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Beijing's new 'smog squad' tasked with fighting against airpocalypse

Cleaning up Beijing's skies, one illegal barbecue at a time. [ more › ]

Tsai Ing-wen transits through US without seeing Trump, does meet with Ted Cruz

“This is not about the PRC. This is about the US relationship with Taiwan, an ally we are legally bound to defend. The Chinese do not give us veto power over those with whom they meet. We will continue to meet with anyone, including the Taiwanese, as we see fit," Cruz said. [ more › ]

Shanghai grad student attacks female classmate for making him look dumb in class

Following a heated in-classroom debate a male postgraduate student at the Shanghai University of Sport caught up with one of his female classmates outside and tried to get her to come around to his point of view after she made him look silly in front of the class. [ more › ]

China building world's highest ring road around Lhasa

Never one to shy away from a world record, no matter how meaningless, China is already bragging about constructing the world's highest ring road around the Tibet capital of Lhasa. [ more › ]

Shanghaiist's top 10 biggest assholes of 2016

In many ways, 2016 marked a record low for humanity. Here are some of this year's worst human beings. [ more › ]

Photo of the week: Beijing skyscrapers just peek out over airpocalypse

Beijing has been consumed by this week's airpocalypse, leaving nothing left but the tippity-top of the city's skyscrapers. [ more › ]

Changsha has a knockoff 'Zouk' nightclub that has even managed to deceive DJs

After being exposed, the club has been forced to change its name from "Zouk" to "Zook." [ more › ]

4-year-old boy slowly drowns in pool while mother plays on her smartphone nearby

A tragic video has gone viral on the Chinese internet showing a 4-year-old boy drowning in a pool while his mother plays on her smartphone only a few meters away with her back turned. [ more › ]

Photography Friday: Interview, Pierre Bessard, publisher

Bessard only works with ground-breaking artists, writers and curators, and supports challenging projects in book form by creating graphically-unconventional artists' limited editions. [ more › ]

Beijing warns residents not to play in 'very dirty snow'

The first snow of the year fell on Beijing on Thursday, but don't go grabbing your sleds and scarves just yet. [ more › ]

Apple pulls New York Times app from its China app store at Beijing's request

Following a request made by the Chinese government, Apple has agreed to remove the New York Times from its Chinese App Store. [ more › ]

You can now travel from Shanghai to Kunming in under 11 hours via high-speed rail

Looking to take a vacation? Well, you can now officially zip down to Kunming aboard China's newest high-speed rail line which opened on Thursday. [ more › ]

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