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Cojimar’s Camila Cabella’s “Havana” hits Number One

Camila Cabello is single-handedly putting the word “Havana” on practically everyone’s lips (while swaying their hips). With her infectious Top 10 hit...

Organic or starve: can Cuba's new farming model provide food security?

Once it grew only sugar and was heavy handed with fertilizers and pesticides, now Cuba is in the grip of a small-scale organic farming revolution In the town of Hershey, 40 miles east of Havana, you can see the past and the future of Cuban farming, side by side. Show More Summary

Conspiracy theories such as JFK distract from the real threats we face | Jonathan Freedland

When imagined plots lead to the bereaved and wounded receiving online hate, they are no longer harmless eccentricity but a dangerous diversion Ruefully, and rightly as it turned out, one lifelong investigator of the Kennedy assassination...Show More Summary

Soviet submarine officer who averted nuclear war awarded 'Future of Life' prize

Vasili Arkhipov, who prevented escalation of the cold war by refusing to launch a nuclear torpedo against US forces, is to be honoured with a new prize A senior officer of a Soviet submarine who averted the outbreak of nuclear conflict...Show More Summary

'Science fiction': Cuban officials dismiss claims of sonic attack on US diplomats

Washington accused of ‘slander’ and refusing to cooperate with Cuban inquiry into mysterious incident that sickened American diplomats Cuban officials investigating US complaints of mysterious incidents that sickened American diplomats...Show More Summary

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios review – thoughtful final look at the Cuban music phenomenon

Lucy Walker’s documentary usefully fills in gaps left by the wildly successful 1999 Wim Wenders film about the band and its few ageing survivors This thoughtful if somewhat scattered documentary takes a last look at the hugely influential...Show More Summary

¿Qué hay? What’s On for October

To reach our brand new, re-organized planner for October 2017!!!! Just click on the photo below.  Written by Cubans with inside the scene...

Trump says Cuba 'responsible' for alleged sonic attacks, but offers no evidence

The state department has still not identified a culprit or even what weapon mysteriously injured 22 American government workers on Cuban soil Donald Trump has said Monday that he believes Cuba is responsible for unexplained incidents that the US says have injured at least 22 American government workers. Show More Summary

A Cuban actress invades Hollywood

Pop quiz: What does the newly-released blockbuster film ‘Bladerunner 2049’ and Havana, Cuba have in common? Answer: Cuban actress Ana de Armas....

Habanos Cigar Festival announces upcoming 2018 dates

Last week Habanos S.A. announced the 20th annual Habanos Festival will be held from February 26th to March 2nd 2018 in Havana,...

Mass hysteria may explain 'sonic attacks' in Cuba, say top neurologists

Despite 22 Americans reporting symptoms no evidence of a weapon found Experts suspect a psychosomatic disorder linked to high stress in Havana Senior neurologists have suggested that a spate of mysterious ailments among US diplomatsShow More Summary

US orders 15 Cuban diplomats to leave Washington embassy over sonic 'attacks'

State department says Cuba has failed to protect US diplomats in Havana Reduction follows withdrawal of 60% of US embassy personnel from Cuba The US has ordered 15 Cuban embassy officials to leave the country as result of a string of...Show More Summary

US spies in Cuba were among first victims of mysterious sonic 'attacks'

The incidents, which have caused hearing loss and brain injury, began within days of Donald Trump’s election but the motives and culprits remain obscure US intelligence operatives in Cuba were among the first and most severely affected...Show More Summary

US warns Americans not to visit Cuba and withdraws embassy staff

US embassy in Havana will lose about 60% of its staff following sonic weapon attacks, while new travel warning says incidents have occurred in Cuban hotels The US government is warning Americans not to visit Cuba and will withdraw more...Show More Summary

'A country teetering on the precipice': Castro's Cuba in pictures

As an American in 1990s Cuba, Tria Giovan risked being branded a traitor. But the photographer continued to visit and, from the dance hall to the hair salon, she captured the resilient spirit of the Cuban people Continue reading...

Trump considering closing US embassy in Cuba, Tillerson says

Secretary of state: diplomats’ health problems ‘a very serious issue’ ‘Sonic attack’ among theories for hearing loss, concussions and more The Trump administration is considering closing the recently reopened US Embassy in Havana following...Show More Summary

Cuban boxer Ultiminio “Sugar” Ramos dies at age 75

This past week, while hurricane Irma was bearing down on Cuba, another lesser but still powerful force, legendary Cuban boxer, Sugar Ramos,...

Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens

At least some of the incidents were confined to certain rooms with laser-like specificity, and some victims now have problems recalling specific words The blaring, grinding noise jolted the American diplomat from his bed in a Havana hotel. Show More Summary

How are you dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma?

If you’ve been affected by the storm and its effects you can share your story, pictures and videos with us here Your safety is most important. Do not take any risks when recording or sharing your story Millions have been affected by the devastation caused by the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history. Show More Summary

'Nobody came': Cubans abandoned to Irma as Havana floods

Despite government preparations, Havana residents are criticizing the response to the monster hurricane that crumbled buildings and deluged homes Havana was in midnight darkness and the floodwaters were neck-high were Yanelis Rodríguez finally gave up hope that help was on its way. Show More Summary

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