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Box Pleats Denim Skirt

Box Pleats Denim Skirt for #smartdoll also out soon.

School Girl Cardigan & Brown School Bag

School girl cardigan for #smartdoll looking good! Will be out soon. Made in Japan. The brown school bag also out soon.

So you're foreign? Well we don't have a place for you.

Apartment hunting isn't fun. The same with job hunting, it's stressful and is usually a pretty big decision. It should be a simple thing though right? Go out, look at places, pick one, sign some papers and you are set and ready to move in. Show More Summary

Tokyo ramen restaurant stares

Waiting for lunch while also offering withering looks.

Gift Giving Guidelines in Japan

Giving gifts are an incredibly important part of Japanese culture and presents are given for so many different occasions. In fact, gift giving in Japan is taken so seriously that it's not only seen as common courtesy, but a social obligation as well.Of course, like any gift giving culture, there are a certain number of rules that one needs to follow. Show More Summary

When you miss the last train home in Japan: Options and costs

The term ‘24 hour city’ is used far too loosely if you ask us. The flashy descriptor is mostly a myth, even in a place like Japan where, if it was to fit anywhere, this would be the place. OK, so the usage is not entirely misplaced,Show More Summary

A Unique Way to Apologise - no bloodspill required

Committing suppuku (ritual suicide) seems a bit of an extreme way to show remorse for a mistake or wrongdoing to me. Thankfully a creative Tokyo confectioner, 3rd generation owner YoshihisaWATANABE, came up with a slightly less life altering way to offer one's apologies. Show More Summary

Seaside Cinema brings free movies to Yokohama this Golden Week

Enjoy your flicks by the ocean at a limited time only cinema to be set up at the Marine & Walk shopping plaza in Yokohama for Golden Week 2017.Seaside Cinema is the name of temporary movie theater of sorts that will be screening movies by the sea over the Golden Week period. Show More Summary

A Guide to Crane Games

Stuffed toys. Chocolate. Replica katana. Wireless keyboards. Pocket watches. Anime figurines and models. Fukubukuro. Snacks. These are just a handful of things I have seen offered as prizes in the crane games inside of Japanese gaming centers. Show More Summary

Slow Shutter Cam App

Used the Slow Shutter Cam app to take this on the iPhone7plus. Exposure is 60secs at 400 ISO. https:/...

Shibuya 109 x Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE x Smart Doll

??109 x ??????OBE x ????????????? Shibuya 109 x Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE x Smart Doll https://www.instag...

Karee-meshi: Instant cup curry and rice

I'm a fan of cup noodles, for their convenience and the taste too. However, having noodles all the time can get boring, so this item of an instant cup curry and rice caught my eyes as it seems to offer a change. I gave it a try, and the result was.... Show More Summary

How to prepare for a North Korea ballistic missile attack on Japan in 10 minutes

Post-March 2011 residents of Japan have become used to a life of preemptive bleeps, emergency apps, and speaker systems issuing warnings about the imminency of an earthquake and possible tsunami. Quite often, after a nervous few seconds, very little materialises. Show More Summary

City or Rural?... or the 3rd Option?

City or rural, that is the question. When foreigners look towards the East and see Japan, the most common image that comes to mind is Tokyo: The Shibuya crossing, Akihabara, Shinjuku station, the night scene of the lit-up Skytree. Those...Show More Summary

The silence of an abandoned Japanese village

Abandoned buildings have the ability to conjure up a whole host of sensations. Some are terribly sad. Others can be genuinely nice places to spend some time in. But one thing they all have in common is their silence. A lack of sound that can actually be a little unsettling at times, especially so after […]

Worries about Buddhist services

A bit of a curious topic here, a look at worries about Buddhist services, conducted by the graveyard intermediary service, Ohaka no Hikkoshi or Graveyard Moving Service, as one of their services includes moving interred ashes from one location to another. Having just recently used Buddhist funeral and grave services, fortunately my denomination has a […]

The Adventures of Banana Teacher 06 - Stick Kid pt. 1

With both graduation and entrance ceremonies behind us, the kindergarten I work at has returned to normal. The new students are adjusting to their new environment and the returning students are adjusting to their new teachers. I usually...Show More Summary

Tat from the 90s that Japanese can’t believe were all the rage

Number 3 will shock you, as the clickbait is wont to say, but in this case “Kill it with fire” might actually be an appropriate response to more than one of these nostalgic items from the 90s that people cannot believe were popular. Putting myself on the spot I’m mostly drawing a blank, so let’s […]

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