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How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Aomori?

Aomori City is the last sizeable urban bastion of Japan’s main island Honshu, before the waters of the Tsugaru Straits separate the island from Hokkaido to the north. The city is the capital of the prefecture of the same name. Nature...Show More Summary

Eggcellent egg tart... only so-so

I'm a huge fan of the HongKong/Macau/Portuguese pastry, Egg tarts. I live by them to the point that I stopped eating birthday cakes and replaced them with egg tarts.So in Tokyo, I found the genius named shop, Eggcellent and their egg tarts. Show More Summary

A rare sight... Garbage cans on the streets of Tokyo!

Japan is famous for being clean, and it boggles the minds of many in how the country can do that when there are essentially no public garbage cans on the streets in almost anywhere you go, even in a huge city like Tokyo.So imagine my surprise when I found these along Omotesando. Show More Summary

How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Niigata?

The journey from Tokyo to Niigata, on land, looks like a daunting task. Reaching the Sea of Japan facing port city from the capital means crossing the widest part of Japan and navigating some mountainous and remote terrain. Thankfully,...Show More Summary

Tokyo to Fuji-Q Highland: How to travel and how much it costs

While Disneyland and DisneySea may possess the attention to detail and ‘cute’ factor, and Universal Studios Japan that Harry Potter zone, Fuji-Q Highland can’t be touched when it comes to white-knuckle, scream as loud as you can thrill rides. Show More Summary

Know about Shizuoka? Our awareness, experience, and travel habits in Japan

What do you think of when you hear the name Shizuoka? Mt. Fuji, Shirahama (possibly the best beach near to Tokyo), eel (unagi) dishes, one of Japan’s earliest to bloom cherry blossom spots? Or maybe utterance of Shizuoka serves nothing...Show More Summary

Cheese Cheese Burger with Cheese Fondue

I'm a fan of cheese, and a fan of burgers. People like me are easy to find, and if you're one, then you gotta try out the Cheese cheese burger with cheese fondue at First Kitchen, or CCBwCF for short.(Just kidding, I made the last part...Show More Summary

A Mom's Guide to: Grocery Shopping in Japan

As we know, living in Japan can be expensive and as a housewife for a family of four, I reckon that I play an important role in life here in Japan. As a housewife and mom, I may not be offering a professional service as such, but I (indeed, we) do have important insights into maintaining an affordable, efficient lifestyle here in Japan. Show More Summary

Am I losing my self identity here in Japan?

I probably started noticing the change one day when I was checking out my outfit in the mirror. Suddenly, I realized the reflection in the mirror is not quite the same person I was a few years ago. As much as I have aged over the years, I noticed the most drastic change was my way of dressing. Show More Summary


Umaibo is the super popular kids corn puff snack that offers 15 different flavours excluding seasonal/local special ones. Sometime last year, they came out with a new line of Premium Umaibo. With three flavours, these premium sticksShow More Summary

Should I be bothered to dress up?

As a tourist, I always think being in Japan is like a treat for my senses. There are so many beautiful sceneries, things and people to enjoy and see. Everything is so merticulate and nice, things are always elegantly arranged and packaged, including the people. Show More Summary

Tofu + Sesame Icecream (awesome!)

When you visit Arashiyama in Kyoto, I'd highly recommend you to check out this little corner shop on your way to or from the mountain to the station. The shop serves what are two of my favourite ice-cream flavours in one cone: Tofu icecream...Show More Summary

Gifu-city's Nobunaga buses

Oda Nobunaga is the most famous warlord of Japan for his ambition to conquer the country during the time of sengoku jidai, and Gifu-city, the city that holds the castle where his legacy began takes pride in it. Sights of Oda Nobunaga...Show More Summary

Forget popcorn, have some Pop-rice!

As you guys may know, I'm always look for snacks to munch on. (In fact, it's an addiction! Read about my snacks addiction)At the snack shop, one of my fav crunchy snacks to pick up is the ninjin-pop-rice.These little adorable carrot packages contain some incredible crispy (and extremely addictive) sweetened rice. Show More Summary

Eating An Extremely-Spicy Ramen

I usually complain about how "spicy" food in Japan are never spicy enough, but this experience changed my mind.At the local ramen shop, their latest "extremely spicy ramen" had a choice between 1-10, and with my arrogance, I went for level 5 on my first try, after they have warned me. Show More Summary

Seasons in Japan: A list you could almost set your watch by

There are so many 'seasons' in Japan, as to keep you on your toes with the changes, trends, and patterns of life they bring. Things tend to run like clockwork here in Japan. Such predictability can make life easier. Public transportation is always on time. Show More Summary

O or X?: The Gamer Culture Shock

I love video games, both western and Japanese games. I play everything!At home, I got myself a Japanese PS4, and with the console being region-free, I play games of both languages.There is one cultural gap that really annoys the heck...Show More Summary

Is Romance Dead In This City?

A few things to clarify before I begin...1) This is not a men bashing article, but a article written by a foreign woman trying to find her way to live in this city2) I do not understand the other parts of Japan well enough to make general...Show More Summary

Three Awesome Sakura Spots in Tohoku

It's almost hanami time up here in Miyagi, and that means it is time to head to the shrine.That's right. Shiogama Shrine, which features prominently in many of my posts, is also home to its own unique species of cherry blossom-- the Shiogama-zakura-- which is so important as to have become one of the symbols of the town. Show More Summary

Getting stopped by the police on my bicycle

To many of your knowledge or surprises, having your earphones in while riding a bicycle is, in fact, illegal in Japan. The police may stop you and give you a fine if they see you doing it.I learned about that law on my way home fromShow More Summary

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