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Next Licensed Smartdoll

This color pallet is a clue to our next licensed #smartdoll. Can you guess? ????????????????????????...

Low Rise Jeans

Low Rise Jeans for #smartdoll available first at ?????????????????????????????? htt...

The TP-Link Replaces Orbi

The TP-Link Deco M5 replaces Orbi which started to flake out at home and work - they are much smaller...

TP-Link Deco M5

Setting up the TP-link Deco M5 was easy but took a while to workout how to assign fixed IP for Synolog...

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree are back again after last nights typhoon. https://www.instag...

Coco-ichi For Dindins

Coco-ichi for dindins. ??????CoCo??#tokyo

Day After The Typhoon

Day after the typhoon. Clear skies and a spanking clean balcony. ???????????????? https://www.insta...

This survey is about poo-stained undies

The survey was officially-entitled underpants stain troubles, and was an excuse to promote Unicharm’s new skidmark catch pads, or whatever their official name is. Most of my underpants stains occur in the hot weather here, when I get an involuntary bum washing from sweat running down my back. That’s probably enough chat about poo for […]

What Eye Color

What eye color do you prefer for Melody? Due for October release. ????????????????????????????? 10??...

Hit By The Typhoon

Tokyo currently being hit by the Typhoon.

3D Print Fails

This is what happens when a 3D print fails. I thought I found a way to print wigs but it's too brittle...

The zen-like calm of a Japanese scarecrow?

Or contentment perhaps due to the impending harvest and the sense of a job very competently done.

Uncharted Lost Legacy

Uncharted Lost Legacy finally out in Japan. How many of you playing? ???????? ?? ???????????? https...

Another Lovely Day

Another lovely day in #tokyo today.

Summer Smart Doll

Summer #smartdoll looks cute with this hairstyle too. ?????????????????

Face Masks For Freckles

The face masks for freckles is done. Now to test them. ????????????????????????#smartdoll https://w...

Seasonal Autumn treats you can find at your local convenience store!

There's one thing in Japan that is just about a guarantee – as soon as the seasons begin to change, so do the shelves at the convenience stores. I'm a huge fan of all things seasonal and limited edition, which Japan has by the bucket load. Show More Summary

No. of Japanese centenarians hits record 67,824 amid medical advances

TOKYO - Japan's centenarian population increased by 2,132 from a year earlier to a record 67,824 in September, boosted by medical advances and greater health consciousness, the welfare ministry said Friday.The figure rose for the 47th consecutive year, with women accounting for 87.9 percent of the total, according to the population estimate for Sept. Show More Summary

Whale Meat in Japan

You may have seen, heard about, or even eaten whale meat in Japan.I have not eaten it, and am sort of on the fence about it, as it’s unique but also feels wrong to me. I can find whale meat, or kujira, in a local supermarket on a regular basis for around 700 yen per 100 gram pack. Show More Summary

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