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Take a tour of a modern Japanese house

For avid anime watchers, it is common to see anime characters living in an apartment and learning that space is a premium in metropolitan areas in Japan. Though sometimes anime does show actual houses and they often seem huge from the...Show More Summary


Mitsuha is a cutie! Most of you seen Kimi no Na (your name) yet? If so where did you see it? https://...

Musashikoyama Palm

Tonight's Musashikoyama Palm. ???????????

Nice Sushi

Nice sushi you sushi you nice. (Brits who know Bruce Forsyth would have understood that) https://www....

Sushi Noms

Time for some sushi noms. #tokyo #japan

Frame Arms Girl Gourai Smart Doll

????????????????????????????????? Frame Arms Girl Gourai Smart Doll. Q2 2017. https://www.instagram....

Pop-Up Shrine for Valentine's Day

Last year we happened upon a special mini-shrine set up in Hakata Station for the Valentine's Day season. It was a pop-up shrine (for lack of better names) for the Chikugo City shrine known for love and finding the perfect match, Koinoki Shrine. Show More Summary

Fun Times at Yamagata Snow Festival

Last weekend was the second annual Yamagata Snow Festival in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture. Unsure of what exactly to expect, as I'd never been to any kind of snow festival before and my husband had yet to attend this one, we wentShow More Summary

Train etiquette in Japan: More of the 'don'ts' than the 'dos'

Train travel is, for the most part, a joy in Japan. Clean, efficient, frequent, intuitively common-sense, not bank-breaking on the wallet, and increasingly multilingual. Most people come away from Japan rightly singing the praises of the nation’s train systems. Show More Summary

2017 Bridal Dress For Human

The human version of the Smart Doll 2017 bridal dress. ????2017????????????????? https://www.instag...

2017 Bridal Dress For Smartdoll

The 2017 bridal dress for #smartdoll as worn by Ebony-chan. ????2017????????? https://www.instagram...

TOP 10 Japanese dishes as a non-seafood-eater

I don’t like sea food. It is simply because I don’t like the taste and the consistency of the most things out of the water. Most of my friends know about this, but if I tell other people in my home-country that I’m living in Japan without eating fish and other seafood they are shocked. Show More Summary

Japanator LIVE - Yakuza Zero (Part 2)

[Stream will begin at 10PM US Central Time over at the Japanator YouTube page and the video of the stream will also be posted here during and after the stream, so check it out!] Tonight, we come back to take a quick trip to the late 1980's again in the second part of our stream of Yakuza 0 from Sega. Show More Summary

The world through a plastic visor

When the world is clearly in trouble, seeing it less clearly might make it look just that little bit kinder.

Attack on Titan Season 2 breaks down the wall on April 1

Fans of the terrifying monster horror action anime Attack on Titan have been waiting for years to see more of the anime and in the year 2017, we finally have an actual date. It was announced recently that the second season would start...Show More Summary

Loot Anime: Dimension - Japanator Unboxing

We've all probably fantasized of embarking on great adventures in worlds of sword and sorcery and doing all kinds of cool thing like slay dragons and saving kingdoms. This setting is familiar to those who are fans of anime and manga,...Show More Summary

Tobu Zoo in Saitama

Yesterday I´ve visited the Tobu Zoo which is close to the Station „Tobudobutsukoen“ in Saitama. There is also a small waterpark (but only open in summer), a small amusement park and a big place for professional horse riding.I really love that zoo. Show More Summary

The Ice-Cream Scoop!

I grew up near a very famous Ice-cream shop in Dublin. People would come from far and wide to treat themselves to a "Teddy's" ice-cream. It set the bar high for what I expect from ice-cream anywhere in the world. Japanese people love...Show More Summary

Available Now

??????????????? This guy is now available to gander at in

Foreign Tourists

While you see foreign tourists on the train, you hardly see any on the bus - do try it though. https:...

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