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How Much Does it Cost to Travel From Tokyo to Osaka?

Tokyo and Osaka are Japan’s economic powerhouses. Every day, an army of besuited office workers races between the two cities to keep the wheels of finance, commerce, and industry turning. Unsurprisingly then, they’re well connected, and if you’ve got the money, getting from one to the other should be an absolute breeze. Show More Summary

Gyms and Fitness Centers in Japan. Let's workout!

I have been training for a while now, but weight lifting in Japan can have some limitations. That's because a lot of gyms don't have a great variety of equipment compared with some gyms in other countries.I will be recommending someShow More Summary

At yurakucyo

Tiny street under the train rail.Salary mans are hanging out.

Japan's Most Popular Outlet Malls: Discount Shopping With A View

Karuizawa (???) seems an unlikely place to go for discount shopping, but it's actually home to one of the best, if not THE best outlet mall in Japan. The stately township, less than an hour’s Shinkansen ride from Tokyo, exudes an altogether different air however. Show More Summary

Japan’s Best Oyakodon Restaurant? Come See For Yourselves!

Who doesn’t like oyakodon (???)? It's surelyone of life’s great comfort foods; goopy eggs drooling over a bowl of juicy chicken atop a bowl of steaming rice.So let’s not muck about here, if you’re a fan, you should go to Tamahide (???) in Ningyocho; Tokyo’s (neigh, Japan’s) best oyakodon restaurant, apparently. Show More Summary

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Counting the Cost: A Weekend Away from Tokyo, in Kyoto

Guidebooks to Kyoto are often at pains to tell readers that spending anything less than five days in the former capital is almost derisory, but hey, for many of us from Tokyo, we don’t have that kind of time. It’s a weekend or nothing.Are...Show More Summary

Buying Import Foods in Kyoto

Yes, yes, we all know that Japanese food is great, but sometimes we just want to get our chops around a taste of home. Even when we’re in Kyoto, that most Japanese of cities.So it is, that here at City-Cost, we’ve put together a list...Show More Summary

An Introduction To Surfing In Japan

It may come as a surprise to learn that Japan is a legitimate surfing resource. But it shouldn't. With an east coast exposed to Pacific Ocean swell, and a good transportation infrastructure, there is plenty of potential to find waves. Show More Summary

Taco Bell!!

A rumor circulated for the last year about Taco Bell re-entering japan, but finally my wishes have been granted!! Now my only question is... WHERE!?

Buying Books In Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto may be rich beyond avarice when it come to temples and tourism, but what about the simple pleasures of cracking open a good book, in a language you understand? Here we list the (very predominantly) English language bookstores we...Show More Summary

Support For Living In ‘The World’s Best City’ - Kyoto

Kyoto is the best city in the world! Fact! OK, so there are plenty of people who would argue otherwise, but according to travel mag Travel and Leisure, Japan's temple laden gem currently occupies the top spot. The America-based publishing...Show More Summary

A Night Out For Newbies And Introverts On Kyoto’s Kiyamachi

In the interests of serving new/potential expat implants into the Kyoto drinking scene, we went out in search of a friendly face, familiar language, and post work beers on and around the city’s nightlife nexus, Kiyamachi Street.Kiyamachi-dori/???? has a massive identity crisis. Show More Summary

Kyoto’s Higashiyama Hanatouro: The Perfect End To Japan's Illumination Season

Although the nation is letting a out a collective sigh of relief at the early signs of spring, there is something sad about the passing of winter, and that is the impending switch-off of Japan’s illuminations (not that Japan is ever short of luminous lights, even on a bland day). Show More Summary

Be Prepared! Earthquake Readiness in Japan

The 11th of this month marks the 4th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Whilst there was clearly nothing 'great' about those terrible events, for those of us fortunate enough not to be in the epicenter they did serve as a sobering reminder of the potential realities of earthquakes. Show More Summary

Freshen Up! Beloved Breath Care Products in Japan

It seems that an earlier post by one of our readers here at City Cost entitled Breath care product in Japan, is generating particular interest. So, in the spirit of civic duty, this writer became a chain-smoking coffee guzzler with a...Show More Summary

Will The New Shinkansen Put Kanazawa On Your Map?

Earlier this month the nation’s press were tripping over themselves to tell us that tickets for the latest addition to the Shinkansen network sold out in 25 seconds. Nearly one thousand of them were gobbled up for the first departures on March 14, 2015 on the new Hokuriku Shinkansen Line between Tokyo and the city of Kanazawa (??) in the West. Show More Summary

Tokyo's Best Chahan?

If you're reading this, rumor has it that you're looking at the best chahan in Tokyo. It's a bold claim, but if anyone knows about food that you can wolf down in about ten minutes before getting back to the office, it would be the salary men and women that work in Shimbashi, aka Salary-person Town. Show More Summary

Moving To Japan. How Much Money Do I Need?

One of the main concerns for people pondering the prospect of moving to Japan is just how much money they’ll need to bring with them. Regularly haunted by reports of a land hosting the world’s most expensive city, it’s not uncommon to...Show More Summary

Worth The Splurge? Cruising Tokyo Bay

It’s an oft forgotten fact that Tokyo is a city by the sea. With so many attractions and indulgences inland, it’s perhaps understandable. What a shame, though. For what Tokyo’s bay area lacks in nature (other than the sea), it goes some...Show More Summary

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