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Let it go when you poop: Disney's Frozen Sausages in Japan

Sausage marketers have it tough. Their product looks like a dick and is likely made from the most unmentionable parts of mechanically separated animal parts. How are you supposed to sell that to kids? You print a snow queen on it, logically. In Japan you can enjoy small weiners (full stop) with the characters from Disney's Frozen. Show More Summary

Kimono chameleon

Seeing a kimono is always a treat in Tokyo, but this particular sighting was that little bit more special due its oddly calming, almost chameleon-like qualities.

Wait, what? Final Fantasy XV demo and Type-0 getting patched

Hearing the news that a console game is getting a patch shouldn't be the kind of thing that makes a man feel old, but for some reason the announcement that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and its accompanying Final Fantasy XV demo, Episode Duscae...Show More Summary

Finding great discounts on meals in Tokyo

On my last visit, in 2012, I noticed people crowding into the big superdepartment store basements` food stall areas, where the stallholders were giving discounts on prepared foods from seafood to beef to noodles, etc. at about 30-60% off from what I could see. It is a good idea to buy some and refrigerate it for the next day or have some then - about 8:30 PM or so.

Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episode 22

This one's likely to be a short recap as Unlimited Blade Works downshifts, in preparation for the final two episodes. Instead, I invite viewers whose main experience with the Fate franchise is via Fate/Zero to consider the following: If...Show More Summary

Fun In The Sun: Options For Eating and Drinking Outdoors In Japan

For all that’s great about the Japanese dining and drinking scene, at first glance at least, there doesn’t seem to be much of it going on outside. In particular, urban Japan might be seen to lack the al fresco ambience that can be found...Show More Summary

Revisit Japan with Go Go Nippon! DLC

Life is bleak for an otaku with a Macbook such as myself. I'm too poor to buy a ticket to Japan because I spent all my money on a Macbook, and I cannot be escorted around virtual Japan by two anime sisters in Go! Go! Nippon! because its not Mac compatible! At Akon 2015 Manga Gamer announced DLC for the visual guide book tour around Japan. Show More Summary

Features of people who can’t get the job done

Following up on last week’s look at surprising features of people who get the job done, we have goo Ranking now looking at features of people who cannot get the job done. Demographics goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 23rd and 27th of April 2015 500 members, 50:50 […]

The next Tales of game looks beary interesting

As we're waiting for Tales of Zestiria's Western release to hit stores, the folks at Bandai Namco have announced the next Tales of game at the Tales of Festival in Yokohama. From the looks of it, Tales of Berseria might have the bear essentials to be a fun installment in the series. Show More Summary

Dodgy ID photo?

Although she may not have been smiling, wearing sunglasses or even boasting a hat, it’s distinctly possible that this woman may still have blown her chances of this photo being deemed acceptable as ID.

Week Ender - Workplace Edition

This week's theme for Week Ender is all about anime that are in a workplace setting. The openings in this week's OP Up featured a more lively tune while this week's endings in Week Ender have more of a chill vibe.Please enjoy this week's selection and unwind if you work on weekdays. Show More Summary

Strong Style: New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS season 2 episode 3

New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS brings us back to Bodymaker Stadium in Osaka for the second of three episodes looking at the Dominion card for June 21, 2014. This week we look at some tag team action from the heavyweight division. Two Titles are on the line and none of these teams are pushovers. Read more...

Feast your your eyes on Donuts in Anime on Nat'l Donuts Day

Today is National Donuts day in the United States of America and of course a country known for eating too much would have a day celebrating a fried sugary pastry. However, the love for donuts (or Doughnuts) transcends national borders...Show More Summary

Ain't Squiddin': Splatoon x Squid Girl is the crossover to watch

It looks like Splatoon's the game to take the world by storm this year. Nintendo's paint-themed squid-kid shooter's quickly barged its way into the gamer hivemind on a spray of bright paint, and you know what that means: Cross-promotion! And...Show More Summary

Tokyo Thrift Stores: How Much Does It Cost To Get Kitted Out in Koenji?

In an earlier article here at City-Cost (Bargains Galore at Japan’s Second-hand Stores) we made brief mention of Tokyo's Koenji (???) neighborhood as a resource for buying used goods. Those ‘goods’ are predominantly clothes ( used and...Show More Summary

More despair with Danganropa: Another Episode release date

Looking at this game from a outsider perspective, I would think it was vying for the longest, and most absurd name in video games. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is a 3rd person shooter spin off game. A drastic change...Show More Summary

Nissin Cup Noodle's latest commercial transcends time and space

To this day, I've yet to try fresh ramen. At the moment, my experience with the meal's limited to the cheap Maruchan instant noodles that are good for anyone who's on a tight budget. While we're on the topic of noodles, Nissin Cup Noodle's...Show More Summary

OP Up! Workplace Edition

When I'm not watching anime about magical girls or giant robots, I like to watch slice-of-life anime featuring seemingly normal people get into comedic situations. A subset of these slice-of-life anime just happen to be set in a workplace...Show More Summary

Fight off aliens with the power of brocolli

Sailor Moon may have the moon, Power Rangers have the zords, but for ageing men and women they have the power of broccoli. To help emphasise the need for a nutritious and healthy diet for the middle aged person of Japan, Kagome Co. Ltd. Show More Summary

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