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Making the most out of Rainy Season !!

14 minutes agoLocal Interest / Japan : City-Cost

Rainy season is definitely not my favorite season in a year. But nature is nature and no one can go against it. But the best you can do to cope with this season is make the most out of it. Rainy days mean you need to plan something indoors if your intention is to stay dry. Show More Summary

Mirai Mannequin Poses

Mirai Mannequin poses but not as well as #smartdoll. ?????????????????????????????????????????PC????...

Crimson Smartdoll

Crimson #smartdoll available now. Ships in 2-5 biz days. ????????????????

In Da Werks

I bet this photo is confusing. Mirai Mannequin in da werks. Working on Chitose & Ebony too #smartdoll...

Sana Smartdoll

Sana #smartdoll in production now. ETA July/August. ????????????????7?8?????? https://www.instagram...

Work Overalls

Work overalls for #smartdoll in production now. ???????????????

Starlight Smartdoll

Starlight #smartdoll is available now. Ships within 2-5 biz days from Tokyo. ????????????????? http...

Tokyo to Nikko: The cost of getting there and around

The Tochigi town of Nikko (??) is one of the most popular weekend getaways for residents of Tokyo and a nationwide sightseeing heavy hitter in its own right. Accordingly then, the methods and costs of getting there from Tokyo and getting around are myriad. Show More Summary

Golden Week: Let’s go to some events!

Because many people have some days off for Golden Week there are many events held during this time every year. They are often very crowded, but also worth a visit for a special experience. Here I'm just gonna tell you about a few festivals...Show More Summary

A tiny, lost in time Japanese restaurant

Most of the little bars and eateries featured on Tokyo Times are unknown treasures from the outside. All too often, it’s only possible to see if an establishment is worth drinking in when the door is slid open, meaning a quick, almost instinctive decision is necessary. But the interesting mix of bar and restaurant below […]

Rainy Season Solution: Netflix or Hulu?

While you're stuck inside this rainy reason, looking for something to watch, there are two main online streaming options outside of the ever-costly Amazon Prime: Netflix or Hulu. What do the two have in common? Both offer monthly streaming...Show More Summary


A week ago I decided to go to see the exhibition of the famous Japanese artist Kaih? Yush? at the Kyoto National Museum. If you're thinking 'Who's this artist...?'Kaih? Y?sh? was a Japanese painter of the Azuchi–Momoyama period. He was...Show More Summary

Golden Week: Visit the Zoo for Free!

There are numerous things to do in Japan during Golden week which is both pocket-friendly and enjoyable at the same time. When I say ‘pocket-friendly, I mean at a very low cost or even better, absolutely for FREE! That’s always a magic...Show More Summary

A Day Out to Yahiko Shrine

Golden week was almost over. My husband and I got a call from our old good family friends that they were in Tokyo. They came in to Japan from Australia to show Disneyland to their young kids. We were surprised with the call and insisted that they come visit us in Niigata. Show More Summary

Tokyo car park drunk

The ambitiously early revelry resulted in a similarly early mid-afternoon slumber.

This Changes Everything

This changes everything. Again. And you won't need to sell all your organs to get it. Ok well maybe ju...

Lunch Noms

Lunch noms. ??????

Prototype Smartdoll

Prototype turned out to be a cutie. ??????????#smartdoll

New Jeans

New jeans for Mirai. ????????????????#smartdoll #miraimannequin

Big Girl Mirai-chan

Mirai-chan is a big girl now. And heavier. ????????????????????#smartdoll #miraimannequin https://w...

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