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Traditionally early Tokyo drinks

A tense, traditionally attired wait for opening time at Tokyo’s oldest western-style bar.

Japanator Unboxing: Loot Anime - Delicious

My monthly craving for some anime goodies just got satisfied with the latest Loot Anime box! The lovely folks over at Loot Anime HQ provided us with this month's Loot Anime, and the theme is "Delicious". This month's Loot Anime is all...Show More Summary

Getting Married In Japan(Expatriate Couple Wedding) #nomadicyatri

Indeed Japan is one of the most ordered place in this world. That's the advantage, If you are working in Japan - you should be aware of the busy work schedule, no personal time and minimum leaves. So what if you want to get married and you don't have time to go your homeland. Show More Summary

Gimme a Break.

Hi all. I’ve been blogging at KpQuePasa since early 2011. And every once in a while, I need a break.This blog is best when I’m excited to write in it and share. It suffers when I feel required or stressed over making sure I put something up. Show More Summary

Five Ways to Best Feel Osaka's Heart

In recent years, more than ever before, whiffs of Osaka's big heart, rustic charm and ability to touch the soul in a way that only Osaka can have been wafting their way on to the itinaries of visitors to Japan. However, many of the city's under-the-surface elements that combine to make the city what it is have in many ways remained untouched. Show More Summary

Rare Star Wars goodies and ukiyo-e prints ready for sale ahead of 'Rogue One' release, Shinjuku

Limited edition Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ inspired Premium Home Collection 2016 goes on sale from Saturday Nov. 5 in Shinjuku, Tokyo Ahead of the worldwide release of the latest movie in the Star Wars saga, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, interior goods maker Otsuka Kagu, Ltd. Show More Summary

10 worst habits of the Japanese husband: Wives speak up

Our morning scramble of news from Japan that might directly come into play for the expat, turned up slim pickings. So, not exactly news but something that might provide insight into married life in Japan, we found this trending article...Show More Summary

Steely Japanese looks

Tsukiji fish market looks like an incredibly tough place to work, so perhaps not surprisingly, the fellas who work there are suitably tough looking.

Let's give a round of appaws to Japan's new canine idol group

Well, people. It looks like we have a new dog-themed group in town and they're ready to create music with their barks. Going by the name of Mofu Mofu Dogs, these idols are actual Akita-Inu breed canines with human bodies. Obviously, the group's appearance is the result of an edit but it's interesting to see this idea come to fruition. Show More Summary

Autumn in Sendai - What to do when Halloween is over?!

Sendai is well known for its greenery. Even within the downtown area the streets are lined with beautiful trees and plants. There are even a few parks scattered throughout the city, some of which are surprisingly large. Of course sakura...Show More Summary

Cozy Corner's Halloween Treats

Cozy Corner, the cake-laden bakery chain seemingly inside every major Aeon shopping mall, has devised an adorable set of miniature cakes inspired by Disney Villains in honor of Halloween. Each cake is crafted with that strangely perfect...Show More Summary

Halloween in Tokyo: What I Came to Know the 2nd Time Around

Happy Halloween! I sure hope everyone had a spooktacular weekend! So it's my second time to take part in this seemingly important event in Japanese culture-- or at least, in a fashion city like Tokyo. I had the shock of my life (a good one) when I first witnessed it last year and I could not wait to do it again this year. Show More Summary

Ready for insanity ??? #HalloweenInJapan #nomadicyatri

If it's October then it means it's halloween time in Japan and you can feel the vibes in every sign board, cafe menu, shopping mall's interior decoration and other things all are based on halloween theme.I cross Shibuya crossing everyday...Show More Summary

Indie Ninja-themed Tokusatsu Tekkaraiger's second season looks fun

Last week marked the premiere of the Indie Group Shield and Sword Production's Cyber Ninja Tekkaraiger Season 2. With two episodes out on their channel, the project's sequel shows some promise. While the new season hasn't revealed the...Show More Summary

Licensing GET: J-Novel Club grabs Grimgar and I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse

As J-Novel Club continues to grace the Internet with its service that gives people access to digital light novels, the company has added Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse to their collection. Show More Summary

Old friends in an old Japanese restaurant

They definitely enjoyed the food. Presumably the short break too. But most of all, they simply enjoyed each other’s company.

Hobbies that even big boys can enjoy

goo Ranking coducted a survey into what hobbies guys got even more into since becoming adults. I am not actually much of a hobby person, so I cannot quite relate to this survey. I occasionally wish I had continued my table-top RPGing; I did a little in university, but it didn’t stick, and a lot […]

Japanator LIVE: RosenkreuzStilette's final part is about to go poof

[The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] It looks like fate wasn't on my side last time since I wasn't able to get to the final boss in the Megaman-like doujin game known as RosenkreuzStilette. Part of this factor was myShow More Summary

Weekend Japanatainment - Scary Anime Edition

It's that time of the year again and I am slapping together an impromptu post about scary anime to coincide with the celebration of Halloween! This yearly event of dressing up and asking for candy from strangers is also about scary stuff...Show More Summary

Organized chaos: Halloween Shibuya 2016 in images

Shibuya and Halloween makes sense. Tokyo’s loudest and most colorful district is the perfect host for a heaving mob of up for it, mad for it, hungry for it, and dressed up for it revellers. The place spends most of its time in costume...Show More Summary

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