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Three generations of Cubans united by gratitude to Fidel Castro

After the eulogies and denunciations, the Torres family supplies a more nuanced perspective on Cuba’s revolutionary leader Before Fidel Castro’s interment in a Santiago cemetery this morning, there have been eulogies by leftwing presidents, football stars and famous singers. Show More Summary

Florida's Cubans take sober look at ties with homeland after post-Castro party

President-elect Trump has talked tough on Obama’s opening to Cuba but some doubt he will act, while the exile community no longer speaks with one voice A week after the death of Fidel Castro, the jubilant mood among Cuban exiles in Miami’s...Show More Summary

Fidel Castro's ashes interred privately as thousands line streets in Cuban city

Cuban officials canceled plans to broadcast ceremony at Santa Ifigenia cemetery after Raúl Castro announced ban on naming sites after Fidel Fidel Castro’s ashes were interred in a private ceremony on Sunday morning, ending nine days of mourning for the man who ruled Cuba for nearly half a century. Show More Summary

Farewell to Fidel - a 97-page special

So much coverage of the Cuban dictator’s death – because the press had so much time to prepare it And the world record for the largest number of bylines on a single story goes to the New York Times, which used no fewer than 16 journalists to write its obituary of Fidel Castro, a labour it began in 1959 and has constantly updated ever since. Show More Summary

South American leaders join Cuban mourners to send off Fidel Castro – video

Crowds chant ‘Raul, my friend, the people are with you’ as Raul Castro, Fidel’s younger brother and the current Cuban president, takes the stage to deliver a speech commemorating his older brother’s legacy. The thousands of mournersShow More Summary

Fidel Castro's name will never appear on a Cuba monument, says brother Raúl

Government will prohibit naming of streets or monuments after Fidel Castro in keeping with his desire to stop a personality cult developing Cuban President Raúl Castro said on Saturday his government would prohibit the naming of streets...Show More Summary

Eyewitness: Buenaventura, Cuba

Photographs from the Eyewitness series Continue reading...

Calle Aguilar – come for a haircut, stay for a whole lot more

Once something of a desolate part of Havana, the northerly end of Calle Aguiar toward the Malecon is suddenly one of the...

Fidel Castro's last journey maps story of leader's triumphs and shortcomings

The Cuban revolutionary’s funeral procession is retracing in reverse his route to seizing power in Havana. Amid genuine grief mourners also hope for change The ashes approach. A hundred flags wave, a thousand camera phones click, veterans salute and the chants go up of “Yo Soy Fidel” (I am Fidel). Show More Summary

¿Qué hay? What’s On for December NOW

To reach our brand new, re-organized planner for December 2016, just click on the photo below.  Written by Cubans with inside the scene...

Even in the tough times Fidel Castro’s Cuba placed great value on sport | Richard Williams

Long before the Buena Vista Social Club beguiled audiences around the world, revolutionary Cuba’s sporting heroes enjoyed global renown On a warm evening in a Barcelona suburb 24 years ago, the air thick and heavy, the light-grey and gold, Cuba and the USA met in a baseball game that was as much a contest of ideologies as an Olympic semi-final. Show More Summary

The Furies that saved Cuba from invasion | Letters

Following Castro’s death, perhaps we can now acknowledge the role that British-made aircraft played in defending Cuba from the CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion. The Cuban Air Force Hawker Sea Furies were instrumental in preventing the full invasion force from landing, which was the last time Sea Furies were ever used in action. Show More Summary

We Cubans will restore civil liberties – without help from Donald Trump | Elaine Díaz

If the president-elect really wants to make things better for Cubans, he should return Guantánamo to us and lift the US embargo The 44th president of the United States of America respectfully sent his condolences in an official statement to the family of Fidel Castro, Cuba’s revolutionary leader. Show More Summary

Cubans say goodbye to Fidel Castro's ashes in four-day funeral procession

Caravan carrying leader’s remains will retrace his victory tour after Cuban Revolution in reverse, from Havana to Santiago, in final leg of mourning period Fidel Castro’s ashes have begun a four-day journey across Cuba from Havana to their final resting place in the eastern city of Santiago. Show More Summary

To so many Africans, Fidel Castro is a hero. Here’s why | Sean Jacobs

‘A source of inspiration to all freedom-loving peoples’: that’s what Nelson Mandela called the Cuban revolutionary leader. And with good reason If Africa is a country, then Fidel Castro is one of our national heroes. This may come as...Show More Summary

Raúl Castro addresses Fidel memorial service in Havana’s Revolution Square – video

Cuban president Raúl Castro speaks of his late brother Fidel’s place in history at a mass memorial ceremony in Havana’s Revolution Square on Tuesday. Thousands of Cubans were in attendance, as well as a number of world leaders including...Show More Summary

Fidel Castro memorial service: crowds gather as dignitaries arrive in Cuba

Presidents of Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa and Zimbabwe, but not those of America, Canada or Britain, join Cubans to say goodbye to revolutionary Regional leaders and tens of thousands of Cubans have filled Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution for a service honouring Fidel Castro. Show More Summary

Obama won't send official delegation to Cuba for Fidel Castro's funeral

Decision represents compromise to maintain US-Cuba thaw while downgrading status to satisfy critics who argue Obama has not properly held Cuba to account The White House has announced that it will not send an official delegation to Fidel...Show More Summary

Look at Fidel Castro’s legacy from a fair perspective | Letters

Zoe Williams (Forget Fidel Castro’s policies. Above all, he was a dictator, 28November) bases her judgment of Castro on a frighteningly simplistic division of states into democracies, by implication multiparty ones, and dictatorships, by implication any state that is not multiparty. Show More Summary

'The dark era is over. I can see the light': Cuban Americans on Fidel Castro's death | Guardian readers and Sarah Marsh

While some lined the streets of Miami to celebrate the death of the former Cuban leader, others have mixed feelings. They share their views The streets of Miami, Florida, were full last weekend as crowds gathered to celebrate the death of Cuban revolutionary and former leader Fidel Castro. Show More Summary

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