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Exhibitions: Pholiota and Strutt

Once again I find myself visiting and writing about exhibitions just as they’re metaphorically turning the lights off and getting ready to shut the door. Well, perhaps not quite, because both these exhibitions close on 23 October, but that certainly … Continue reading ?

Movie: Love & Friendship

Well, this is all a bit confusing! The young Jane Austen did write a novella called Love and Freindship [sic] reviewed here by Whispering Gums (who is an insightful guide to all things Austen) but this film by Whit Stillman … Continue reading ?

Exhibition: Moving Tongues 5-30 October 2016

Once again, here I am talking about an exhibition that’s about to close in a few days so if I pique your interest, you’re going to have to hurry up to catch it.  It’s called ‘Moving Tongues:Language and Migration in … Continue readi...

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: 8-14 October 1841

Governor Gipps’ visit I let slip last week that Governor Gipps was to visit the Port Phillip District in October 1841. There had been hints and rumours but now it had been confirmed: Governor Gipps was to visit for the … Continue reading ?

‘Big Mama’s Funeral’ Collected Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Still I paddle along as quickly as I can in my Coursera course on Gabriel Garcia Marquez‘s work, reading the literature in English with relish and the transcripts of the videos and linked articles in Spanish very slowly! 1962 This … Continue reading ?

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: 1-7 October 1841

‘Scrutator’ fall-out One of the problems of writing a libelous letter against the only Judge in town is that, when you’re hauled over the coals for it, it will be before that very same Judge. So 21-year-old George Arden was … Continue reading ?

‘Kittyhawk Down’ by Garry Disher

2003, 288 P. Is a steady diet of Wallander, Scott and Bailey, The Bridge and -sheesh- even Midsomer Murders softening me up for detective murder mysteries?  Stranger things may have happened.  Whatever: I found myself quite engrossed in this  Australian … Continue reading ?

‘Of Ashes and Rivers that Run to the Sea’ by Marie Munkara

2016, 274 p. For me, the day that then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologized to the Stolen Generations is a day lodged in my memory, along with moon walks, assassinations, bushfires and planes crashing into buildings. I was on a train … Continue reading ?

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: 26-30 September

Census results Given that in September 2016 we’ve had the census uppermost in our thoughts, you might be interested in the results of the 1841 census. Mind you, the Port Phillip Gazette scoffed at the figures recorded for Melbourne, boldly … Continue reading ?

Movie: Girl Asleep

I wanted to like this Australian movie but – oh dear- there’s 1 hour and 17 minutes of my (not inexhaustible) life wasted.  A mixture of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘Heathers’, ‘Grease’ and every other teen movie you’ve … Continue reading ?

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: 17-25 September 1841

Census tales The 2106 Australian census is just finishing up here in Australia, and an ill-starred census it has been with website difficulties, inadequate phone assistance and a general loss of goodwill all round. The 1841 census was conducted in … Continue reading ?

‘No One Writes to the Colonel’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

1961, 68 p. This is the second book examined in the online Coursera course I’m following on the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I say ‘following’ because I’m reading the books in English and rather slowly translating (sort of) the … Continue reading ?

‘The Heart Goes Last’ by Margaret Atwood

2015, 306 p. I’m really not quite sure what to make of Margaret Atwood’s recent book The Heart Goes Last. It fits into the ‘dystopian fiction’ genre that she explored in The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake which, although … Continue reading ?

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: 9-16 September 1841

Once the worst of winter had been left behind, thoughts turned to CRICKET! Of course, there was no VFL footy to fill in September, so let the cricket season begin! The season has now set in for cricket playing, and … Continue readin...

‘Mothering Sunday’ by Graham Swift

2016, 132 p. This small novella by Graham Swift is an exemplar of the genre, written by a master.  Swift takes a small image and spins it into something tight and intricate, but with threads that could lead into something … Continue reading ?

‘In the Darkroom’ by Susan Faludi

2016, 417p As it happens I found myself reading, almost end-to-end, two memoirs written by daughters about their fathers.  Both fathers experienced World War II and both daughters, in their own ways, were affected at second-generation remove, by their fathers’ … Continue reading ?

Movie: ‘Tickled’

This is REALLY good! It’s a documentary about a NZ journalist who, while doodling around on the internet, stumbles onto a website about ‘competitive endurance tickling’. Watching people being tickled tickled his sense of humour and curiosity as well, so … Continue reading ?

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: 1-8 September 1841

HOUNDS FOOT! HA, HA, HA! The newspapers in Port Phillip often reported on Willis’ performance on the bench, largely because there was little other ‘hard’ news to fill the columns with. Nonetheless, he did give them plenty to write about, … Continue reading ?

Franklin ship ‘Terror’ found

I’m sitting here looking at the video of the discovery of Sir John Franklin’s ship, Terror that was found in – how appropriate- Terror Bay. Amazing- even the glass in the windows! Two years ago the Erebus was found, in … Continue reading ?

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