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A very little shop with a large amount of stock

There’s definitely not enough room to swing a cat. In fact there’s barely enough room for the owner and his book. But what the shop lacks in space, it more than makes up for in stock.

Almost half of Japanese understand virtual currencies to some extent

CCC Marketing recently conducted a survey into virtual currencies. i’m very sceptical about virtual currencies and wouldn’t recommend investing anything you aren’t prepared to lose 100% of your investment, a quite probable outcome due to either your own mistake, a local software bug, an exchange running off with your money, etc, etc. Furthermore, due to […]

A little Tokyo bar with lots of character(s)

The bar itself is interesting, as is the rather curious mix of customers, but a slightly sinister looking man in a trilby always takes some beating.

Photo series: Old Tokyo, and Tokyo’s old

With two of my main photography themes being Tokyo’s ageing population and the faded facades of the capital’s old buildings, it makes sense to combine them whenever possible. Unfortunately, opportunities don’t present themselves very often, but when they do, they make for interesting snapshots of Tokyo. Scenes that hint at the city’s past, are a […]

Tokyo pinstripe man

Photographs generally only hint at a subject’s personality, but it’s probably fair to assume that this gentlemen isn’t the shy and retiring type.

Not in the least missed things from the early days of the personal computer revolution

As the opposite of my recent look at feature phone nostalgia, today we have typical events from the early days of the IT revolution that one cannot imagine today. Dial-up seems such a distant memory, and I moved to ADSL in my first couple of years in Japan, which was a revolution for both my […]

Laugh, and the world laughs with you?

Laugh, it is said, and the world laughs with you. But don’t laugh, and it continues to do so anyway.

Japanese kids in a cage

They were the ones in a cage, but it was very clear who the curiosity was.

Old Tokyo bar expressions

This bar is incredibly photogenic, but as ever, it’s the people that make it truly interesting. And this man, with his wonderfully expressive face, is another lovely example. For more photos of this bar and its fascinating array of regulars, my slowly growing series can be seen here.

Overseas travel and sleep disorder

This survey from DeNA Travel looked at overseas travel and sleep disorders. Note that this survey is about chronic sleep disruption; not just one late night, but a series of poor sleep experiences resulting in a build-up of tiredness. On foreign trips I suffer hopelessly from lack of sleep, caused by probably everything in Q4… […]

Japanese nationalists at Yasukuni Shrine on Foundation Day

When February 11th (National Foundation Day) rolls round, I always feel compelled to go and photograph the same group of nationalists who gather at Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine. Exactly why I feel the need to go I don’t know. Photographically, I’ll likely never get the snow that helped create my best shot there back in […]

Memories of feature phones that haven’t faded

Although smartphones are far more feature-rich, this survey from goo Ranking took a look at what feature phone memories people felt most nostalgic for. From an internal point of view, feature phones have been completely superceded by Android and iOS-powered phones, but externally, a few local manufacturers are making Android-based flip-phones, which incidentally I think […]

Striking Tokyo eyelashes

Some eyelashes are definitely more striking than other eyelashes.

The bleak beauty of a suburban Tokyo park?

The bleak, and yet strange beauty of a Sunday afternoon in the Tokyo suburbs.

A quiet Tokyo sake or two, in colour

In February of last year, I took this photo of a man enjoying a quiet sake or two just a few metres from the hustle and bustle of noisy Ueno. At the time, black and white seemed to work best. A look I’m still very happy with. But recently, when re-evaluating The Drinkers section of […]

Three in five aware of AI speakers, half of them want a Google Home

Google in particular are quite heavily promoting their AI speaker, so this survey from iRobot (who are apparently getting into the smart speaker business) into AI speakers gives us some idea of how the Japanese are responding to this advertising. I would like to a Google Home to play with, although not enough to actually […]

A uniquely turned out Tokyo salary man

Dark, indistinguishable suits tend to be the standard uniform of Japan’s hardworking salary men, but thankfully some of them do opt for a style that is all their own.

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