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A week ago I decided to go to see the exhibition of the famous Japanese artist Kaih? Yush? at the Kyoto National Museum. If you're thinking 'Who's this artist...?'Kaih? Y?sh? was a Japanese painter of the Azuchi–Momoyama period. He was...Show More Summary

Golden Week: Visit the Zoo for Free!

There are numerous things to do in Japan during Golden week which is both pocket-friendly and enjoyable at the same time. When I say ‘pocket-friendly, I mean at a very low cost or even better, absolutely for FREE! That’s always a magic...Show More Summary

A Day Out to Yahiko Shrine

Golden week was almost over. My husband and I got a call from our old good family friends that they were in Tokyo. They came in to Japan from Australia to show Disneyland to their young kids. We were surprised with the call and insisted that they come visit us in Niigata. Show More Summary

Tokyo car park drunk

The ambitiously early revelry resulted in a similarly early mid-afternoon slumber.

This Changes Everything

This changes everything. Again. And you won't need to sell all your organs to get it. Ok well maybe ju...

Lunch Noms

Lunch noms. ??????

Prototype Smartdoll

Prototype turned out to be a cutie. ??????????#smartdoll

New Jeans

New jeans for Mirai. ????????????????#smartdoll #miraimannequin

Big Girl Mirai-chan

Mirai-chan is a big girl now. And heavier. ????????????????????#smartdoll #miraimannequin https://w...

Apparel for Mirai Mannequin

The apparel for the 1/2 scale Mirai Mannequin is cute too. 1/2????????????????????????#smartdoll ht...

Human Scale Smartdoll

There you have it a - human scale #smartdoll. ??????????????????

Today's Mirai Store Tokyo

Today's Mirai Store Tokyo. #smartdoll doing well it seems. ?????????????????????????????????? https...

3 Free Summer Festivals in Miyagi

Looking for some free fun this summer in Miyagi? Mark your calendars! Each of these festivals is free to experience!Aoba Matsuri May 20-21, SendaiThe weekend of May 20th and 21st of this year is special for the people of Sendai, where...Show More Summary

Gallery: Sanja Matsuri 2017, Asakusa, Tokyo

Asakusa festival Sanja Matsuri (???) today entered the second of three days of festivities for the 2017 edition. As is the custom in this festival of some 700 years it was the Saturday that saw the introduction of the much celebrated...Show More Summary

Golden Week: Three flower fields in bloom

Japan’s Golden Week is celebrated every year from the end of April to the beginning of May. A lot of people have days off and so many places are super crowded. However, this season is also a good time to see a lot of different flowers which are blooming right now. Show More Summary

Tokyo's besuited office workers play tug-of-war on the streets of Marunouchi, Tokyo

Tokyo’s office workers took to the streets of Marunouchi today, still in their suits, to battle it out in the finals of the ‘Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho Nakadori Tsunahiki Tournament’, a lunch-break tug-of-war contest with the winners...Show More Summary

Glimpse of Golden Week

Nothing like a long trip but I had day trips almost everyday during the Golden Week holiday period. Golden week in Niigata is the time for rice planting as well so I spent one of my mornings watching the skilled farmers run their planting machine in the well soaked rice field. Show More Summary

The distractions of a traditional Japanese bar

When it comes to the stress of work, life and the increasing madness of the world around us, traditional little bars can very often offer a brief, but welcome distraction. The only trouble is, the all-too-common addition of a TV, means such diversions invariably don’t last very long.

Japnese kids’ loved and hated fruit and veg

Today’s survey was a look at children’s liked and disliked fruit and vegetables. My most hated vegetable as a child, Brussels sprouts, are very much a rarity here in Japan, so I suspect not many children have tasted one, let alone have an opinion on them. I think the most interesting result here is how […]

How much money can I expect to save in Japan? A break down of the 250,000 yen salary

To those who want a quick answer to the question, "How much money can I expect to save in Japan?", we say somewhere between 20,000 and 70,000 yen based on a salary of 250,000 yen per month. However, one can never be definitive about the cost of living in Japan (or anywhere for that matter), although you can always have a stab at an estimation. Show More Summary

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