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Drink Up: Kanpai Senshi After V gets a second season

It's been a year since Kanpai Senshi After V quenched our thirst for a fun Sentai parody show. While the series wasn't on the same level as Akibaranger, the main thing that made it nice was its similarities to the sitcom Cheers, since...Show More Summary

First Impressions: Garo: Gold Storm Soar

Back when it was announced that Ryuga from Garo: The One Who Shines in the Darkness would appear in a new Garo series, there are two possible outcomes that could come out of this. On one hand, we get to see Ryuga as a more experience Makai Knight. Show More Summary

Hestia X Draven

Because sharing is caring - Hestia (Danmachi) X Draven (League Of Legends) spotted at Anime Festival A...

It's time for an extra helping of ME!ME!ME! and Another Impact

Right as we begin the month of May, Animator Expo's 20th short arrives in two parts. Unlike the project's previous helpings, we're thrown back into "ME!ME!ME!" (NSFW) and "Evangelion: Another Impact's" setting; however, these two pieces...Show More Summary

Week Ender - Bleach Edition

Bleach was featured in this week's OP Up because of its many awesome openings and the same amazing quality is also present in the endings. Bleach has about 30 endings(!) and most are really good, so we're gonna feature small few of them...Show More Summary

A Daily Dose of Music: JAM Project

Hiroko has left the building for a bit, so I've decided to take over her Daily Dose segments. Since it's Friday, I figured that we could welcome the weekend with JAM Project's recent music video for "SKILL," which was the main theme for Super Robot Wars Alpha 2. Show More Summary

Review: Omega Quintet

Omega Quintet is a game of firsts. Chronologically, it's the PlayStation 4's first exclusive Japanese RPG (Final Fantasy Type-0 originally being a PSP game). It's also developer Compile Heart's first PS4 game, and by certain logic, the...Show More Summary

Sweet Dreams: Game Music Lullabies Volume II will soothe your soul

[Disclaimer: Jayson Napolitano, Prescription for Sleep's Producer, was a Contributor for Japanator. No relationships, personal, or professional, were factored into this News Post.] If there's two things that I love, it's video games and sleep. Show More Summary

First Impressions: MY Love STORY!!

MY Love Story!! (or Ore Monogatari!!) is an unconventional shoujo manga that’s received an anime adaptation this season. The story follows unlikely protagonist Takeo Gouda, an extremely tall and strong high school freshman who takes being compared to a sumo wrestler as a compliment. Show More Summary

Celebrate Golden Week with great discounts on PSN!

It's Golden Week once again and the Playstation Network is here again with some discounts on Japan-inspired games and movies! I've been waiting for these games for a few of these games to go on sale since I love Japanese games and may...Show More Summary

OP Up! Bleach Edition

Bleach has always been one those anime that had really great opening and ending sequences with great music with visuals that amaze when it gets creative. I was always impressed by the openings and often looked forward to the OP moreShow More Summary

Praise Shenron! Dragon Ball returns to TV in the Summer

I should have seen it coming. After the huge success of the last two Dragon Ball Z films, and the waves of merchandise that was tied in, I guess the thought of a new Dragon Ball TV series shouldn't come as a surprise. The Akira Toriyama...Show More Summary

A Daily Dose of Music: Bump of Chicken

Man, everything Bump of Chicken touches is like pure gold. The Chiba rockers have been on an absolute tear since their debut in 1994, and really have been getting progressively better. Their newest single Colony is just as epic. Sweet animation and weird alien landscapes help layout a lovely new video. Show More Summary

A Daily Dose of Music: Aoi Eir

The lovely and amazing Aoi Eir is back with her newest single, Lapis Lazuli. The dramatic song is featured as the theme to the new adaptation of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. I haven't had a chance to check out the show, but as a fan of the old school film, it's something I want to check out. The track is dramatic, fragile and powerful. Show More Summary

Check out Garage Hero's Ayakashi Zamurai teaser

Garage Hero's Hayate web series may have been put on hold, but their latest project, Ayakashi Zamurai, has received its first teaser. Based on the trailer's content, it looks like the group's hitting us with another fun project, as neat...Show More Summary

Sushio's glorious animation skills invade Animator Expo's 19th short

I love it when a show's premise exceeds one's expectation, since the surprise could improve the medium's quality. Speaking of which, Animator Expo's most recent short, "I can Friday by day!," deceives us into thinking that it's a colorful animation about a teenage girl's love life. Show More Summary

Atlus tweaking Dungeon Travelers 2 to not get banned

Fans of the To Heart series, or of developer AquaPlus' various visual novel franchises, are no doubt pretty excited by the impending release of Dungeon Travelers 2 on the PS Vita. Like Aquapazza, Dungeon Travelers 2 takes a bucketload of fan-favorite characters from across AquaPlus' lineup of games and tosses them together into their own title. Show More Summary

Week Ender - Spring 2005 Edition

I just realized that it's been ten years since Honey and Clover aired, one of my all-time favorite anime ever. It had beautiful art, a good story with relate-able characters, and an amazing soundtrack. That got me thinking about theShow More Summary

Deer head in a dingy Tokyo apartment building

The ten or so rooms in this Tokyo apartment building are small, old and basic. So basic in fact that a room is all you get, along with a communal toilet and sink, meaning daily ablutions require a trip to the local bathhouse or public shower. But being a bit on the dingy side doesn’t […]

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