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New Accession: Dilys Mary Birbeck Collection: From England to Sydney by Flying Boat

The John Oxley Library recently received an interesting collection created by English emigrant, Dilys Mary Birbeck, who travelled from England to Sydney, with her husband and two small daughters, by flying boat in 1948. The flying boat service between England and Australia began in 1938 when large luxury flying boats began to operate a thrice... Read more

Preserving the Websites of Queensland’s Past Premiers

John Oxley Library’s commitment to preserving and sharing aspects of contemporary Queensland life include collecting not only physical materials but also born-digital resources such as websites. Just how do we go about collecting websites? ...Show More Summary

“Cannon Hill” what’s in a name

After some interest in the suburb of Cannon Hill from local residents regarding the origin of its name and some investigation into its history, I have put together a summary of my findings on the subject from records available at the State Library of Queensland. Cannon Hill is a residential suburb on Wynnum Road and... Read more

Buderim’s first golf course

Guest Blogger: Buderim Historical Society – Sunshine Coast Region Series: Changing Landscapes  Today when the words ‘Buderim’ and ‘golf’ are mentioned everyone thinks of the beautiful Headland Golf Club, but between the wars there was an earlier golf club on Buderim.   It was situated on a five year lease on land owned by H.... Read more

Digitised @SLQ – Beautiful Queensland from a railway carriage window

On the 8th of December 1924 the opening of the Daradgee Railway Bridge finally completed the North Coast Railway linking Brisbane and Cairns. The first section of the line connecting Gympie to Maryborough had been opened on the 6th of August 1881 and other pieces of the line were built in isolated sections as need dictated... Read more

Queensland Places – Burketown – 1887 Cyclone

One of the worst cyclones to strike the Cape York region occurred at Burketown on 5 March 1887.  The cyclone struck with limited warning and remains one of the worst recorded in Queensland.  It lasted about twelve hours, during which Burketown and the surrounding area sustained major damage as well as loss of life. At... Read more

Digitised @SLQ Geological surveys of Queensland

What did your neck of the Queensland woods look during the past 150 years?  Enjoy digitised Geological Survey maps in the State Library’s collection. Featured is a newly digitised geological map of the Moreton districtfrom 1955 by Dorothy Hill. Published by the Department of Mines, the map reveals intricate knowledge of Queensland’s rich geology.  Comprised... Read more

Connecting collections on the Sunshine Coast

Many different groups, individuals and organisations across the state hold incredible Queensland heritage items, and the State Library offers programs and resources to the stewards of this distributed collection of Queensland memory to help preserve and make their content accessible. Show More Summary

Queensland Places – Gulf of Carpentaria – Albatross Bay

Albatross Bay, within which the town of Weipa is located, is situated on the western coast of Cape York.  It is believed to have been named by either the Honourable John Douglas, the government resident on Thursday Island or by Captain Kerr, after the Queensland government steamer Albatross, which Kerr commanded. The Albatross operated during [...]

Murder at St Helena Penal Establishment

Guest blogger: Jo Seccombe – Senior Reference Archivist, Queensland State Archives “A picture is worth a thousand words…” is how the saying goes. In this case it’s not the picture held at Queensland State Archives, but the public records that tell the stories. The tranquil ruins of the St Helena prison stores buildings conceal tales [...]

Queensland Places – Dinmore

Dinmore, to the north-east of the city, was settled as early as the 1870s with development progressing more rapidly from the 1880s, as shown by the opening of a railway station in 1884 and the establishment of a post office a year later. As well, the Dinmore area has been home to several large collieries [...]

Digitised @SLQ – iconic Black Friday poster

‘Australia’ draws back the Queensland curtain to reveal the Black Friday strike in 1912. This iconic poster by James Thomas Case has been digitised recently at SLQ. The poster is a reproduction of Jim Case’s cartoon from the front page of the Worker. Case’s depiction of a shocked maiden, ‘Australia’, drawing back the Queensland curtain [...]

17th December 1887 – a significant day for Queensland

Guest blogger: Thom Blake – John Oxley Library Fellow and historian So what is special about that day? You will not find it mentioned in any histories of Queensland, list of significant dates or in the newspaper headlines for that day or week. But in the central western town of Barcaldine, an extraordinary event occurred [...]

Sudden deluge swamps Brisbane – January 1941

A sudden deluge hit the inner suburbs of Brisbane on the afternoon of January 18, 1941, in what the Sunday Mail described as “the fiercest one-hour storm in the city’s history”. The Weather Bureaus rain gauge recorded 336 points (85mm) in less than an hour. In the eastern suburb of Hawthorne, 604 points (153mm) was [...]

Queensland Places – History of Golden Gate

The town of Golden Gate developed late in the period of the Croydon gold rush, but once it was surveyed and settled, it was to become one of the area’s most important centres.  Golden Gate was officially surveyed on 11 April 1893, however some buildings were already in place by that time. The first Golden [...]

Digitised @SLQ – Boer War Diary describes Queensland troops’ movements

A newly digitised Boer war diary of the 5th Queensland Imperial Bushmen by Major F.W. Toll shows “actual movements and marches of the unit whilst attached to Genl. Plumers’column” from April 1901 through May 1902.  It is  in the John Oxley Library as part of Collection OM84-11. The Toll diary immediately transports one through time [...]

Heritage listing for the Cairns Technical College and High School building

Guest blogger – Susan Boulton, Queensland State Archives The Queensland Heritage Council listed the Cairns Technical College and High School building on the Queensland Heritage Register in May 2014. Designed by architect Nigel Laman Thomas of the Department of Public Works in July 1938, the following plan held at Queensland State Archives shows the layout [...]

Scottish Adventurers on the Darling Downs

An interesting story was recently uncovered when a client enquiry requesting information about a couple of Scotsmen grew into a tale of courage and success. John and George Gammie left their homeland in Scotland, in search of wealth, adventure and a new life. After searching resources held at the State Library of Queensland, a picture [...]

Election 2015 : we need your help again

It’s election time again and once again we need your help to ensure we have a comprehensive collection of election ephemera. State Library has significant collections of ephemera.  This material, which is generally regarded by most of us as transient or “throw away” items, provides a unique perspective into Queensland’s social life, popular culture and [...]

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