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‘Bolivar: The Epic Life of the Man Who Liberated South America’ by Marie Arana

2013, 603 p. One of my favourite podcasts is The presenter, Mike Duncan, is working his way through various revolutions in the world and I’ve gone along for the ride: The English Civil War, the French Revolution, the American … Continue reading ?

Quarterly Essay 67: ‘Moral Panic 101’ by Benjamin Law

It’s profoundly depressing that this Quarterly Essay, released last week, should immediately trigger reference to the Same Sex Marriage survey being run through the ABS between September and November this year.  This is because the initial ‘No’ case advertisement focussed … Continue reading ?

Movie: Una

I seem to be on a bit of a Rooney Mara thing at the moment, having seen ‘Una’ the week after ‘A Ghost Story’.  In Una, a young woman tracks down her neighbour who had sexually abused her as a … Continue reading ?

Miles Franklin Prize 2017

Josephine Wilson has won the Miles Franklin Prize with her book Extinctions.  Dare I say “I told you so!”? [Scroll down the comments for a contribution from the author herself] Congratulations, Josephine. A well-deserved award.

‘The Crying Years: Australia’s Great War’ by Peter Stanley

2017, 239 p. & notes It’s a rather touching thought that even a historian as steeped in knowledge of World War I as military/social historian Peter Stanley could be inspired by a cache of Great War images.  After all, his … Continue reading ?

Movie: A Ghost Story

This film seems to have been advertised for months and months at Cinema Nova (my favourite cinema).  It’s such a daggy looking ghost, in its white sheet with cut-out eyes, and the audience (myself included) didn’t know whether to laugh … Continue reading ?

Exhibition: States of Being- The Elemental Importance of Water

There’s a nice little art exhibition currently on show at the HATCH Contemporary Arts Space in Ivanhoe until 9 September. It’s called ‘States of Being- The Elemental Importance of Water’ and it features the work of nine artists, including the … Continue reading ?

‘Human Croquet’ by Kate Atkinson

1999, 352 P. Kate Atkinson is one of our favourite authors amongst The Ladies Who Say Oooh, a.k.a. my CAE bookgroup. We have read five of her books over the last ten years or so. I first encountered Kate Atkinson … Continue reading ...

Movie: Get Out

  I haven’t seen a spooky movie for ages. I don’t know if I like the experience of watching them – usually through my fingers as I have to cover my face – but it’s all good as long as … Continue reading ?

‘The War at Home’ by John Connor, Peter Stanley and Peter Yule

2015, 240 p& notes It might seem a bit strange, but I’m starting off this review at the very last chapter of this book, where Peter Stanley talks about a book that could well be seen as a forerunner of … Continue reading ?

‘The Only Girl in the World’ by Maude Julien

2017, 256 p Translated from French Spoiler alert I felt uncomfortable and voyeuristic reading this book, but I couldn’t put it down either.  It’s the way I felt when reading 3096 Days by kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch too (see my … Continue reading ?

Movie: Lady Macbeth

  I saw this ages ago, and didn’t get round to posting this short review. Its probably out on DVD by now. It’s not Lady Macbeth in the Shakespearean vein, but instead the film is based on the novella and … Continue reading ?

Movie: My Cousin Rachel

A pigeon-pair for Daphne du Maurier’s other well-known book/movie Rebecca, here we have a young man who is unsure whether his uncle’s wife is a tragic widow or an arch manipulator.  Rachel Weisz is suitably enigmatic and your sympathies for … Continue reading ?

‘A Writing Life: Helen Garner and Her Work’ by Bernadette Brennan

2017, 298 p. & notes This book is exactly what the title promises: a study of Helen Garner and her work.  It’s not, and nor does it purport to be, a full biography but is instead a ‘literary portrait’, firmly … Continue reading ?

A new adventure!

I’m off for a fortnight to Chile and Cuba. Think of it.  A 61 year old woman. There by herself. Very rudimentary Spanish. What could possibly go wrong? Join my on my (mis)adventures at my other blog Land of Increasing … Continue reading ?

‘A Wife’s Heart: The Untold Story of Bertha and Henry Lawson’ by Kerrie Davies

2017, 225p David Marr, the celebrated biographer, has proclaimed for himself the rule that “biographers should stay out of sight”. I suspect that he would be ‘tut-tutting’ the whole way through this book, because the biographer/author Kerrie Davies is very … Continue reading ?

Movie: The Hounds of Love

Ugh. What possessed me to go and see this? I hate violent movies. Actually, I know why I did see it. Because it’s Australian (and I like to support local movies) and I heard that it garnered good reviews.  It … Continue reading ?

‘Cuentos de Edgar Allan Poe para estudiantes de espanol. Nivel A1’

There’s a little test you can do of your language skill against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). “I’ll try that with my Spanish!” I thought, only to end up thoroughly deflated at the realization that I … Continue reading ?

‘The Pacific Room’ by Michael Fitzgerald

2017, 237 p. When I saw that this book was about Robert Louis Stevenson I wondered if I should just spend a little time googling around before I read it. I knew very little about him beyond ‘Treasure Island’ and … Continue reading ?

Movie: Twentieth Century Women

  Set in Santa Barbara in 1979 this is a coming of age story told from the perspective of fifteen year old Jamie, whose single-mother Dorothea draws on the ‘village to raise a child’ metaphor when she feels at a … Continue reading ?

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