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Frum vs. Conason: Are Billary Unethical Grifters or Boomer Idealists?

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green The leading conservative and progressive commentators on Hillary clash -- is the likely next Democratic nominee and president more motivated to make history and policy... or money? They review charges, point by point, and actually arrive at one consensus. Show More Summary

Blabbermouth: Our Week-in-Review Podcast Looks at a Police Shooting, the Woman Who Tied Herself to a Ship, & Rhubarb!

Blabbermouth: Episode eight of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. (Now available on iTunes!) BrAt82/Shutterstock As an investigation into the shooting of two young, unarmed black men by an Olympia police officer continues, CharlesShow More Summary

Blabbermouth: Our Week-in-Review Podcast Has Feelings About the "Wreck of the Kulluk," Hillary Clinton, and More!

Blabbermouth: Episode seven of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. BrAt82/Shutterstock Well, the big protests against Shell Oil happened. They were successful in getting attention around the world, but they didn't cause the global oil company to scrap its Arctic drilling plans and yank its Polar Pioneer drilling rig out of Seattle's port. Show More Summary

Is Jeb's Mulligan on Iraq Convincing or a Tar Baby He Can't Escape?

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green Jeb and TPP had second chances this week -- will they work? And what explains Stephanopoulos's gift to the Clinton Foundation? Rich Lowry and David Corn of National Review and Mother Jones debate these three "oops's". Show More Summary

This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Former Mayor Mike McGinn Criticizes Current Mayor Ed Murray Over Shell Deal

Blabbermouth: Episode six of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. BrAt82/Shutterstock Former Mayor Mike McGinn is back on Blabbermouth this week. McGinn talks about dusting off his kayak in order to join this weekend's Festival of Resistance...Show More Summary

Jon Burns Elected House Majority Leader; Bruce Williamson Elected Secretary Treasurer

The House Majority Caucus met this afternoon to elect new leadership, following the appointment of Larry O’Neal to a judgeship in late April. Representative Jon Burns of Newington was elected as Majority Leader to replace O’Neal, defeating Representative Allen Peake of Macon. Show More Summary

Mark Hamilton Resigns

After rumors of Representative Hamilton’s resignation, he formally resigned this afternoon at the House Republican Caucus meeting. Hamilton was elected in 2007 to represent the 24th District. He championed HB 194, the bill that shortened the early voting period. Show More Summary

This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Mayor Ed Murray on May Day, Shell, and Another Seattle Times Scolding

Blabbermouth: Episode five of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. Now with an easy way to download and subscribe! BrAt82/Shutterstock Mayor Ed Murray is on Blabbermouth this week! (And the podcast now has an easy way for you to download...Show More Summary

Why Republicans Are Against a Wildly Successful Teen Pregnancy-Prevention Program

Why would Republicans in Colorado's legislature torpedo a program that reduced teen pregnancy by 40 percent and teen abortions by 35 percent? What's not to like? Here's a summary of the bizarre arguments Republicans used to attack the...Show More Summary

Governor Deal Signs House Bill 170 at a Liberty Plaza Ceremony

Paying tribute to the amount of effort needed to pass House Bill 170, Governor Nathan Deal signed the Transportation Funding Act into law this morning at a ceremony on Liberty Plaza. Acknowledging that while some might have thought that getting the bill passed would be simple, given its support by Speaker David Ralston, Lt. Show More Summary

Deja News on Race, Gays, Hebdo... And the 'Error' of Mass Incarceration

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green Lamarche and Christie agree on Marriage Equality and Charlie Hebdo but, like the country, divide on why it's the fire this time in Baltimore. Will we have recurring police-triggered violence -- from HarlemShow More Summary

Marco's Mask and Hillary as Your Next Door Mom

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green Rubio's meme is "I'm the future", but models JFK and Obama didn't want to go back to '20s and '50s. Clinton's is "I'm your neighbor's mom", but will GOP Evita-ize her? Lowry and Vanden Heuvel discuss both as...Show More Summary

Listen to a podcast on 2015 40 Under 40

Crain's Executive Editor Jeremy Smerd, senior reporter Adrianne Pasquarelli and photographer Buck Ennis discuss Crain's 2015 40 Under 40 honorees.. To view the full story, click the title link.

Audio: Port Commissioner Bill Bryant Mocks Seattleites and Reveals More About the Deal to Host Arctic Drilling Rigs

While talking to the Evergreen Republican Women's Club last Thursday, Port of Seattle commissioner Bill Bryant revealed when Shell's first Arctic drilling rig is coming to Seattle—something port lawyers wouldn't even disclose in a courtroom two weeks ago. Show More Summary

Anti-Abortion Hype: "Pro-Choicers" Want to Kill "Newborns" and "Toddlers"

Infanticide is rare in America and has few advocates, yet anti-choice activists are leveling an accusation that more and more "pro-choicers" favor this form of murder. American Right to Life, a national anti-choice organization, is stepping...Show More Summary

John Carson Introduces the More Take Home Pay Act

A proposal for a significant change in the way the state of Georgia collects taxes was introduced by House leadership late this afternoon. Called the More Take Home Pay Act, the measure would create a single income tax rate of 4%, down...Show More Summary

Wolf Slaughter Canadian Style Continues as if It's Conservation: Let's Stop It Now

The Canadian government plans to kill wolves once again to try to save woodland caribou. An earlier murder escapade in Alberta didn't work (please see "Researchers Kill 890 Wolves to Learn About Them: There's Something Very Wrong") and there's no reason to assume this one will. Show More Summary

Transportation Funding Act of 2015 Previewed At Press Conference

House Speaker David Ralston and House Transportation Chairman Jay Roberts held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to provide some details on the Transportation Funding Act of 2015, which will be filed on Thursday. The act will provide...Show More Summary

GOP Congressman to Obama: Deport Immigrants or We'll Shut You Down

Would the Republican-controlled Congress shut down the Department of Homeland Security to halt Obama's program delaying deportation of undocumented immigrants whose children are U.S. citizens? Colorado's own Rep. Ken Buck would do it. Last...Show More Summary

2015 Starts with a Bang - 114th Keystone Cops or Pipeline? Deja Bush? More Terrorism?

LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green The contours of the next year or two are already taking shape: with McConnell claiming credit for soaring economy yet Graham blaming Obama for Charlie Hebdo, JAlter and RChristie discuss if this will this be...Show More Summary

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