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How to dispose of waste in Japan

Waste disposal is a very comprehensive issue in Japan. The following waste disposal instruction is from my residential area, but mostly corresponds to many other places (there are some small differences). Depending on whether you live in your own house or in an apartment, there are of course differences. Show More Summary

How to get the right partner for life in Japan: Gokon, Omiai or Konkatsu

There are many ways to find a partner in Japan. Nowadays it is very popular to find a partner at the internet on popular dating sites or a friend is introducing each other, but still there are some classic ways to find a partner, which are very unique to Japan. Show More Summary

From Tokyo to Mount Fuji: Where, How and How Much

Everytime I see Mount Fuji, I unconsciously gasp and marvel at the beauty and grandeur (and that almost perfect symmetry). "Magical (if frustratingly elusive)" is the only way I can describe this symbol of Japan. Granted, Mount FujiShow More Summary

My favorite 3 free sightseeing spots in Niigata

Japan has a reputation of being a very expensive country in the world. However, this is not always true. There are services that you can enjoy for free as well. To support my statement, I am listing my favorite three free sightseeing spots in Niigata. Show More Summary

Eating outdoors in Japan (Gunma)

I used to think Japan was a digitalized country and it had no outdoor spaces for humans. When Japanese people traveled in my home country, the first time I saw them I noticed they had giant cameras whether they were professional photographers or amateurs. Show More Summary

Sayonara, stinking hot summer: 5 ways to beat the heat!

We moved to Japan four years ago in June - so I arrived here right in time to experience the joys of a Japanese summer. I use the word "joys" with a degree of sarcasm, since I had never experienced humidity before. I remember Googling...Show More Summary

Nice water places in Japan

Besides the beautiful beaches Japan has to offer, there are also other nice places inside the country to enjoy the water. Here are some of my recommendations. • Lake Yamanaka, Kawaguchi, SaikoIf you are visiting Mt. Fuji, you should also make a stop of one of the surrounding lakes like Yamanaka, Kawaguchi or Saiko. Show More Summary

How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Fukushima?

Easily accessed from Tokyo, the city of Fukushima is the capital of the prefecture of the same name. Fukushima's train station is a stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen. Being surrounded by the foothills of the Azuma Mountains means that Fukushima is not only quite picturesque but also a good place to live for those who enjoy hiking and the outdoors. Show More Summary

Osaka to Kobe and on to Himeji Castle: "how to" and "how much it costs"

Osaka and Kobe are two of the big urban players in a Kansai area that should one day these two cities along with Kyoto and Nara finally merge would form an urban zone of frightening scale. Still, it would be a diverse one. Osaka brings the salt-of-the-earth, good times served with honest grub and washed down with some of the best jokers in Japan. Show More Summary

How much does milk and dairy cost in Japan?

We created an earlier post on City-Cost attempting to detail the cost of fruit in Japan. This was largely due to fruit having a reputation for being exorbitantly expensive, which it largely is. Whether or not the same can be said about the cost of milk and other dairy products in Japan, we're no longer sure. Show More Summary

Get More Bonus Miles with Flight in JAPAN

JAPAN 500 BONUS MILES CAMPAIGNWhichever airline company including LCC (Low Cost Carrier), no matter how small the distance, cheap tickets, a campaign where SkyMiles of Delta Air Lines gets 500 Miles each time you take a domestic flight (March 31, 2018 )there is. Show More Summary

The Invasion of The Donburi

Donburi, a Japanese rice bowl dish, filled with wonderful ingredients over rice, topped with a layer of delicious gravy or sauce, enough to supply the dietary requirements of a healthy meal. That's rather unique to Japan and as you go...Show More Summary

"Don't clean up" card at a food court

I was at the subway station of Omotesando the other day, and they got a little food court. There, I discovered a new system that I've never seen elsewhere in Japan.Since it is a food court, solo-eaters might leave the seat once in a while to get more food/services. Show More Summary

Hitakaya's Crispy Yakisoba

I'm usually not a fan of big chain restaurants when I have other choices available, but one day recently, I visited Hitakaya for a quick meal.They serve various kinds of Chinese food, focusing on noodles with a few choices of rice and gyoza (as well as alcohol). Show More Summary

The Potato Chips Crisis!

I walked into the supermarket today, with plans to refill my stocks of unhealthy delicious snacks.What awaited for me was a scene of horror.....The shelves normally filled with colours bags of chips of different flavours were mostlyShow More Summary

A Mom's Guide To: Time Management in Japan

As a mom, we are always being pulled in all directions, everyone needs our time and everything needs to be fixed right now. I often joked that when my kids are on their holidays, I don’t even get a chance to get my feet off the floor, until they are off to bed and that is TRUE. Show More Summary

Japan, A Therapy For Those With OCD

Ok I admit, I have an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Not the serious form that needs hand washing every other minute but I do like to keep my things very clean and organized. Having a mess or seeing loose items lying around makes me antsy and organizing things calms my nerves better than a bath or a nice cup of tea. Show More Summary

Supermarket fried-rice seasonings

One of the things from supermarket that I often purchase to prepare myself for easy meals at home at the fried-rice seasonings.With soooooooooooooooooooo many kinds to choose from, you can always try a different pack and explore some...Show More Summary

Apollo: My Favourite Strawberry Chocolate

I've been eating this chocolate since I was a kid and loved every single piece of it. There's something about the perfect balance between the chocolate and strawberry flavours this Apollo chocolate contains.For around 100yen, you can get 46 grams of these milky sweet goodness. Show More Summary

How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Aomori?

Aomori City is the last sizeable urban bastion of Japan’s main island Honshu, before the waters of the Tsugaru Straits separate the island from Hokkaido to the north. The city is the capital of the prefecture of the same name. Nature...Show More Summary

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