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Happy Cat Day!

The best thing about living in a world with more than one country is that folks in the right frame of mind can celebrate certain holidays more than once. Like Cat Day, which is today in Japan. Whereas Cat Day in North America usually takes place in late October, Japanese celebrate their feline friends in February. Show More Summary

Japan’s favourite cat breeds

Today is Japan’s Day of the Cat, as one (rather tortured, it must be admitted) way of reading 22/2 is nya-nya-nya, the Japanese equivalent of meow-meow-meow, so this is a perect excuse for goo Ranking to publish, and for me to translate, Japan’s favourite cat breed. Mine is probably the bog-standard ame-sho, as it’s known […]

Give your stories added flare with Kamishibai: the ancient storytelling tradition of Japan

In the depression of the 1930s Kamishibai took center stage, pun intended, in cheering up the crowds. At that time Kamishibai was a street performing act, where the story teller would use a mobile mini "stage" to display illustrations that s/he would then narrate with great character, animation and passion. Show More Summary

What they did not tell you when you leave home

Ever wondered how your life would turn out had you not took that one brave step to conquer your dreams? That thought crosses my mind everyday while on a train packed of people on my way to work.My life in Japan is like a jigsaw puzzle. Show More Summary

Mothering education circle

One day while I was watching my son play at the local community center, two oba-san approached me and casually started taking to me about how I'm raising my son in a country not my own. Little did I know that this small talk would turn into something that happened monthly and in a very formal manner. Show More Summary

Foreign lecturer gets pay-cut after remarking that Fukushima student might glow in the dark

A foreign lecturer at Kwansei Gakuin University (Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture) received a three-month pay cut after making a remark to a student from Fukushima Prefecture to the effect that they thought she might glow in the dark due to supposed radiation exposure. Show More Summary

'Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants': Nine restaurants in Japan make this year's list

Two Tokyo-based restaurants placed in the top 10 of the annual ‘Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’ awards ceremony, held yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand.The 5th edition of the awards saw Bangkok Indian restaurant Gaggan take top spot for an unprecedented third year in a row. Show More Summary

Three people arrested for unauthorized sharing of latest Makoto Shinaki film

Japan is the country that is really strict with their copyrights, especially in certain segments of their entertainment industry, and they take piracy very seriously when it comes music and anime. Makoto Shinkai's latest film, Your Name.,...Show More Summary

Anime about a rice-themed Idol group is a thing that is happening

"In a world where people are losing interest in eating rice, five students will come together to save their school, Inaho Academy, from shutting down by getting people to eat rice again." Sounds wacky, huh? Well, that's a real anime that is coming out in April for the spring anime season. Read more...

Frozen Fantasy at Tokyo Disneyland

As many things are seasonal changing in Japan, also Tokyo Disney Resort has changing events all over the year. At the moment the special event “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy” is hold at Tokyo Disneyland. I visited there on FebruaryShow More Summary

Oh! my Toyota!! Street Fighter 2 takes on Toyota's new car

Those who have played Street Fighter II back in the day may remember the iconic bonus stage where the player must beat up a car in under 40 seconds. Now, Toyota has come along to team up with the player to take on the "Dictator", the international nickname for M. Show More Summary

Devoted moviegoer spots unfinished anime movie at theater

A movie theater in Aomori city recently discovered that it had been screening an unfinished version of the anime movie In this corner of the world for over seven weeks that had missing and different elements. Now how did the theaterShow More Summary

Feel the emotions of March comes in like a lion movie songs

March comes in like a lion is one of last year's best anime and is getting a two-part live action movie in March and April. From Honey and Clover author Chica Umino, March comes in like a lion is all about Rei Kiriyama, a lonely teen pro shogi player and part time student who is trying to find his place in the world. Show More Summary

Learn some Durarara!! facts with Did You Know Anime

Durarara!! is one the most unique franchises out there from the author of Baccano!!, it starts out as a urban light drama about people in modern metropolitan Tokyo that turns into an intriguing intertwining web of mystery with a large cast of interesting characters. Show More Summary

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest joins J-Novel Club

J-Novel Club does it again as it adds to its line up with Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest. The light novel series by Ryo Shirakome and illustrated by Takayaki is available with a 40-page free preview and the first half of the first volume available to members. Read more...

AirBnb-style rentals: cheapness main attraction

HomeAway, Expedia’s AirBnb-style site, recently published an interesting survey into minpaku, private rentals. The two types of rentals in the survey are first renting a complete dwelling, a flat or a house, and second, the more traditional B’n’B style of renting out a room in someone’s home. In Japan, the term is ??, minpaku, and […]

28 foreigner-friendly hospitals Japan. But for which foreigners?

News media have been reporting over the last 24 hours about a list of hospitals in Japan that are recommended for foreigners. 28 in fact. This, we are told, is a government-backed list compiled by the organization, Medical Excellence Japan. Show More Summary

Top 5 healthy, cheap and easy foods and meals for terrible cooks in Japan

If you're a terrible cook like me, you'll know that sinking feeling of walking into a Japanese supermarket and realising you have no idea what anything is, let alone how to fashion it into something edible.You will also realise that most of your tried-and-tested recipes from home either contain things impossible to find in Japan, or require an oven. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: Tiger Mask W episodes 17-19

Tiger Mask W seems to have an ongoing struggle with itself. It seems to keep coming off the rails more times than the mine cart in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It sometimes looks like the animators are entertaining themselves with in-jokes than putting on a show. Show More Summary

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