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Smart Doll Bewbs

Do you need #smartdoll bewbs without headlights? If so M or L? B????????????????????????????????????...

Japanese political protest and the public’s reaction

This weekend sees Japan vote in its 3rd general election in the space of 5 years. A sign, one could argue, of a healthy democracy. Or at least one could if the ruling Liberal Democratic Party hadn’t held near continuous power since its foundation back in 1955. Two minor blips totalling a measly 4 years […]

Castlevania IV

Castlevania IV - my most fave SNES platform game. What’s yours? ????????????????????????????????????...

Lelouch Smart Doll Shipping

Lelouch Smart Doll shipping since Monday - bazzilions of orders which will take until end of Dec to sh...

What Color Skirt You Prefer?

White short sleeve or beige long sleeve shirt? Also what color skirt you prefer? ???????????????????...

If the world ends tomorrow, what do you want to know today?

Rather oddly, this quickie survey by Mynavi News into what people would want to know if the world were ending tomorrow, found almost half the sample were interested in merely what would be their last supper. For me, I certainly wouldn’t be wasting time going home for dinner; I would be choosing my own! I’m […]

Painting scenery behind Tokyo shutters

His surroundings may well be suburban and grey, but the scenery inside his head is thankfully much more inspiring.

Kushi Noms In Osaka

Kushi noms in Osaka. Any decent Japanese restaurants in your woods? ???????? https://www.instagram....

Breaking News In Japan

Breaking news in Japan. 20 min report on “man steals potted plants - gets arrested.” https://www.inst...

Mirai-chan Out N About

Mirai-chan out n about Ise Jingu. ??????????????????????#smartdoll

Osaka Is Really Lively

Osaka is really lively and the noms are great! ??????????????????

Osaka Dotonburi Area

Osaka Dotonburi area. Have you seen Gantz:O ? ??????

Closed During These Dates

?????????????????????? will be closed during these dates for a revamp. https://www....

Lelouch Unboxing Vid

Lelouch unboxing vid coming your way but in Japanese first. ???????????????????????????????? https:...

Lelouch Shipping Now

Lelouch shipping now. This is the first photo you should take. ????????????????????????? ©S?PLG CD©...

Japanese average three credit cards in their wallets

@nifty recently published a report looking at credit and point cards. I normally carry five credit cards with me, along with probably close to 10 credit card-sized point cards. Note that I don’t know if this survey included cards registered in mobile phones with Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Japan’s own Osaifu Keitai system. Now […]

Great Crowd From Osaka I-Doll

Osaka I-doll had a great crowd. Sold just as much as we would have done in Tokyo & met many comrades w...

Poses Of Smartdoll

Apart from our apparel, the poses of #smartdoll are very important. Poses alone is a high conversion f...

Venue For I-Doll Osaka

The venue for I-doll Osaka. ???????????????????????

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