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Le Diplomate Finally Knocks It Out Of The Park

Get your glow sticks out because there’s a rave ahead Le Diplomate — the Mile Ex small plates spot from chef Aaron Langille — has done OK on the reviews front before, but they can now proudly say they’ve been on the receiving end of An Official Rave. Show More Summary

Exciting New Revenue Streams for a Cash-Strapped Toronto

If City Council wants to balance the budget so badly, maybe advertising on Airbnb will help. Relief Line is your not-so-serious glance at the city we love. As Toronto enters 2017, the city is once again facing financial difficulties....Show More Summary

Duly Quoted: Giorgio Mammoliti Tries to Justify Why He Has the Worst Attendance at City Hall

Mammoliti happens to hate endless council rants too. “Spending never-ending hours listening to endless rants from councillors pushing a socialist downtown pet project agenda on a dysfunctional council is indeed a Herculean task.” —Giorgio...Show More Summary

Allergy Restaurant Zéro 8 Looks To Expand, and Other Intel

Including a big Sherbrooke brewery making some Montreal moves Eater slowed down a little bit over the holiday season, so here’s a recap of just some of the restaurant news you may have missed. PETITE-PATRIE — “The allergy restaurant”...Show More Summary

Now and Then: Toronto General Hospital

Now and Then explores the stories behind Toronto’s historical plaques and monuments. As with every new year, the first baby born gets a few articles written about them and their 15 minutes of fame. The first GTA baby of 2017 was born in Mississauga at exactly midnight. Show More Summary

Will Sloan’s News Stories to Watch in 2017

It's hard to imagine, but 2017 could be even better than 2016. 2016 was such a great year that it’s hard to imagine how 2017 can top it, but here we are, a new year upon us, full of possibilities. As our fair city continues its rapid...Show More Summary

White Knight Joe Warmington Comes to Nickelback’s Rescue

Gotta fight for the little guy. If any local journalist is Nickelback, it’s Joe Warmington. The Night Scrawler may not be critically acclaimed, but because he has an audience that likes him he’s not going away. Warmington is also an extension of the Sun brand, and has a good sense of the publication’s priorities. Show More Summary

No Matter How You Look at it, Toronto Property Taxes are Really Low

We're taxed like a city that doesn't have the TTC or TCHC, and it shows. Toronto property taxes are too damn low. That might go against the very convenient political consensus, but it happens to be true. Toronto goes through an annual...Show More Summary

A Development Proposal for Jarvis and Gerrard Will Spare “Hooker Harvey’s”

The Toronto landmark lives on. A new proposal for a mixed-use development on Gerrard Street will take out several of the buildings between Jarvis and Mutual Streets, if approved. As noted by Urban Toronto, that puts the so-called “Hooker Harvey’s” on the corner of Jarvis and Gerrard squarely in the path of destruction. Show More Summary

Which Restaurant Received The Most Accolades in 2016?

A completely unscientific analysis Have you had enough of those “Best X of 2016” lists? So many different opinions about what’s good, and they don’t all necessarily match up because people have different tastes, or something. Fortunately,...Show More Summary

Toronto Added Jobs in 2016, But Most of Them Were Part-time

Office jobs dominated, and manufacturing continues to do poorly. Driven by growth downtown and in the city’s offices, Toronto continued to adds jobs in 2016. The mandatory annual Toronto Employment Survey [PDF], which the City has administered to local businesses since 1983, showed 2.6 per cent overall growth in local jobs over 2015. Show More Summary

Toronto Could Get Its Own IMDb Page

Reel Toronto remains the best resource to see what's filmed in the city, though. What Oscar-winning movies have been filmed in Toronto? What’s being shot right now? Has Kevin Bacon filmed something in the 6ix? Today, City Council’s Economic...Show More Summary

What To Do in Toronto January 3-8: Next Stage, New Formats, Class of 2017

This week, showcases of the best in new comedy, theatre, and music acts, plus clowns do Spy Vs. Spy, a disco skate, and Ziggy plays guitar. Urban Planner is your weekly curated guide to what’s on in Toronto—things that are local, affordable, and exceptional. Show More Summary

The TTC Is Cutting Printed Schedules to Save 0.02 Per Cent on Their Budget

But hundreds of thousands of TTC riders still don't use smart phones. In order to save $400,000 the TTC will no longer replace printed bus and streetcar schedules at stops throughout the city. The cost-saving move comes amid a TTC budget shortfall that comprises a large chunk of council’s current 2017 budget deficit. Show More Summary

Get The Lowdown On Every Montreal Opening For 2017

This is the gathering point for every restaurant, bar, and cafe that opens in Montreal for 2017. Mile Enders have a shiny new sandwich purveyor starting right now. Operating under the slightly cheesy pun name Bánh Mì Bánh Yiu (presumably...Show More Summary

Bánh Mì Bành Yiu Flings Sandwiches At Mile End As Of Today

Also, banh mi delivery. Mile Enders have a shiny new sandwich purveyor starting right now. Operating under the slightly cheesy pun name Bánh Mì Bánh Yiu (presumably meant to be a play on "me" and "you"), they’re dishing up exactly what...Show More Summary

Six Times Toronto-area Newspapers Screwed Up in Really Embarrassing Ways

It can happen to anyone. It’s the first day of work in the new year for many people, but things are already going wrong at the Toronto Star. Somehow, an errant S turned what would have been a perfectly acceptable deck into, well, something else. Show More Summary

How Toronto’s Papers Covered the Istanbul Nightclub Shooting and the World Juniors

It's a new year for the battle of the Toronto dailies, and the competitors are coming out swinging. In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies. It’s a new year and a clean slate for all five of Toronto’s daily papers competing for the glory of winning the 2017 Front Page Challenge tournament. Show More Summary

How Not to be a Transit Jerk in 2017

A list of New Year's resolutions to make everyone's transit experience better Whether you walk, cycle, drive or ride transit, resolve to be a better transit citizen for the new year. There is a lot to do to improve transit in this city. Show More Summary

What Did Customers Steal From Bars and Restaurants This Holiday Season?

A large dog statue, for one Customers: can’t live without ‘em, can’t trust them not to steal any décor from your restaurant or bar unless it’s bolted to the wall. As sporadic past installments of Eater’s Shit People Steal have revealed,...Show More Summary

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