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Citizen-led community banks in Japan will lead Japan out of its economic backwardness

Source: welovecarbondioxideThere are community banks in Japan few people know about offering a slightly higher interest on deposits which I have been able to locate. One community bank is located in Okagaki, Fukuoka Prefecture. The Onga...Show More Summary

Mass Destruction: Two Persona singers are performing at Otakon Matsuri

I'm not gonna lie. When Atlus showed off their newest trailer for Persona 5, my excitement levels have gone up to a new height. While we're still on the topic of Persona, Otakon is getting Lotus Juice (Persona 3's battle theme and full...Show More Summary

Book your dearly departed at a Corpse Hotel today!

If you watch anime or pay attention to Japanese culture long enough, the subject of hotels inevitably comes up. Be it either Mountain hot bath retreats, hourly love hotels, and those ever quirky capsule hotels. But there is a new type of hotels that is on the rise, especially in Tokyo. Corpse hotels. And it's not what you think. Read more...

Dash The Bomber's Daily Life in Japan

As with many other expats in Japan, I happen to live in here because of my job. While my normal daily routine involves going to work and returning to the house for a daily walk around the neighborhood and sometimes a visit to the restaurants nearby. Show More Summary

Report: 45 percent of Japanese females aged 16-24 are not interested in or despise sexual contact

Source: welovecarbondioxideSeveral previous posts have discussed Japan’s shrinking population and to add to this discussion, RT Today published news on how Japan’s birth rate has hit a historic low. Japan’s birth rate has decelerated and has been decreasing for the past 35 years now reaching negative growth. Show More Summary

Eccentric political protester in Tokyo

His method of protest may well be unusual, but this man’s hat-based declaration to not accept the policies of Prime Minister Abe is to be applauded.

Cheap Lunches In Shibuya: One Coin (or so) !

Today, we’ll be introducing some great little restaurants to eat at in Shibuya, where you can grab cheap lunches for around 500 yen (or ‘one coin’ in local parlance).Of course, most of us living in Japan know the typical cheap places to eat: Sukiya, Matsuya, Saizeriya, Yoshinoya, and so on. Show More Summary

The Japanese reject American/Monsanto GMO wheat by turning to Russian wheat

Source: welovecarbondioxideJapan has rejected GMO-raised crops as a food source and that includes American produced wheat while America is alleged to be facing a crisis in exporting crops. Is it any wonder since more and more governments,...Show More Summary

One in three Japanese clinging to their feature phones

Internetcom recently reported on a survey by MMD into feature phones, bog-standard non-smart phones. My two-year mobile phone contract is up for renewal this month, and after a short visit to my local Docomo shop, I found that I will be paying about 7,000 yen, the cheapest data plan they offer, for up to three […]

GET HYPE: Persona 5 launches in September

It's time, folks! Or rather, it will be a few short months. After months of silence last year's delay and weeks of drip-fed promotion culminating in a final countdown, Atlus has announced the Japanese release date of Persona 5. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: Haifuri episode 4

What is the maidens' big trouble on a boat? They ran out of toilet paper. As Harekaze's expedition ran longer than initially expected, the crew listed the supplies they were short of, and it wasn't just torpedoes and depth charges. Haifuri takes us to go sundry shopping this week. Read more...

Thousands of Japanese hit the streets on Constitution Day to oppose changing Japan’s constitution

Source: welovecarbondioxideThe Japanese were out on the streets in Tokyo May 3rd being Constitution Day, and probably yesterday, protesting Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the LDP’s move to fundamentally change Japan’s war laws related to its Constitution and Article 9. Show More Summary

Deciphering Discounts in Japan

For those of us who like to save a little money (who doesn’t?), knowing the secrets of the discount stickers in Japanese supermarkets (any store, actually) can be a useful skill. One of the super fun things about living in another country is trying bizarre foods you might never see in your home country. Show More Summary

Review: Stranger of Sword City

Being a fan of all kind of JRPG games for as long as I’ve been a gamer, I always wanted to try my hands playing a Dungeon Crawler JRPG. I played so many types of JRPGS, such as turn-based, action and strategy. While I did play Persona...Show More Summary

Lynn and the Spirits of Inao gives off a nice Spirited Away and Castlevania vibe

I'm going to be honest with everyone on here: I'm a really huge sucker for games that look like a beautiful illustration. From Vanillaware's titles to stuff like Indivisible, I can't help to want these things inside of me. Since theShow More Summary

Interesting discussion with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on TTIP & TPP concerning Japan

Source: welovecarbondioxideAre the Japanese in “kamakazi” mode? This is what Max Keiser suggests in this discussion. Max and Stacy discuss that if man is what he hides, as André Malraux said, then the EU is a corporatist, monopolist loving intellectual land-grabber, for the EU hides secret trade deals. Show More Summary

Like watching children playing in a sandbox until one child instigates violence

Source: welovecarbondioxideIt’s like watching children playing in a sand box throwing sand at each other until one of the children becomes upset and ups the confrontation to violence. That’s the way it’s been going on between Japan and China in their island dispute. Show More Summary

News: Why is Matsuko Deluxe the Nation’s Most ‘Powerful ‘Talent in 2016?

This month’s edition of entertainment news publication ??????????? (Nikkei Entertainment) centers around their annual ????????????2016 (Talent Power Ranking 2016), a survey produced and conducted with the help of ARCHITECT attempting...Show More Summary

Wait, what? Tenchi Muyo to get a fourth season

File this one under "Hold on, let me check what year it is", because Tenchi Muyo! is set to be A Thing again! Well, that's not entirely fair. Fans of one of the most influential harem anime of modern times haven't exactly been lacking...Show More Summary

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