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Japanator Live: Drink away your problems in VA-11 Hall-A

Watch live video from Japanator on [The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] Now that I've fallen into the deepest pits of despair, it's time for me to drown my sorrows with the finest booze from VA-11 Hall-A's signature bar. Show More Summary

Strong Style: Block B there (or B square)!

Welcome everyone to Strong Style, Japanator's coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we have two shows as we decide who goes into the finals of the G1 25 tournament to face Hiroshi Tanahashi next week. Both shows tonight...Show More Summary

Brexpat! British Expat in Japan, Reacting To Brexit

(Image right: Damon Bay Flickr / Image left: pittaya Flickr)I’m not sure I’ve ever made it clear in this blog where I’m from. Anyway, England. I would have said the U.K., but maybe I’d better get used to just England from now. As will...Show More Summary

News: High School Student Sues School After Expulsion for Having Sex

The following is translated from an article in ???? ONLINE NEWSAn 18 year old former pupil at Seiwa Gakuen, a soccer-strong high school in Sendai, who was forced to drop out of school due to having sex with his partner, claimed 6 million...Show More Summary

Anime Expo 2016

Its that time of year again?! Anime Expo 2016 takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Ju...

Here are the otaku games to eye this Steam Summer Sale

It's that time again, eager gamers and deal-conscious customers: Valve's yearly Steam Summer Sale has just kicked off, and the prices are a-dropping. That's especially relevant to you, the fan of games from Glorious Nippon, as in the...Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: Space Patrol Luluco episode 12

For a second, I thought that Luluco’s fourth season was going to be the end the series. Not that I’m against there being a new season, as there are still many things that the show has yet to resolved. If anything, this continues to act...Show More Summary

Retrace our Steps: Exhibition of Photographs from Fukushima No Go Zone Opens in Tokyo

An exhibition of photographs focusing on the consequences of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown opens in Ginza, Tokyo.In a project spanning 5 years, photographers Guillaume Bression and Carlos Ayesta take us into Fukushima’s ‘no go’ zone,...Show More Summary

Incredibly drunk Japanese men

Waking up in bed with a monstrous hangover is bad enough, but waking up in an alleyway in possession of possibly the mother of all hangovers must be bad beyond belief.

Would a Sailor Moon prequel work?

Sailor Moon is one of those shows that just about every anime fan has heard of. Even if you've never seen it, you've heard about it from someone you know. Hell, it was the series that really got me into anime when it was being aired on Cartoon Network back in the late 90s. Show More Summary

Tips For Living In Japan (Part 2)

In this part, Part 2, of our 'living in Japan’ odyssey, we’ll perhaps be looking at tips for the more fun aspects of expat life in the country. In Part 1, we covered Money & Housing, Visas, City Office, Health & Insurance. Like Part 1, there’s a lot of content here focused on the cost of living in Japan. Show More Summary

Tea on Rice in Tokyo: Ochazuke (????)

We went for lunch today at a restaurant called ????? (Ochazuke Zen). As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in ochazuke (????). What this basically means, is boiled rice over which you pour hot tea. It’s really good winter food, as it can really warm you up. Show More Summary

Review: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

When Nintendo first announced a crossover project between their Fire Emblem series and Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei series, no one expected the final project to a videogame where pop idols transform into heroes in order to fight monsters coming from another dimension. Show More Summary

Feast your eyes on Code: HARDCORE's sweet robot sprite animations

Making the best 2D Mecha Platformer #CodeHARDCORE. Currently in early stage development. For Steam & Consoles — RocketPunch Games (@rocketpunchgame) June 15, 2016 For a good while, I've been waiting for the day that someone would create an indie mecha title that was inspired by the Super Robot Wars series. Show More Summary

Tips For Living In Japan (Part 1)

If you’re reading this, ‘Congratulations!’, for hopefully it means you’ve an interest in living in Japan. Actually, maybe you already live here and are just looking to pick up some further tips about how to make ‘living in Japan’ a smoother experience. Show More Summary

Texting Japanese, I Think I'm Texting Japanese...

When you’ve been in Japan long enough, I would wager even if you’re not actively trying to learn the language, you pick up a few phrases here and there. “Arigatou.” “Sumimasen.” “Daijoubu!”(that’s “Thanks.” "Excuse me." and “Ok." respectively,...Show More Summary

How long will you live in Japan?

Another of the common questions you get from Japanese people as well as friends and family when you’ve decided to make Japan your home away from home. So how long will you be in Japan? What they mean is: "Are you gonna bail on me / Am...Show More Summary

Tokyo architectural contrasts

The stark contrast between Tokyo’s old and new. Plus the somewhat unexpected sight of an elderly person amidst the dereliction.

Review: Grand Kingdom

Being a fan of the JRPGs, I always look forward to new additions to the genre, especially ones that offer a unique gameplay style that separates itself from other series. While not entirely unique, when first announced, Grand Kingdom caught my interested since it was different from other Strategy RPGs. Show More Summary

News: Should Fuji Rock Festival Go Political

Japanese get (anti) political about SEALDs leader’s scheduled appearance at Fuji Rock Festival.We’re all aware that some institutions refuse to get involved in politics. Certain royal families for one. These living soap operas, living off the nation’s coffers, know better than to voice their opinions on how countries should be run. Show More Summary

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