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Beautiful Noise shoegazer documentary

Beautiful Noise is a documentary about what is commonly known as the shoegaze genre of noise guitar music that developed in the UK in the late 1980s. It focuses on the Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine but...Show More Summary

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is an Iranian vampire film currently on at ACMI. It’s only on for another week so go now! It’s one of the coolest vampire films I’ve seen. It’s possibly better than the recent Only Lovers Left Alive.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.


Late on Saturday afternoon as I walked past Bimbo’s I noticed an offering left on their entrance step – a solitary bruised mango. I’m not sure of the symbolic importance of this. … This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

‘Colonization and the Origins of Humanitarian Governance’ by Alan Lester and Fae Dussart

2014, 275 p. & notes When I read Rowan Strong’s book on Anglicanism and the British Empire recently, I found myself somewhat surprised that historians coming out of  a different academic stream- in this case, the history of Christianity- were  … Continue reading ?

Exxopolis at the Summersalt festival

You have only until Sunday to enjoy walking though the inside of a colour saturated inflatable structure called Exxopolis, which is part of the inaugural Summersalt festival and is located in the ACCA forcourt in South Melbourne. It’s...Show More Summary

What I did on Australia Day

So what did I do on Australia Day?  I received an award!!  Not one of the big ones that they print in the paper, but a JagaJaga Community Australia Day Award for my work as Secretary of the Heidelberg Historical … Continue reading ?

A historian’s nightmare

390p, 1979 On my shelf there are two books that I have borrowed about William Lyon Mackenzie.  I pick up the first one, The Firebrand and check out the publication date- 1956.  I pick up the second one William … Continue reading ?

Majority cafe has closed

Open a cafe in Fitzroy they said. It will be easy they said. Once the hipsters have paid off their tattoos they spend the rest of their money on all day breakfast. If only it was that simple. I’m no expert but it’s obvious that, for a cafe to be profitable, it has to be mostly full most of the time.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

Vale Wisteria….

It’s never good when things go BANG at 7.00 a.m. on a drizzly, humid Saturday morning in January. Oh dear. Not good at all.  Down came the pergola on the back deck, weighed down no doubt by about fifteen years’ … Continue reading ?

pink Capri

This horrendous pink Ford Capri has been abandoned on Fitzroy St around Hanover St. The plates have been removed. I’d be mortally embarrassed to admit ownership if it was mine too. And it has helpfully been annotated with a hashtag for the Instagrammers.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

the ongoing disaster of the Fitzroy Residents’ Association website

There are may things I hate. I hate seeing the vulnerable being exploited. I hate unprofessional behaviour, particularly that of people I work with or who are in the same profession as me, because they undermine the reputation of their peers (including me).… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

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