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Penang Fashion Week

Held in Penang Malaysia this April, Penang Fashion Week highlights fashion designers and brands from a...

Salaryman (in Japan): Meetings

There's probably a book on meetings in Japan, somewhere. I haven't read it. Perhaps I should. Maybe there's a course I could take (Any recommendations?). No, I can't claim to be an expert on this, in the sense that I know the way things should be. Show More Summary

US Expat Voting in Japan

All this talk about the US presidential candidates is scary as usual. I recently heard about some things Trump said that are not exactly understanding towards Japan. It makes me feel like he has no understanding of Japanese relations with the US for the last 50+ years.All this gave me motivation for looking into how to vote while living in Japan. Show More Summary

Japanator Live: Have a miserable summer with Danganronpa 2

Watch live video from Japanator on [The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] For a second, I thought that Danganronpa 2's second trial was going to repeat a scenario from the first game, but the team managed to change things up again. Show More Summary

Gems of Japan: Tasting Yakisoba & Okonomiyaki in Asakusa

During my first trip to Japan, I heard a lot of people talk about Okonomiyaki. I didn't know what it was, except that some people labeled it the Japanese equivalent to pizza. I don't agree. It's more of a pancake than anything else. Nonetheless, I was interested in this pancake-pizza. Read more...

Ys VIII's new trailer is filled with high-speed goodness

Is it me or does Falcom's latest Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana trailer feel like Adol and his comrades are loaded on a ton of caffeine? Not that it's a bad thing since the gang's movements are making the game look really fun. Since this...Show More Summary

Two new Attack on Titan game trailers show how it's actually played

Tecmo Koei is one of my favorite developers. I'm a simple man with simple videogame needs, so the fact they pretty much reinvigorated the beat 'em up genre with Dynasty Warriors and their various spin-offs means I'm going to play whatever game they release. Show More Summary


I'm gonna take you all for a nostalgia trip (or a history trip, you young whippersnappers--- GET OFF MY LAWN!). 2006 was a great year for anime with shows that are still enjoyed today. Someone on my twitter feed reminded me that some popular shows aired 10 years ago, such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Death Note. Show More Summary

Grave concerns in Japan

Excuse the poor pun of a title, but this survey into purchasing and moving graves by the Japan Stone Products Cooperative Association perhaps needed a little bit of levity on this weighty topic. I’ve got my family plot bought (here’s a web site with a newspaper article on it, along with rather incongruous adverts), or […]

Smart Charge Mirai

Up until today, when folks asked me "well what does it do?" when referring to Smart Doll, I would answ...

Digitalize your snail mail and receive it in your inbox and forward it to your new home in Japan.

After all the planning, job hunting and visa document gathering, you are now working and living in Japan. Congratulations! give yourself a pat on the back, but wait we are not done yet. Your mail and packages still waiting for you back...Show More Summary

Tokyo: where the streets are paved with gold?

The image of Tokyo as a wealthy city where possibilities abound is certainly a popular one. It’s a perception not devoid of truth either. But at the same time, the idea that it’s some kind of Utopia where the streets are paved with gold is sadly very much an illusion.

So I translated that new Persona 5 trailer

It took the newest trailer for Persona 5 to make me break my self-imposed media blackout about the game. After all, I already knew I wanted the damn thing, so I didn't need any extra convincing. But I did watch it, and it was awesome. However,...Show More Summary

Want to make anime in Japan? Don't expect to get rich doing it

One of the more common pieces of fan mail we get comes in the form of inquiries from fans looking to break into anime creation. It's not an uncommon impulse, to want to try your hand at making what you love to watch, but impulses tend...Show More Summary

Aim for the stars with Boomslank's Space Cowboy t-shirt

If there's one thing that I love about space, it's when a show uses its presence as a means for the main character to become something huge. Better yet, these titles are even more awesome when the protagonist gets to go to space, which...Show More Summary

Supermarkets That Deliver in Tokyo

Depending on your location within Tokyo, it may be possible for you to conveniently order your groceries online and have them delivered to your house! These are typically referred to as 'Net Super'. We’ve created a list of several different grocers who offer this very useful service. Show More Summary

Why Japanese men don’t want to marry non-Japanese?

“Japanese guys are really OK with Black girls?"“I’m not skinny, I’m not docile. Isn't is bad for Japanese guys?"“I want a Japanese boyfriend. Nobita, can you introduce me?"I get these kind of questions so often. I’m glad a lot of women are interested in Japanese men. Show More Summary


The year 2006 was a great one for anime and a lot of the anime that premiered in that year are considered to be the best and are still enjoyed by anime fans to this day. I looked at the list of the anime that came in that year and IShow More Summary

Over 400 Japanese individuals and companies have been identified in the Panama Papers

Source: welovecarbondioxideIt is understood how large corporations with years of international reputation and integrity have used offshore banking to facilitate legitimate business. This in and of itself isn't what is of concern, what...Show More Summary

Why do people move to Japan?

My friend Shogo told me his theory on why people move to Japan to become English teachers. He speaks English well and made a lot of English teacher friends. This is what the English teachers had in common. They were all obsessed with: Video Games, Manga and Anime, and/or Japanese Language. English teachers in Japan are obsessed with these things. Show More Summary

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