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Check out Flixist's review of Power Rangers

16 minutes agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

If you're a fan of Super Sentai, chances are you've seen Power Rangers. After 10,000 years Lionsgate and Saban's reboot has finally hit the big screen, but how did it turn out? It's neither as bad as I had anticipated, nor is it as good...Show More Summary

A few minutes of Ghost in the Shell to watch and/or judge

There's just a week to go until Ghost in the Shell heads off to theaters, and Paramount is betting that at least some folks will still want to see the film, even after they give away five whole minutes of it. Embedded below, the scene...Show More Summary

Sekai Project

Hanging out with the big boss from Sekai Project. Check out their work on brining Japanese Visual Nove...

Goodies From Eeelyeee

Goodies from eeelyeee

D.C. Ladies

Studying up on my fave D.C. Ladies before prototyping. ????????

Comic Fiesta In The House

Comic Fiesta in the house. ??????????????????????????

The Punk/Lolita/VK Shops of Sendai

One of the first weird but cool and so very Japanese things my friends fell in love with in college was Gothic Lolita fashion. This trend/lifestyle choice started a while back and you can learn more about the history here. There's even a wikihow on how to be a lolita here. Show More Summary

Cool Japan: Taking Awesome Photos with Trick Art

Japan is a country with many amazing things. Not only because of this more and more tourists come to Japan every year. They want to experience the traditional and modern specialties on their trips. One of these modern facilities is appearing in more and more cities in Japan: Trick Art Museums. Show More Summary

INSTANT oshiruko (rice cake in red beans soup)

Oshiruko is the traditional new year food where you have a nice slice of a grilled mochi inside a bowl of hot steamy sweet red bean soup. If you don't want the hassle, there is in fact an instant version of this traditional food available at supermarkets. Show More Summary

Diversity & Smartdoll

#diversity & #smartdoll

Lounge By Day & Night

Lounge by day n night. ??????

My Room Of Late

My room of late. This is where I started my company 10 years ago. 10???????????? https://www.instag...

Death Note live action teaser from Netflix is here

After a decade of waiting, a western-made movie adaptation of the hugely popular (and easily cosplayable) Death Note is finally a real thing that you can watch soon. This is an adaptation from Netflix, the same service that brought you many great original series' such as Terrace House and Orange is the New Black. Show More Summary

DC Character

That's just great news. But before I go any further, need to ask your fave DC character. Mines Wonder...

Is it Sakura or Ume?

What makes Japan more beautiful aside from its people is the essence of flowers that scattered everywhere. These colorful creatures caught my attention on my way home from the airport. You can see different kinds and varieties of flower...Show More Summary

St Patrick's Day Parade and I love Ireland festival

The highlight of the Irish calendar in Japan is the St Patrick's Day parade and I love Ireland festival in the Omotesando / Yoyogi area of Tokyo every March. For the past 25 years the Irish have been painting the town green on the Sunday closest to St Patrick's day, which is March 17th annually. Show More Summary

Why are there no Japanese surfers on the Championship Tour?

In the summer of 2015 Hiroto Ohhara (?? ??) became the first Japanese surfer to win the U.S. Open of Surfing held at Huntington Beach, California. To put this into some kind of perspective, it’s a sporting achievement akin to, and as unlikely as, Leicester City winning the Premier League (only with far less money involved). Show More Summary

The sadness of a small, abandoned Japanese house

Hemmed in by a new car park on one side, and a ditch on the other, this abandoned house is small and basic to say the least. There’s no bathroom. Not even a toilet. A shared, breeze-block outhouse is the only facility. And, as far as a kitchen goes, it was presumably a case of […]

This Chroma Squad fan film will awaken your true heroic spirit

After getting the chance to play Chroma Squad in 2015, a part of me wanted to see the game as a tokusatsu production. Lo and behold, the gang at Kamen Ramen Studios created their own live-action short that's a fun love letter to theShow More Summary

Smartdoll At Isetan Lot10

#smartdoll at Isetan Lot10 has been restocked - Jimmy Choo OBE making sure all is in order. ???KL???...

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