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Van der Bellen likely has won election as Austria's president

In a long and hard-fought election battle which dragged on months longer than normal, and which drew significant international interest, the far-right candidate, Norbert Hofer, appears to have lost his bid to be president, according to exit polls.

Former Green vies for Austria's presidency

Fans affectionally call him "the professor" or "Sascha", a nickname for Alexander that nods to his Russian roots, while his critics decry him as a "green dictator".

Behind the mask of the 'nice guy'

Austria's Norbert Hofer likes to come across as Mr. Nice Guy but if he wins Sunday's election, he will become the EU's first far-right president.

U4 trains collide without injuries

Friday morning saw a low-speed collision of two U4 trains in Vienna, with fortunately no injuries.

OE24 newspaper's misleading 'journalism'

Austrian daily newspaper Oesterreich has been criticized on social media for publishing misleading propaganda in the run-up to Sunday's presidential election.

Election campaign closes as polls' open imminent

Austria's long and ugly presidential campaign drew to a close Saturday, with a confident far-right aiming to emulate Donald Trump and Brexit campaigners by dealing a hammer-blow to Vienna's centrist establishment.

Suspected migrants crushed in train accident

Two suspected migrants were killed Saturday and a third was seriously injured in an accident as they hid in a cargo train from Italy to Austria, police said.

8 places to enjoy a cosy Christmas dinner in Vienna

Most Austrians celebrate Christmas (on December 24th) at home with their families. It can feel a little lonely in the capital Vienna if you’re not with family, so if that’s the case, or you’re just visiting for the holidays, here’s our pick of the cosiest and best restaurants for a traditional Viennese dinner.

Murder investigation into Vienna skater's 'suicide'

Questions are being raised about the death of a 19-year-old skateboarding star from Vienna, whose body was found on train tracks in Hungary this summer.

Will Austrian vote result echo Trump and Brexit?

First Brexit. Then Trump. Now Austria? The populist wave unfurling in many countries could claim a fresh victory on Sunday if Norbert Hofer is elected Europe's first far-right president since 1945.

Hitler house to be confiscated after law change

A parliamentary committee has approved a special law to allow the confiscation of the house where Adolf Hitler was born from its current owner.

Six dead bodies found in Austrian house

Austrian police say that six dead bodies have been found in a house, with media reporting that all were from the same family and included three young children.

Christmas trees fly for free with Austrian airline Niki

If you’re flying abroad this festive season and want to take your Christmas tree with you - don’t despair - Austrian airline Fly Niki and German carrier Air Berlin will let you bring your spruce for free on all of their international flights.

Court restricts smoker's balcony cigar habit to certain times

Austria’s highest court has ruled on a case about when a Vienna resident can smoke in his own home, which could have far-reaching effects for smokers, and non-smokers sick of smelling their neighbour’s cigarette smoke.

The rise, fall, and rise again of Austria's far-right

Norbert Hofer could become the European Union's first far-right head of state in Austria's presidential election re-run on Sunday.

Austria's race against time to save anti-Nazi film

One of Austria's most important anti-Nazi films was thought lost for decades, until it was uncovered by chance last year. Now experts must race to keep from losing The City Without Jews again - this time from decay.

Giant cable reel rolls down Austrian motorway

Astonished motorists found themselves confronted by a reel road hog - when a giant cable holder was spotted rolling down a motorway.

"Love bus" paid for by taxpayers

A love bus with a difference has started operating in Austria where it is taking prisoners to a special love cell for romantic meetings with their partners.

FPÖ's Hofer rejects cornflower symbol

Just a few days before Austrians vote in the re-run of the presidential election, the far-right candidate Norbert Hofer has told other politicians from the Freedom Party (FPÖ) to avoid wearing a blue cornflower in their buttonholes.

Identitarian group veils Maria Theresa statue

The far-right Identitarian youth movement has placed a veil on one of Vienna’s most famous statues as a protest against what they call “the Islamisation of Austria”.

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