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Not-So-Soft Spot: U.S. Embassy Q&A Scrubbed from Chinese Social Media Site

Are American diplomats trying to subvert the Chinese government by answering questions on how to set up a food truck in the U.S. or buy cheap Broadway tickets?

LOOK: Bikini babes will help peel your shrimp for you at this Shenyang restaurant

Shrimps may be delicious sea creatures, but peeling prawns sure is a pain. There must be an easier way. [ more › ]

???? Elite Dining Week starts TODAY. Snap pics of your meals and win!

Elite Dining Week kicks off today with more than 50 restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen competing for your votes on their exquisite menus. If you haven't already booked a table then you better be quick! Here are 5 restaurants in Shanghai, entering in Elite Dining Week for the first time, recommended by DiningCity. [ more › ]

WATCH: Bulldozer goes on rampage in Shanxi street, kills 1, injures 20

Police shot the bulldozer driver as he was trying to push a bus off an overpass and into a river. [ more › ]

Swaying to the Music of Beijing: Tim Cook’s Week in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit this week to Beijing -- part of his bid to win back Chinese regulators and customers -- was full of Twitter-ready Chinese moments.

Beijing Denies Dangerous Interception of U.S. Spy Plane Over South China Sea

China criticized Washington for deploying a U.S. reconnaissance plane near Chinese territory, but denied a Pentagon account that Chinese jet fighters conducted a risky close-range interception.

Chinese Businessman Buys English Premier League Team Aston Villa for $109 Million

English soccer club Aston Villa, whose fans includes Britain’s Prince William, has found an owner from China, where President Xi Jinping has made development of the sport a national ambition.

What's on Today: Cheese & wine, giggles, teeny bop and party

Where to go, what to do today in Shanghai. Read on for Shanghaiist's picks. [ more › ]

Hero laowai save girl who tried to kill herself by jumping into Shanghai river

While foreigners in Shanghai may be a little fuzzy on the rules of the road here, at least some are still managing to make positive contributions to society. [ more › ]

WATCH: TomoNews speculates about what went on during Jack Ma's secret meeting with Barack Obama

Since neither side is keen on revealing any details, all we can do is speculate. [ more › ]

Distract and Conquer: New Study Sheds Light on China’s Online Propaganda Strategy

Contrary to popular belief, China’s legions of pro-government Internet commentators aren’t really out to convince critics of anything. They just want everyone to think happy thoughts.

What Can Be Learned From China’s Monetary Past

China’s decline as a great power in the 19th century can’t be blamed on imperialism and opium. It was bad monetary policy, after all.

Weekendist, May 20 - 22: Cheese & Wine, Moscow Mules and Asian Dope Boys

Where to go, what to do this weekend in Shanghai. Read on for Shanghaiist's picks. [ more › ]

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