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Taiwan fans reportedly snitch on Bon Jovi to Chinese censors to get an extra gig in Taipei

The plot thickens! Mainland rock fans were pretty disappointed earlier this month when Bon Jovi's tour dates in Shanghai and Beijing were suddenly scrapped at the last second. However, new information has just been released that shows a more sinister hand in a much larger conspiracy. [ more › ]

[DEALS] Stock up your home bar before the National Day holiday!

Breaking news from Shanghai9. No deliveries in Shanghai from October 1st to 5th! So, stock up your home bar now before that long national holiday break. Get 5% off everything they have in stock by using the special coupon code: SHANGHAIIST. Hurry! This offer expires in 24 hours! [ more › ]

Xi Jinping pledges $2 billion for developing world, promises to write off debts of poorest countries

Along with promoting women's rights, Chinese President Xi Jinping also spent the weekend making waves by announcing a $2 billion fund to help developing nations. [ more › ]

Dedicated dentist kneels for 40 minutes to perform tricky surgery on 9-yr-old girl, wins netizens' smiles

Images of a deeply dedicated dentist kneeling down on the floor to perform a difficult surgery on a 9-year-old girl has produced warm smiles from netizens across China. [ more › ]

Xi Jinping reaffirms China's commitment to women's rights at UN, critics not impressed

Speaking at the United Nations yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping lauded his country's record on women's rights and gender equality. Meanwhile, the U.S. and other human rights critics struck back by highlighting China's record of jailed women's activists. [ more › ]

LOOK: Supermoon over China marks an auspicious Mid-Autumn Festival

Pictures of last night's super cool supermoon taken from across China have flooded the internet as netizens celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with a little moon gazing and photography. [ more › ]

Massive fire sweeps through boats in HK's Victoria Harbor, injuring at least 5

A large fire engulfed nine boats anchored at the Shau Kei Wan typhoon shelter in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor on Sunday afternoon, leaving at least five people with minor injuries. [ more › ]

Peng Liyuan: All children having access to education is my Chinese Dream

China's First Lady, Peng Liyuan, delivered a speech yesterday at the UN, entirely in English, calling for more education in poverty stricken areas. [ more › ]

Infatuated Chinese conman hands back money to his female victim, asks for her photo

A Chinese undergrad who had been scammed out of 5000 yuan was taken by surprise when the conman got back in touch to tell her that she was "too sweet and innocent," offering to return half the money and asking for her photograph. [ more › ]

What's on Today: Heaven, Over the Moon, Shalanaya festival and 48-hour Film Festival sign-up

Where to go, what to do today in Shanghai. Read on for Shanghaiist's picks. [ more › ]

1 Chinese woman confirmed dead in Hajj stampede: MFA

She was not officially a part of the 14,000-strong Chinese delegation and had reportedly made her own way to Mecca to perform the pilgrimage without having received an official hajj permit from Saudi authorities. [ more › ]

Photos of crowd gawking at traffic accident sparks online soul searching

Netizens recently engaged in an online debate about the appropriateness of taking photos following major accidents after a large crowd of passersby stopped to take photos of the gruesome outcome of a fatal collision in Jiangsu province. [ more › ]

Snow monkeys made to perform before large audience in Shandong

A troupe of more than 30 Snow Monkeys, otherwise known as Japanese macaques, were dressed in outfits and made to perform a variety of tricks before an audience in Dongying city, Shandong province. [ more › ]

Guangdong police bust biggest fake banknote operation since 1949

Guangdong police recently raided two sites producing counterfeit banknotes with a face value of 210 million yuan ($33 million), putting an end to the biggest fake banknote operation since the founding of the People's Republic of China. [ more › ]

What's on Today: Heaven, Run Without Boundaries, Shalanaya festival and The Island

Where to go, what to do today in Shanghai. Read on for Shanghaiist's picks. [ more › ]

Baozi conspicuously absent from menu for Xi Jinping's state dinner at the White House

While Chinese President Xi Jinping's favorite treat of steamed dumplings won't be on the menu tonight for his state dinner at the White House neither will "Double-sized Big Macs." America is all about finding compromise. [ more › ]

Shanghai government proposes three-year ban on entertainers caught doing drugs

The Shanghai government has proposed drafting a regulation that will impose a minimum three-year ban on any entertainer guilty of a drug-related offense [ more › ]

LOOK: Sichuan University students create clever 'fashion show' from paper cut-outs and college campus

Pictures from an inspired "fashion show" created by a group of female students at Sichuan University is receiving a great deal of praise online for its creativity, simplicity and all-around niftyness. [ more › ]

University security guard buries a pack of stray puppies alive, students dig them out

Apparently security guards at the Lanzhou University of Finance are not dog lovers. After finding a litter of stray puppies, they decided to bury the poor creatures alive. [ more › ]

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