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Homeless couple spark deadly blaze to stay warm

To stave off the cold, a homeless couple in Vienna's district of Favoriten made an open-air fire under a bridge late Monday evening. Unfortunately, their efforts resulted in major harm to the man and fatal injuries for the woman.

Strache and FPÖ delegation will attend Trump's Inauguration

President of Austria's Freedom Party (FPOe), Heinz-Christian Strache has officially announced their attendance at Donald Trump's upcoming inauguration that will take place this Friday.

Warrant issued for Olympic champion over alleged child abuse

Austrian prosecutors said on Monday that they have issued an arrest warrant for former Olympic judo champion Peter Seisenbacher after a no-show at his trial for alleged child sex abuse.

Rescue dog locates Austrian skier buried under avalanche

A 19-year-old Austrian man owes his life to an avalanche search and rescue dog after he was buried under snow whilst skiing with friends in Westendorf in Tyrol.

Austrian teenager builds model ski resort in his back garden

A ski-obsessed Austrian teenager has built a scale model ski resort in his back garden, complete with moving lifts and snow guns.

Plastic bags on the way out in Austria's supermarkets

Most of Austria’s larger supermarket chains have now voluntarily stopped providing their customers with plastic bags, as of January 1st. Instead, customers can buy a sturdy, reusable shopping bag at the checkout, if they haven’t brought their own from home.

Leader of Austria's far-right Freedom Party calls for 'zero immigration'

The leader of Austria's Freedom Party (FPÖ), Heinz-Christian Strache, described Islam as "misogynistic," "anti-liberal," and as having "a fascistic worldview" during an almost two-hour speech at the FPÖ's New Year gathering in the city of Salzburg.

Austria says asylum numbers halved but still too high

The number of asylum applications in Austria more than halved in 2016 but remains "high" the country's interior minister said as the figures were released Sunday.

MotoGP ace rides bike up Kitzbühel slopes

Skiers were shocked early Friday morning to spot world champion MotoGP rider Marc Marquez riding a powerful RC213V with spiked tyres heading up the ski slope towards them.

Theater piece seeks healing in wake of refugee tragedy

The gruesome discovery of 71 dead migrants in the summer of 2015 in an abandoned truck on a motorway near the Austrian town of Parndorf still haunts locals.

Storm Egon to bring fresh snow and colder conditions to Austria

Storm "Egon" is heading towards Austria, bringing colder temperatures and more snow.

End of the line for cigarette vending machines in Austria?

6,500 cigarette machines may have to be removed from Austrian streets because they don’t comply with EU regulations, as they don’t carry warning messages or graphic images concerning the health effects of tobacco.

Drunk teen threatens bar guests with gun after losing his phone

A drunk 19-year-old Austrian flipped out in a bar in Vienna when he couldn’t find his mobile phone and threatened the owner and fellow drinkers with what appeared to be a pistol.

Wanted: Part-time hermit to live in Austrian cave

The Austrian town of Saalfelden in the state of Salzburg is looking for someone to live in a nearby hermitage which was built more than 350 years ago in steep, rocky cliffs.

Vulnerable people are being 'radicalised in refugee centres'

An undercover reporter who visited 35 asylum centres throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland says security is so bad that they risk fomenting terrorism as radicals can easily infiltrate them and convert vulnerable people to their cause.

Austria's 'ice lady' to get round-the-clock psychiatric care

A woman dubbed the 'ice lady' for the calculated way in which she killed her ex-husband and lover is being moved from a women’s prison to a high-security psychiatric hospital in the state of Upper Austria.

Bouncers guard Hallstatt's church doors during services to keep tourists away

The historic Alpine village of Hallstatt in Austria’s Salzkammergut Lake Region has started to employ ‘bouncers’ at church doors and cemeteries to prevent tourists from disrupting services and funerals.

Mother failed to call for help after toddler scalded himself with boiling water

An Austrian woman failed to give her young child any first aid and didn’t call a doctor or an ambulance after he received life threatening burns after being scalded by a pot of boiling water.

Vienna beauty bar owner cheekily responds to requirement for 'bikini-wax with a view'

Based on to a recent visit by a labor inspectorate, a beauty salon in Vienna's first district called The Beauty Bar was instructed to improve the premises by way of installing windows in the rooms meant for hair removal. These booths have been sight-protected for the privacy of customers, especially in the case of bikini-waxing. Show More Summary

Coldest night of the season followed by warm front on the horizon

Wednesday night proved to be the coldest night so far this winter, with temperatures sinking to almost 20 below in eastern regions of the country.

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