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All You Can Eat Fruits - Grapes and more

If you look hard enough, you can find all you can eat versions of almost anything in Japan, everything from sushi, to meats, to fruits. Even though Japan has an image of being healthy when it comes to eating, all you can eat venus are all over the place. Show More Summary

Going Pokemon -- One Week of Poke-ing Around

Pokemon Go isn't new, not even to Japan where it was released back in late July following the early July US and Australia release. In the months that have followed, lots of people the world over have used the digitally-veiled real world app to increase fitness, take silly pictures, and have a good time. Show More Summary

Dolls as objects of fear?! Protests raised over misuse of dolls at Universal Studios Japan

Media in Japan this morning reported on a curious story coming out of Universal Studios Japan (Osaka-sh)i, which is currently hosting a temporary Halloween attraction at its facility. The attraction, J??????? (J Horror Area) features dolls borrowed from Awashima Shrine (????) in Wakayama Prefecture. Show More Summary

Tokyo 3rd in Global Power City Index 2016 - think tank

In a report released by The Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies, Tokyo finds itself in third position (out of 42) in an index of Global Power Cities. This represents an all-time-high for Japan’s capital which has, until now, been stuck in 4th place since the creation of the index in 2008. Show More Summary

Do you have what it takes to get published in Weekly Shonen Magazine?

For a good while, I've always been behind the idea of contests that let people get the chance to get their stories published if they win. Speaking of which, the Comic Website MediBang is teaming up with the folks at Weekly Shonen Magazine,...Show More Summary

Solo nights out for the nervous expat Umeda, Osaka

If you can escape from the mob of massive train stations that make up the Osaka transport hub of Umeda (??), consider yourself to have been somewhat lucky. For the uninitiated, the booming chaos and the post-nuclear underground shopping world, are a nightmare to try and figure out. Show More Summary

Japanator LIVE - World of Final Fantasy

[ Stream will begin at 10PM US Central Time over at the Japanator YouTube page and the video of the stream will also be posted here during and after the stream, so check it out!] The demo of World of Final Fantasy surprised everyoneShow More Summary

Japanese artist Fuzichoco wants to bring her art to puzzle form

The company Playing Ground Puzzles has joined with the artist Fuzichoco to bring the deep and colorful anime-inspired illustrations to puzzle fans with a Kickstarter program. The anime inspired illustrator has partnered with the puzzle company to bring a fun way to pass some time and bring together a wonder picture to take you away to a far off land. Read more...

Review: Sushi: Jiro Gastronomy

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch at this point to declare that Jiro Ono - head chef at Tokyo's Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant - is one of the most visible Japanese culinary professionals in the world. Thanks to his and his restaurant's...Show More Summary

Surprising realities of dispatch work

Here’s one of these times that goo Ranking’s surveys give a detailed view of some aspect of Japan’s society, this time being the surprising realities of dispatch workers. The dispatch law in Japan is a complex beast; for example the company where people are placed cannot legally instruct the dispatched staff or even select who […]

Authorities in Japan recognize foreign intern died of overwork, ~ 122.5 hours a month

According to a piece on the ???? (Asahi Shimbun) yesterday, it was officially recognised by authorities that one of Japan’s increasing number of technical interns from developing countries died due to overwork, or more specifically, too much overtime work. Show More Summary

New website publishes Japanese Light novels in English

A new Website has been launched that will bring Japanese light novels in English to eager fans all over the world. J-Novel Club is partnering with publishers Hobby Japan and OVERLAP, with hopefully more to come in the future to provide...Show More Summary

Old style Tokyo street stall

With just an old cart and a small selection of fruit and veg, you are pretty much all set. In fact all set for the length of a day’s work, and possibly even a full working life.

Strong Style: A whole lot of that flippy sht

Greetings one again to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. We are looking at the big show, WrestleKingdom 10, from the Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2016. We have seen some incredible action so far and this week looks to be just as amazing. Let's get to the action! Read more...

Cat Dance: Bakeneko Festival (??????????) in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

One year I bought a copy of the Natsume Soseki tome, ‘I Am a Cat’, for my dad. I’d read of version of it that I assume must have been truncated, because it looked like a short story compared the Biblical brick that I sent back home.Show More Summary

Japanator Live: Alter people's fates with This Starry Midnight We Make

[The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] So I was able to progress further in This Starry Midnight We Make, but I hit a couple walls while I was trying to complete the last set of character stories to complete the chapter. Show More Summary

Weekend Japanatainment - Fall 2016 OP Edition

The fall anime season is here and I'm gonna be referencing something about the change in weather with the new anime line up but I'll save you from that cliche and I'll bring up that there is something for everyone this season. We'veShow More Summary

Tiger Mask W makes his real-life wrestling ring debut!

In a crossover that many fans of Japanese wrestling knew would probably happen, the title character from the new anime Tiger Mask W made his debut in a real-life wrestling ring on October 10th. During the pre-show for New Japan Pro Wrestling's...Show More Summary

Travel During Expired Working Visa From Japan To Other Part Of The Globe:)

Today, I want to share information regarding how to leave japan temporarily during visa extension processing state (???). My visa expired during golden week (1 May 2016) and I was on preplanned program to visit JEJU South Korea. It was...Show More Summary

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