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AfDB's Entrepreneur Initiative - BOOSt Africa

From the AFDB:Boost Africa will contribute to fostering the development of an efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa by supporting the earliest and riskier stages of the venture value chain, in an economically viable and sustainable way. Show More Summary

African press review 3 December 2016

An election surprise in Gambia. And efforts to curb child marriage in Nigeria.

What you need to know about Ghana's elections

Ghana goes to the polls for presidential and parliamentary elections on 7 December for its seventh multi-party ballot since the end of military rule in 1992. The presidential race is expected to be a closely fought contest between incumbent President John Dramani Mahama and opposition challenger Nana Akufo-Addo. Show More Summary

LifeBank is Tackling the Blood Shortage in Nigeria's Biggest City

Conor Gaffey reporting for Newsweek: In Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city and Temie Giwa-Tubosun’s adopted hometown, the need for blood is urgent. Only 43 percent of the 185,000 pints of blood required each year are collected; this shortage means that efficiently getting the available plasma from blood banks to needy patients is crucial. Show More Summary

#Arduino Controlled Micro Distilliery

From Hackaday Richard Baguley reports: image via Booze, they say, is one of the major factors that shaped human history. And creating new and faster ways of making booze has always been a big engineering problem, so this project by [Goat Industries] is rather interesting. It’s a completely automated micro-distillery called the NanoStillery...[more]

Presidential elections in Somalia postponed... again!

Presidential elections in Somalia, which were due on Wednesday November 30th, have been postponed for the third time. The federal government says the elections will now be held by the end of December. Presidential elections in Somalia do not conform to the one person, one vote pattern and the current one is a lengthy process marred by corruption allegations.

Nova Lumos Raises $90 Million for Off-Grid Solar in #Nigeria

Bloomberg reports: Nova Lumos Netherlands Holding B.V. raised $90 million from a mix of private equity investors and development banks to deploy pay-as-you-go solar power systems in Nigeria. It’s the biggest fundraising round to date...Show More Summary

Your Next Car Could Be Made in Morrocco

Over at Ozy Taylor Mayol writes: Embed from Getty Images The gleaming white arms of the machines move massive amounts of steel through a vast, brightly lit space. Near the end of the line, the metal begins to take shape — a chassis here, a door there. Show More Summary

African press review 2 December 2016

Some light at the end of the tunnel for those at risk from diabetes. "Funny money" and skewed priorities in Zimbabwe. And, spending tax payers' money in South Africa.

Scientists are makers...

In Nature:Scientists are makers. The specialized skills they hone in the lab over many years – from assembling robots and circuits to growing microbes and cells – mirror the practices of artisans such as seamstresses and potters. Chemists may melt, stretch and snap a glass tube to make a pipette. Show More Summary

African press review 1 December 2016

New money for old in Zimbabwe. A possible income boost for Nigerians. School grade deflation in Kenya. And South Africans are asked if bigger really is better?

The chocolate shops championing Ivory Coast's cocoa

Tamasin Ford reporting for the BBC: Dana Mroueh: one of Ivory Coast's latest chocolatiers Dana Mroueh is not thinking about fitness as she furiously pedals away on her exercise bike - her only thoughts are of chocolate.Not just any chocolate;...Show More Summary

Tools for Would-Be Biohackers: Here Come 3 Mini-Labs

Eliza Strickland writing in Spectrum: At Biofabricate three startups were present to argue that DIYers just need a little technological assist. The companies, Amino Labs, Biorealize, and Spiderwort, all make DIY bio instruments that automate some of the tricky and tedious parts of biology experiments. Show More Summary

African press review 30 November 2016

A King is accused of murder. A President hangs onto his job. And, African Presidents' love affair with Fidel Castro.  

Data can become Nigeria’s new ‘black gold’

Labi Ogunbiyi writing in the FT: The opportunity offered by big data mining and analytics, and the innovative product and policy development that comes with it, is almost immeasurable. Bringing the ability to use data to improve product...Show More Summary

On the (Most Recent) Reported Death of Mokhtar Belmokhtar

Late last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that a French airstrike in southern Libya likely killed the jihadist commander Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The reports have been met with some skepticism, given that Belmokhtar has been reported dead numerous times. For example, American … Continue reading ?

Postcard business delivers new life to Timbuktu post office

Tourists no longer visit Timbuktu, the ancient city in northern Mali. But a small postcard business there has been growing. Out-of-work tourguides now earn money via a website called It allows people anywhere in the world to send a stamped postcard from the famous desert city. Katarina Höije reports.

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