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Doodle Of Mirai-Chan

Nearly forgot to share this doodle of Mirai-Chan by Shirahane Nao-sensei.

Morning Commute

Morning #tokyo commute.

A half-century-old Tokyo ramen restaurant

The cramped seating area isn’t exactly the comfiest, and the toilet facilities are positively archaic, but this old Tokyo ramen restaurant is pretty much perfect. Great food, decades of clutter and a genuine sense of warmth the moment one walks in.

Get to know the Major in the new Ghost in the Shell trailer

Despite many years of ambivalence and some really bad recent political optics, I think I can finally say that I'm excited to see the Ghost in the Shell live-action movie. The latest trailer does away with the teasing and gives folksShow More Summary

Husbando Alert! iDOLM@STER SideM gets anime adaptation

Male idol lovers (and haters) beware! You're all gonna be in for a new wave of animu male idols that will likely flood anitwitter in the near future. The mobile game, The iDOLM@STER SideM, will receive an anime adaptation similar to that of the mobile game The iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS back in 2015. Show More Summary

Radwimps brings songs from Your Name to English

The official theatrical release of the English-language dub of the hit film Your Name is coming to the west on April 7 and with that upcoming release are English-language versions of the songs made for the film by the band radwimps.Show More Summary

Japanator LIVE - Yakuza Zero (Part 3) Redo

[Stream will begin at 10PM US Central Time over at the Japanator YouTube page and the video of the stream will also be posted here during and after the stream, so check it out!] Tonight, I try not to be a complete failure and actually...Show More Summary

Twilight Milk

Twilight Milk on sale 2017/02/20 Mon 9AM JST. ???????????????9AM????????????11AM? https://www.insta...

Tripod Stand For Smartdoll

Tripod stand for #smartdoll out tomorrow. Great for uneven surfaces too. ????3?????????????????? ht...

Shoes Off Please

Shoes off on our 2nd floor too please. ??2F???????????????????

Smartdoll Apparel

Ramping up #smartdoll apparel production. Made in #japan ?????????????????????? https://www.instagr...

DIY Hybrid Watch

New DIY hybrid watch. CASIO PRG-600YB-3JF & 38mm Apple Watch. ????????????

New Cocoa Smartdoll Guy

New Cocoa #smartdoll guy on the block. ????????????????


#smartdoll - made in and ships from #japan within 2-5 biz days. ??????????????????????? https://www...

Actress & Entrepreneur Grace Wong

Actress & Entrepreneur Grace Wong with Chitose Smart Doll opening another Dearest Grace store in Malay...

Japanese Food Experience: KIT KAT MANIA

When you are at the supermarket, have you ever noticed there are different sorts of KitKats? Did you even notice they change seasonally? Actually, Japanese people are really crazy for KitKat and there are not only a few different sorts, there are MANY different sorts. Show More Summary

How to make japanese strawberry shortcake

Japanese loves their strawberry shortcake. I guess it is the number one cake ever in Japan. You can buy it really everywhere. Also my husband really loves that cake, so I promised to bake one for his birthday. For everybody who likeShow More Summary

Chocolate Or Other Goodies?

You get any chocolate or other goodies this Valentine's Day?

Are You Ronery?

Are you ronery this Valentine's Day? Which lovely lass or lad do you wish you was sharing it with? ht...

Happy Valentine's Day folks!

Happy Valentine's Day folks! Sharing it with loved ones or jpegs?

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