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WATCH: Sir Ian McKellen delivers an inspiring message to ShanghaiPRIDE

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

"I send you all my love. It will be a long march, but you will get there in the end." [ more › ]

Mother cat tries to bring her kittens back to life after they were brutally killed in the street

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

It seems that celebrities need to work a little harder in calling for compassion towards animals. [ more › ]

China cracks down on foreign-inspired TV programs, sets strict broadcast limits

Earlier today China's television regulator laid down some strict limits on foreign-inspired TV programs in a bid to boost innovation of domestic programming. [ more › ]

Chinese scientists have figured out how to turn plastic into a liquid fuel

A team of Chinese chemists have developed a super efficient method for turning polyethylene, the plastic which makes up almost all of the bags and bottles you use and throw away on a daily basis, into a liquid fuel. [ more › ]

Pencil this in, June 20 - 26: Meatfeast, PRIDE, design and parties

Where to go, what to do this week in Shanghai. Read on for Shanghaiist's picks. [ more › ]

Professional smugglers caught trying to sneak 580 smartphones over China border

Police in Shenzhen have arrested a group of seven smugglers who attempted to pass through a customs checkpoint with 580 mobile phones taped to their bodies. [ more › ]

64 percent of Chinese oppose Yulin Dog Meat Festival, says survey

A recent poll carried out by Xinhua has found that the majority of respondents want an end to the controversial festival held in southern China. [ more › ]

Man from southern China complaining of abdominal pain found to have four kidneys

A man from Guizhou province who was admitted to hospital after reporting abdominal pain was discovered to have grown an extra two kidneys. [ more › ]

Chinese media call out uncivilized behavior at newly opened Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland opened to great fanfare earlier this week, but local media say that the behavior of some visitors still leaves a lot to be desired. [ more › ]

Driver takes truck with no front wheels onto highway, local police are furious

A truck driver travelling across the border between Anhui and Jiangxi provinces incurred the wrath of the local traffic police after taking his banged up vehicle with no front wheels onto a busy highway. [ more › ]

Shanghai told to shut down factories in August to give Hangzhou G20 summit clear blue skies

Later this year, Shanghai will be closing down 225 of its industrial facilities in order to cut pollution before the arrival of world leaders for the G20 summit in neighboring Hangzhou. [ more › ]

What's on Today: PRIDE, spiritual awakening and roots reggae

Where to go, what to do today in Shanghai. Read on for Shanghaiist's picks. [ more › ]

Apple ordered to stop selling iPhone 6 in China following patent dispute

Chinese courts have ordered Apple to suspend sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus following a successful legal challenge by a little-known Shenzhen-based startup. [ more › ]

Factory worker in Guangdong threatens to jump from roof after boss denies her leave

A female factory worker from southern China was seen earlier preparing to jump from a rooftop after her boss refused to grant her request for leave. [ more › ]

American commits suicide in Taiwanese courtroom after receiving 4-year sentence for marijuana possession

A 41-year-old American resident in Taiwan stabbed himself to death after being sentenced for possession and cultivation of marijuana. [ more › ]

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