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Man on the Moon: China Sets Lunar Mission Date

While a new generation of space explorers dream of a manned mission to Mars, China has its sights set on a closer destination: the moon. Chinese spacemen could walk on the moon in the next 15 to 20 years, a senior space official said, in remarks that state media described this week as Beijing’s first official confirmation of its manned lunar ambitions.

Adventurous American couple plans to walk across China

I would walk 722 miles and I would walk 722 more ~ [ more › ]

Two killed in fire at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Airport officials say that the fire has not disturbed regular service to the airport and flights are proceeding as usual. [ more › ]

Japanese tourism board writes pamphlet to remind Chinese visitors to not fart or burp in public

"The Japanese will avoid bodily functions such as belching or flatulence in public entirely, or perform bodily functions as discreetly as possible. Of course, these functions are a necessary part of human life, but please be modest and discreet when visiting Japan." [ more › ]

LOOK: Fashionista grannies wow netizens with sophisticated looks

We could only hope to look this cool when we get to be their age. [ more › ]

As China’s Smartphone Market Matures, Higher-Priced Handsets Are On the Rise

Most people outside of China may have never heard of Oppo or Vivo, but the two are among the fastest-growing smartphone makers in the world, according to the latest data from a research firm.

Carl Icahn Dumps Apple

The billionaire investor praised the company but said his concerns over China sales prompted him to sell shares.

China Gives Police Broad Powers Over Foreign Nonprofits

Chinese legislators passed a law on Thursday granting police broad authority to supervise foreign nonprofit groups, reinforcing President Xi Jinping’s drive to consolidate government control over China’s society, culture and economy...

Chinese Rights Lawyer Strikes Back at ABA Over Scuttled Book

A feud between a Chinese human rights lawyer and the American Bar Association over a proposed book has gone from bad to worse.

Three monks expelled after video of them tussling in the temple goes viral

Three Buddhist monks were dismissed from a temple in Yangzhou after a video went viral earlier week, revealing to the world that all monks do not in fact know kung fu. [ more › ]

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