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Sweet: LeSean Thomas and Thomas Romain to appear at AX '15

As LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite: The Animated Series Season 1 and 2's Supervising Director, Legend of Korra Book 1's Production Artist) and his team continue to work hard on Cannon Busters' pilot, the guy's appearing at Anime Expo 2015 with Thomas Romain (Space Dandy's Spaceship Designs, AKB0048's Art Design) as special guests. Show More Summary

Japanator Live - PT: Silent Hills Edition

Watch live video from japanator on Watch me, Red Veron, certified scaredy cat when it comes to horror games. Heck, even the tension in certain scary themed video games can drive me away. The news of the removal of P.T.,...Show More Summary

Week Ender - Sports Edition

More anime sports stuff come your way with this weekend's Week Ender! Sports anime and manga have been around for decades, the stuff you see in today's stuff are built upon decades of refinement and tradition. Using contemporary anime...Show More Summary

Annotated Tokusatsu: Garo: Gold Storm Soar episode 4

It may’ve been unfortunate that the latest Garo series hasn’t featured any new amazing Horror suits, but that isn’t stopping the show from bringing us a new costume. Once again, Keita Amemiya might be the guy to thank for this recent blessing. Show More Summary

Aw, Snap: Iconic Field shows off Eva Mecha Designer's cool artwork

Talk about an amazing turnaround, people. After the Japan Animator Expo project hit us with a remix and a making-of video, their 21st piece, "Iconic Field," graces our eyes with Ikuto Yamashita's (the Evangelion series and Blue Submarine No. Show More Summary

WTF Fridays: It's Gyoza time

Everybody loves a succulent gyoza, but really... Who has time for all that?

Japanator Live: Bloodborne final stream

Watch live video from japanator on After a few very enjoyable and grueling weeks, I'm finally at end game. Well, as much as Souls games give you end game anyways. I'm at the final boss of the first play through. We're going...Show More Summary

A Daily Dose of Music: Ai Shinozaki

Yup, you're reading this correctly. This isn't another edition of Idol of the Week! Japanator's favorite all time idol is back with a slick new single, showing off her vocal prowess with the song A-G-A-I-N. I have to admit that I'm impressed. Her...Show More Summary

Digimon Adventure tri.'s latest trailer will please your nostalgic heart

This might sound strange, but I have yet to watch Digimon Adventure in its original language. Nonetheless, the series is still one of those titles that I still adore to this day. Anyway, Toei has uploaded a new trailer for Digimon Adventure tri., and we finally get to see the anime in action. Show More Summary

The bonsai master

No deadlines to work to. Quite the opposite in fact, with simultaneous work on the past, present and future more akin to time travel than dealing with the demands of an actual timetable. And seemingly no stress too. Rather the gentle, almost meditative practice of pruning, shaping and carefully watering. Making arguably the most Japanese […]

OP Up! Sports Edition

So there was a big boxing event last weekend and people are upset because a Filipino congressman lost at boxing. This made me think of sports anime and how I haven't made an OP Up! about sports anime yet.So this week's late edition is about some sports anime openings. Show More Summary

Himouto! Umaru-chan Anime Details Revealed

Gag manga Himouto! Umaru-chan is receiving an anime adaptation set to air during the Summer 2015 season. The series, produced by by Sankaku Head centers around a high school girl named Umaru and her older brother Taihei. Umaru is a beautiful...Show More Summary

Beat Down Boogie conjures up another great cosplay video

It's time to take a look at Beat Down Boogie's latest work. This time around, the group shows off Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo 2015's batch of cosplays. Due to the sheer amount of great cosplayers featured in the video, people can look forward to catching two segments instead of one. Show More Summary

And The Longest Restaurant Queue In Tokyo Is For ... Tendon?

We've mentioned before at City-Cost the nonplussed attitude Japanese people seem to have about queuing for food. However, when your friends are actively searching the Internet for 'restaurant with the longest queue in Tokyo', it must be regarded as an infallible barometer of quality (that, or they have a fetish for standing in lines). Show More Summary

Your first look at Ufotable's God Eater anime

I've mentioned this before, but of the many games that tried to steal Monster Hunter's fire, I liked God Eater the most. While mechanically it was often just "diet" Monster Hunter, its approach to storytelling and anime-style premise struck all the right notes to make it a worthy alternative. Show More Summary

Japanese stare(s)

Sometimes it’s good to stand out. Sometimes it isn’t. But either way, it’s impossible to do otherwise.

Review: Chroma Squad

Ever since a badly-dubbed lady popped out of a dumpster on the moon, sending a weird computer-man to seek "teenagers with attitude," geeks of a certain age have been on the lookout for a game that can capture the essence of what it means...Show More Summary

Drink Up: Kanpai Senshi After V gets a second season

It's been a year since Kanpai Senshi After V quenched our thirst for a fun Sentai parody show. While the series wasn't on the same level as Akibaranger, the main thing that made it nice was its similarities to the sitcom Cheers, since...Show More Summary

First Impressions: Garo: Gold Storm Soar

Back when it was announced that Ryuga from Garo: The One Who Shines in the Darkness would appear in a new Garo series, there are two possible outcomes that could come out of this. On one hand, we get to see Ryuga as a more experience Makai Knight. Show More Summary

Hestia X Draven

Because sharing is caring - Hestia (Danmachi) X Draven (League Of Legends) spotted at Anime Festival A...

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