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Watch: Filmmaker scales Shanghai rooftops to create this gorgeous timelapse

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A stunning four-minute long timelapse spanning some of the most bustling, bright and vibrant tourists spots in China's number one city. [ more › ]

Guangxi students cross dangerous broken bridge to get to school

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

After seeing pictures of these children from Wuzhou, Guangxi who travel to school every day on the ruins of a bridge that collapsed during a flood, you'll never want to complain about your morning commute again. [ more › ]

Massive street brawl erupts between two rival gangs on Jiangxi road

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Security footage captured the moment dozens of armed men from two gangs poured out of vehicles in the middle of a busy Jiangxi road to take part in a good ol' fashioned street fight. [ more › ]

Wang Jianlin's son shows off dog's 2 Apple Watches on Weibo

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

The son of Wang Jianlin, China's richest man, has seemingly gone out of his way to piss off every person on Weibo by posting a picture of his dog decked out in not one, but two Apple Watches. [ more › ]

Jackie Chan now dean of his very own film academy in Wuhan

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

The newly named celebrity anti-drug ambassador to Singapore and possible zombie Jackie Chan can now boast yet another title: Dean of The Jackie Chan Film and Television Academy of the Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences (????????), which opened officially on May 20. [ more › ]

Vietnam bans 'poisonous' gay romance novels originating from China

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Following harsh criticism from local media, Vietnam's ministry of culture has ordered the country's publishers to stop "poisoning" young people with gay romance novels, most of which originate from mainland China. [ more › ]

Fantasy novelist wants to launch 'Chinese Lord of the Rings' to an international audience

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

With American blockbusters dominating the Chinese box office recently, domestic artists have been searching for ways to hitch a ride on that wave of highly-produced success. And, really, what better way is there than to describe your future fantasy film series as the "Chinese Lord of the Rings?" [ more › ]

Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong denied entry to Malaysia

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Joshua Wong Chi-fung, the student activist who helped lead protests during the Occupy movement in Hong Kong last year, said today that he was barred from entering Malaysia, where he'd planned on attending a series of seminars to talk about democracy. [ more › ]

Woman seeks compensation over broken hymen during pelvic exam

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A 22-year-old woman in Nanjing, Jiangsu province is demanding compensation from a hospital over claims that she "lost her virginity" during a routine gynecological check-up. [ more › ]

Unsupervised toddler falls 8 meters from escalator at Guangzhou mall

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Security footage released from an unnamed shopping mall in Dongguan, Guangzhou province has served as a shocking reminder to parents in China as to why they must keep an eye on their young ones at all times. [ more › ]

Police chief detained for hunting endangered animals

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A police officer in Qinghai province was arrested on suspicion of hunting and killing endangered wild animals, after a whistleblower posted images of the dead creatures stored at a police station in Tianjun county. [ more › ]

Chinese man cloaks body with 109.05kg of bees for Guinness record

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A Chinese beekeeper has earned himself a Guinness World Record title after coating his body with a 109.05kg bee mantle in the early hours of the morning on May 25 in Tan'an city, Shandong province. [ more › ]

3 deer die at Shanghai Zoo after eating garbage left by visitors

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

The Shanghai Zoo is once again asking visitors to please, for the love of all that is good and sacred, stop throwing food and garbage into the animals' enclosures, after three of its fallow deer were found dead a result of eating trash left behind by people. [ more › ]

38 killed as Henan nursing home goes up in flames

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

At least 38 people were killed when a fire broke out at a nursing home in Pingdingshan, Henan province at around 8:00 p.m. yesterday. [ more › ]

Officials allegedly drag woman from shower, beat disabled man as family is evicted from home

6 days agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

A Hunan family has called foul on authorities who evicted them from their home last month, alleging that one woman was dragged naked from the shower and a disabled man was beaten by officials. [ more › ]

CCP sends senior officials on prison tour as anti-corruption warning

A total of 70 senior officials in Hubei province were taken to a city prison for an "educational warning" on corruption by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. [ more › ]

Migrant workers' temporary home built dangerously close to 25-meter drop in Chongqing

A temporary home for migrant workers was built frighteningly close to the edge of a 25-meter deep ditch at a construction site in Chongqing's Jiangbeizui Central Business District. [ more › ]

Driver with epilepsy sentenced to life in jail after fatal crash

A driver with epilepsy who concealed his illness and caused a fatal car crash that killed four people last year has been sentenced to life in prison, a Hubei court announced yesterday. [ more › ]

Father drags son on rope over 100 meters as punishment for not studying

A video of a father fastening a rope around his child's neck and dragging him on the ground in Zhejiang province has sparked outrage and condemnation online. [ more › ]

China reportedly hosts secret peace talks with Afghanistan and Taliban

Afghanistan peace envoys have reportedly talked with Taliban leaders during a clandestine meeting held in China. The Wall Street Journal has reported on the talks held in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, on May 19 and 20. [ more › ]

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