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‘My History’ by Antonia Fraser

  2015, 320 p Clever little title for a historian’s memoir, this. “ My history” in terms of background, family, early life etc and “my history” in terms of Fraser’s professional identity and published works.  I generally enjoy reading historians’ … Continue reading ?

listening to 1987

As the last day of the year begins I find myself listening to 1987 for no particular reason other than it was a particularly good year for music. Such spectacular hair… … This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

‘Histories of the Hanged’ by David Anderson

2005, 406 p. (I commenced this review in November immediately after finishing the book: I am now writing it nearly two months later, drawing mainly on the impressions that I took away from the book. I regret not writing this … Continue reading ?

‘Flood of Fire’ by Amitav Ghosh

2015, 607 p. Yes, I know that I vowed after reading River of Smoke that I’d only read trilogies that were finished, so that there wouldn’t be a long gap between volumes. But I’d already read the first two books; … Continue reading ?

Fitzroy history – from scrap metal merchant to homes

I like seeing how so many different commercial building have been repurposed for domestic housing in Fitzroy. This former scrap metal merchant on Napier St behind Atherton Gardens is now a series of terraced homes. Courtesy of SLV /Show More Summary

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015 wrap up

. Well, I probably should have posted this ages ago because I met the challenge some time earlier.  I had vowed to concentrate on histories written by Australian women, and I didn’t do particularly well at that. A resolution for … Continue reading ?

‘Charades’ by Janette Turner Hospital

1988,  345 p I hadn’t heard of this book at all, although I’ve read several of Janette Turner Hospital’s books previously.  It was written in 1988 which is, after all, quite some time ago, and was included in the New … Continue reading ?

Adela Pankhurst

Suffragettes are all the go, with the movie being released here in Australia tomorrow (although there have been previews).  Jeff Sparrow wrote an interesting article about Adela Pankhurst in the Guardian here.  Adela may only be mentioned briefly  in the … Continue reading ?

dinner at Brika in Perth

Another hometown family visit. More reminders of the Perthness of Perth. Drivers either aggressively tailgate you for doing the speed limit in the left lane or do 50 in a 70 zone in the right lane. Some restaurants have no idea how terrible they are.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

Hearing voices

All of my research of Upper Canada, British Guiana, Sydney and Port Phillip has involved written documents: letters, court documents, despatches, newspapers, diaries.  It’s a rather quiet world.  You can detect voices in letters and the court depositions perhaps, but … Continue reading ?

Movie: ‘Truth’

I was disappointed in this one. Based on her book Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power (2004), this is the story of Mary Mapes, the producer of Sixty Minutes in America. She produced the … Continue reading ?

more vintage on Brunswick St

In the space of the former Tomorrow Never Knows clothing shop, a collection of vintage objets is gathering. … This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

What books to read over the holiday season?

It’s almost Christmas so here’re some pre-certified suggestions for good novels to read over the holidays. They’re mostly quite recent and some of them are even very fashionable reading at the moment What books to read over the holiday season?

Fitzroy history – from metalwork to restaurant

What was a metal plating business is now the site of a series of short-lived charmless restaurants, with East Meets West being the current tenant. I miss Bala’s. Courtesy of SLV / ID: H2010.105/693f / photographer: Alan K. Jordan / copyright: used under the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 / c1970 … This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

Recap: all the topics discussed by The Urbanist last month

Including liveable suburbs, the media and cities, what Turnbull should do on cities policy, public transport, traffic congestion, airport rail, distinctive city architecture, Paris Metro, cycling in Amsterdam, and inner suburban parking All the topics discussed by The Urbanist last month

Fitzroy history – the firefighters union building

This c1970 photo shows what was a real estate business building on the corner of Brunswick and Westgarth streets, which became the firefighters’ union building, then more recently a musical instrument shop. It’s currently vacant. Courtesy of SLV / ID: H2010.105/314d / photographer: Alan K.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

‘Warrior’ by Libby Connors

2015, 280 p. If you, like many others, watched the ABC production of Kate Grenville’s The Secret River, then you should read this book. Think back to the silent, foreboding presence of indigenous people as they filed past the boundaries … Continue reading ?

Leche has closed

I last saw Leche on Johnston St open on the weekend of the Hispanic Fiesta in November. It had appeared closed for a couple of weeks prior to that and I haven’t seen it open since. The interior looks partially packed up, not merely closed.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

Another reading challenge?

That’s what I need in my life…. another reading challenge.  I’ve probably completed the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge several times over by now ( I should write a wrap-up post) and I’ve failed dismally in the TBR challenge where I … Continue reading ?

get your facts right

Wow. A mouth foamer. I’ve not been ranted at for quite a while by someone with negligible punctuation skills so when this arrived by email recently it came as something of a nostalgic treat. Thanks Angie. It concerns my recent opinion...Show More Summary

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