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Analysis: why the Berlin market attack piles new pressure on Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel was hoping to make immigration a side issue in election year 2017. She doesn't stand a chance now, argues Patricia Hogwood.

LIVE: Attack suspect was already on US no-fly list: report

After making the search for Anis Amri public on Wednesday, police have intensified the manhunt for the suspect in the killing of 12 people at a Berlin Christmas market. Follow the latest here.

Attack suspect Anis Amri: what we know so far

The Tunisian suspect in the Berlin truck attack, 24-year-old Anis Amri, was long watched as a potentially dangerous jihadist but managed to avoid both arrest and deportation from Germany.

12 words and phrases to help you show off in Hamburg

Hamburg is a pretty cosmopolitan place, and you won’t have any problem speaking Hochdeutsch around town. But traditionally the people of Hamburg speak Hamburger Platt, and it's still very much alive.

Manhunt for truck attack suspect intensifies as anger grows

German authorities were under fire Thursday after it emerged that the prime suspect in Berlin's deadly truck attack, a rejected Tunisian asylum seeker, was known as a potentially dangerous jihadist.

Germany arrests Moroccan 'linked to Paris attacks planner'

German police have arrested a Moroccan man suspected of belonging to Isis and having close ties with the ringleader of last year's Paris attacks, officials said Wednesday.

European populists use truck attack to lash out at Merkel

Populists across Europe have seized on the truck attack in Berlin as a way to criticise Germany's immigration policy but key players have held back on jumping to conclusions as the investigation continues.

Refugees, Berliners sing together against hate at attack site

On Wednesday a carol service was held near Breitscheidplatz in west Berlin, the site of a truck attack which killed 12 people on Monday. The message was one of unity and peace.

Germany weighs up more security after first 'real' attack

Should Germany's popular Christmas markets be ringed with concrete, patrolled by armed soldiers and screened with surveillance cameras?

LIVE: Breitscheidplatz Christmas market to reopen on Thursday

German police are searching for a Tunisian man whose ID document they found in the truck which attacked a Berlin Christmas market on Monday, German media report.

Police ‘confident’ they’ll catch Berlin truck attacker soon

Investigators hunting down the man who drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin say they believe they will present a new suspect on Wednesday.

Six celebrities you didn't know spoke German

No, it's not just Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are some pretty surprising German-speaking celebrities. Here are six of the most fluent with video evidence.

VW reaches $1 bn compensation deal in US

Volkswagen has reached a $1 billion agreement with US authorities on a compensation deal for the last 80,000 vehicles affected by its emissions-cheating scandal in the United States, officials said Tuesday.

Who could be behind the Berlin truck attack?

After police released their only suspect on Tuesday for a truck attack that killed 12 people at a Berlin Christmas market, they are having to start the search from scratch.

Isis claims Berlin truck rampage, as attacker remains at large

The Isis terror group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a truck rampage through a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people, as German police hunted for the attacker.

Far-right accuse Merkel of culpability for deaths in Berlin

The bloody carnage at a Berlin Christmas market, with a Pakistani asylum-seeker as an early suspect, immediately emboldened right-wing populist critics of Chancellor Angela Merkel's liberal refugee policy.

After Berlin, Europe beefs up security at Christmas markets

Security was beefed up at Christmas markets across Europe after a lorry ploughed through a market in Berlin killing 12 people and heightening security fears at the onset of the holiday season.

Analysis: intelligence has limits in preventing truck-borne terror

In the post-Snowden era, security services find it increasingly hard to track down angry young men like the Berlin truck attacker, argues John Blaxland.

What we know about the Berlin Christmas market attacker

On Tuesday morning police said they believed a man purposefully ploughed a truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday. Little is yet known about the driver.

LIVE: Police search Berlin’s biggest asylum centre

Live updates from Berlin after a truck ploughed into a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing 12 people and injuring 48.

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