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Injection Molded Smartdoll

It's not been done before so challenge accepted - injection molded version of #smartdoll - can you tel...

Hiroshima Tsukemen Gaff

Noms at the Hiroshima Tsukemen gaff at Nishikoyama.

No smoking law; public says not just for Olympics, not just for Tokyo

With Tokyo Olympics coming up, one of the hot topics is that the International Olympic Committee and the WHO have agreed that they should promote a smoke-free Olympics, in order to protect against second-hand smoke, but with Japan being a bit of a smokers’ paradise and with the government owning a third of Japan Tobacco, […]

Annie at The New National Theatre Tokyo

My Golden Week in Japan kicked off in highbrow fashion with a trip to the theater. OK, so a musical production of Annie perhaps doesn’t qualify so well in that regard but it’s certainly an improvement from YouTube or a Tsutaya DVD rental.It...Show More Summary

Golden Week: Hike or Ropeway Day Trips

If you’re in Japan and stuck in a big city like Tokyo or Sendai, wondering how to spend your Golden Week, you’re probably navigating through endless timetables and reviews for places to go around the country. You can simplify your plans by checking out Gunma prefecture’s wide and peaceful areas. Show More Summary

Old, crumbling and abandoned Tokyo

Due to the increasing problems of a shrinking population and urban migration, it’s not really surprising that abandoned homes, along with countless other kinds of crumbling buildings, are now common sights outside Japan’s major cities. Yet despite the capital’s continued growth, and the often prohibitive cost of land, it’s also not that unusual to see […]

Home is where the mansion is

If you do not plan on staying under a bridge when you come to Japan, you are going to need a roof over your head. Preferably with four or more walls to hold up that roof.The housing market in Japan is extremely varied; you can find buildings...Show More Summary

Kameido Tenjin Shrine Wisteria Festival

Today I´ve visited the wisteria festival at the Kameido Tenjin Shrine at the eastside of Tokyo. The shrine is very popular for it´s wisteria and also for the plum festival. I really love that little shrine area with small japanese bridges and the big pond.But today was totally crazy. Show More Summary

Virtual Japan: Yakuza the Video Game

I am a huge gamer. When I came to Japan, I took my Resident Evil Xbox360 and took all my North American region games with me. The controller lands in my hands every night, and time flies away without my knowledge or my regrets.ThereShow More Summary

Short Bob Silver

Short Bob Silver for #smartdoll available now. ??????????????????????????????? https://shop.smartdo...

KAWAII MONSTER CAFE drops new and mad menu for Golden Week

Purveyors of refined taste and the subtle touch, KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, are celebrating a milestone; they’ve seen some 30,000 diners pass through their doors. In honour of this number, a new menu at the cafe has been out together for Japan’s...Show More Summary

Puffy AmiYumi Sweets Go On Sale Across Japan

A series of four sweets inspired by Japanese pop / rock duo, Puffy AmiYumi went on sale at supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan today.Hard to believe, but last year was the 20th since Puffy AmiYumi made their debut. SuchShow More Summary

Japanese Gift Giving Occasions

The gift giving culture in Japan is a huge part of this society, with presents given for all types of occasions. Now, while there are plenty of gift giving etiquette to remember, it's also important to know the different occasions when gifts are appropriate - and the best type of gift for each occasion. Show More Summary

City slicker, Country bumpkin or both?

It is time to talk about the differences between living in the city and living in the countryside. There are merits and demerits to both places and it takes a certain mindset to live in each one. I have had the pleasure of living inShow More Summary

Gunma Kids

Are you still struggling with Japanese? For foreign parents whose kids are in school and/or starting first school in Japan. Yes, there are a lot of paperwork involved to you and your kids in fully Kanji. I cried over several days to finish these, but you do not have suffer through it. Show More Summary

Shinto priest: A colour portrait

Recently, when putting together a set of traditional Japan images, I went back to the photograph of this intense looking Shinto priest from December 2012. A portrait that at the time seemed much better suited to black and white. Now, however, I’m not nearly so convinced. In fact, if pushed to pick one or the […]

Japanese don’t know the meaning of innovation

A lot of English (and other language) words end up as loan words in Japanese, but many of them, particular technology-related ones, are unfamiliar to many Japanese, so goo Ranking took a look at what loan words do people often hear but don’t know the meaning of. In the list below I’ve decided to use […]

Ladies Long Shirt

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Meet N Connect

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Continuing Research

Continuing research for our US HQ & Mirai Store location. ???????????????????????????????? https://...

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