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Can you understand Japanese English?

(My Home)This is a phenomenon that happens all over the non-native English speaking world, in many varieties. Of course there are tons of words loaned to the English language that are pronounced or used incorrectly, for example, theShow More Summary

It Means The Most When It Is Unsaid

The thing that I enjoy most about Japan is the harmonious co-existence of contradictions. While contradictions often create disagreement and chaos in many places, that is not quite the same in Japan. There seems to be this huge invisible...Show More Summary

A beautiful little Tokyo bar

Friendly little bars are wonderful escapes wherever one happens to be. Each and every one offering a welcome chance to drink, unwind and briefly forget about all that’s going on in the wider world. And when they are as genuinely appealing as this place from the outside. As well as incredibly calming the moment the […]

Packing Truths I Wish I'd Known Before Moving To Japan

Don't pack it. All the things you think that you need, you don't. This is me packing for Japan. Every. Single. Time. Don't be this way, learn my lessons. I know, I know. You're feeling all the feels about your stuff. You need all the things. Show More Summary

Japanator LIVE: It's time to conquer Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils' Wabbit Heck

[The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] So our last segment was supposed to be the one where we wrap up Bunny's journey through the hellish labyrinth, but things didn't go according to plan. It seems like we hit a wall that...Show More Summary

Strong Style: Aerial Assassin vs Time Splitter

Greetings mat fans and welcome to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we are traveling to Osaka (waka laka party time!) to the Osaka-Jo hall for Dominion 2016. Our first look at this BIG card has three titles on the line so let's get to the action from June 19. 2016! Read more...

Early Hanami in Saitama

Cherry blossoms or “sakura” are not just beautiful flowers but it brings me a certain kind of joy that no other flowers or trees do. I remember my first visit here in Japan was during Spring of 2012. Together with my then-boyfriend’s...Show More Summary

5 Tips to Ease Transition to Living in Japan

I remember asking, "What is it like there?" to anyone who had made the leap across the Pacific the week before I arrived in Japan. I didn't really get any good answers. To one guy, a colleague at the same training gig, I even inquired...Show More Summary

Fever Fever!

I don't get sick very often. Even when I do, I can work through most things. This is probably due to my obsession with perfect attendance. I loved getting that certificate at the end of every school year that congratulated me for not missing one day. Show More Summary

Find Vengeance and Death in Blade of the Immortal live action trailers

After seeing the live action of adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin a while ago, I've been hankerin' for some more live action adaptations of manga featuring samurai and it seems Kami-sama has heard my wish. These trailers for the upcoming...Show More Summary

New ReLife music trailer gives us that youthful feeling again

A new music trailer of the live action adaptation of ReLife just came out featuring a cover of the song "Sakura", performed by singer-songwriter Sonoko Inoue with the part rap done by the film's lead actor Taishi Nakagawa. The song,Show More Summary

What tourist information people check before coming to Japan

The Japan information site DiGJAPAN, which runs various lanugage Facebook pages and apps for tourists, recently counted up the number of views on their various Facebook articles, and came up with 2016’s most popular Facebook pages for inbound tourists. The rankings were generated from the number of Likes for their 2,072 articles in various languages […]

Living In Japan Makes You Fluent In Japanese

What would I have like to have known before I arrived in Japan? Well...There’s this crazy idea floating around – kind of like when you step in dog poop and the smell lingers with you all day… It’s that nasty. The idea is that living in Japan magically gives you fluency in Japanese. Show More Summary

Tulipfields around Sakura City

Every year at the beginning of march the tulip season starts in japan. In Sakura City (Chiba prefecture) you can find a huge field full of different tulips from around the world. In the middle of the field is a beautiful windmill from the Netherlands which has a small museum inside. Show More Summary

Kick off the cherry blossom season with Sankt Gallen's sakura beer

There comes a time when you just want to bring out the booze to commemorate a joyous occasion. Of course, it's important to do this responsibly. With the cherry blossom season hitting Japan, Sankt Gallen is making sure that everyoneShow More Summary

Hunting for oranges

My family LOVES mikan. They love fruit of any kind really. But for a family of 5 living in Japan, fruit can sometimes be a hard thing to come by. Sometimes fruit just does not fit into the family budget. With apples costing the equivalent...Show More Summary

BLAME! anime film to hit Netflix this May

The cyberpunk anime BLAME! will premiere worldwide on Netflix on May 20, 2017. Animated by Polygon Pictures, the same folks behind the anime adaptations of Knights of Sidonia and Ajin, BLAME! is based on the cyberpunk manga of the same name. Show More Summary

Tokyo exuberance and effort

A glimpse of the young man this old man once was?

The Adventures of Banana Teacher- 03 Boss Queen

One of the most rewarding things about living and teaching in Japan is seeing how much progress your students are making and how proud they get when the can communicate with you effectively. With that being said, there are...times......Show More Summary

Justin Bieber and Piko Taro smash together for SoftBank ad campaign

From the same people that brought you "Oto-san" (which means father), a talking white Hokkaido breed dog that is somehow the patriarch to the human Shirato family (video of that below), comes the newest advertisement campaign from Japanese...Show More Summary

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