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Streaming GET: Dairanger is now on Shout! Factory TV

If Shout! Factory's Dairanger stream from Saturday made you want to watch more of the series, the company has uploaded the entire series on Shout! Factory TV on May 23, which means that you can now restore your chi energy. Considering...Show More Summary

Aw, yeah: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus hits PC next month

To this day, the Senran Kagura series remains on my list of games to play, since the franchise's over-the-top beat 'em up combat system (both 2.5 and 3D) and fun cast have caught my interest. Speaking of which, XSEED has finally revealed the release date for the PC version of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, which launches on Steam on June 1. Show More Summary

A 36 hour - 15000 Yen - Tokyo-Hiroshima Tour

For those who are willing to take adventure and wants to travel a lot in short, there is a choice. Of course this could be hectic, but is worth taking. What you need to do is sleep on bus during night and travel during day. This will minimize your hotel cost and maximize time utilization. Show More Summary

Reduce subway cost

Tokyo Metro offers reduced fare for subway on holidays. For this, you need to get ticket from station. The usual offer is get 14 tickets at the price of 10 tickets. This is equivalent to a 30% discount and is valid for 3 months. Mostly useful for people travelling in group or regularly going out on weekends.

Valkyria Chronicles soundtrack gets released outside Japan for the first time

[Disclosure: Jayson Napolitano of Scarlet Moon Promotions is a former contributor to Japanator.] Valkyria Chronicles may be best known for its portrayal of what essentially amounts to "anime World War II", but it also had a really good soundtrack, on top of all that cell-shaded military madness. Show More Summary

An elderly Japanese farmer still working in the fields

The elderly in Tokyo are a hardy bunch, with a good number still working, let alone simply getting out and about. But in rural Japan, that toughness is taken to a whole new level, with backbreaking, physical work still done despite advancing years. Amazingly it’s work that’s done with a smile as well.

News: Meteor shower planned for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Really?!

Would it be fair to say that Tokyo’s preparations for the Olympics have been somewhat of a shambles so far? That’s fair, right? A stadium design that was downsized and ultimately scrapped for being too expensive. A new stadium design that has neglected to account for the storage and display of the Olympic flame (and is made of wood). Show More Summary

Getting a haircut in Japan: Women’s version of the 1000 yen/10min cut

The 1,000 yen, 10 minute haircut is the Japanese equivalent of a short back and sides back home. At a regular place this customer used to go to near my apartment here in Japan, the vibe could best be described as salt of the earth; barbers...Show More Summary

Top Five Reasons to NOT Live in Tokyo

Originally Published by helloalissa HereAll Photos by helloalissa Want to live in Tokyo? A lot of people LOVE Tokyo! Great nightlife, tons of people and things to do, your friends and family back home have actually heard of it… There is really nothing wrong with living in Tokyo. Show More Summary

Japan’s 7-Eleven ATM machines involved in 1.4 billion credit card theft and Japan’s police mobilize

Source: welovecarbondioxideJust when you thought ATM machines throughout Japan were secure and engineered to prevent theft and fraud, another incident appears in which ¥1.4 billion yen ($12.7m; £8.8m) using credit cards created with data stolen from a South African bank. Show More Summary

Get your idols-and-murder fix with AKB48's Hulu horror show

If your life has been lacking in sugar sweet pop idols, as well as chilling doses of horror and/or murder, a recent announcement by Hulu might be the one magic bullet to take down both your problems. Indeed, the streaming service has...Show More Summary

News: 1.4 Billion Yen Stolen From 1,400 ATMs Across Japan In 2.5 hrs

News of ATM scams back home are as common as muck. There, lots of ATMs are located street side and offer no protection for users. Hidden cameras, devices that can ‘skim’ your card details, card traps, and suspicious bystanders; scams...Show More Summary

Tokyo coin laundry looks

The noticeable contrast between an old man’s honest, caught off-guard expression, and the false, posed political portraits of those behind him. Differences in looks that quite possibly also mirror their respective lives.

Weekend Japanatainment - Japanator Youtube

Hey readers! I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you all about our Japanator YouTube page where we have some nice video content and will have some more Japan-centric video entertainment in the future. We're planning on more types of videos such as food, unboxings, how tos, etc, so stay tuned. Show More Summary

Feast your eyes (but not your ears) on this awesome R-Type tribute

Animation savant Paul "Otaking" Johnson has struck again, following up his great, '90's-style anime tribute to TIE Fighter with a similar tribute to the classic shooter game R-Type. Once again, Johnson's mastery of the old-school, frame-heavy...Show More Summary

Bad manners in the train and by foreigners

Today we have @nifty’s survey into manners, where I’ll select two ranking-like questions, on bad manners in trains (by Japanese) and bad manners by foreigners. For the list of bad foreigner manners, I suspect that a lot is confirmation bias, that one bad-mannered foreigner tarnishes the reputation of all. Furthermore, many of these ill-manners can […]

News: Heightened Security Measures in Place Ahead of G7 Summit

The flash Harrys that were are, yesterday evening saw us in all our finery, enjoying the high life in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. It was business as usual for the most part in and around the Mori Tower, except that lots of police were inShow More Summary

In some instances tattoos can be highly erotic on females and often macabre

Source: welovecarbondioxideNot being a big admirer of tattoos but yet recognizing that for some people, tattoos are a large part of their existence and expression as a human being. There are a lot more Japanese people including females who are tattooed than most people would ever know. Show More Summary

Come to New York and check out Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE next week

I've been trying to avoid all mention of Nintendo and Atlus' joint project Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, partly because I don't want to be tempted into picking up a Wii U. That said, the thing really does make an impression, with all the...Show More Summary

Ole: Shout! Factory grabs Ohranger

Don't you love it when your prediction comes true? In this case, I had a hunch that Shout! Factory was going to give us a special surprise during their Dairanger stream. Lo and behold, it turns out that their next Sentai DVD set release...Show More Summary

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