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A Very Short Post about Bees and Bees

. It’s well known by now that many an American has a Bee in her bonnet since Donald Trump became President. By the way, can anyone have a bee in her bonnet anymore since presumably no one wears bonnets nowadays? Perhaps people should wear bonnets again? So Bees can get caught in them. Then at least … Continue reading A Very Short Post about Bees and Bees ?

Trying to Sweeten the Ocean with a Single Drop of Honey.

In this next shloka in the category, “????-??????” (the way of the ignorant), Bhartrihari has continued the explanation of the earlier verses. He tells us that is impossible to make a (wilfully) foolish person change his mind, so obstinate is such a person. Show More Summary

? ?? ??????????????????????????????????

In the earlier post, we considered the first shloka in the category, “????-??????” (the way of the ignorant).  Here are the next two verses. These verses are very lyrical and  Bhartrihari has given some interesting and graphic examples...Show More Summary

The way of the ignorant (1) “A little learning is a dangerous thing”

????? ??????????? ?????????????? ????????? ? ?????????????????? ????????? ??? ? ??????? ll An ignorant (?????) (person) can be convinced (???????) easily (?????). A knowledgeable (?????????) (person) can be convinced (????????) even more easily (???????). (However), even (Lord) Brahma, himself (?????????) cannot (?) convince/... Continue Reading ?

Bhartrihari’s Nitishatakam

As is the case with many writers/ poets who lived several centuries ago, there is not much definite information about Bhartrihari (????????). Bhartrihari, the poet who wrote the Shatakatrayam, may have been the grammarian, Bhartrihari, who lived in the 5th century AD,... Continue Reading ?

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