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A Room With A View, Yokohama

Let’s be clear, I love Yokohama. Probably, I love it because I don’t live there. I love it because the grass is always greener on the other side. I love the sense of maritime atmosphere around Minato Mirai 21. I love the attitude of Yokohama residents who seem to stick two fingers up (or just one) to overbearing neighbour, Tokyo. Show More Summary

Let's kick off the 2016 year with a sweet new Mythos trailer

This might sound weird of me to say this, but one of the things that I'm excited the most about the 2016 Tokusatsu Year is that we might see more independent toku projects enter the scene. In regards to these indie productions, the Filipino...Show More Summary

Take a look at Japanese New Year Celebrations!

Happy New Year! We had a great one here at Japanator and enjoyed many things this past year. I hope everyone had a great year and enjoyed their New Year's celebration! The whole world celebrated the New Year and since you are on a site...Show More Summary

The Japanator Awards 2015: Christian's Top 5 Games of the Year

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Like I stated on my Top 5 Anime of the Year, I mostly spent my time playing video games, so making this list was a lot easier to make than the former. However, since thisShow More Summary

January 2nd Lucky Bags

Yesterday, I wrote about lucky bags and shared the places you could buy them today, January 1st. This article shares places that offer them from tomorrow the 2nd of January. Snippets from yesterday's article explaining fukubukuro. Lucky bags are a very popular New Year's tradition....? fuku means luck and ? bukuro is a bag... Show More Summary

The Japanator Awards 2015: Sal's Top 5 Anime of the Year

It felt like it was only yesterday that we started 2015 with a bang. I guess that’s what happens when one loses track of time. While I had the great luck of catching more shows this year, it turns out that most of them haven’t even ended yet. Show More Summary

The Japanator Awards 2015: Red's Top 5 Anime of the Year

The end of this year is here and boy, it was a fun year for anime. I should say that I didn't get to watch much because of life getting in the way but the ones I did watch are ones that I do love and thoroughly enjoy. I notice that many...Show More Summary

The Japanator Awards 2015: Jeff's Top 5 Anime of the Year

Nothing says that 2015 was a good anime year than how I had a rough year with countless real-life responsibilities competing with anime time, and it still won. On average I kept up with at least 10 series per season, not counting the shorts. Show More Summary

New Year Nengajo Postcard WTFs

I noticed last time I translated a similar survey I broke my New Year resolution to stop FAIL headlines, so this time rather than FAIL, let’s try using New Year Postcards that make you go “WTF?!”. Demographics goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 24th and 27th of February […]

When and where can I see the first sunrise of 2016?

The first sunrise is an important aspect of New Year's celebrations in Japan. Many plan their first visit to the temple or shrine in conjunction with witnessing that first sunrise of the year. Hence, as I mentioned in a previous article, Takao-san is a popular place to visit from the early hours of New Year's day. Show More Summary

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year folks! Hope you are having a good time with family, friends or your 2D waifu or hasuba...

New Year's Day Lucky Bags in Saitama

Lucky (/dip) bags are a very popular New Year's tradition. I first happened upon lucky bags quite by accident when I was a student here. It was early in the New Year and myself and my friends were shopping in Takasaki station. They had a sealed Hello Kitty box on sale in a clearance bin. Show More Summary

Forget Apple & 109, I’ve Spotted a Vegetable Fukubukuro

If you don’t know what fukubukuro in Japan are, click on an earlier post here. Now, I usually associate these New Year’s lucky ‘dip’ bags with a) mad bartering outside of Shibuya’s 109 b) long queues outside of Apple stores as obsessives...Show More Summary

OP Up! - Best Openings of 2015 Edition

2015 was a great year for anime, we had anime that had bears that turned into girls set in a post-apocalyptic bear world and we even had a cute girl that was as much as a trash weeb we are in real life. Everyone has their personal favorite...Show More Summary

WrestleKingdom 10 looks to be unforgettable

If you have been following Japanator's coverage of NJPW on AXS TV or are just a fan of Japanese pro wrestling in general, then you are probably familiar with WrestleKingdom. It has become the biggest wrestling event for New Japan as well as wrestling in general for the country. Show More Summary

The Japanator Awards 2015: Soul's Top 5 Pro Wrestling Moments of the Year

As we here at Japanator count down the days until the new year, each of us is looking back in our own ways at the year that was 2015. Since pro wrestling in Japan, or puroresu, is a good chunk of my beat here on the site my list looks back at the year that was 2015 and 5 of the biggest events to happen in Japan's wrestling scene. Show More Summary

New Year Horse Races

It is very common in my homeland of Ireland, for people to attend horse races during the winter holidays. Around where I lived it is the Leopardstown Races on St Stephen’s Day. Here in Japan, Christmas is not a main event, but New Years is like our Christmas. Show More Summary

Things that you can do after Tsukiji Fish Market.

One of the must do touristy things in Tokyo is visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in the morning, wake up around 4am, hop on the cab and wait in line to see the tuna fish auction. After a busy morning, you must be tired and hungry, and it...Show More Summary

Strawberry Picking | Gunma, Tochigi and Tokyo

Strawberry picking season starts as early as mid-December in parts of Kanto. By the end of January, almost all strawberry picking greenhouses are open for business. The system of strawberry farms in Kanto is usually a fixed price for a half of hour of picking and all-you-can-eat. Show More Summary

The Japanator Awards 2015: Christian's Top 5 Anime of the Year

With this being my first year writing for Japanator, this is my first time writing a “Top 5” piece for the website. To be honest, while Anime is still one of my biggest hobbies, I haven’t invested my time in Anime too much this yearShow More Summary

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