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Fanta Seasonal Flavors

Back in America, I was a big soda drinker. I did eventually manage to give it up in order to try to be more healthy so drinking soda is now just a treat for me. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of options for soda in Japan. The standards tend to be Coke, Sprite, and Fanta. Show More Summary

Aw, snap: Gun Caliber returns to YouTube as a web series

It looks like the guys at Garage Hero are showing Gun Caliber on their YouTube Channel again; however, this upcoming stream will return in the form of a web series, as Bueno and the gang cut up the movie into various parts. Since Garage...Show More Summary

Sendai Burger Ranking

After coming to Japan, indulging in Japanese delicacies, and maybe even trying some of the odd options, everyone will start craving something from back home eventually. I've found burgers to be one of the easiest options when looking...Show More Summary

Sushi shop sorry for excessive amounts of wasabi served to foreigners

Have you ever played that drinking game where the loser has to neck large amounts of wasabi while their mates gawp at streaming eyes and nose dribble? Ahh, fun times, eh?! Wasabi is one of those things that should a foreigner show any degree of acceptance or dexterity in the handling of it, they’ll be lauded with praise from their Japanese hosts. Show More Summary

First Impressions: Tiger Mask W

A number of months ago, it was announced during a New Japan Pro Wrestling show that the company was working with animators to bring a new Tiger Mask series to the airwaves of Japan. The day has finally come with the debut of Tiger Mask W. If you've been keeping up with Strong Style, then me watching this show was natural. Show More Summary

Tokyo urban gardening

This old fella’s garden may only be the meagre space on top of an air conditioning unit, but the plants there seem to get just as much attention as they would if they were growing somewhere more conventional.

Working in Japan: What They Tell You (Part 1)

So you want to work in Japan? Then this two part article is for you.A young person like yourself wants to experience life in Japan. I was the same. I took the opportunity to visit this country twice before making that definite decision.I...Show More Summary

Japanator Live: Giving birth to new stars with This Starry Midnight We Make

At long last, I was able to take down Fortune Summoners' last boss during the last segment. While the game seemed to open up for a sequel, there's a chance that this title could end up in the list of titles that'll never get a continuation. Show More Summary

Weekend Japanatainment - Summer 2016 ED Edition

The Fall anime season starts soon and as the weather gets cooler for places north of the equator, the summer anime are ending/ended so it should be perfect to say farewell to the ending season by watching some endings! I won't be able...Show More Summary

Strong Style: Power struggle in WrestleKingom!

Hello, readers and welcome to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. The time has come as this week we are taking our first look at WrestleKingdom 10 from the Tokyo Dome! We are in front of 29.000 people...Show More Summary

Look forward to more of Thunderbolt Fantasy's glorious puppet action in the future

With Thunderbolt Fantasy's 13th/final episode appearing before us, the show hit us with an after-credits text that revealed that its sequel is in production. In light of this announcement, the series' Twitter page told folks to keepShow More Summary

Reduce your mobile bill to half #attention #newstudents

October and April are the months for new graduates as well as is a period of student admission.Once you are in Japan the first thing you may required, is communication with family and friends in some handful amount of money. Here I am...Show More Summary

Hokkaido Food Festival 2016 (09/29-10/02)

Last year, I was in the Hokkaido food festival in Yoyogi Park and unexpectedly found myself here again today. Food choices are so varied, how I wish I could try them all. There are huge crabs, oysters, ramen, melons, beer (of course), soft cream and a whole lot more! No entrance fees for this one but be warned, lines are long. Show More Summary

The Four-Eyed Raven. (Game of Thrones, anyone?) Buying a pair of specs in Japan!

I worked as an English teacher online for almost three years before and after that, I had a short stint as a web content writer. And that my friend, is how you ruin your eyesight. I’ve had three pairs of eyeglasses already with different grades for each since I was born to be stubborn. Show More Summary

The Side Hustle

Hey oh gosh hi ho there.I am alive. I’m struggling a bit for something worth writing a blog post about, (day to day life isn’t all that riveting, you know?) but I’m still kicking. Mostly I’m having a hard time getting over some super...Show More Summary

Check out Flixist's review of Shin Godzilla

If you're a regular reader here at Japanator, you've probably seen the trailer for Godzilla Resurgence, or now officially known thanks to Funimation, Shin Godzilla. It's a pretty big deal for tokusatsu fans like myself who've been waiting for the return of rubber suit goodness. But what you'll probably be most interested in is the talent involved. Show More Summary

Dolls are for big boys as well as little girls

Their interests matched perfectly, but different notions of play made the encounter more than a little uncomfortable.

Annotated Puppetry: Thunderbolt Fantasy episodes 7-12

It was only a matter of time until Urobuchi would slice Thunderbolt Fantasy with his special knives. While it took a while for his blade to pierce through the show’s main story, the effect is still worthy of his usual marks that he leaves...Show More Summary

Pay with your prints! Japan ready to roll out fingerprint tech from next month

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (?????) yesterday (Sept 28, 2016) announced the trial of a system they are calling ????????????? / Omotenashi Platform, whereby biometric technology will be used to confirm a person’s identity through their fingerprints. Show More Summary

Scaring Yourself To Bits Thinking About Your Halloween Party?

With Halloween around the corner, there are two things you need to start preparing. First, your costume and next, to organize a fantastic spooky party. The event may be a new thing in town here in Japan but no worries, we are here to...Show More Summary

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