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The Best Surf Shops in Tokyo

Let’s be honest, we all know that a key part of being a surfer is doing one’s best to look like one. That’s especially true here in Japan, where half the fun of any given hobby is assembling the kit and accoutrements that surround the activity itself. Show More Summary

Utterly apathetic Japanese Where’s Waldo(s)?

Or indeed Where’s Wally? depending on which part of the world you are from. An interesting regional variation that presumably wouldn’t interest these two utterly indifferent dresser-uppers in the slightest.

Prizes beware: Only in Japan's crew uncover the UFO Catcher's secrets

When it comes to crane games, I'll admit that my luck varies. On some occasions, I can manage to nab the special item; however, there are still moments where I fail miserably. Speaking of which, John Daub and his comrades decide to take...Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: Attack on Titan: Junior High episodes 2-4

Episode 2 has Eren and the gang wondEreng about the long absence of their classmate Armin. Seems Armin doesn't like to go out in the cold so he hasn't been to school all winter. Eren gets tasked with going to Armin's house to get his club sign up form before tomorrow or else everyone in the class will get stuck in whatever class Mr. Show More Summary

Does Manga Need To Defend Itself?!

I think if my dad had of spied me reading manga or comics beyond the age of..12 (?), he would’ve guilt tripped me into getting outside and doing some sports, or handed me copy of Charles Dickens. As it was, my last foray into stories with pictures and words would have been Beano center-page regulars The Bash Street Kids. Show More Summary

OP Up! True Horror Edition

It's Halloween this coming weekend so it's time for the first ever OP Up! opening selection about horror anime. There's always something primal about watching things that scare you or unnerve you, it might be that adrenaline rush weShow More Summary

How Much Does it Cost .. to Buy Beer in Japan?

A bit of trivia; at the time of writing, Japan’s 3rd richest man was Nobutada Saji (& family). Who?!! Is he the head of Uniqlo or Nintendo, or something? No, he’s the former CEO and current chair of Suntory Holdings. What do they do? They sell drinks. Show More Summary

Tokyo cowboy — revisited

About three and a half years ago, I took this photo of the terribly sad looking cowboy below. An image that at the time seemed much better suited to black and white. Returning to it last week, however, when choosing photographs for my new portfolio site (, I wasn’t nearly so certain that monochrome was […]

Annotated Anime: One Punch Man episode 4

So, it turns out that Madhouse's big twist in their adaptation of the wildly popular One Punch Man would be to turn Saitama into the villain! Who'd have thunk it?! No true hero would stoop so low as to punch a vulnerable enemy in the junk, after all. Dick strikes are the preserve of craven knaves alone! Read more...

Moving to a New Apartment - Part Three

Well, the moving part is done. However, our previous place was a 3LDK and the new one is only a 2LDK so we’re having trouble making room for all of our clutter! Actually, we threw away a truck load of our stuff before the move but even so, our new place is still bursting at the seams! With little closet space at our disposal, there’s nowhere to put it all.

What can you get up to while living and working in Japan?

Here's a video from my channel showing off a montage of what I've gotten up to in the short four months that I've been living and working here in Hiroshima! Please let me know if you like the video and if you'd like any specific videos on tips, sightseeing, or daily life!

Come and give grandma a big kiss

Come on. Hurry up. Grandma’s waiting for a kiss.

Japanator Live: Sal hunts down La-Mulana's last four guardians

Watch live video from Japanator on At long last, I was able to get my revenge last week. Best off all, I got to take down the game's fourth boss as well. Once again, I'm stuck in that point where I now have to figure out where to go again. Show More Summary

The Tokyo Ramen Show. Surely a Recipe For Success?!

What could be the definition of a 'no brainer'? Well, a ramen show in Tokyo might be a contender. The dish is fervently popular nationwide, and assembling a menu of local flavors in the nation's most populous region is surely a recipe for success. Show More Summary

Week Ender - Time Travel Edition

Since this past week was a celebration of the date that was prominently featured in the movie Back to the Future Part II and the 30th anniversary of the first Back to the Future movie, the selection for this week's Week Ender is allShow More Summary

Strong Style: Tokyo Dome Domination

Welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week at on show number three in our coverage of WrestleKingdom 9. So we are back at the big Tokyo Dome from January of this year. This week we have a big six man tag team match, an all out fight with two MMA guys, and the IWGP Tag titles are on the line. Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: One Piece episodes 713+ 714

Cavendish is a good character for One Piece. His character design is nice and provides some fan service for the lady viewers who'd prefer the prince characters over the overly macho Zoro. Cavendish isn't just eye candy either, he is a source of comedy for the show and has proven himself as a capable fighter. Show More Summary

Tie the knot with Sailor Moon Marriage Certificates

Boring old marriage certificate forms can now be made a lot prettier with the Sailor Moon inspired designs. Konin Todoke is an online certificate service that provides legislated documents for marriage and family registration have revealed...Show More Summary

Love is eternal: Trails in the Sky SC launches next week

Well, folks: I'm happy to announce that we now live in a world where pigs have wings, and hell has frozen over. In other words, XSEED has revealed that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC hits the PC and the PSN (compatible with the PSP and Vita) on Oct. Show More Summary

Nisekoi OAD trailer previews Raku's married life

The 21st volume of Nisekoi will be releasing with a limited edition containing an anime DVD. This DVD adapts the spin-off manga Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan into a second episode using the short stories from the 19th, 20th and 21stShow More Summary

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