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Surfing Near Tokyo

The world's largest urban area seems an unlikely host to surf culture but the industry in Tokyo carries a lot of clout. Over the years, many a World Surf League (formerly ASP World Tour) event have been held at breaks not too far away. Show More Summary

Mega Ran shows us how to get unlimited continues

Mega Ran is back with another rad music video, and he's bringing D&D Slugger along for the ride. As a part of his upcoming track, RNDM, "Infinite Lives" conveys the importance of finding ways to turn your life into an array of wonderful; experiences. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: GANGSTA episode 5

Did a quick google search for 'GANGSTA' before writing this piece and it turns out that the first two results are for the manga and not the thuggish lifestyle of urban America. Japanese animation and manga industry is currently more relevant than the gang banging lifestyle responsible for the rap music genre. This is a sign of the time's my friends. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 703

Today I like to make a shoutout to user Japanator reader Confuseddalek. Corazon really shines in this episode and we get to see why Law thinks so highly of him. Sadly we also get more vague information about what the infamous D. family thing is. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episode 10

Whenever I'm watching too much anime I tend to see anime in my anime. Like characters looking like other characters from other anime series' or storylines that have been covered by older anime. In this case, it's the Toyota AE86 from Initial D that had hit Nagato in the last episode. Show More Summary

Two words: Space Whiskey

In one small step to getting closer to anime space travel, Japanese distillery Suntory Holdings has announced they will be sending various whiskeys into space to age aboard the International Space Station. Read more...

Rest in Peace: Masayuki Izumi passes away

Ladies and gentlemen; it pains me to tell you all that Masayuki Izumi passed away on July 28. Sadly, the guy left to the other side at 35, which was too soon for someone at that age. The cause of his death was an undisclosed condition...Show More Summary

EU cookie notice regulations

By the way, to comply with an EU directive, you now get a message at the bottom of the screen telling you that I use cookies. It seems rather pointless to me, but Google requires me to do something… If you notice it misbehaving, etc, please drop me a note.

Traditional Japanese tofu shop

A scene from the end of another long day in Tokyo. A day like countless other days: making tofu the traditional way.

Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episode 3

Another day, another city to be ruined by a giant monster. Yup, that’s Ultraman X’s format for ya. I guess that those pesky creatures just want to walk the Earth after being freed from their toy-like states. Not that it’s a bad thing...Show More Summary

How Much Is A Cup Of Coffee In ‘Coffee Town’, Kiyosumi-shirakawa?

Until recently, the neighbourhood of Kiyosumi-shirakawa in Tokyo’s Koto ward was probably famous for but one thing; Kiyosumi Teien, a splendid Meiji Period garden. These days, otherwise unassuming Kiyosumi, is carving out a new brand,...Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma episodes 13-16

Shokugeki no Soma is quickly turning into the highlight of my week. The only problem with covering a Shonen-type series like this is that each episode isn't very substantial on its own, but the overall package is compelling enough to keep tuning in. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episodes 6-9

We've now hit the middle of the season so it's time for some fan service-y filler episodes. In Haruhi they went to Koizumi's beach house to solve a murder, in Nagato Yuki-chan they're heading to Tsuruya's Hot Springs under the cover of a training camp fib story. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: GANGSTA episodes 3-4

I tend not to look too deeply into a new anime series' before I watch them. If I'm a late comer then I'll do a quick wiki search to get a feel for the show before diving in but apart from that I came into GANGSTA like a spring chicken. Show More Summary

Attack on Titan: Junior High preview released

The mega-popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan has played host to several spin-off stories from the series. Now you can add one more to the list with Attack on Titan: Junior High, where things get slightly smaller, and cute. A preview was released of the newest AOT spin-off series which is about as much of a departure as you can get. Show More Summary

Nisekoi: Who has the best claim to Raku's Heart?

Nisekoi is a series that was a chore for me to watch especially during the first season. Too many overreactions over misunderstandings that dragged each episode out to its obvious conclusion. There wasn't a massive amount of fan service per episode and the characters were charming but also bat shit idiotic especially Raku and Onodera. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 702

Doflamingo remains one of my favourite One Piece villains. Despite the shit I had to put up with in Dressrosa it is all worth it to see the good episodes. Doflamingo has one of the more interesting backstories of all the characters in One Piece and I love how you can see how it had directly affected his personality and actions. Read more...

First Impressions: Bikini Warriors

I think we are all aware of the ridiculous concept of armour for females in a fantasy setting. As males level up they get to wear more extravagant armour while the ladies are rewarded with higher statistical armour but is represented as beach wear rather than fighting gear. Show More Summary

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