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Greetings From Edinburgh

Greetings from Edinburgh. ?????????????#smartdoll #scotland

Ivory Making New Friends

Ivory making new friends in Edinburgh. ?????????????????????????????????????????#smartdoll https://...

See The World With Smartdoll

See the world with #smartdoll ???????????????#glencoe #scotland

Japan's conspiracy law and expat "thoughtcrime"

In June the Japanese government passed a law to tackle conspiracies to commit terrorism and similarly serious crimes. The law was described by one member of the opposition as “brutal” but prime minister Abe, in support of the bill, described...Show More Summary

Morinaga Pineapple Caramel

For the first time I saw Morinaga Caramel in Okinawa Pineapple flavor, so I gave it a try.It was good, like the regular caramel, but with a nice pineapple taste that sort of lingered. My husband said it tastes the same as the normalShow More Summary

My favorite tea shop "Cha-machi KINZABURO"

Shizuoka Green Tea Guide : Tea Blogger (Marie Tsukahara) Please take a look at this month's blog.On a fine day in summer, I visited “Cha-machi KINZABURO” to have ‘Chaffle’ which is a waffle sanded cream of tea, and to try to taste several kinds of green tea. Show More Summary

An indication of just how safe Japan is!

My husband sent me a link tothisstorytoday, which really made me grateful for living in Japan and the safety I feel here.Someone borrowed this person's bicycle without asking - but upon returning it, they wrote a lengthy note explaining about how they really needed the bike, and to please forgive them and accept this token as a thank you. Show More Summary

Dealing with summer: 3 ice cream chains around Japan!

Ugh, this heat! I feel like no matter how many Japanese summers go by, I still feel like I'm melting and ill-equipped to deal with the weather when it rolls around. Some people tell me you just end up acclimatizing to it - but I think...Show More Summary

Books what I have read to me help me understand Japan: AA Gill is away

I consider myself something of a “reader” and I’m interested in the pages being turned by others so to this end I’m going to try and put together a small series of posts about books that I’ve read about Japan in order to have prepared...Show More Summary

Japan’s summer not liked by almost two-thirds

@nifty recently reported on a survey into summer. Japan’s summer is far too hot and quite humid, interrupted by far too windy and extremely humid typhoons, so I quite understand why it doesn’t seem that popular here. I don’t take any particular measures against mosquitoes; bites irritate me and the area swells up quite a […]

DJI Spark Test Flight

DJI Spark test flight in #scotland ????????DJI SPARK????????#smartdoll

DJI Spark Drone Selfie

Selfie taken on the DJI Spark drone at Ballachulish Glencoe #sccotland. ????????????????????? https...

Good Food In Scotland

Food so good in #scotland ! ?????????????

Setting Up Battle Station

Setting up battle station at the hotel. Now fully armed and operational. ????????#scotland #smartdol...

Ebony Exploring Portree

Ebony exploring the small town of Portree in Scotland. ??????????????????#smartdoll https://www.ins...

My summer tips

Summer is hot. Yeah i know that sounds like an obvious statement. Something people don’t really have to point out, but it is something many people who come to Japan will and do point out. I don't think its because Japan is any warmer in summer than many other places. Show More Summary

Julia Hiking Storr

Julia hiking Storr at Isle of Skye Scotland. ??????????????????????????#smartdoll https://www.insta...

Greetings From Scotland

Greetings from lovely Scotland. This photo taken at Eilean Donan Castle. ????????????????????#smartd...

The Isle Of Skye

Isle of Skye Scotland. ????????????????

See The World

See the world with #smartdoll ???????????????

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