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Annotated Tokusatsu: Garo Gold Storm Soar episode 7

You know that a show still has some tricks up its sleeve when it starts to get even more intense than its preceding episode. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that Garo: Gold Storm Soar’s already placing Ryuga and Rian in a deadlier situation than their last major Horror encounter. Show More Summary

Tokyo artisan at work

Times change, and in many countries, manufacturing jobs both big and small have long since been outsourced. In Tokyo, however, it’s still relatively easy to find tiny workshops producing the likes of engine components, buckles etc. Plus now and again niche items that are made in much smaller numbers. Like the ornamental extras for temples […]

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episode 45

As well as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has held up after all these years, there are occasionally moments when you realize just how old it is. It could be a general feeling, like the absence of some more post-modern tricks of storytelling,...Show More Summary

Unsurprising surprising features of people good at their jobs

goo Ranking published a list of surprising features of people good at their jobs, but I think the top answers are only surprising to Western people in the sense that Japanese people rate them as surprising. (Sorry, that sentence is an utter mess and probably doesn’t make much sense!) Demographics goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research […]

Suit up for Animator Expo's futuristic samurai short

When it comes mediums that feature cool-looking armors, I can't help but to fall in love with the designs as I dive into the piece. During the Japan Animator Expo's 24th short, Daisuke Onizuka (Eva 2.0 and 3.0's CGI Director) hits us...Show More Summary

Week Ender - Magical Girl Edition

The recent resurgence of the Magical Girl genre in popularity has brought us many entries in the genre and even the remake of one of the great magical girl anime, Sailor Moon. While not many can compare to the great Sailor Moon, plenty...Show More Summary

Strong Style: New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS season 2 episode 2

[Welcome to Strong Style, Soul's new regular column covering the high-flying antics of Professional Wrestling in Glorious Nippon and beyond! - Josh] This week on New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV we pick up from last week as Best of the Super Juniors tournament winner Ricochet challenges for the NJPW Jr. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: Plastic Memories episodes 7-8

This face right here. That was pretty much what I looked like when episode 7 opened, with the ever so interesting gag of seeing Tsukasa freak the eff out about Isla doing his laundry for him. It's an amazing scene, one unprecedented in Japanese animated romance stories, surely! Read more...

There's a little preview of Shiina Ringo's new song

Watching commercials doesn't always suck. Especially when they star the lovely Shiina Ringo and feature a tidbit of her upcoming new song! Her upcoming song Kamisama Hotekesama alongside the ZAZEN BOYS!

Such a beary awesome dance move

There has been quite a few videos floating around for the upcoming Playstation Vita game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night. All of them have been absolutely adorable, but now that it's Teddie's turn to cut a rug, there's no way I couldn't share my excitement! Please hurry up, I want to dust off my Vita!

Smart Doll Ebony

Sorry for the lack of updates - it's been kinda... hectic. I just done a headcount and realized that w...

WTF Fridays: Hot cakes

There's no way that isn't burnt, and there's no way this isn't my dream come true.

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie shows off its new trailer

I can't say that I was all that enthralled with Ghost in the Shell Arise. It really felt like we were retreading familiar water, and the sharp deviation from Masamune Shirow's designs were jarring. I'd go as far as saying I was almost offended by the changes. That's being said, I slowly crept through the series, and found it to be pretty good. Show More Summary

A Daily Dose of Music: Yunchi

Last month we we finally saw the release of Yunchi's highly anticipated cover EP, AniYun~anime song cover~. Much to many music fans' delight, the electro-pop star has brought some fun new energy to some classics, making them worth a listen. This week we have her cover of the theme from Card Captor Sakura, Catch You Catch Me. Show More Summary

Rejoice? Sword Art Online: Lost Song and Re: Hollow Fragment go west

It was only a matter of time until Bandai Namco would announce that Sword Art Online: Lost Song, the latest SAO video game that takes place in Alfheim Online, would cross the pond. Lo and behold, this inevitable announcement happened;...Show More Summary

Moving To Japan? ...

So you’ve made the decision to move to Japan. Or, perhaps you’re contemplating moving to Japan. Either way, congratulations. Japan is fantastic; beautiful people, beautiful country, mad nights out and a complex culture await. The country...Show More Summary

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 sets sail for Europe August 28th

Readers of Annotated Anime will be aware of my impatience towards the slow pacing of the One Piece anime series. But I'm feeling more optimistic about the latest in the Pirate Warriors series; One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. Mixing theShow More Summary

Squid Girl celebrates Splatoon release

Today marks the release of Nintendo's messy 3rd person shooter Splatoon for the WiiU. At Japanator we are excited to get our hands on this game but so is Squid Girl author Masahiro Anbe who has made some nice cross over pieces. These...Show More Summary

OP Up! Magical Girl Edition

The magical girl genre has been around for decades and has experienced a bit of a renaissance as of late. It has now reached a wider audience with targeting audiences outside of young girls with different shows adding in different new...Show More Summary

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