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News: Expats say Japan's urban train systems are .....

Yes, one of Japan's loudest boasts is about the nation's transportation systems, and quite right, too. These systems are the envy of many a harassed transport ministry the world over. Their brutal efficiency, attention to detail, and...Show More Summary

Japan Dream

My arrival to Japan was in Tokyo. Coming from Toronto, I didn't feel any different staying in Tokyo.I felt like I arrived from one city to another city. Reason being, Toronto is also a busy city and resembles Tokyo in some ways.Tokyo is a fun and interesting place to be in; it has it's own beauty. Show More Summary

Tokyo train zen?

Zen and the art of managing train commutes?

Expensive Tokyo

When you see Tokyo on TV, it is described as one of the coolest and awesome destination to be.Visiting Tokyo is great, but how about living in Tokyo? OK, first, what makes Tokyo awesome? Is it the cute and beautiful ladies? Is it the technologies and its advancements? or is it the Japanese people?There is no certain answer to this question. Show More Summary

Summer Time, Ferry Time! The Shiogama-Matsushima Route!

Taking the ferry from Shiogama's Marine Gate to Matsushima Kaigan is a great, scenic way to enjoy the natural beauty of Matsushima Bay. Tickets are 1500yen one way and boats run every hour on the hour until 3PM. Buy tickets at the desk, where the staff is kind but not always fast with the English, so it pays to know a little Japanese. Show More Summary

Living in Japan

Japan is stunning, everyone is so friendly and the food is amazing!There have been so many times where I've been lost and a random person has come up to me and tried to help direct me in the correct direction. I've even had my taxi driver drop me off and I (with my hand signals) asked where I was suppose to go. Show More Summary

Grab your lab coats: Steins;Gate 0 gets a more affordable limited edition

If you feel that you won't be able to afford Stein;Gate 0's Amadeus Edition for the PS4 and Vita, the gang at PQube have concocted a new option for folks who want something special with their copy of the game. While this release of Steins;Gate...Show More Summary

Homeless ex-yakuza?

The missing little finger strongly suggests that this man was once a member of the yakuza, and his current predicament may also suggest that the reason for losing said digit eventually resulted in him losing an awful lot more.

News: Time for the money shot - Making payments with your face in Japan

Somebody joked on TV the other day that One Direction’s Harry Styles was so cute/handsome, it was speculated he could buy things from store just by throwing attendants a wink and a smile. Well, maybe those of us in Japan can all get in on this, regardless any lack of ‘looks’ prerequisite to be in a pop band. Show More Summary

Washlet in Japan

Have your ever hear washlet before you arrived in Japan?I never use one or seen one before, the first time I use the washlet I feel like someone blasting a water cannon at my butt. The second things that come to my mind was that the water feel like it is boiling hot. Show More Summary

Uh, Japan's Prime Minister cosplayed as Mario for the Olympics

No, this is not an article from The Onion. Apparently, it really happened, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did, in fact, emerge from a giant green pipe at the closing ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games, dressed up as Nintendo's own plucky plumber Mario. Show More Summary

A Fitting End to Summer: Gelato and Okama Shrine in Shiogama

As summer winds down, it seems like a great time to explore the best and newest place for gelato in Shiogama, as well as Okama Shrine, home of the cauldron that helps to give the town its name.First, let's get there! Walking from HonShiogama...Show More Summary

Doll Up for Summer Festivities

Summer is a very lively season in Japan as there are festivals everywhere practically every week. It's a great way to see how much the Japanese people value and keep their culture alive. You'll hear it through music and cheerful laughter,...Show More Summary

Review: The King of Fighters XIV

Since I’ve been writing for Japanator for almost a year now, some of you may already know I’m a big King of Fighters fan and it’s one of the first series I ever played as a child. Even since then I haven’t missed a single entry, even the spin-offs. Show More Summary

Tokyo Bay View on the Mamacharis

Despite yesterday in Chiba being so hot and humid that I had sweat seeping from places I didn’t think sweat would seep from, the partner and I decided to head out for a ride on the mamacharis. Last time, we hit up Kasai Rinkai Koen, taking a route along the banks of the Kyu-Edo River. Show More Summary

Road Trip!

Whah ho hey I’m back.Thanks for your patience, all. I enjoyed a lovely birthday blog break. So since we last met…Kp2 and I had a silly birthday party, complete with piñata, tabehoudai, and CAKE. Mostly it was a nice chance to catch up with our friends. Show More Summary

A traditional Japanese wedding

There’s no way to turn the clocks back, but the timeless nature of this wedding, and perhaps more importantly the complete absence of any smartphones, means it’s still possible to get a glimpse of the past. Or at the very least, a recreation of it.

Review: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Let's be honest here: Few people were expecting very much from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Not only is it a multimedia tie-in to a game, a JRPG no less, but the long shadow of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within continues to hang over...Show More Summary

Why a venue packed with thousands of otaku is no fun

Comiket is Japan’s semiannual or so COMIc marKET, a huge gathering of comic book otaku and cosplayers, self-described as: Comic Market is a “space” that functions to expand the possibilities of self expression, where the aim is to accept creators of doujinshi and all other types of creative endeavors and maintain continuity. With that in […]

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