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Harmony Smartdoll

Harmony #smartdoll released July 4th 2016. Meaning that she will be 11% off this July 4th for that day...

Kizuna Yumeno Smartdoll

Kizuna Yumeno #smartdoll released in Nov 2014. Hmmm. I should update the product detail pages with the...

Shopping trips to Tokyo

Shopping Streets in TokyoEven if you don’t try to drive, navigating Tokyo can be overwhelming as it is the world’s biggest Metropolitan area. Tokyo is a huge city with an enormous number of subway and train lines running all around it and through it. Show More Summary

Celebrities that drive you to drink

This is in a good way (well, assuming you accept that celebrities should be promoting beer), which celebrities in beer adverts give people a thirst. I couldn’t find a nice ranking from goo this week, so instead I’ve borrowed a result from an @nifty survey into beer that I will probably fully translate the remainder […]

Mirai Suenaga Smartdoll

Mirai Suenaga #smartdoll - released back in June 2014 and is still our best selling girl. Always avail...

Weekend Japanatainment - Japanese TV Commercials Edition

If there's one thing that's a constant with what westerners say about Japan is that Japanese TV commercials tend to be wacky and weird. I like to think that they're done to be memorable, like who wouldn't forget about a commercial about...Show More Summary

Get schooled on My Hero Academia facts by Cartoon Hangover

Cartoon Hangover, a YouTube channel that about animation and original animated content just did one of their very informative 107 Facts video for superhero-themed shounen action anime My Hero Academia. If you haven't seen of My HeroShow More Summary

After life in Japan: The prospect of leaving and what lies in wait

Not that we are encouraging expats to leave Japan or anything but to anyone considering moving Japan or who are still existing in the heady mist of their Japan honeymoon period is it worth considering for a moment what might happen after...Show More Summary

Smartdoll Injection Kit

Many moons ago I was making Gundam kits but never thought I'd be literally "making" my own kit. #smart...

Flavor combinations gone wrong - chocolate and coriander?!

I had to share this with you all as an example of flavor combinations gone wrong. Sure, there's been some wacky flavors of Kit Kats that I've tried over the years, but none shocked me as much as chocolate and coriander for these chocolate...Show More Summary

Pets vs. Smokers when it comes to real estate rentals...

We finally managed to find a suitable rental property out in the countryside yesterday - we still have to get the contract finalized but it's basically all said and done. It's a big weight off our shoulders and having that step doneShow More Summary


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3 in 4 Japanese have a radio, 1 in 4 listen to it every day

The web site Katte2Q recently conducted a survey into radio listening habits. I’ve not got a usable radio at home; the only thing with a receiver is in a box, but I suppose one can listen to net radio, but looking at the results here perhaps not all people were aware that their phones or […]

Pie No Mi ????

There are so many snacks unique to Japan, often with a western, but not quite feel. Pie No Mi means 'fruit pie,' but strangely contains no fruit. I've seen this Lotte brand snack with chocolate filling and green tea filling in the past, but recently saw a 'Premium Cheese Cake' filling and thought it sounded nice to try. Show More Summary

Horse Farm in Saku (Nagano)

Slowly it gets hot in Tokyo, so we took the opportunity and went to the cool Nagano Prefecture for a weekend. By car it took 2 1/2 hours from Tokyo to Karuizawa / Saku. For the first time without traffic jam.Our first goal was high up in the mountains, the Suetoshi horse farm. Show More Summary

Omiyage: To Give or Not to Give?

Pictures, videos, and souvenirs—These are just some of the things that remind us about that trip we’ve planned for days, weeks, months, or even for years. It helps us recreate those wonderful memories as vividly as it could in our minds. Show More Summary

Tokyo young and old street scene

Sometimes, some moments, simply make you smile.

Shoes for Smartdoll Mannequin

Shoes for #Smartdoll Mannequin are huge! ????????????????????????

Japan's Baskin-Robbins sandwiches aren't what you think

When the ice cream shop Baskin-Robbins and sandwiches come to mind, one will imagine that it has to do with actual ice cream. Lo and behold, that isn't the case with this latest dessert. Unlike your average ice cream sandwich, Yamazaki's Baskin-Robbins Lunch Pack are bread stuffed with a mix strawberry cream, jam, and juice. Show More Summary

New Official Death Note Netflix trailer brings Ryuk and L to Light

The official Death Note live action trailer is here from Netflix and it looks different than what you would imagine, no emo-haired eccentric pasty faced detectives here but Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is just the best casting choice. This adaptation...Show More Summary

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