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Controversial Kitchen, indeed.

For several years, I volunteered as an A/V tech for Earthsave BC’s annual Taste of Health. Though not a vegetarian, I initially became involved to expand my knowledge in live stage management, and was careful not to wear my leather jacket when attending meetings. Though I learned little about live sound, I learned a ton […]

Elfsar Comics closing out sale.

Seven years. I was one of the first people through the door. I was account #10. And it was everything I wanted in a comic shop. Nice staff that could talk nerd with you at the drop of a hat, talk friendly and helpful to all folks that came through the door, and never talk […]

Sinner Man

Over the weekend, I was able to participate in the Sins of the City Walking Tour. I got a free pass, but at 15 dollars, this is a good look at your own city’s sordid past. When I see century-old pictures of Vancouver  I often find myself wondering, where is that? What was Vancouver? This […]

The Alibi Room

I’ve been in Vancouver for 5 years now, and when I first moved here, I found myself constantly yearning for a couple of decent pubs. A place where I didn’t have to scream at a friend sitting three feet away to converse with them. (I’m looking at you, Donnelly Group uber-“pubs.”) The Alibi Room is […]

Dine Out Vancouver 2010

Dine Out Vancouver is the local restaurant industry’s way of trying to make it through the lean months before Vancouver returns to being the prime tourist destination that it is. Now in previous years it’s happened when it’s winter, but since we weren’t having an issue with lack of tourists during the Olympics it’s been […]

100 Best Local Places to Eat & Shop

I was recently given one of the most interesting takes on a coupon book I’ve seen. Instead of a coupon book with hundreds of “local” discounts on everything from drycleaning services to shock absorbers, this deck of cards focuses on what Vancouverites seem to enjoy most; eating out and shopping. The real treat is that […]

Langley Metblogs – Twilight Drive-in

Yay! Summer is approaching, which means the Twilight Drive-in is slowly powering back up for the Summer months! I grew up going to drive-ins, which was largely luck, as even in the late 70s, early 80s, Drive-ins in Canada – already hampered by seasonal weather considerations – were slowly dying out. When a refinery fire […]

Museum of Vancouver

Never heard of this! Why!? Hidden near English Bay, along with the HR McMillan Space Centre and The Vancouver Maritime Museum, is the Museum of Vancouver, which is definitely an alternative to the Vancouver Art Gallery – hands-on and interactive versus stand and stare. Not that I’m saying one is better than the other, I’m […]

Underground dining – figuratively. Maybe.

I had no idea, until I read this post at Senses and Style – apparently there’s a trend (or movement, or what have you) for surprise dining. Dining without a helmet. Ultra-spontaneous dining. Let me elaborate; No Fixed Address is where you email reservations (to and that’s it – your involvement is done until […]

Andrew Koenig, 41, found dead in Stanley Park

I’m breaking with the Olympic post titling – what was an alarming story, but one where everyone was hoping for the best, has turned out as feared, and the funny post title just doesn’t suit. Andrew Koenig, who went missing in Vancouver over a week ago, was found dead today in Stanley Park. The CBC has the [...]

Olympocalypse! The Pepsi Generation!

- Want to keep track of everyone’s medals? I did, and while I still haven’t found a good, free iPhone app for it, there is this perfect and elegant website. - I wish we had a video copy of NBC’s feature on the Women’s Moguls. It literally amounted to “Look! We made Canada cry! Awesome!” Well, [...]

Olympocalypse! The Shane!

[VIA CTV] “We Are More” by Shane Koyczan When defining Canada you might list some statistics you might mention our tallest building or biggest lake you might shake a tree in the fall and call a red leaf Canada you might rattle off some celebrities might mention Buffy Sainte-Marie might even mention the fact that we’ve got a few Barenaked Ladies or that we made these crazy [...]

More on Transit adjustments

Remember how I said my brain turned to mush after all the fare weirdness we’ll see during the Olympics and I couldn’t sort through all the bus route changes and how to get to Whistler options, etc? Well, Miss 604 did the heavy lifting for us already – awesome! Admittedly, with a lot of help [...]

6th Annual Geist Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest

Ever wanted to enter a literary contest? Ever talked yourself out of it because you couldn’t imagine yourself writing pages and pages of stuff that made sense? Well screw that! Why not write a story that fits on a postcard? Geist magazine is holding it’s 6th annual Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest, which, as they point out, [...]

Best Of Vancouver is out

I didn’t win Best-kept Vancouver Secret, so I don’t care, but there’s a lot of other categories to go through – some are a perennial (Best Place For Cheap Drinks – The Cambie) and some are a surprise (Best Place to Pimp Your Ride – Canadian Tire. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s a [...]

100.5 The Peak challenges listeners to find their $5

100.5 FM has an interesting idea for promoting their station – take a five dollar bill and then drop it. As people pick it up and spend it, it moves around the city. Now, if someone were aware that there’s a special bill out there and knew what to look far (say, they were to [...]

Where were you when the Canada Line went on-line?

85,000 people took to the streets Monday, suffering hour long line-ups to be one of the first to try Vancouver’s new, expensive, Japanese rush-hour simulator – the Canada Line. I got to try the Expo line with everyone else at Expo – that was neat. Hopefully everyone that got to try the Canada Line – [...]

3D Mobile Map Of Vancouver

Do you have a mobile device that can read PDF files? If so there’s a new map in town that you can easily load on whatever portable device you might have.  It’s not one of those cheesy maps either, this one is nicely illustrated in gorgeous 3d glory. The nice advantage of being a pdf stored [...]

UFC Coming To Vancouver

The debate continues on with the potential of a UFC fight coming to Vancouver come June 2010.  Since 2007 there’s been a ban here in Vancouver on MMA and the sport remains unregulated in BC, however the UFC has set a tentative date for a match to occur here. Mayor Robertson has shown he supports it [...]

It’s Bikes Baby!

Well as promised by the Mayor, here comes the Burrard Bridge bike lane! It’s great seeing the year over year improvement in terms of greening our city and encouraging awareness of alternative transportation. We’ll see how this bike lane experiment pans out, but this coupled with BCAA’s fairly recent announcement of providing Roadside Assistance to cyclists [...]

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