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My First Japan Trip

We have arrived! After landing we bought our Narita Express (NEX) train tickets & Suica card. The Suica is basically like an Oyster card, except in Japan it’s just for convenience. The NEX train took us from the airport to Tokyo. I think we can safely say it was the cleanest train we’ve ever been on. Show More Summary

My experiences as a foreigner in Japan

1. Been stared at in public2. Been complimented on chopstick use.3. Been complimented on great Japanese after uttering a single word.4. Had someone in a hot spring get out of a bath because you entered.5. Had people leave an empty seat next to you on a crowded train.6. Show More Summary

Feel the Super Emotions in the Japanese Civil War Trailer

Japanese movie trailers almost always follow a formula: they would start out happy with some happy music then it stops, and suddenly it hits you an emotional crescendo with some dramatic music that let's you know that things are getting serious. Show More Summary

A Beginner's Guide to Onsens

Japan is a cluster of islands that is situated in a volcanic zone on the Pacific Rim of Fire. Therefore, there are plenty of natural hot springs from the volcanic activity. Bathing in these hot springs (or onsen) are an integral part of life in Japan as it is the best way to unwind and refresh the mind, body, and spirit. Show More Summary

Surviving in Japan with English

One question I often get asked as an English-speaker in Japan is "Can you survive in Japan with only English?" Well here's the answer. What is it really like to use English in Japan? Can you live there if you only know English? Check out the video below for some answers:

News: Financial Liability of Smoking Tenants in Japan

Here at City-Cost, we’re all about the cost of living in Japan. So, when we were patrolling the netwaves this morning in search of news that wasn’t related to the G7 summit, we were as pleased as punch to find this finance related, daily-life...Show More Summary

Eat Delicious Meat On The Cheap in Japan

People who like meat! I thought I would write about a way to eat delicious meat in Japan, on the cheap.How are you guys preparing your regular, everyday meats? For example, do you tenderise it by pounding/beating it, many times over?...Show More Summary

A Cheap and Easy Car Wash Method in Tight-For-Space Tokyo

Looking for a car wash? Particularly in Japan’s urban areas, houses tend not to have their own car parks/driveways or gardens. Nor do they tend to have an outdoor water tap through which to connect a hose. Well, OK, maybe some people...Show More Summary

Tokyo metropolitan moment

Tokyo is a truly massive, multi-layered metropolis, but like big cities the world over, it’s still all about the people.

First Impressions: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

I honestly didn't know what to expect going into David Production's latest phase in adapting the epic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, Diamond is Unbreakable. Besides some background details gleaned from Wikipedia and the enthusiastic...Show More Summary

Moving house happenings

Round about April first is the start of the new work and university year in Japan, so there’s a lot of people moving house, so this was the excuse for goo Ranking to publish a survey of what sort of stuff typically happens when moving. I moved just about a year and half ago, and […]

Japanator Live: Let's put an end to Danganronpa's despair

Watch live video from Japanator on [The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] Right when I thought that Danganronpa's punishment scenes wouldn't have any affect on me anymore, the game pulled a ridiculous move that broke my mind and body into billions of pieces. Show More Summary

2020 Tokyo Olympics new logo search down to final four

At least one of the major issues that have plagued the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo will be resolved later this month as the search for a new logo has narrowed down to four. As we've posted before, The Olympic games of Tokyo have had both its Stadium plans and official logo plans scrapped after the controversy surrounding the games. Show More Summary

Strong Style: Back for more!

Hello Hello, fans and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at new Japan Pro wrestling on AXS TV. This week we are back at the Osaka-Jo Hall looking at the Dominion card from 2015. This week's matches are a bit of a dichotomy. Show More Summary

JoJo Part 4's 8-bit ending theme will heal all of your wounds

You know that Studio Megaane is an impressive person when he releases a chiptune version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable's ending theme within the same timeframe that the anime's tune made its debut. I guess thisShow More Summary

Rest in Peace: Digimon Song Performer Kouji Wada passes away

It's time for a moment of silence, as Kouji Wada, the guy who sang most of the themes from the Digimon franchise, has left our world on April 3 at the age of 42. The cause of his passing was due to cancer in his upper pharynx. Originally,...Show More Summary

What Would You Do? Becoming a Ghoul

[Ed. Note: What Would You Do? is a new column run by our newest contributor Lindo Korchi, examining popular scenarios from anime to develop a proper plan of action (or inaction) for any situation.] Previously, we had to consider our options if we were bitten by Rize Kamishiro of Tokyo Ghoul. Show More Summary

How Much?! Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8)

Debunking or exacerbating the myth that Japan is an expensive country. A look back at this week’s expat-in-Japan expenses. How did we do? Saturday It might have been grey and slightly chilly, but that didn’t stop Yoyogi Park in Tokyo...Show More Summary

Happy Bothday: Gun Caliber's sequel is now in pre-production

Ever since I watched the original Gun Caliber film, its sequel became one of the tokusatsu projects that I'm looking forward to the most. Part of it had to do with the way how the Main Hero Soma's development from a washed-up hero who...Show More Summary

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