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Electronic cash most convenient for convenience stores

The oddly-named Softbrain Field Co Ltd (a seller of consumer data collected via users scanning receipts for points) recently conducted a survey into electronic cash usage. I use my Suica card on my smartphone, and WAON plastic – I’ve tried migrating it to my phone, but I need to input a phone number to register […]

Faded Japanese bar looks

The bar was old, the colours faded and the looks more than a little accusatory.

Japan’s cutest corporate critter

This goo Ranking survey looked at what people thought was the cutest animal corporate logo or emblem. My favourite on the list here is the Suica penguin, but I’m not sure how the various car logos are cute rather than cool, and Shell’s shell is technically an animal, I suppose, but it’s stretching things a […]

Tokyo kimono contrast

This old subway entrance is fascinating in itself; the faded colours, grime and inexplicable bit of protruding rock providing a glimpse of what a lot of the network was presumably once like. And on this occasion at least, that sense of the past was further added to by the unexpected appearance of this woman in […]

Just one in seven Japanese use paid-for internet video streaming services

This report from ICT Research and Consulting has figures I’ve been wanting to see, looking at the use of internet video delivery services. As a comparison, in the USA, 58% of all households have some paid-for service, with the top service being Netflix, with 50% of US households having a subscription. I don’t have any […]

A little old lady with a very large bag

A little old lady with a bag for carrying a similarly old and even more diminutive friend?

Almost everyone follows North Korea news, majority affected by it

@nifty released this timely survey on North Korea. It is interesting to see what bothers the Japanese about North Korea. Note that in Q1 the wooden boats refers to wooden fishing boats that get swept to the Japanese coast. Here’s a detail from a mural in a film studio in North Korea – I think […]

A Tokyo train station drunk

The sight of drunks staggering about or even passed out on the street is not exactly rare in Tokyo — especially so during the end and start of year party seasons. Somewhat surprisingly, the vast majority of them manage to get away with little more than occasional glances from passersby as well. But that said, […]

“Premium Friday” most mentioned buzzword on Japanese user-generated content

The site E-Guardian recently published their list of the top net buzzwords of 2017 by collecting statistics from 5ch, Facebook, Twitter and blogs to see what terms were referenced the most. Research results Top Net Buzzwords of 2017 RankBuzzwordExplanationCount1Premium FridayThe last Friday of every month is supposed to be a national leave work early day, […]

Most new adults on LINE and Twitter, just one in four on Facebook

With today being Coming of Age Day in Japan, let’s look with Macromill Research at what 2018’s new adults think about things. I was quite surprised to see how low the usage percentage was for Facebook, although I have heard before that in America “only old folk use Facebook”, so I suppose Japan would catch […]

An old bar’s filthy lamp and fascinating regulars

With its almost unreal looking lamp and interesting array of regulars, this place really is a bar that, in photography terms at least, just keeps on giving. So much so in fact that I’ve made a small set of my current favourites which can be seen here.

Ghibli movies that ought to have sequels

About the only Japanese animations I can relate to are the productions from Ghibli Studios, so I was pleased to find this survey from goo Ranking looking at which Ghibli movies people would like to see a sequel to. Coincidentally, on Friday I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service on TV, so given the ending there, a […]

Japanese children and teeth braces

The web site EPARK Dentist, a dental clinic listing, rating and appointment site, recently decided to publish a survey on braces for children. Looking at the web site, my usual dentist when I lived in Osaka is this guy, who I can heartily recommend, and while I’m in the Tokyo area, I visit here, who […]

A unique and beautiful bonsai

With 2018 still in its infancy, this unique and beautiful bonsai seemed like a suitable image to start the new year. Hundreds of years old, the tree’s recorded age is only approximated. Similarly, the scores of people who have nurtured and shaped it over those tens of decades are completely unknown. Each and every one […]

Marvel’s strongest superhero, according to the Japanese

Not a terribly festive survey from goo Ranking tonight, but I’ve been having to skip seemingly hundreds of surveys into the strongest, cutest, highest body count, best pet character and other rankings based around the fortieth anniversary of Shonen Jump, the biggest weekly manga comic magazine in Japan, so to have a look at Western […]

Nose, ear and stubble least forgivable excess hair

The men’s beauty clinic, Gorilla Clinic recently conducted a survey into men’s unforgivable excess hair. This is a wig shop in Kyoto; so that’s where he gets his 34. farcical follicle humiliation from. Research results Q: What kind of...Show More Summary

A selection of my favourite photographs from 2017

With the year rapidly nearing its end, it’s time once again for a selection of my favourite photographs from the last 12 months. Compared to the stress and worry of the previous few years, 2017 has definitely been an improvement. Most importantly of all, my wife got a second major all clear in her on-going […]

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