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Get Your Yoga On

Here is a great and healthy idea for a holiday gift or even as part of the inevitable post-holiday feasting new year’s resolution for oneself: $30 for a yoga passport all around the city. This pass entitles you to one visit (bookable online) per yoga studio, up until September 30, 2010 (expiry date for Montreal), […]

Just For Laughs film festival on now

The Just For Laughs film festival is on now, with a great line-up of new and independent films that’ll knock your socks off. Tonight is the premiere of Humpday, a comedy about what happens when two long-lost friends get back together… and decide to make a porno. Presented by Joshua Leonard of The Blair Witch […]

What I learned at WordCamp Montreal

After I posted my last blog about going to WordCamp Montreal, an ironic thing happened: my personal WordPress blog ( ceased to exist. It’s back online, mostly, at the time I’m writing this, but a lot of my blogs have disappeared into the ether. Which I hope will serve as a warning to back up […]

Last chance for WordCamp Montreal tickets

If you’ve been hemming and hawing, it’s time to get off the fence! Less than 24 hours are left to buy your tickets to WordCamp Montreal, a 2-day conference on WordPress for nerds, geeks, hackers, crackers, code monkeys, designers and plain old ordinary folks who use the web’s most beloved of free blogging software. That’s […]

Jazz fest starts with free Stevie Wonder concert

In case you miraculously haven’t heard about it by now, Stevie Wonder is coming to the Montreal Jazz Fest this year! His free concert, tonight at 9:30 at the GM stage (corner of St-Catherine and Jeanne-Mance), kicks off the festivities, and approximately 100,000 people are expected to attend. As the Gazette reports, despite the fact […]

Favorite Restaurants

As I was walking around today looking for a place to eat, I thought it would be an interesting idea to poll people as to what are their favorite restaurants in Montreal.  So for the following categories what is your favorite place.  I’ve added my own favorites in parenthesis. Beer (Biere et Companie) Breakfast (Jardin Nelson) […]

Out With The Old, In With The New

CBC’s Matt Galloway had an interesting exit interview with outgoing David Miller. How will Rob Ford define his leadership and his Transit strategy? Ford has made his appointments. We shall soon see. The new Mayor of Toronto his sworn in tomorrow and the new council’s first meeting kicks off next week.

Polls Are Not Prophecy…Or Are They?

f polls are so statistically telling why is it that less than 40% actually vote? Am I supposed to judge whom I vote for based on the opinion of 40% or 400 people when 40% of them will likely go to the ballot box. Hmmm, 64 people out of 600,000+ that typically vote.

Force of Nature

I had the pleasure of seeing one of the opening screenings of Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie at the Cumberland 4. A true bonus, director Sturla Gunnarsson and David Suzuki were on hand for a question and answer after the screening. This a must see film and it earned a well deserved People’s […]

Sk8 and Relate – Loose Canon Gallery (a bit of Toronto in Hamilton this month)

On Friday the 13th Hamilton’s Loose Canon Gallery will host The Skateboard Art Show. A group show exhibiting the talents of over 20 artists using a skateboard deck as a canvas. A few notable Toronto artists will be featured including Tjie Tsang, Mark Byk and Contra photographer Luis Mora. The Skateboard Art Show at Loose […]

Sorry People, John Tory Won’t Save You

Last I checked there were far more than 5 candidates vying for the job of mayor. Oh yeah, John Tory made it painfully clear that he is not running for mayor this year. So who will win?

The Bad Taste Of The G20 Still Lingers

Yes, it is amazing that there were no life threatening injuries to the security forces or protesters (or vandals) but that hardly warrants blanket praise from council. There was good reason for yesterday's 1,200 person march at Queen's Park. Show More Summary

Haunted Hillbilly Hootenany – Dakota Tavern – TONIGHT

Country music, funny people and prizes?! Tonight, Monday June 28th, you can shake off the G20 blues at the Dakota Tavern. The Dakota Tavern is hosting a fundraiser for the production of "Haunted Hillbilly".

A New Day Of Talks, A New Day Of Mayhem?

The evening hours saw another 480+ arrests of some of the key “troublemakers”. No doubt the saboteurs had played one too many games of Grand Theft Auto. I apologize, Black Bloc is the tactic used by the so called anarchists, not a particular group. No idea if their midnight Saturday Night Fever Dance party/ BYOBB […]

Controversial Kitchen, indeed.

For several years, I volunteered as an A/V tech for Earthsave BC’s annual Taste of Health. Though not a vegetarian, I initially became involved to expand my knowledge in live stage management, and was careful not to wear my leather jacket when attending meetings. Though I learned little about live sound, I learned a ton […]

Elfsar Comics closing out sale.

Seven years. I was one of the first people through the door. I was account #10. And it was everything I wanted in a comic shop. Nice staff that could talk nerd with you at the drop of a hat, talk friendly and helpful to all folks that came through the door, and never talk […]

Sinner Man

Over the weekend, I was able to participate in the Sins of the City Walking Tour. I got a free pass, but at 15 dollars, this is a good look at your own city’s sordid past. When I see century-old pictures of Vancouver  I often find myself wondering, where is that? What was Vancouver? This […]

The Alibi Room

I’ve been in Vancouver for 5 years now, and when I first moved here, I found myself constantly yearning for a couple of decent pubs. A place where I didn’t have to scream at a friend sitting three feet away to converse with them. (I’m looking at you, Donnelly Group uber-“pubs.”) The Alibi Room is […]

Dine Out Vancouver 2010

Dine Out Vancouver is the local restaurant industry’s way of trying to make it through the lean months before Vancouver returns to being the prime tourist destination that it is. Now in previous years it’s happened when it’s winter, but since we weren’t having an issue with lack of tourists during the Olympics it’s been […]

100 Best Local Places to Eat & Shop

I was recently given one of the most interesting takes on a coupon book I’ve seen. Instead of a coupon book with hundreds of “local” discounts on everything from drycleaning services to shock absorbers, this deck of cards focuses on what Vancouverites seem to enjoy most; eating out and shopping. The real treat is that […]

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