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Whose food is it anyway?

A country`s food culture is like a window into the heart of the people who live there. You can tell a lot about people from what they eat. Italians like to have longwinded conversations, much like the spaghetti they eat, Russians have heavy personalities, like stroganoff, and Americans are like tater tots. Show More Summary

Tokyo squid-man

He’s not the egg-man. Nor indeed is he the walrus. Instead, he’s the wonderfully silly, smartphone resistant, squid-man.

Strong Style: Wrapping up WrestleKingdom 11

Hello again gang and welcome to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. Tonight we take one last visit to WrestleKingdom 11 from the Tokyo Dome. We have both the Junior Heavyweight and Tag titles on the line plus we have an appearance by Cody Rhodes! So once again let's go back to January 4, 2017 for the action! Read more...


Digging around google for an eGPU. Thinking about the Razer or Akitio. Any recommendations? https://w...

Internet Speed

My Internet speeds here in Tokyo. What sort of speeds in your neck of the woods? https://www.instagra...

Netgear Orbi

Time to upgrade to a WiFi mesh system with Netgear's Orbi. So far so good. WiFi???????

The New rules at Immigration

The immigration Office announces its new rules starting March 2017. All immigrants applying for permanent residency who just stayed here for just one year could make it possible to receive permanent residency. If you earned 80 points of scorecard immigration point system. Show More Summary

Japanator LIVE: Pharaoh Rebirth+'s curse is about to get lifted

[The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] Time sure flies when you're running against the clock-- especially when your life is on the line. With the week almost over, there's a huge chance that we'll get to overcome Pharaoh...Show More Summary

Sushi Kit Kats are now things that are real

In April 1st of Last year, Kit Kat Japan joined in on the April fools festivities and "promoted" Kit Kat Sushi as a joke for fun and to tease us with another weird yet intriguing Kit Kat flavor that the west will never see in stores....Show More Summary

Keep your rice balls safe with Arataya's onigiri holder

If you were looking for a compact way to bring your rice balls with you, Japanese Leather Items Creator Arataya came up with an onigiri holder that'll keep your rice ball's shape intact. That way, you can enjoy this meal in its perfect form anywhere. While this handy dandy onigiri holder costs ¥ 4,200 (around U.S. Show More Summary

Feb. 18. Kyoto takes the stage as Japan's Culture City of East Asia 2017

Under the theme, 'The Beat of East Asia', Kyoto will become a base of cultural exchange as Japan's Culture City of East Asia 2017 along with cities in China and South Korea.It's comforting to know that amongst all the political postering...Show More Summary

Cutie Ebony

Cutie Ebony #smartdoll

One coffee, one beer, and 50,000 balls, please! ”tamapa Cafe?Bar” comes back to Ikebukuro

Ever imagined supping on a latte while drowning in some 50,000 white plastic balls? Dream no more. The reality is here. In Ikebukuro, Tokyo to be exact. Last summer’s limited-time-only cafe/bar hit “Tampa Cafe & Bar” is back to deliver balls, along with food, drink, and good times. Show More Summary

My favorite three eat out chain restaurants !!

Once again sharing the yummy experience !! I am such a foodie that when it comes to sharing food posts, I can think of so many topics. My bucket list of my favorites does not stop anywhere. Japan is a great place to eat out. I do not find eating out very expensive in Japan but obviously it depends on where you are eating. Show More Summary

Grilled Oysters at Tsukiji Fish Market

To be frank, I can't really afford the 3000yen plus sushi offered at Tsukiji, but it doesn't stop me from walking around the area, enjoying the atmosphere that is the world-known fish market.One of my favourite seafood is oysters, and as much as I love them raw, they have their health risks and are difficult to come by in Japan. Show More Summary

The 'Chocolate Buying Guide for Japan' 2017

Just like the fashion weeks for fashion buyers, the season for buying chocolate in Japan is well and truly here. Regardless of how many special individuals you need to get chocolates for this year, most people would perhaps want the recipient to be impressed. Show More Summary

As in the Novels, Niigata's Romantic Sunrise and Sunset !!

With the Valentine’s day just around the corner, let me share what I think can help you recollect romantic memoirs. Well, being with your loved one makes any moment romantic but being with your loved ones in a special place adds more flavor to your love. Show More Summary

KonoSuba videogame looks like an explosion of fun!

KonoSuba, also known as KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!, will be getting a 2D Megaman styled game for Windows PC. Just one look at the trailers, it looks like a homage to the original NES Megaman games but with plenty more to offer than a straight up ripoff. Show More Summary

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