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Pedal Power applauds vision, looks for $$ in Libs’ bike plan

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Pedal Power ACT has welcomed the release of the Canberra Liberals’ cycling plan for the ACT. “I’m pleased to see that the Liberals are willing to commit to a dedicated 10 year plan for cycling in the ACT. It shows some real vision and an understanding of the diversity that cycling is and its impact […]

Does your home smell like your pets?

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

In the cold Canberra winter, it can feel unconscionable to send your pets outside to sleep. Looking at their cute little faces as they sit shivering in the doorway, it just seems easier (and kinder) to say, “Ah heck … come on in. Sleep on the couch. Or better yet, the kids’ beds!” But then […]

ANU scientists’ magpie swooping video goes viral

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

A video featuring a pair of ANU scientists wearing awful jumpers and being swooped by magpies as they ride a tandem bike across campus has gone viral, with more than 21,000 views on Facebook so far. Dr Rod Lamberts and Dr Will Grant from the ANU’s Centre for the Public Awareness of Science appear in […]

How are we paying for light rail in Canberra?

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Since 2012 we have seen almost every action and decision of the ACT Government linked to light rail by opponents of better public transport. They see light rail behind every government decision and spending announcement. It’s a deceptive, shallow and misleading campaign that the public is tired of. My intention in stepping through the economic […]

Bike helmets would remain compulsory under Libs

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Bicycle helmets would remain mandatory under a Canberra Liberals government as part of a 10-year vision for the future of bike-riding in the Territory that would largely be funded through existing government resources and programs. ACT Minister for Road Safety Shane Rattenbury announced earlier this year that the ACT Government would engage an expert consultant […]

Have you seen the elm leaf beetle?

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Elm trees are an iconic part of the Canberra environment. These beautiful, slow-growing trees have been around since the capital city’s foundation, with many planted by horticulturist Thomas Weston in the 1920s. Over the decades they have grown into magnificent, tall, leafy trees. But they are under threat from a new pest: the elm leaf […]

This Week in Port Phillip 1841: 1-7 October 1841

‘Scrutator’ fall-out One of the problems of writing a libelous letter against the only Judge in town is that, when you’re hauled over the coals for it, it will be before that very same Judge. So 21-year-old George Arden was … Continue reading ?

Brisbane’s First Street Markets – the Spring Hill Fair 1973

Having located a snippet of ephemera in the Centaur Memorial Fund for Nurses collection at SLQ, Madonna Grehan, guest blogger and 2015 John Oxley Fellow, revisits the Spring Hill Fair, a vibrant community event. Local identity and antique dealer, Celia McNally MBE, has been credited with the idea of holding a fete at Spring Hill,... Read more

Pedal Power gives ALP, Greens a ‘pass’ grade on cycling

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

The cycling policies of the three major parties have come under scrutiny after the release of a review by Pedal Power ACT, the largest cycling advocacy organisation in the ACT region. “I’m happy to see that Labor and the Greens have recognised the importance of the bike-riding vote in the ACT, but they need to […]

Lack of cycling policy a ‘glaring omission’ for Libs

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

The cycling policies of the three major parties have come under scrutiny after the release of a review by Pedal Power ACT, the largest cycling advocacy organisation in the ACT region, that notes in particular the Liberals’ silence on the issue. “I’m happy to see that Labor and the Greens have recognised the importance of […]

ACT election candidate bake-off: Shane Rattenbury

2 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Before visiting Greens Leader Shane Rattenbury at home, I knew that he’d attended Canberra Grammar on a scholarship, that he’d lived on the South Coast before moving here to take up that opportunity in 1984, and that he’d studied economics and law at the ANU. I knew about his policies on renewable energy, on a […]

Will the wave knock Trump over?

In just over a month we’ll know. 32 more sleeps. The US will have a new President, ending the Obama era after eight years where the Dow Jones has more than doubled, federal debt to GDP ratios have declined in each of the last seven years,...Show More Summary

The many ways to present a glowing budget

3 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Canberra Community Voters co-founder and former NSW Auditor-General Tony Harris gives his assessment of ACT Government finances. On September 14, the ACT Treasury released its pre-election budget update. The document is intended to advise electors about the state of the Territory’s finances so that they can take this important issue into account in determining their […]

Eight things to do around Canberra this weekend (7 – 9 October 2016)

3 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

The best thing about a four-day week is that the weekend seems to arrive much faster. Spend yours at the Gundaroo Music Festival, check out the forest open day at the National Arboretum, or get your literary fix at Tim Winton’s author talk.  There’s also the chance to finish the school holidays on a high by getting up […]

Imagine all of our politicians naked …

3 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

I invoke this frightful image in order to rethink the role of clothes in politics and how we might all dress a little better. Politicians, like most public figures, are highly concerned with their appearance. Sometimes they select clothes that attract minimal attention. For instance, the dark suit is the default option for men seeking […]

Muscular womanhood – the formidable Lynch Sisters of Gympie

The Australian bush, and Queensland probably in particular, has produced many heroines, who have faced dangers, privations, and adversities with stout hearts. In the great work of pioneering they took a very big part. They played the game right through and were worthy of Victoria Crosses, which did not come their way, but posterity is... Read more

Ask RiotACT: unfair dismissal

3 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Hi Rioters, I just wondered if anyone that had ben through this process could offer me any advice. I was made redundant after the company restructured the IT department. They created new duty statements for us all and made us reapply for our jobs using a spill and fill process. It wasn’t a true spill […]

Why Giulia Jones should have Alistair Coe’s job

3 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

Yesterday, the woman who should be deputy leader of the ACT Liberal Party was up for a national award for leadership in government and public service. Whether she won or not is neither here nor there for the purposes of this opinion piece, but for the record, ACT Shadow Minister for Women, Mental Health, Multicultural […]

Be warned, tailgaters, the cops have you in their sights

3 weeks agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

How does tailgating make you feel? Does it make you want to speed up over the limit to allow the impatient person behind you reach their destination faster, or to slow down, to try to send them the message that sitting on your tail like that is just not on? It happens to me so […]

‘Kittyhawk Down’ by Garry Disher

2003, 288 P. Is a steady diet of Wallander, Scott and Bailey, The Bridge and -sheesh- even Midsomer Murders softening me up for detective murder mysteries?  Stranger things may have happened.  Whatever: I found myself quite engrossed in this  Australian … Continue reading ?

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