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Surviving Immigration

I really want to know. Do any of you really hate going to immigration? If you are like me, then I know you do. What needs to be done needs to be done, right? So my visa renewal is coming up very quickly again this month. A year has flown by. Show More Summary

Make Your Own Vegan Apple Rose Tart

I'm a vegetarian with a dairy issue. So eating cakes is virtually impossible for me to do. That's where my expertise comes in and my vegan head switches on. This recipe is vegan and with a good dose of Christmas cinnamon, and it is tasty enough to replace any Christmas cake. Show More Summary

Dating and the Japanese Man

There are reasons why I write this article. There are lots of articles out there about Westerners dating Japanese women and what to expect. However, there are very few about dating the Japanese man and what to expect. After being in a relationship with a Japanese man I think that I know why. Show More Summary

Haunted Japan

Japan is surrounded by strange stories of the supernatural and the paranormal. It's one of the things that attracted me to Japan. In the light of Halloween coming I unearthed and illustrated three Japanese urban legends which creeped me out. Show More Summary

Working In Japan: What They Don't Tell You (Part 2)

So we know what are the highlights about working in Japan are, but with every pro there is a con. Here are the things that they don't tell you about working in this amazing country.1) Starting Rate and Pay DateOkay, so maybe this is not an unusual one, but it is something that they do not tell you initially. Show More Summary

Looking forward to work or study in Japan ???????? :)

Several time people ask me, that how to approach Japan for study or job. I was having same question few years ago. I am covering this post in two section i.e study and work. Before elaborating, my personal opinion is that if you are thinking to come Japan you should have interest in Japan or Japanese culture. Show More Summary

Nissan Stadium Flea Market

Nissan Stadium is an international football stadium. There is a BigFlea market once or twice every month. The access is: Shin yokohama Station or Kozukue Station on JR Yokohama Line.The URL for the schedule and events is : am sharing some of the pictures I took during my visit.

Tsukiji Fish Market

I have visited Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo. This place is near by Ginza station. It is a must visit place for foreigners.There are a alot of fish market and the place is very crowded. You can enjoy street foods too.I have taken some of the snaps during my visit.

Sex Shops in Japan; The Costs, The Rules, and The Goods

Let's be clear from the start here; this piece is being written by a guy, which may account for any hint of the immature or the prurient that may emerge when talking about the sex shops in Japan.I suppose, if we really undress it (pun...Show More Summary

Summer not in Japan: Board bags and getting to Bali

This summer I’ve managed to put together a fairly rushed trip to Bali. There’s something about my life in Japan that prevents me from planning a trip in plenty of time. So it is this summer, when the decision was made to get out of the country, pretty much all direct flights to the destination of choice had already sold out. Show More Summary

How to Have Post Redelivered in Japan: JP POST

When post is delivered to your place in Japan and you happen to be out at the time, a notice card (‘Undeliverable Item Notice’) will put through your letter box. The postal service (JP POST in this case) will keep hold of your parcel for around two weeks (look out for the bit on the card written thus, ????/hokan kigen). Show More Summary

Granola in Japan

I hate breakfast. Especially in summer. My stomach knots up so tight, to quote a line from Ferris Bueller, if you could stick a lump of coal in there, you’d come out with a diamond. The prospect of a traditional Japanese breakfast (rice, fish, miso soup) instills me with all the enthusiasm of the first day of school after summer break. Show More Summary

Summer in Japan: Can't Beat the Heat? Then Join the Heat!

The humidity is building. The sweat on your brow is forming. Summer in Tokyo is definitely here. As we try to beat the heat, we may find that we can't beat it at all. So what do we do? Brave the heat? No. Join the heat!A new craze jumped to my attention in the very hot, humid, and sun burning Roppongi. Show More Summary

A holiday/vacation in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Known as The Onsen City, ?? (Beppu) can be translated as 'Another World.' It looks like there should be dinosaurs roaming around in the hills because of the steam rising in so many places from all the hot springs. I was amazed at how beautiful it was. Show More Summary

How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima?

Hiroshima, the last economic bastion of Japan’s East Coast commercial/industrial highway. Beyond here, we leave the island of Honshu and cross the Inland Sea over to Kyushu. A lot has been written about Hiroshima’s tragic past, its emergence from which is nothing short of remarkable. Show More Summary

New Years in Snow Country Niigata

Niigata Prefecture, crisp clean air and tons of snow regardless of what time of year it is.From Tokyo, it took me two hours by bullet train, and when I left there wasn’t a hint of snow. It seems as soon as I left the tunnel, I entered...Show More Summary

Is this Sumo????

Looking for a Sumo show? So was I, but I got something a bit different.Ryogoku Tokyo is the neighborhood in Sumida Tokyo that has the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium. If you book far enough in advanced, you can see a Sumo match there. But, if...Show More Summary

How Much Does it Cost to Travel From Tokyo to Sapporo?

Updated Sep, 2017 - Sapporo (Hokkaido) is a long way from Tokyo (over 800 km as the crow flies). Getting there by any means other than a plane, is likely to turn into something of an adventure. Still, it will be an adventure worthwhile,...Show More Summary

Mochi Pounding Ceremony onboard JS IZUMO (Japanese Aircraft Carrier)

This December in Yokosuka Japan, a good sightseeing opportunity, 100 of us from the USS Ronald Reagan were invited to the JS Izumo, our Japanese equivalent. The JS Izumo was conducting a mochi pounding ceremony (mochitsuki), to celebrate the new year. Show More Summary

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Japan’s Theme Parks?

Japan’s theme parks have got you covered; from Americana inspired immersive fantasy lands, to white-knuckle screamers, via retro fun fairs and J-culture cute. They’re all here, they’re all accessible, and most of them are very popular. Show More Summary

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