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Flights grounded

Travellers due to head for the airport today and tomorrow must be frustrated. All non-emergency flights have been cancelled due to ash cloud over our airspace. For once in this modern society, the only way for an average person in Ireland to leave this island is by ferry. Almost reminiscent of centuries passed. This is […]

Wilde’s Dorian Gray

The initiative of Dublin : One Book, One City is back and this year’s selection is Oscar Wilde’s only novel – The Picture of Dorian Gray. The list of events organised in conjunction with the initiative is impressive, from theatre performances to novel readings, from walking tour to self-portrait workshop. Many of them have free […]

What’s your love temperature?

Have you checked out the Love Lab over at Science Gallery? Participated in the survey and tests? Contributed your face for the construction of the reputedly most beautiful average face? Or attended either the speed dating or scientific blind date event? If so, what’s your verdict? Anyone who hasn’t yet drop by should do it […]

Carluccio’s is reopening

There are plenty of places to eat in Dublin, but with restaurants closing down here and there, and more noticeably among some of the good/popular ones, one can’t help but wonder what is going on. Is the recession really hitting that much harder than we’ve expected, or are there troubles in managing expectations and balancing […]

Frivolous laws?

There have a lot of grumbles of late, of laws and regulations that many deem frivilous and a waste of resources, whereas there are other more important issues which should be tackled but seem to have been sidelined to goodness know when. (Since I haven’t personally look into the matters discussed, I won’t cast an […]

Volunteering at Culture Night 2010

It’s not long now until the Culture Night is back! This year, on Friday 24 September, a staggering 132 venues will be welcoming late evening/night visitors across Dublin. In order to run the event successfully, the Temple Bar Cultural Trust is currently looking for volunteers to help out as: Guides on the Culture Night buses Assistants at Information [...]

Gooooo Leinster!

Sure it was raining this morning but the sky is clearing up. In Ballsbridge across from the RDS, life’s astirring with stands set up to greet throngs of fans and visitors of both Leinster and Ospreys. The blue flags in support of Leinster is evident (hey, home ground, of course!) in the neighbourhood, and soon [...]

Blue sky

Amidst the spring shower and grey, dark clouds, occassionally bursts of sunshine bring smiles to everyone’s face and there’s nothing like a blue sky with white fluffy clouds to stop you in the track, to take in the fresh air and lift your head up high. We apologise for the lack of news on Dublin [...]

Recession help?

This card landed in my mailbox and my first thought was, really? A way to earn more money at time of economic downturn is by contacting someone whose email says freeholidays (presumably as an enticer)? Please excuse my scepticism....

Flylight : Self-Weighing Luggage

It is a common sight at the airport, people struggling to redistribute items in their bags, between check-in and cabin luggage, or between cabin luggage of two or more people travelling on the same itinerary etc. Why? They’ve inevitably went overweight with one of the bags and trying to find a solution without incurring further [...]

Science Gallery M+, take II

So a couple of days ago, I voiced my opinion of what I thought about Science Gallery M+ scheme. Seems like I’m not the only current member to react to it, as I see this little snippet in the newsletter I received today from Dublin Event Guide for Free Events. Joerg opined it as “this [...]

€140 Million CCJ Building

The new Criminal Courts of Justice (CCJ) complex will open today for its first court hearing, and this €140 million complex boasts 22 technology-bolstered court rooms, additional 450 rooms, underground holding area for up to 100 prisoners (with their own entrances into each court room), separate areas of access for the judiciary and the members [...]

U2 Live on Youtube

I doubt anyone would not have heard of this yet… If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe. Given we’re changing the clock this weekend (yay, an extra hour to sleep!), good thing the transition is between [...]

Dining by DART Week 2009

Foodies of Dublin who use the DART – here is one promotional week that you must not miss! If you’re a foodie and you don’t normally use the DART, perhaps it’s time to hop on one of the suburban trains. ;-) Between Wednesday 19 August and Wednesday 26 August, if you’ve been commuting by DART, bring [...]

The Parlour – Point Village

LiD architecture firm recently won the competition for the redesign of the space at the Point Village. As you can see from the image above, its entirely based on reusing shipping containers as the main building components of the design. The benefits of such are obvious – environment friendly, no concrete, flexibility in changing the [...]

June Free Walking Tour

When we travel, we often take the time to unearth information about the cities that we’re visiting, perhaps read up about them on the guidebooks or Wikitravel, and so forth. However, when it comes to where we actually live, how much do we really know about the sights that earn the admiration of many? Or [...]

Are you the next Irish Apprentice?

Alright, a bit of a late notice/reminder for you if you’re looking for a job with a little of the media glam thrown on top of it. Get cracking at your CV - right now! - and you may find yourself battling it out to be one of the finalists for the Irish edition of [...]

Gourmet burger offer

Burgers are becoming all the rage lately, with numerous new gourmet burger eateries opening up in and around the city. Roll on the carpets for Gourmet Burger Co. in Ranelagh and Gourmet Burger Kitchen aka GBK (although this homepage still hasn’t update their information on their locations in Dublin - currently in Temple Bar, South [...]

Dance Dublin Dance

Photo Courtesy: DDF Dublin Dance Festival is back and is bringing some very cool shows to the town in contemporary dances. This year theme is investigation of cultural and spiritual identity. It runs from May 8-23, 2009. One Shot, pictured above, blends African, modern, ballet and social dance styles to tell the stories of [...]

Jack and Tom and Marian

Seen on a bin near Jurys Hotel. Photograph by Jane Ruffino

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