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Mainland passengers storm plane, assault Hong Kong airport staff after flight delay

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A group of six tourists from mainland China were arrested at the Hong Kong International Airport today after being accused of assaulting airport staff members because their flight to Beijing had been delayed for more than six hours. [ more › ]

Toddler's arm gets stuck inside moving escalator in Guangxi

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Yet another escalator accident has made headlines in China, this time at the Sun Square Mall in Wuzhou, Guangxi, where a one-year-old toddler was dragged into one of the moving staircases. [ more › ]

Knife-wielding bar manager attacks Russian customer who refuses to leave hours after closing

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A bar manager in Hong Kong was arrested after he pulled out a fruit knife and attacked a Russian customer who'd lingered around after closing time. That's one way to clear a place out. [ more › ]

Gansu principal punished after video of sexy KTV antics leaked

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A high school principal in Tianshui city, Gansu province has been punished after a video of him doing the dirty with a middle-aged lady in KTV room was leaked online. [ more › ]

Giant panda in Hong Kong becomes oldest-living one in captivity

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A giant panda in Hong Kong's Ocean Park has taken the Guinness World Record as the oldest-ever panda to live in captivity. [ more › ]

Dad leaves child at Shenzhen police station 'in protest' after motorbike seized

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

The latest contender for Dad of the Year comes from the Longhua New Area district of Shenzhen, where a man reportedly used his young child as leverage to negotiate the return of his motorbike, which was confiscated by traffic police on Saturday. [ more › ]

'Fk You Pay Me': Shoppers complain about vulgar English on clothes

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Anyone who's visited China is probably well-aware that English words are commonly incorporated in street fashion. Sometimes this appears as a novelty shirt targeting douchey Western college students, often the buyer has no idea what it says, and the heartbreaking result is an eight-year-old kid walking down the streets of Beijing in a "Too Drunk to Fuck" t-shirt. [ more › ]

Look: Residents flock to river to play 'water mahjong' in sweltering Sichuan

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

It's that time of year again when China's middle-aged mahjong players throw on their swimsuits and relocate to cooler gaming stations. [ more › ]

Busted: Beijing firm found mass-producing fake iPhones worth $19.6 million

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A company producing and exporting over 41,000 fake Apple iPhones and 66,000 ribbon cables was recently uncovered in Beijing. Fake iPhones production is not exactly a new phenomenon in China, but the scale and overseas reach of this Beijing-based firm is said to be unprecedented. [ more › ]

Chinese student detained for suspected links to ISIS released in Iraq

4 hours agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A Chinese postgraduate student who was captured in Iraq on suspicion of having links to the extremist militant group Islamic State had his name cleared and was freed by local police yesterday, the Chinese embassy in the country said. [ more › ]

Videogame Industry’s Next Battle: Chinese Censors

Beijing this week dropped a 15-year-old law against game consoles. Now the videogame industry has to defeat even tougher foes: China’s censors and its already-committed gamers.

Video: Hong Kong Ani-Com & Games Fair

Hong Kong's biggest animation convention draws thousands of comic lovers each year.

Lawyer For U.S. Journalist Says He Should Be Freed After Nuclear Deal

Jason Rezaian, who works for the Washington Post, has been detained for a year

Why Turkey Sees the Kurdish People as a Bigger Threat than ISIS

The Kurds' success against ISIS might encourage advocates of a Kurdish state across parts of Iraq, Syria and Turkey

Teenagers Could Have the Right to Delete Their Online History in the U.K.

Some teenagers have lost jobs or suffered embarassment because of their pre-adult posts

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