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Will religion decide the fate of the Guantánamo Bay detainees? | Aziz Huq

The Trump administration has moved from releasing detainees based on their risk factor to treating individuals as dangerous because of their faith The first 20 prisoners arrived at the Guantánamo naval base 12 years ago, on 11 January 2002. Show More Summary

US investigating 'viral' attack as possible source of diplomats' illness in Cuba

State department tells Senate says no evidence of mass hysteria found Cuba criticises use of word ‘attacks with ZERO evidence to prove it’ US investigators are looking at a range of theories – including the possibility of a “viral” attack...Show More Summary

Cuba Is on Exhibit In Los Angeles

If you are a Cubaphile, and/or a lover of photography, and find yourself In Los Angeles between now and March 4, 2018, run, don’t walk, to the Cuba Is exhibit

¿Qué hay? What’s On for January 2018!

To reach our brand new, re-organized planner for – Happy New Year – January 2018! Just click on the photo below.  Written by...

Phil Lenton obituary

My brother-in-law Phil Lenton, who has died aged 71, was a committed and well-respected trade union official. He worked for Nupe, the public service union, from 1971 until 1993, and for Unison until 2001. He became divisional officer of Nupe’s northern division and was the Unison northern region’s associate regional secretary. Show More Summary

Guantánamo art show rattles US military and could prompt confiscation or destruction

Works by detainees are making waves at a New York exhibition – but now officials have taken away finished artworks and won’t let them leave the site When Moath al-Alwi wants to get his mind out of the US detention center in Guantánamo Bay, where he has been held without charge for almost 16 years, he builds model ships. Show More Summary

Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba

Mysterious attacks that harmed 24 Americans in Havana resulted in changes to white matter tracts in brain, doctors say Doctors treating the victims of mysterious, invisible attacks on the US embassy in Cuba have discovered brain abnormalities as they search for clues to explain the damage to their hearing, vision, balance and memory. Show More Summary

'If you're naughty, Krampus gets you' … stars around the world on their festive traditions

Christmas doesn’t just mean turkey, crackers and carols. Oti Mabuse has a barbecue on the beach, Alma hits the sauna, Sofie Hagen hunts for a marzipan pig and Conchita Wurst hides from a horned monster Continue reading...

¿Qué hay? What’s On for December

To reach our brand new, re-organized planner for December 2017!!!! Just click on the photo below.  Written by Cubans with inside the scene...

Meet Clandestina, the Cuban brand speaking to a new generation

One innovative designer has found a way around both the regime and the US embargo and become the first Cuban clothing company to ship anywhere in the world When Havana-based designer Idania del Río runs out of ink for silk-screen printing T-shirts, it’s likely the rest of Cuba has too. Show More Summary

Steve Ludlam obituary

My friend and colleague Steve Ludlam, who has died from pancreatic cancer aged 66, was a respected academic in the fields of British politics and Cuban studies. He was a member of the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield for 24 years, and an authority on the economic policies of Harold Wilson’s Labour governments. Show More Summary

Cojimar’s Camila Cabella’s “Havana” hits Number One

Camila Cabello is single-handedly putting the word “Havana” on practically everyone’s lips (while swaying their hips). With her infectious Top 10 hit...

Organic or starve: can Cuba's new farming model provide food security?

Once it grew only sugar and was heavy handed with fertilizers and pesticides, now Cuba is in the grip of a small-scale organic farming revolution In the town of Hershey, 40 miles east of Havana, you can see the past and the future of Cuban farming, side by side. Show More Summary

Conspiracy theories such as JFK distract from the real threats we face | Jonathan Freedland

When imagined plots lead to the bereaved and wounded receiving online hate, they are no longer harmless eccentricity but a dangerous diversion Ruefully, and rightly as it turned out, one lifelong investigator of the Kennedy assassination...Show More Summary

Soviet submarine officer who averted nuclear war awarded 'Future of Life' prize

Vasili Arkhipov, who prevented escalation of the cold war by refusing to launch a nuclear torpedo against US forces, is to be honoured with a new prize A senior officer of a Soviet submarine who averted the outbreak of nuclear conflict...Show More Summary

'Science fiction': Cuban officials dismiss claims of sonic attack on US diplomats

Washington accused of ‘slander’ and refusing to cooperate with Cuban inquiry into mysterious incident that sickened American diplomats Cuban officials investigating US complaints of mysterious incidents that sickened American diplomats...Show More Summary

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios review – thoughtful final look at the Cuban music phenomenon

Lucy Walker’s documentary usefully fills in gaps left by the wildly successful 1999 Wim Wenders film about the band and its few ageing survivors This thoughtful if somewhat scattered documentary takes a last look at the hugely influential...Show More Summary

¿Qué hay? What’s On for October

To reach our brand new, re-organized planner for October 2017!!!! Just click on the photo below.  Written by Cubans with inside the scene...

Trump says Cuba 'responsible' for alleged sonic attacks, but offers no evidence

The state department has still not identified a culprit or even what weapon mysteriously injured 22 American government workers on Cuban soil Donald Trump has said Monday that he believes Cuba is responsible for unexplained incidents that the US says have injured at least 22 American government workers. Show More Summary

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