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How much does fast food in Japan cost?

This expat's lunch-break-from-work McDonald's throbs on a daily basis with office workers looking to down a fast lunch. This despite the fast food chain having had its fair share of scandals in recent years here in Japan. The point being that fast food thrives in this country. Show More Summary

New Character for Mario

Mario gets a new character.

The 5 Stages of Grief when it comes to the Immigration Office

Have you ever felt like you go through the 5 stages of grief when it comes to dealing with the Immigration Office in Japan?DenialI don't really need to go to the Immigration Office, do I? Maybe they'll just somehow grant my residency...Show More Summary

Buying a bed in Japan: Where, how, how much?

In an earlier post on City-Cost it was remarked by the blogger that buying a sofa in Japan was perhaps “the preserve of those anticipating a long stay ‘in country’.” Well, if this is true of a sofa, then buying a bed in Japan must equate to those seriously contemplating never leaving. Show More Summary

Having a free view over Tokyo

Making holidays in Tokyo can be a very expensive business. But not everything around the Japan’s capital has to cost you a lot of money. One highlight of every city is seeing the area from above. Everyone knows Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. Show More Summary

The original Garo series makes its North American debut on HIDIVE

As we wait for Kraken Releasing to release the original Garo series on home video in North America, the late-night tokusatsu program has appeared on HIDIVE, a new streaming service that mostly features Sentai Filmworks titles, last Friday. The show's first four episodes are on the service for premium users, and you can expect a new one every Friday. Show More Summary

What I've seen during my time in Japan

When we first moved to Japan, we thought it would just be a 12 month stint for my husband's job. We traveled like crazy that first year, thinking that if it was our only chance to be in Japan then we would grab it with open arms and run with it. Show More Summary

What the city office in Japan can do for you (rather than the other way round)

An earlier post on City-Cost (When We’re Required To Visit The City Office) talks about those occasions and those procedures that require expats in Japan to pay a visit to their local city / ward office (??? / shiyakusho or ??? / kuyakusho). Show More Summary

Down by the river

My favorite place near the water in this island country isn’t the ocean. Next month is July which is quickly approaching. The weather has been crazy cool but one thing we can always count on is the heat in July. It will be full on summer by then. Show More Summary

An elderly Tokyo trio

A rest and varied reactions outside Tsukiji fish market.

Weekend Japanatainment - Disney Channel Japan Edition

Hey, this is something new you probably haven't seen before on the internet in the last two years and we're totally not beating a dead horse meme. Yes, Cory White House de Chou Taihen! is on here but that brilliant anime milestone is...Show More Summary

Women’s overdone ultraviolet blocking techniques

With summer coming up, goo Ranking took a look at what ultraviolet blocking techniques turn people right off. As is usual for these questionnaires, people selected the worst from a list of options. I think the long black sleeve-like arm covers are the worst, followed by (shh, my wife does it too) those who won’t […]

City to Country - the struggles!

My family and I are currently in the process of moving from the city to the country in Japan. We've been in Tokyo the last four years (the first year in the very inner city, the next three in the outer suburbs of Tokyo Prefecture), and...Show More Summary

Mirai Store Tokyo

This is when it's not so crowded. ????????????????????????

Battling the rainy season funk!

It's a rainy kind of day today - which is to be expected, I guess, given the time of year. I find that rainy season is one of those times when it's hard to get motivated - a bit like the depths of winter, when you say "the weather is too dreary to go out". Show More Summary

Saturday morning coffee and pancakes

Going out for breakfast on weekends is something I love doing - but a lot of places here in Japan aren't open all that early, making it hard to get out and start your day off right! One place locally that I love to visit is Hoshino Coffee. Show More Summary

Japan's "off" stores - and how they are super helpful!

Before I moved to Japan I was always interested in thrift stores. I love finding a bargain (don't we all?) and I also love being able to get use out of something that maybe someone else no longer needed. Enter Japan's "off" range ofShow More Summary

Policy and procedure

The absolute most frustrating thing in Japan that I have had to learn to just deal with is procedure and policy. Now mind, I realize that this is in every country, but Japan has a special degree of just how finicky bureaucracy and policy can be played into daily life. Show More Summary

After Tokyo Storm

On the way home after the #tokyo storm.

Impressions: Golden Kamuy Manga Vol. 1

One of my favorite things as an Otaku is being introduced to series that I had no idea they existed. When receiving my Dragon Ball Super manga volume from Viz Media, I got Golden Kamuy alongside it. Just by the front cover and back cover...Show More Summary

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