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J-Novel club announces new title from legendary author

J-Novel Club has announced they are adding the light novel, Bluesteel Blasphemer, to their lineup starting March 25 with a free preview. The latest addition to the Japanese light novel website come from author Ichirou Sakaki who hasShow More Summary

Our Smartdoll Shoes

Did I mention Jimmy Choo OBE makes our #smartdoll shoes? ?????????????OBE????????????????? https://...

Today's Guests

???????TMR???????????????????????????????????? Today's guests are Nishikawa-san of TM Revolution & Ki...

Sports Bra Set For Smartdoll

Sports Bra set for #smartdoll out April. ???????????????????????????????????? https://www.instagram...

Star Wars Band-Aid

For when you cut your finger with your light saber - you need Star Wars Band-Aid. https://www.instagr...

Code Geass

Code Geass not only gets the #smartdoll but also the Pachislot treatment too. Lelouch #smartdoll revea...

Summer Festival Edition

Our Summer Festival edition #smartdoll gear looks fab. Collaboration with Yamagata. ???? x ????????...

????? / Neko no Kyoto: Cats + Kyoto = Japan eye candy from photographer Mitsuaki Iwag?

Cat cafes, cat islands, cat day, and even a quasi cat / Halloween parade, in recent years Japan has really gotten on board with the simple pleasures that can be garnered from staring at cats. And not before time, too. Cats are endlessly...Show More Summary

Cold, wet, and windy Kujukuri. Feels like home!

If I can help it, I refrain from the checking the surf forecast for the weekend until some time on Friday. I do this out of fear. If it turns out that there will be no surfing over the weekend, I’d rather not know about it until later. Show More Summary

Japanator LIVE: It's time to deliver Angel Express' second batch of letters

[The stream starts at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time.] I may've managed to go through every delivery route in Easy Game Station's Angel Express, but the game decided to pull a Ghouls 'n' Ghost and force players to deliver more mail to the same areas again. Show More Summary

Strong Style: A Block beatdown

Hello and welcome to another edition of Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. Tonight we once again have two big hours as we wrap up the A block in the G1 26 tournament. We are at the Sumo Hall in Tokyo on August 13, 2016 and Day 17 for tonight's night of action! Read more...

The highs and lows of Omiyage

Japanese love giving omiyage when they go somewhere for a visit. In some situations you are socially obligated to bring something back with you, especially if you are “inconveniencing” someone else without your presence. One such situation is taking “nenkyuu”, or paid-leave, to go travel or vacation someplace. Show More Summary

ANiUTa to let otaku around the world stream their favorite music

Trying to stream Japanese music legally is not easiest thing for those who love those eastern jams that are outside Japan. The Japanese music industry is notorious for not making it easy to stream their music but it seems that a miracle has happened with this new announcement. Show More Summary

‘English Village’ planned for Tokyo. It’s not what you think

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government unveiled plans this week for a facility aimed at improving the Tokyo youngster’s ability to speak English and think globally ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.The facility, which has already gained...Show More Summary

A shadowy Tokyo smoker

Now no longer the smokers’ paradise it once was, Japan’s cigarette lovers are slowly but surely being ushered into the shadows.

Check out Flixist's review of Power Rangers

If you're a fan of Super Sentai, chances are you've seen Power Rangers. After 10,000 years Lionsgate and Saban's reboot has finally hit the big screen, but how did it turn out? It's neither as bad as I had anticipated, nor is it as good...Show More Summary

A few minutes of Ghost in the Shell to watch and/or judge

There's just a week to go until Ghost in the Shell heads off to theaters, and Paramount is betting that at least some folks will still want to see the film, even after they give away five whole minutes of it. Embedded below, the scene...Show More Summary

Sekai Project

Hanging out with the big boss from Sekai Project. Check out their work on brining Japanese Visual Nove...

Goodies From Eeelyeee

Goodies from eeelyeee

D.C. Ladies

Studying up on my fave D.C. Ladies before prototyping. ????????

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