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My Favourite Japanese Bread - Nice Stick

When I was in Kindergarten back in Hong Kong as a little boy, my mom would often buy me this sweet creamy bread from the Yamazaki bakery. I loved it so much, but once I moved to Canada, the same bread was, of course, nowhere to be found.Fast...Show More Summary

My Favourite AFFORDABLE Plum-Wine

Drinking alcohol is very affordable in this country, as it is a lifestyle for many. My favourite drink of choice in Japan is most definitely Ume-shuu, aka Plum Wine. It packs a very sweet and thick flavour with a slight sourness that...Show More Summary

The Most Adorable Supermarket Bread - Kani-pan

I really got a thing for cute bakery goods, and this one apparently is a traditional choice that kids love. Behold, KANI-PAN!Unlike the previously introduce Kamelon-pan baked fresh at the bakery, this crab-bread is one of the packaged goods that you can easily find and pick up at many shops for about 80yen. Show More Summary

Gifu's Golden Oda Nobunaga Statue

Some of you might know that the great warlord who conquered and united Japan originated from Gifu Prefecture. More accurately, Gifu city is exactly where he established himself and his ambition. For that, Gifu city is very proud of being...Show More Summary

Foreigners First Sumo 2017 (Vlog)

This foreigner is experiencing the Sumo tournament preliminaries for the first time ever! Join her as she finds out what exactly goes on in a sumo match/event. It's not what you'd expect!Note: In the video I said they traditionally wrestled at the shrine, I was meant to say the temples.A full article will follow within a few days!

Stamina Noodles! Kiryuu Ramen

One of the most impacting ramen experiences I've had in Japan happened in Ashikaga of the Tochigi prefecture. When I told a colleague who I consider a master in the art of ramenry that I was moving to Ashikaga, knowing my preferences,...Show More Summary

Supermarket Discounts! Ready-Food for Cheap

If you are living in Japan on a budget and didn't know about this, you are missing out. Supermarkets here sell a great selection of delicacies for you to bring home and eat. Fried pork cutlet, grilled chicken, bento boxes, salad, and even sushi. Show More Summary

Inuyama Castle - Standing Tall since 1620

Thanks to video game series like "Samurai Warriors", "Sengoku Basara" and "Nobunaga's Ambition", my interest in Japanese sengoku history has made its foundation long before I came to Japan. Throughout my visits to Japanese castles all...Show More Summary

Considering sending your kids to an international school in Japan?

Expats in Japan (or those making plans to that effect) with school-going kids will likely be considering the prospect of sending their kids to an international school in Japan. Perhaps this is the default choice of schooling in suchShow More Summary

Spoilt for choice? Key factors in choosing an apartment in Japan

For the expat struggling to get to grips with finding and renting an apartment in Japan, getting into the minutia of factors involved in the choice may initially seem a little redundant. The primary occupying concerns are more likely...Show More Summary

Christmas Brandy and Raisin Cookies

It can be hard to make your Christmas festive in Japan. The KFC doesn't really hit it, and the low level acceptance (which is understandable) does nothing to really hit the spirit. So let spruce it up a bit with some Christmas cookies.This...Show More Summary

On 'inemuri' and the expat's prospects of sleeping on the job in Japan

You don’t have to spend too long ‘in country’ to recognize that our Japanese hosts have a remarkable propensity to sleep wherever they can be stationary for more than a few moments. This could even be standing on a busy train, one hand hooked to the hand strap, the rest of the body swaying and jerking to the movement of the carriage. Show More Summary

Christmas Cake

Christmas is coming, but it can be quite difficult and time consuming to make a full traditional Christmas cake. So this year I wondered how on earth I was going to make one. I checked my ingredients and found that I had enough to make a bare cupboard cake.The bare cupboard cake originates from rationing in the war. Show More Summary

Keep warm during winter in Japan, save money, and enjoy the perks!

Winter in Japan has the potential to bite. Not only do we get attacked by the extreme cold air from across the ocean (which somehow arrives as dry as the desert), but houses and apartments in Japan still have plenty to learn about insulation. Show More Summary

Tosa Dog Fight In Kochi, Shikoku Japan #nomadicyatri

Have you heard about dog fight, I think most of us had heard about bullfight and cockfight but yes Katsurahama shikoku Japan is the place which organize dog fights events, few times in a month.Don’t you think it’s just a event it’s “THE EVENT”.There are special bread of the dog called “Tosa”. Show More Summary

Surviving Immigration

I really want to know. Do any of you really hate going to immigration? If you are like me, then I know you do. What needs to be done needs to be done, right? So my visa renewal is coming up very quickly again this month. A year has flown by. Show More Summary

Make Your Own Vegan Apple Rose Tart

I'm a vegetarian with a dairy issue. So eating cakes is virtually impossible for me to do. That's where my expertise comes in and my vegan head switches on. This recipe is vegan and with a good dose of Christmas cinnamon, and it is tasty enough to replace any Christmas cake. Show More Summary

Dating and the Japanese Man

There are reasons why I write this article. There are lots of articles out there about Westerners dating Japanese women and what to expect. However, there are very few about dating the Japanese man and what to expect. After being in a relationship with a Japanese man I think that I know why. Show More Summary

Haunted Japan

Japan is surrounded by strange stories of the supernatural and the paranormal. It's one of the things that attracted me to Japan. In the light of Halloween coming I unearthed and illustrated three Japanese urban legends which creeped me out. Show More Summary

Working In Japan: What They Don't Tell You (Part 2)

So we know what are the highlights about working in Japan are, but with every pro there is a con. Here are the things that they don't tell you about working in this amazing country.1) Starting Rate and Pay DateOkay, so maybe this is not an unusual one, but it is something that they do not tell you initially. Show More Summary

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