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Uh-oh: NIS America cuts ties with Atlus in Europe, Oceania

It's been a long time since it has truly sucked to be a European gamer, but this latest development certainly qualifies, particularly for Europeans and residents of Australia and Oceania that are fans of Atlus' games. NIS America (a.k.a. Show More Summary

Coffee and The Beatles Combine at THE SESSIONS CAFE in Omotesando

A new limited-time-only coffee shop opens tomorrow (April 27, 2016) in Omotesando, Tokyo, marking the 50th Anniversary year of The Beatles concerts at Tokyo’s storied Nippon Budokan venue.THE SESSIONS CAFE / ? ?????? ???This conceptShow More Summary

Am I Qualified to Teach English in Japan?

What qualifications do you need to teach English in Japan? This is probably the most common question I get. I’m going to break it down for you in three simple answers. A. English You need to speak English as your native language or at native level. Show More Summary

Do you Remember the Ethics of taking Food with a Japanese friend?

The Japanese people used to maintain their culture very much whenever it comes for the food. They must do the pray "Itadakimasu" before starting the food. Then they hold the bowl of rice in one hand and raised upto the mouth. The chop stick will be used to eat by the other hand. Show More Summary

Meet the Grave Sinners of Valkyria: Azure Revolution

It's been a while since we last heard from Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Sega's PS4 follow-up to one of the PS3's (and PSP's) best games, Valkyria Chronicles. Now the company's loosening the tap a bit as the game's planned late-2016 release date draws nearer. Show More Summary

My First Cherry Blossom Season

I arrived in Japan in late June - just in time for the country's infamous rainy season where the ocean invades the land. So of course I had to wait a whole nine months before I would get to experience the most iconic event in Japan - the blooming of thousands of cherry blossoms (or sakura). Show More Summary

Dragon Quest Parody Series The Hero Yoshihiko gets a third season

For a good while, The Hero Yoshihiko has been on my list of shows to watch, since it looks like a fun comedy series that'll please any RPG fan. With a new season being announced, my urge to catch up with the low-budget series has gone...Show More Summary

Satisfy your hunger with God Eater 2 Rage Burst's tasty bundles

With two God Eater titles heading West within the same timeframe, the gang at Bandai Namco have prepared a banquet that'll please those who want to feast on roasted Aragami. For the folks in North America, anyone who gets the PS4 Day-One Edition of God Eater 2 Rage Burst or the digital version will get to download God Eater Resurrection for free. Show More Summary

Traditional Tokyo shoemaker

With so much stuff now mass produced and made elsewhere, the sight of someone actually making leather shoes by hand is really quite striking. Entering the tiny workshop also felt like stepping back in time, and in some ways it was, as the shoemaker’s grandfather started the business way back in the mid-1930s. But, like […]

First Impressions: Ace Attorney

Growing up as handheld gamer during my middle school days, I played many games on the DS including the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. What made Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney more interesting than your average Visual Novel is that it added gameplay mechanics that made players feel as if they were defense attorney themselves. Show More Summary

Japanator Live: Drown yourself in more despair with Danganronpa 2

Watch live video from Japanator on [The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] So I finally took down Danganronpa's mastermind, and boy was the big reveal a phenomenal moment during the game's final case. EvenShow More Summary

Strong Style: One match, One belt!

Hello, Japanator readers and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. Ths week we conclude our look at the 2015 Dominion card with the main event of that show. We've had some incredible action so far from this show so this is expected to be a real barn burner. Show More Summary

What should you do if Earth quake happens?

Dont be panic.Try to figure out where is the safest place to take shelter.Be prepare mentally beforehand.Try to take a shelter with free space first.Share your shock with other friends to release stress.Take food and drinks properly.Be strong in your heart.

Prepare for Tokusatsu Film School with Garage Hero's Inzector Alpha short

Whenever a person gets ready to start school, they usually go through a brief orientation to get acquainted with the facility they'll be studying at. This same principle applies Garage Hero/Garage Pro TV's upcoming Tokusatsu Film School...Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: Haifuri episode 2

At the end of episode 1, Haifuri drops its full name and a cliffhanging curve ball--the protagonists are framed as traitors and attacked one of their own. It's good to learn that the second episode keeps up the pace and follows the same formula. I'm mostly excited about ship curry, though. Show More Summary

You've got 'til May 5 to figure out what Persona 5's counting down to

It's been a while since we last heard from Persona 5, as following the delay in the game's release date from late last year to sometime this year. Atlus seemed content to know that most folks who cared knew what Persona was and why it...Show More Summary

How Much?! Weekly Expense in Japan (April 16 - 22)

Debunking or exacerbating the myth that Japan is an expensive country. It’s been a pretty pricey one this week … Saturday Unless you’re the owner of a high performance machine, leaving your bicycle on the streets of Tokyo poses little risk from theft. Show More Summary

Sniffing your own sweaty armpits

Don’t say I don’t bring you surveys about these weird corners of public opinion in Japan, as today I offer you the officially-titled checking sweat smells, but as the accompanying video makes clear, it’s all about sniffing your own pits. I don’t need to secretly sniff – I only worry when I can smell it […]

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