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News: Expats Say Life in Japan is ...

Over the course of May and into June (2016), we posed to you, the City-Cost users, some piercing (using the term tongue-in-cheek) questions about how it feels to be an expat living in Japan. Here’s how you answered. Don’t worry, no identities...Show More Summary

News: Neglected - Statutes come and go for 2,270 criminal cases in Osaka Prefecture

In a week when Osaka Prefecture revealed that the statute of limitations has come and gone for 2,270 criminal cases, we take a look at the nature of policing in Japan. How does police presence in Japan compare to that in your country?...Show More Summary

Special drink in Japan: Jelly in a can and mango yogurt

If you visit Japan and didn't check out the convenience store or vending machine you are missing a lot! Japanese don't like to drink the same things over and over again, that is the reason why most of the beverage manufacturer in Japan...Show More Summary

Urban Japanese farming

Tokyo may well be a bustling megacity of umpteen millions, but away from more central areas, it’s amazing how common it is to find concrete and crops in close proximity.

Here's a quick look at Garage Hero's new red samurai hero

It looks like the guys at the Indie Tokusatsu Studio Garage Hero have a new short in the work, as they show off their new hero known as Red Sun, which was made by Former Rainbow Zoukei (Kamen Rider 555 through Kabuto's suits) Member Daisuke Komatsu. Red Sun plans to make his debut in a new short that hits Garage Hero's YouTube channel on July 8. Show More Summary

Anime Expo 2016 is full of guests you should see

This weekend starts Anime Expo 2016 out in Los Angeles. It's nuts. A good anime convention not only provides a healthy crowd turnout and lots of things for the attendees to do, but also a wide variety of guests and events. Anime Expo...Show More Summary

Things you should know, when your family send you a care package.

Japan is great! You can get anythings you need from a department store, sometimes even in the convenience store nearby your home. When you need something from you home country, it maybe a little bit difficult.The best way to get those...Show More Summary

Doai: Japan’s deepest train station

Due to their very nature, most train stations in Japan are merely functional. Buildings designed to simply get you somewhere, rather than destinations in themselves. And when it originally opened in 1936, Doai, in Gunma Prefecture, was also a regular, run-of-the-mill station. But after the addition of a northbound line in 1967, all that changed. […]

Brilliant Hearthstone ad pokes fun at Japanese corporate culture

It's a cliche at this point to describe Japanese work culture as "quite hierarchical", but it is true that bosses, company officials, and executives are afforded a level of deference that's not as common in other cultures. Unless you're ace at Hearthstone, that is. Show More Summary

One in four LGBT Japanese don’t know what LGBT is

One of the objectives of this survey was to see how awareness of the English abbreviation “LGBT” was spreading through Japan, thus we get the apparently weird result of LGBT not being aware of their label; previously “sexual minority” was a more common label. This survey was from the Japan LGBT Research Institute Inc (A […]

Tokyo’s Best Outdoor Hotel Pools for Summer 2016

Presenting the best outdoor pools in Tokyo at some of the city's finest hotels for summer 2106. Non guests welcome.It’s hard to describe the climate during Tokyo’s summer; sweatier than a carpenter’s sock? Hotter than vindaloo curry?...Show More Summary

In Japan, we love our hormone. But just what is it?

I ate motsu nabe (???) for dinner tonight. There isn’t really much of a custom to eat ???? overseas, as I understand it. It’s pretty common in Asia though. Hormone (short term for internal organs) is very popular in Japan. Why? Because...Show More Summary

Problems being a leftie in Japan

I’m not the sinister kind, so I cannot say if these are universal problems identified by goo Ranking’s survey into typical things lefties have to face. I’m not sure if this cat is left-handed (left-pawed?), but it’s the only image I could find that suggested Japan and left-handedness. Interestingly, cats would appear to be twice […]

Tokyo Game Show 2016 (Preview)

It's almost time for the 2016 Tokyo Game Show! If you are in the Tokyo area this September and are interested in video games, this is your opportunity to see the latest offerings from some of the biggest names in gaming. Last year'sShow More Summary

Does Physical Attraction Really Matter?

In my YouTube channel (Find Your Love in Japan), I get a lot of questions related to something physical or race.“A taller girl is OK for Japanese men?"“Black guy is OK for Japanese girls?"“Is that really true Japanese guy’s penises are...Show More Summary

5 Steps to Hiyashi Chuka

????? / hiyashi chuka - chilled Chinese. Cold ramen noodles served with various toppings, in this case ham, cucumber, egg, and pickles. Really easy to stomach in those humid summers when you've little appetite. STEP 1: To the supermarket. Show More Summary

Japanator Live: Drink away your problems in VA-11 Hall-A

Watch live video from Japanator on [The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] Now that I've fallen into the deepest pits of despair, it's time for me to drown my sorrows with the finest booze from VA-11 Hall-A's signature bar. Show More Summary

Strong Style: Block B there (or B square)!

Welcome everyone to Strong Style, Japanator's coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we have two shows as we decide who goes into the finals of the G1 25 tournament to face Hiroshi Tanahashi next week. Both shows tonight...Show More Summary

Brexpat! British Expat in Japan, Reacting To Brexit

(Image right: Damon Bay Flickr / Image left: pittaya Flickr)I’m not sure I’ve ever made it clear in this blog where I’m from. Anyway, England. I would have said the U.K., but maybe I’d better get used to just England from now. As will...Show More Summary

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