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Japanator Live: Sal confronts La-Mulana's Endless Corridor

Watch live video from Japanator on Last week on the stream, I managed to beat La-Mulana's fifth boss, which allowed for me to explore more new areas. Thanks to a special item, I was able to turn the place with infiniteShow More Summary

Week Ender - Hidamari Sketch Edition

Hidamari Sketch is a show I would recommend to people who like SHAFT (Bakemonogatari, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and would want something a bit more subtle than their usual outrageous stuff. It still has a the trademark SHAFT motifs with minimalist art, symmetrical shapes, and their [wide] head tilts but with some slice-of-life aspects. Show More Summary

Strong Style: The Big Match!

Greetings and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we have the big match here as we take a last look at the WrestleKingdom 9 show from January 4th of this year. We end the five weeks of coverage from the Tokyo Dome with the main event getting the full hour it deserves. So let's get right into it. Read more...

Your Signature

I thought that this post that I wrote this week would be helpful for all of you who are new to Japan or thinking of moving to Japan. Signing your name in Japan isn't cut and dry for the big things, like things for banking and pretty much signing up/registering for things. Show More Summary

Mount Fuji on a crystal clear morning

Mount Fuji can be coy at the best of times, and the day before, clouds had completely obscured the famous mountain — the lake too most of the time. Early the following morning, however, it was a different story altogether, with that wonderful conical shape uncovered and happily anything but bashful.

Annotated Anime: One Punch Man episode 5

Things start to pick up in the animated chronicle of the man who Belive In Justice and Hold A Determination To Fist, as the theme of this week's episode is "testing", whether against bureaucracy, your teacher, or yourself. Let's get some udon when we're done! Symphogear is the 2nd best punching anime this year Sorry, Symphogear reference Read more...

Mission Complete: Muv-Luv Kickstarter comes to a triumphant close

Ladies and gentlemen. It looks like we've successfully vanquished the BETA, as the Muv-Luv Kickstarter ended a total of $1,255,444 on Nov. 3. Not only did they managed to achieve every stretch goal possible (such as the translation of...Show More Summary

OP Up! Hidamari Sketch Edition

Hidamari Sketch is one of those cute slice of life anime that I just ignored until a friend told me about it. I was slowly starting to like the "cute girls doing cute things" genre and this one was one of the better ones. Much to myShow More Summary

Cost of Imported Groceries

We all have food/drink that we miss from our home countries and thankfully, you can get quite a bit of imported food in Japan. Of course, it costs more. I wrote a post a little over a month ago on my blog, Trekking with Becky, about how much imported groceries can cost as well as some tips about where to find your favourite imported food. Show More Summary

Japanese man who has lost his shirt

And a shirt that would seem to have been lost both literally and figuratively.

Watch this Cowboy Bebop script reading video, Space Cowboy

Anime purists often argue that subtitled anime is the best kind of anime and snub all dubs, but there is an anime that dub that is almost unanimously loved by all anime fans: Cowboy Bebop. When Cowboy Bebop was brought to the US in the...Show More Summary

First Impressions: Anitore! EX

There has always been sports anime around that I can never get into. Either I have no interest in the sport or the drama part takes too much away from the sport that I like, or the show is more interested in showing off the attractive characters than the story or the sport. Show More Summary

DIY IKEA Standing Desk

For the past 6 weeks or so I've been working at my standing desk. Today I'm going to go over how I DIY...

Today in Anime: Culture Festival

Culture Festivals are a staple of Japanese school anime, but it's a concept that is lost on many westerners. As the years went on I just rolled with it. It was just a thing that Japanese schools did. My school used to have a fun dayShow More Summary

Cost of Utilities

Everyone knows that Japan is not cheap and like every other country in the world, the cost of living depends on where you live - a big city or in the country-side. I live in Kurashiki, which is a city close to Okayama in Okayama-ken....Show More Summary

How Much Money Do I Need .. For My First Week In Japan?

There are a number of circumstances under which one might arrive in Japan to work. For some, prospective employers take care of everything pertaining to a new workers initial days ‘in country’. Airport pick up, hotel arranged and paid for, welcome dinners and drinks, and a shiny new apartment ready to move into as soon as the jet lag has passed. Show More Summary

Voice Actress Miyu Matsuki passes away

Miyu Matsuki, who recently went on hiatus due to a case of pneumonia around 3 months ago, tragically passed away last October 27 at the young age of 38. Yes, 38 is young and to lose someone so talented whose work you enjoy because of...Show More Summary

Review: One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

As someone who isn't into One Piece, it's always a surprise for me every time I am reminded that the franchise is still wildly popular around the world. Its enduring popularity remains strong especially in its native Japan with all the...Show More Summary

Raise your flag for Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans' chiptune opening

With a new Gundam show airing this season, it was only a matter of time until Studio Megaane would use his amazing skills to give Barbatos a retro upgrade. Once again, the guy did an amazing job with capturing the essence that people...Show More Summary

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