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Movie: Brooklyn

I was surprised to look back at my review of Brooklyn and find that I was muted in my appreciation of the book.  Let me proclaim in a big loud voice, then, that I absolutely loved the film.  Of course, … Continue reading ?


I’d forgotten about these humorous Architorture images tweeted about six weeks ago until I saw them by accident while strolling the streets yesterday. They’re on a laneway wall off Moor St opposite Grub. ‘Architorture’ paste-ups on the...Show More Summary

criminal intent

I spotted this while out on a walk this afternoon – a Volkswagon Golf R tagged with the word Apex. The Apex gang is a bunch of criminal thugs based in the suburb of Dandenong who do a lot of car theft.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

Attaboyroy coming soon to Brunswick St

No, Yoko Ono has not arrived in Fitzroy and painted the former Palinka premises all white. The new operators, a cafe or pizza place to be called Attaboyroy have done that. The name sounds blokey and odd to me, but I assume I’m missing some crucial sportball reference.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

letter from a clown

I half expected a response to my article yesterday about artists accusing Auguste Clown Gallery on Johnston St of theft. Below is the email I received yesterday from them, in which they confirm they are closing, and my response verbatim.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

‘Caledonia Australis’ by Don Watson

1984, republished  1997 (this review) and 2009. 255 p. & notes. Actually, I hadn’t intended reading this Don Watson book at all.  I was reading the first chapter of his more recent, award-winning book The Bush and found myself reminded … Continue reading ?

Auguste Clown Gallery on Johnston St accused of stealing from artists

Auguste Clown Gallery has been open on Johnston St for more than three years, so in the usual lifecycle of these small commercial galleries that sell painting and illustration, it is about due to fail. They’ve lasted longer than Makeshift and Odessa but not as long as Gorker.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

breakfast at Mile End Bagels on Johnston St

A key to living somewhere longterm like Fitzroy is not getting too attached to businesses like cafes and restaurants. Most don’t last long. They come and go, many not deserving to last while occasionally places that are good in terms...Show More Summary

Chubby Chef coming soon to Brunswick St

In the space of the former Big Lou’s doughnuts a new business called Chubby Chef will open soon. There are no clues yet about what it will be. The only thing I can find is an ABN registration. … This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

Movie: The Silences

I only just caught this at Cinema Nova before it disappeared. It’s a documentary memoir by feminist film maker Margot Nash, based on her own family story.  In her voice-over that opens the film, she explains that after her mother … Continue reading ?

‘A God in Ruins’ by Kate Atkinson

2015, 400p. This book is a ‘companion’ to Atkinson’s earlier book Time After Time. It’s odd- my recollection is that I very much enjoyed that book and yet when I look back at my review, I obviously had reservations.  It’s … Continue reading ?

dinner at Very Good Falafel in Brunswick

Very Good Falafel is a very new falafel shop on Sydney Rd from established market stall operators Shuki and Louisa. It’s been open about two weeks. You may be familiar with their dips and falafel, but there’s more salads and other things to try here.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

farewell Ruben’s hello Imo Istar

This place began as Nino’s restaurant (which has originally been located north of Johnston St on Brunswick St), before morphing into Ruben’s, which has now become Imo Istar. … This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Wa...

Movie: The Witch

  I wish that the film maker had placed the notice that appears at the end of this film at the beginning instead.  In it, he says that much of the dialogue and ideas have come from testimony and writings … Continue reading ?

halal snack packs on Smith St

The halal snack pack is apparently a Sydney invention, comprised of a bottom layer of hot chips overlaid with kebab meats, grated cheese and topped with kebab sauces. It’s a fast food fusion dish that has become a hot trend.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

Cinnamon Grand Cabin on Johnston St has closed

Cinnamon Grand Cabin on Johnston St has closed, the most recent in a long list of short-lived failed businesses in this building on Johnston St next to the petrol station on the corner of Johnston and Nicholson streets. I’ve not seen it open at night for a couple of weeks now.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

the Yacht Club has closed

The Yacht Club, the former or rebranded Don Vincenzo, has been closed for about a month, with the blinds pulled down over the windows and no signs of life inside. I’ve been waiting to see if a quick change of management or sale would bring it back to life, but that doesn’t seem likely.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: May 8-15

NO A BETTER TIME TO BE….A PARTY ANIMAL It seems that May was Party Time in Melbourne, with intimations of balls to be held later in the month, and news of the Tradesmen’s Union Benefit Society annual knees-up at the … Continue readi...

Exhibition: The Irish Rising:’A Terrible Beauty is Born’

I called in to the State Library of Victoria to see their small free exhibition The Irish Rising: A Terrible Beauty is Born which is on show until 31 July 2016.  It is indeed a small exhibition, taking up only … Continue reading ?

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