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St Patrick's Day Parade and I love Ireland festival

The highlight of the Irish calendar in Japan is the St Patrick's Day parade and I love Ireland festival in the Omotesando / Yoyogi area of Tokyo every March. For the past 25 years the Irish have been painting the town green on the Sunday closest to St Patrick's day, which is March 17th annually. Show More Summary

Why are there no Japanese surfers on the Championship Tour?

In the summer of 2015 Hiroto Ohhara (?? ??) became the first Japanese surfer to win the U.S. Open of Surfing held at Huntington Beach, California. To put this into some kind of perspective, it’s a sporting achievement akin to, and as unlikely as, Leicester City winning the Premier League (only with far less money involved). Show More Summary

The sadness of a small, abandoned Japanese house

Hemmed in by a new car park on one side, and a ditch on the other, this abandoned house is small and basic to say the least. There’s no bathroom. Not even a toilet. A shared, breeze-block outhouse is the only facility. And, as far as a kitchen goes, it was presumably a case of […]

This Chroma Squad fan film will awaken your true heroic spirit

After getting the chance to play Chroma Squad in 2015, a part of me wanted to see the game as a tokusatsu production. Lo and behold, the gang at Kamen Ramen Studios created their own live-action short that's a fun love letter to theShow More Summary

Smartdoll At Isetan Lot10

#smartdoll at Isetan Lot10 has been restocked - Jimmy Choo OBE making sure all is in order. ???KL???...

Nendoroid And Figma Prezzie

Nendoroid and figma prezzies for staff. I get 1st dibs though. Samus is my choice. What would be your...

Nier Automata Illustration Book

This Nier Automata illustration book is soooooooo good. ??????

Meeting Up Comrades

Meeting up comrades from around the globe at ???????????????? https://www.instagra...

Build Your Smartdoll

Come build your #smartdoll at the workshop. ??????????????????????????????? https:...


??????????MIRAI HIGH SCHOOL 4/5 - 4/11 ???????? 5? ISETAN SHINJUKU

Baby's First Food: Japan Versus the West!

Baby food in Japan is quite different to what I am familiar with in Ireland. I was at home when my eldest (DS) had his first food and for the first few weeks of the spoon. I had just come back from Ireland with supplies to use in Japan for when my 2nd eldest (DD1) started on food. Show More Summary

Vamola Mucho: Kyoryuger's Korean spin-off series gets a Japanese dub

If there's one thing I never expected to hear about, it's a Super Sentai show getting its own spin-off series that's made in a different region. As more things start to surface on the Korean Kyoryuger show, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave/Power...Show More Summary

Nintendo Switch

Can't buy the Switch in Japan unless you willing to pay about 100+ usd more from a reseller - same in...

An old, very traditional Tokyo fish shop

Many traditional shops in Tokyo open out onto the street — a lovely communal element that further cements their ties to the local neighbourhood. In older areas of the city, a surprising number of them still survive too, although there can’t be many that boast a working, and still in use water pump like the […]

Kyoto’s fifty most overrated tourist spots

Kyoto city and the surrounding prefecture are full of historic spots worth a vist, but of course some places are going to be over-hyped. So, goo Ranking recently conducted a survey looking at Kyoto prefecture tourist spots that didn’t live up to expectations. 1st: Kyoto Tower, 113 votes The clear winner here, mainly as the […]

Japanator LIVE: Learn how to deliver mail the Angel Express way

Remember that time when Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale taught us how to run a store in a fantasy world? Tonight, we're going to see how a messenger makes a living in Angel Express' world that's filled with monsters and magical things. Show More Summary

Enter the virtual world of Ghost in the Shell with the VR Diver app

Virtual Reality was pretty hot when the first Ghost in the Shell film in 1995 came out and it suddenly came back to life in recent years just in time for that new Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. Now you can enter the world...Show More Summary

Did You Know Anime tells us how the Ghost Stories dub turned spooky to funny

If you've been around anime circles in the last decade, you might have heard of the Ghost Stories US English dub. This English-language dub is not like your usual dub where they localize and translate the anime to be understood and enjoyed for English-speaking audiences. Show More Summary

Typhoon Noruda to hit US via Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks is bringing the film Typhoon Norudo to US shores, the 2015 is directed by former Studio Ghibli animator Yujio Arai ( From Up On Poppy Hill, Secret World of Arriety). Character designer and Animation director is Hiroyasu...Show More Summary

Strong Style: This will be good!

Hello everyone and welcome to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we got a double shot of action as we continue our look at the G1 tournament 26. Last week we took a look at the first night of action from Block A. Show More Summary

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