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Testing and Tasting Things for the First Time ... A Gaijin Experience. 

YouTube Collaboration with singer and YouTuber Sakura Mari. Here we experience things in Japan for the first time. From chocolate to big googly eyes! We try it all! We even give Ellen DeGeneres a run for her money.We thought it would be a lot of fun to show how we as foreigners here experience things for the first time! Check it out,please share!

Basement Pretzel shows us a tokusatsu fan's endless struggle

To this day, there's one thing that can cause many fans of tokusatsu to go into despair. In other words, I'm talking about the moment when a random person refers to the show you're watching as Power Rangers. For now, I guess this isShow More Summary

Youkan - The "Old People's Dessert"

Everyone should know by now that red beans are a staple in Japanese desserts, and one of the forms it is incorprated into a snack is youkan.This little solid block of jelly-ish sweet has a very distinct texture that's not too soft but you can chew through easily. Show More Summary

Why Roppongi Hills might be the best date spot in Tokyo

Few would argue that Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills hasn’t been a booming success. And in an area that, prior to its unveiling, was almost exclusively associated with the wanton debauchery of drunk and horny West meets drunk and curious East, Roppongi Hills has come along and injected a heavy dose of class. Show More Summary

Lovely Weather In Tokyo

On the way to work this morning. Lovely weather in #tokyo today. Rather chilly though.

Twilight Ships In 2-5 Biz Days

??????2?5????????????????????????? Twilight ships in 2-5 biz days.

Twilight Smartdoll Available Now

Twilight #smartdoll available online now at ??????????

Beautiful Audrey Hepburn urban art

On a recent walk past what is now a massive building site, there was the bittersweet memory of some Audrey Hepburn urban art I once photographed there. The timing of which, at least light-wise, couldn’t have been better. So as a nice reminder, and a remix of sorts, here’s a new version. A scene that […]

These kimono design-themed chocolates are too beautiful to eat

I may be a fan of delicacies that are crafted to look like works of art, but there's something sad about seeing one's favorite food being turned into a masterpiece. While it looks amazing, one might have second thoughts since it would be sad to see a well-made piece gone in an instant. Show More Summary

Some Unique Japanese Fruits

Beautiful flowers bloom in the spring months of April and May in Japan. Many types of trees blossom exuberantly. One of them is the ume plum tree. A month later, ume trees covered with olive shaped green fruits. In June, some Japanese people start making umeboshi, ume wine, and other ume products. Show More Summary

How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Matsumoto?

First of all, why Matsumoto? Well, this is the second largest urban area in Nagano Prefecture. A beautiful city in its own right, ringed by mountains, and home to one of (some might say ‘the’) most beautiful castles in Japan; Matsumotojo (above). Show More Summary

Chocolate and Valentine's Day in Japan

It's about that time of year again – Valentine's Day in Japan.So the story goes, a while back, a western advertisement for chocolates was misunderstood and the tradition was started for women to give men chocolates for Valentine's Day. Show More Summary

Gems of Japan: Handmade Onigiri or Onigiri From a Convenience Store?

My first encounter with an onigiri was at a convenient store located in Tokyo, Japan (huh, why does that sound so drastic? It's as if a showdown is about to occur). I looked directly at the well packaged rice ball, and saw images attached...Show More Summary

Janken for Fried Shrimp? YES!

"Janken (rock,paper, scissors) with our staff" If you win, you get 4 extra fried shrimps!"I read that ad in the local magazine for this little seafood restaurant inside the fish wholesale market in Ageo city of Saitama and was instantly intrigued. Show More Summary

Before We Land Back In Tokyo

Another hour before we land back in #tokyo. United business class tops everything else so far. ?????...

Inflight WIFI On United Airlines

Trying out the inflight wifi on United Airlines. Pretty decent speed. ??????????WIFI?????? https://...

Deep-Fried Pork Cutlet! Tonkatsu

One of Japan's favourite household dishes has to be the deep-fried pork cutlet, also known as, Tonkatsu. This simple yet delicious dish is loved by people of all ages. The pork is breaded then fried, resulted in a juicy slice of meat wrapped in an extremely crunchy shell. Show More Summary

The cost of keeping a car in Japan

Breaking down the cost of keeping a car in Japan.The more observant expat might notice a common theme among license plates in the area of Tokyo in which this blogger resides; large numbers of them seem to have been issued from the north...Show More Summary

Weekend Japanatainment - DragonBall Z + Linkin Park Edition

If you were on the anime internet around the turn of the century, there was a prevalence of anime music videos that combined clips of the anime Dragon Ball Z with the music of the "nu-metal" band Linkin Park. Many of these videos can be still found on YouTube with the oldest video of this combination dating back to 2007 (It's the last video below). Show More Summary

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