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Reflecting on Women in Anime and Manga

This article comes a week late, but I think better late than never and better a little late than very late. I wanted to do something for International Women's day and thought why not reflect on a couple of female characters and creators who have made the world of anime and manga a better, more compelling place. Read more...

Recommended places to visit in Yokohama

Yokohama is home to a great number of Kanagawa Prefecture's major sightseeing spots, each with its own distinct characteristics. For example, there is the Minato Mirai area with its mix of historical and modern buildings, and Chinatown with its genuine Chinese flavors. Show More Summary

Tottori Sakyu

Last summer vacation, my husband and I went out to spend the day at a place I'd been dying to see ever since I got off the plane, Tottori Sand Dunes ????. I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I knew it wouldn't be an actual desert, but the pictures of camels and huge dunes had certainly sparked my imagination. Show More Summary

City cost says, "sorry you dont have enough points"

I have 501 points in my city cost account. When I click exchange points, it says, " sorry you don't have enough points". why is that?

How much does it cost … to Travel From Tokyo to Hiroshima?

Kobe is one of Japan’s most international cities, having established itself early as a point of trade and commerce. It remains one of the largest ports in Japan today, and a key urban center in Kansai, along with Osaka and Kyoto. Plenty of people want to travel to Kobe for both business and pleasure. Show More Summary

Experience the Hidden Dark-Side and Macabre that Japan Can Offer. A Story the Steampunk Store!

During my travels in Japan I started indulging in the art of cosplay. While cosplay isn't as popular as it once was in Japan, there are still stores out there that cater to the whims of those who love to play dress-up. These stores cater to many different types of fans whether they be anime, goth or even historical. Show More Summary

Salaryman (in Japan) - Delays On The Train

During my English-teaching-in-Japan days, adverse weather could mean a morning, afternoon, or if lucky, a full day off work. Eventually you’d get a feel for Japan’s weather ‘events’ and their corresponding value in terms of time off ‘school’. Show More Summary

Russia’s Sergei Lavrov to visit Tokyo preparing for Shinzo Abe’s visit to Russia later this year

Source: welovecarbondioxide What is specifically being referred to here is American interference in how Japan conducts itself diplomatically with Russia as Russia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov prepares to visit Japan in April. Show More Summary

The rats in the American experimental laboratory have gotten loose from their cages

Source: welovecarbondioxideEvery once in awhile – a very great while – as a resident of Japan, I take an occasional jaded look at what is happening inside the experimental laboratory called America. In this incident, one of the lab rats...Show More Summary

Give back to Women on White Day!

Exactly a month after Valentine's Day, Japanese men try to repay women who've given them chocolate during the oddly named "White Day". Also celebrated in other nearby countries such as China, South Korea, and Taiwan; this holiday isn't...Show More Summary

White Day gifts that make you run a mile

Today is White Day in Japan, a second chance for chocolate makers to sell overpriced gifts; Valentine’s Day in Japan is for women to give gifts to men, so White Day is the day men are expected to return the favour. Thus this survey from goo Ranking looking at what gifts from men would make […]

Japanator Unboxes: Death Note: The Omega Edition Blu-ray Set

I remember when I first watched Death Note in 2006. The idea of getting rid of people by killing them with a simple notebook was terrifying yet intriguing. Not only that, but the thought that the Death Note was under the power of a soon-to-be...Show More Summary

Hello, Goodbye Despair: Danganronpa 2 gets a PC port

The Danganronpa games are fantastic. Stylish, tense, and utterly engrossing, they're easily among my favorite visual novels, and I recommend that everyone play them. Thankfully, that just got a lot easier, as people won't have to buy...Show More Summary

This Lobster Shell Sazabi model looks as cool as the real thing

Niconico ??????????????????? Move aside, plastic. There's a new material in town that can be used to make Gundam models and it can be obtained from a delicious delicacy. Instead of hunting down a Gunpla kit, Niconico User Nurezokin's younger brother decided to build Char Aznable's Sazabi from Char's Counterattack out of boiled lobster shells. Show More Summary

A memorable Settai or How to impress your client (and your boss at the same time)

What is a memorable Settai? I was asked recently to write something about "How to impress the boss with a memorable Settai ". A Settai being basically customer entertainment, you might find hard to justify company expenses just for your boss. Show More Summary

Pasta sales are way up in Japan and so is lung cancer in Japanese females

Source: welovecarbondioxideA relative in the family who is Japanese died this past year from lung cancer. She didn’t smoke so I started looking around for answers as to why she was succumbing to lung cancer. She died leaving three children and a husband. Show More Summary

This summer in Japan another boring Upper House election between the LDP and Komeito

Source: welovecarbondioxideHere’s your chance members of the New Komeito Party this summer when Upper House elections will take place for control over the Upper House. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated he wanted members of his governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to “work together” to win this summer’s Upper House election. Show More Summary

News: Setting Records. Survey Says 83% of Japanese Not Feeling Friendly Towards China

News outlets have been reporting since yesterday the results of a government survey examining the attitudes of the general public (in Japan) to other nations. It probably goes without saying that the elephant in this room was always going to be the question of China. Show More Summary

Chitose Shirasawa Smart Doll

March 14th in Japan is White Day - it is also the birthday of our Chitose Shirasawa. This year's White...

A giant tortoise out and about in Tokyo

A lot of people like to take their children out at the weekend, but the odd individual or two opt for a giant tortoise instead. And when it comes to the reactions of complete strangers, it’s not in the least bit surprising that even the cutest of kids can’t compete with a truly colossal pet.

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