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Getting Dark

It's getting darker and darker here on the Slope.We're down to about 4 hours of daylight. Withinthe next month the sun will set for a while andwon't return.

The American Test

Mr. Jury, front-and-center, if you please.The tall Kiwi with the sandy-brown hair leapt to his feet and took his place in the center of the circle, exaggerating his military-style snap to attention sarcastically.Yes, Sir. Sarcastically.As you are the only Immigrant on this crew, we will give you the opportunity to join us, should you pass this test. Show More Summary

Winter isn't a season, it's a state of being.

A Winter-Over moment that I witnessed today: My roommate, Sunshine, who I shall call “Toby” in order to protect his privacy, bought a used X-Box from a Winter-Over who is leaving tomorrow. I shall call him “Doofus”. Doofus sold his X-Box...Show More Summary

Elbow-deep in a truck's butt

The truck is pulled into the bay, box removed, the package on the flatbed a baffling maze of pipes and wires and tanks and bottles. It's parked overnight and allowed to warm inside. This isn't for the truck so much as it is for me – she's going to be a lot easier to play with if my hands aren't sticking to frozen metal. Show More Summary

Cake and grief counseling will be provided at the conclusion of the test.

I had dispatch. At the time I volunteered to take the overnight shift, it was a sacrifice, volunteering to stay up all night and let the shift sleep. At the time of the shift, however, it was having cake and eating it, then getting another slice and watching someone else get no cake at all. Show More Summary

The Antarcalypse

Yesterday we had a vehicle fire on the shortcut road to Pegasus Field. Not sure of the cause, but I can comfortably say that something went wrong in the engine compartment, which ignited, and both the engine and passenger compartments were lost. Show More Summary

Thirty-thirteenth, if you must know.

Saturday, my fourth birthday on The Ice, was spent working. It was a good shift, filled with the normal things we do – some training, some inspections, some trucks. The normal. Inspecting 155. Went into the Computer Training Room to have a look around, noticed some ceiling tiles askew, tried to slip them back into place. Show More Summary

Massive portions of my brain disappear over the ocean.

The flight itself is five hours, but the changes are much more dramatic. Green and warm New Zealand transforms into cold and bleak Ice, and that's just the most obvious change. Somewhere over the ocean, as the sky grew dark and the air...Show More Summary

Season 8

WFY001. Third time is the charm. Sitting about halfway along the port side of the C-17, comfortably sandwiched between a Juan and a Paul. We're about thirty minutes outside of the wonderful city of Christchurch, and have just been given the all-clear to wander the aircraft. Show More Summary

Bag of Dirt

In Christchurch again, after several non-eventful flights. I like non-eventful flights – in fact, they're my favorite flights of all. Sitting there all bored, with legs cramping from disuse, and fidgeting endlessly as I fruitlessly search...Show More Summary

Live-aboard Spleen Harvester.

Day One – First flight – Somewhere over Southeastern United States. Deployment. If one takes the long view of that word, it means shipping out to perform a job or duty at a distant location – in my personal case, Antarctica – for an extended period of time – again, in my case, seven months for this hitch. Show More Summary

And the monkey with page 67 returns, and it isn't as important as I thought it was

Still waiting for deployment paperwork. I'm supposed to deploy in ten days. Due to the delay, I find myself rather ambiguous about packing, although yesterday I did finally manage to send a package down. Just the one, and heavily insured, in case I lose it. Show More Summary

The Flask

I was digging through my hunting gear, which had been imprisoned in a plastic box in a closet in my mother's basement for the past five years, when I came upon an old silver flask packed deep among the woolen clothes and rain gear and old, stale beef jerky - along with a small army worth of ant corpses. Show More Summary

Season Number Eight...

Dear Andre, This e-mail is to inform you that you are P hysically Q ualified (PQ) for your Summer deployment. Raytheon Polar Services Company Medical Department

Behold now, Behemoth... his strength is in his loins...

The storm began as we left Chicago, whispers of rain on the windshield, at first just enough to obscure vision and make the road slick. In front of us black clouds loomed ominously, and it was only a short while before we were hydroplaning through puddles on the highway and listening to the roar of the rain, the drops seeming as big as buckets. Show More Summary

Nihilism is the emotional response to disbelief...

I've recently returned from a trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Below this cut is my impression of the museum. I had initially thought I'd make this a 'friends-only' post, but decided to put it below a cut instead, so I couldShow More Summary

Overheard in a bar:

"...and I've had sex with some pretty shitty people for free."I may just have to make that one my own, and try to fit it into a sad tale of woe. Or a happy tale of someone else's woe. Either way, of one thing I am certain: with a line like that, there's woe involved somewhere.

It's Time

I start 2015 traveling. In fact, I'm writing this from a small cafe in the Phoenix, Arizona airport on my way to Deadhorse, Alaska. You might be wondering...What?!?!?Lots of things have happened since my last blog post long long ago....Show More Summary

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