for Yemen’s political elite to resort to subterfuge … Continue reading ?

African press review 15 February 2017

Nigeria wonders about US President Donald Trump's call to its leader, while South Africa questions the motivation of their own.

Peter Mandaville and J.M. Berger on CVE, Past and Present

The Centre on Religion and Global Affairs has published an interesting interview with Professor Peter Mandaville of George Mason University, who recently left the US State Department’s Office of Religion and Global Affairs. (There’s no relationship between the Centre and the … Continue reading ?

Africa press review 14 February 2017

The top story in Kenya this morning is the strike by the country's doctors which has entered its 72nd day. The Daily Nation ledes with a story headlined "Man behind the doctors strike mess." In truth, it is not entirely clear in the story that follows who that man is.  

Surviving the outbreak of the Somali civil war; academic finds modern-day parallels to 19th century Muslim leader

In this month's Africa: Stories in the 55, we take a look at two award-winning writers - Somali author Nadifa Mohamed, and Leila Abulela, Sudanese novelist - who speak about the influences on their craft.

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