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Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episode 15

The beach episode has come later than I expected for a slice of life high school romance anime. Usually, it'll be mid-season to serve as fan service-y padding and an excuse to put the female characters in bikinis since a beach is the only socially acceptable place to wear a bikini outside of an RPG. Read more...

Annotated Anime: Himouto! Umaru Chan episode 9

Anime is a great way to see the differences in culture and Valentine's is a perfect example to see the contrasts. Here in the UK, the exchange of a $2 pre-written card is the modern way of courting that special someone on Valentine's Day. Show More Summary

Wild and surprised Shibuya eyes

A wide-eyed reaction to Shibuya that more than a few people have probably recreated — both for positive, and negative reasons.

Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episodes 6-7.5

At long last, Ultraman X has finally pulled out some original creatures out of their hat. Again, it’s understandable why they couldn’t have done this earlier in the game. Either way, this hasn’t stop Tsuburaya from preventing this series...Show More Summary

You might be an alcoholic if…

goo Ranking had a rather fun little survey, a look at stereotypical features of people who love alcohol just a little too much. Demographics Between the 7th and 21st of July 2015 goo Ranking conducted their own survey via their web site/ 1,298 completed the open survey, but no demographic information was provided. Number 3 […]

Japanator Live: Sal beats up Fairy Bloom Freesia's evil slimes

Watch live video from japanator on So I manage to unexpectedly beat Ys II last week, and my magical senses told me that it's time to take a break from the series-- at least for now. Sure, I only played two games in theShow More Summary

Week Ender - Big Sword Edition

Oversized weaponry is a common sight in action anime and manga, it's always fun to see large and unwieldly swords or guns be used in a manner that would be impossible in real life. Who doesn't want to feel all strong and powerful with...Show More Summary

Strong Style: Title Shot Shoot Out

Hello again to Strong Style. This week New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV takes us to the famed Sumo hall for the first of two weeks of action from October 13, 2014. On tonight's show we have an IWGP Jr. heavyweight title match, A bruiser...Show More Summary

Ebony Futaba

Update 5 ^^; Photos of Ebony in some of our casual apparel - some of which is available at the Cultur...

Animator Expo's Ultraman short is chock-full of toku goodness

As Ultraman X continues to rock the airwaves with its hero that fights bad guys with his sweet-looking monster armors, the Japan Animator Expo project has united with the Giant of Light to bring us a short that'll make any Ultra fan rejoice. Show More Summary

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games scraps logo

The Tokyo Olympic organizing committee announced that it is scrapping the current logo for the games after the designer, Kenjiro Sano, had been accused of plagiarism. Almost since the logo's unveiling, it was met with a lot of negativity from the Japanese public, saying the logo was ugly and confusing. Show More Summary

Quitting Your Job In Japan

The nature of the foreign worker in Japan is itinerant. It's not unusual for a fresh faced, overseas employee to rock up on these shores, realize the job they accepted from a thousand miles away is actually a reality, soil themselves, then quit after a few days and jump on the next flight back home. Show More Summary

OP Up! Big Sword Edition

Yeah, I know what they say about characters with big swords and how people make that joke ALL THE TIME, and how it's totally not tired at all. Totally. But think about how exciting big weapons look on the page of a manga or animated on a TV. Show More Summary

One in five middle-aged Japanese want their ashes scattered in the wind

Here is a rather interesting survey from Hoken (insurance) Clinic, looking at the diversification of graves and funerals. Demographics Over the 4th and 5th of August 2015 500 people, 250 male and 250 female, aged between 40 and 60 years old completed an internet-based questionnaire. There is an implication in Q1 that everyone was married. […]

Kadokawa Academy X Smart Doll

One of Japan's largest anime and manga publishers KADOKAWA (Haruhi, Lucky Star, Sword Art Online, Kanc...

Watch Hideo Kojima say goodbye to Metal Gear

Whatever you might think of the series that defined his career, there's no doubting that Hideo Kojima is one of the most prominent figures in gaming history, and arguably the closest a major game developer has come to matching up with classical auteur theory. Show More Summary

Full Throttle: Garage Hero takes a look at Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future

Bueno of Garage Hero/Garage Pro TV has returned to share his thoughts on another tokusatsu movie. This time around, he's taking Kamen Rider Drive the Movie: Surprise Future for a joyride with his comrades Michael (Gun Caliber's Blue), Max (Cyber Ninja Tekkaraiger's Director, Ayakashi Zamurai's Producer), and Raymond of Greentea Media. Show More Summary

Make it Steamier: MangaGamer gets an uncensored game on Steam

Well, here's a surprise: It looks like Steam is about to get its first true adult game...of sorts. MangaGamer have just announced that they've managed to prevail on the PC's premier game market to allow an uncensored version of Liarsoft's visual novel Kindred Spirits on the Roof (aka Okujou no Yurirei-san) to grace its storefront. Show More Summary

Japanese pet dog make do

Until she gets the pet dog she presumably so desperately wants, this little girl will continue to very endearingly make do.

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