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street art doesn’t discourage taggers because taggers are morons

The title of this post is self explanatory. Spending thousands of dollars of ratepayers’ money to put a mural on private residential property, which should be maintained by its owners, won’t work. Street art doesn’t discourage taggers because taggers are morons who cannot be reasoned with.… This post was first published on Fitzroyalty. © Brian Ward.

‘Heat and Light’ by Ellen Van Neerven

2014, 225 p. I’ve noticed this book bobbing around on long-lists for the various literary prizes on offer, and it has been shortlisted for the Stella Prize. The young author is of mixed indigenous and Dutch heritage, and she seems … Continue reading ?

And here we go again….

Well, well, well- look at what’s back on the market. Banyule Homestead. The advertisement with more beautiful pictures is here.  The auction is scheduled for 16 May 2015. For more about the history of Banyule Homestead, please visit my other … Continue reading ?

What Cooda that song have been?

We were sitting in the car on the way to the supermarket on Saturday morning, listening to the Coodabeens on the radio.  The Coodabeen Champions is a comedy sports show which features Greg Champion’s parodies of popular songs, with the … Continue reading ?

‘The World of Other People’ by Steven Carroll

2013, 278 p. I recognized the author’s name and remembered that I’d read some of his books before. I was drawn in by the prospect of a book set in the Blitz in 1941, a setting that I find fascinating, … Continue reading ?

The Pacific debuts in US: Melbourne Scenes

The Pacific was partially shot in Australia and more importantly Melbourne about 2 years ago. The mini-series focuses on the US forces battle in WWII against the Japanese. The first two episodes follow a group of marines at home preparing to go to war and a battle defending  Guadalcanal from the Japanese. Don’t worry, no […]

Moomba Parade 2010

The rain stopped and the sun was out for this years Moomba parade. After the ferocious weather Melbourne has been experiencing, a sunny day for even only an hour was  a treat for all. Crowds were consistent to previous years, perhaps a little less with the unpredictable weather. I always tell myself to view the […]

8 Mile Creek NY: Aussie Food Overseas

A friend living in New York recently dined at an Australian themed restaurant  called the 8 Mile Creek restaurant and sent me the above picture.  According to their website, they’ve been in business for over 10 years sourcing out the best of Australian wine and food for NY.  Lamb and barramundi sound great but had […]

Cleanest Apartment in Brunswick?

Can we all agree that Melbourne real estate agents are the scum of the earth?  Some would say that lawyers are scum but at least lawyers have years of education under their belt. Usually when one is advertising an apartment for rent, an agent might point out it’s location, size, or perhaps some features. You […]

Google Maps adds Traffic Information

Google Maps has just activated real time traffic information to its maps. Information is taken from Intelematics, which you may recognise as the company behind the SUNA live GPS system that provides real time traffic information to GPS units through a discrete FM radio signal. The breadth of coverage around Melbourne is staggering and Google […]

Facebook Car

We’ve seen the Google car but I didn’t think the Facebook car would be an old Kia.  Seriously, unless this is a company car, who pays money for a vanity plate with Facebk on it? Picture via @arcadegazette

10.1% Unaccounted Water

Last week I received my water bill. City West Water always send some interesting material with our usual bills.  Their own reported figures show that they are very good at fixing water problems quickly. One of the more interesting figures on their fact sheet is the unaccounted water percentage.  10.1% of Melbourne’s water supply seems […]

What would Willis do….about Queensland?

When observing legal doings in our current day, the thought often strikes me “What would Judge Willis do?” – if he hadn’t sailed from our shores 172 years ago, that is.  As a Judge with a keen interest in his … Continue reading ?

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