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New Zealand Earth Quakes – Christchurch

Reports are coming in that an earchquake has effected the the city of Christchurch a short time ago. Stories of falling debris and rubble have injured and in some cases killed. Our hopes and prayers are with thoes families affected by the quakes. To all our New Zealand friends accross the pond, Exclusively Melbourne's hearts [...]

things in gutters

Taking photos of things in gutters is a thing now. Apparently. The morning after the night of the living dead #halloween #fitzroy #gutter — grahamjh (@grahamjh) November 1, 2014 More evidence of Global warming?...Show More Summary

Stopping to smell the roses

From my study window, I can see everyone who walks along our street [cue maniacal laughter].  The room has an L-shaped window, so I can watch walkers as they pass several houses either side of me.  Unfortunately for my thesis … Continue reading ?

‘Tales of Old Toronto’ by Suzanne Marnie

This is a collection of short stories set in or around Ontario, Canada.  It’s available in many places on the internet as it is no longer in copyright. They are rather odd, nostalgic, sad little stories.  Most, but not all, … Continue reading ?

Uplifting Quotes for the Uninspired Historian #10

It is hard to think away out of our heads a history which has long lain in a remote past but which once lay in the future. F.W. Maitland ‘Memoranda de Parliamento (1893) in Selected Essays (Cambridge University Press, 1936) … Continue reading ?

‘Suite Francaise’ by Irene Nemirovsky

2006 (English translation), 344 p & appendices I purchased this book in the flurry of publicity that greeted its arrival in English translation.  It came with such a wonderful back-story: the 60 year old manuscript lugged around in a suitcase … Continue reading ?

‘The Little Stranger’ by Sarah Waters

2009, 499 p. I was about to say that it’s a long time since I’ve read a ghost story.  Then I realized that I don’t think I ever have read a ghost story- not even Edgar Allan Poe.  (No- I … Continue reading ?...

A day trip to Westgarthtown

The sun was a-shining, the magnolias a-blooming, the wattles a-bursting and the magpies a-caroling-  so a good day for The Sunday Drive.  It’s the second Sunday in the month and Ziebell’s Farmhouse is open  at Westgarthtown.?? Westgarthtown is not, as … Continue reading ?


My census paper is all filled in, waiting to be collected.  I quite enjoy filling in surveys and doing interviews.  I note that several of my Facebook friends with young babies were amused at the inappropriateness of many of the ??? Continue reading ?

’1835? by James Boyce

James Boyce, 1835: The Founding of Melbourne and the Conquest of Australia, Black Inc, Melbourne, 2011.  212 p & notes At last! I thought when I finally got my hands on this book.  In fact, three ‘at lasts!’  I’m almost … Continue reading ?

Something to think about…

If the great leading article of a creed be a contradiction of the intellect, or understanding, or reason, then the whole religious system must be supported by contradiction and absurdities… if a nation’s faith be superstitious and irrational, and they … Continue reading ?

‘The Book of Rachael’ by Leslie Cannold

2011,  324 p. Leslie Cannold is an esteemed  Australian public intellectual best known for her contribution to debates over feminism and reproductive technology.  I haven’t read her previous non-fiction publications What, No Baby? and The Abortion Myth but I generally … Continue reading ?

Abbotsford Convent

Abbotsford is Northside's eastern fringe. Beyond it lies Melbourne's badlands, a savage hellhole of large, spacious houses with clean indoor bathrooms; quiet, tree lined streets, and where the nearest bar is an agonising fifteen minutes...Show More Summary

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

The best thing about Lucas' Papaw Ointment is that it's not Lip Smacker. It comes in a simple red pack with black lettering in only one flavour - papaw. This is in contrast to Lip Smacker which had nauseating psychedelic packaging, weird...Show More Summary

Spicey Lamb Borek at the Vic Market

Somebody suggested this should be in the list, and while it's totally awesome, the spicey lamb borek at Brew Cafe on Poath road, Hughesdale is even better. It's huge and perfectly crispy and it comes with a tasty salad. It's a classy borek. If it was a head of state it would be Borek Obama.


With a Southside vibe but geographically located north of the river, Richmond is a white Melburnian paradox. There are two classic white Melburnian venues - the Great Britain Hotel and the Corner Hotel, dispersed amongst several large drinking barns popular with the wrong type of white people. Show More Summary

Rules For Eating Ethnic Foods

While it's essential for all white Melburnians to love ethnic foods, there are some that have been appropriated by the wrong type of white people and are best avoided. Below is a short list of dishes that are to be eaten for take-away only. Show More Summary

Ironic anything

White Melburnians are smart enough to know that being stuck in a traffic jam when you're already late is not ironic. It might be if you were the head of VicRoads driving to a meeting where you were to give a presentation called: "The...Show More Summary

Maggie Gyllenhaal

While Jake Gyllenhaal is set to lose White Melburnian credibility with the release of Prince of Persia, Maggie has maintained a high level of popularity amongst Melbourne white people at least since Secretary (2002). White Melburnians love her because she's not a ravishing beauty but still totally hot, and also because she's not Katie Holmes. Show More Summary


The only thing White Melburnians love more than procrastinating is talking about procrastinating. This phenomenon begins during VCE but reaches maturity during the university exam periods. The transcript below describes a typical conversation between university students waiting for the exam room to open. Show More Summary

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