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Japanator Live: Sal prepares for La-Mulana's third guardian

Watch live video from japanator on To this day, I'm amazed that I still haven't experienced the glorious taste of curry. At the moment, the closest thing was chicken and goat that's marinated in the same spices as this delicious delicacy. Show More Summary

Strong Style: Ooooh, that's gotta hurt!

Welcome back to Strong Style's coverage of NJPW on AXS TV. This week we go back to the Tokyo Dome for more matches from WrestleKingdom 9 from January of 2015.This week things seems to have been switched up on me, We were supposed to see Sakuraba vs. Show More Summary

Week Ender - Dating Sim Edition

The great thing about Anime based on dating sims offer a multitude of waifus for you to fawn over (Otome game themed post coming later this month for those Otoge fans!) and use as a reason to fight random people on the internet for liking...Show More Summary

Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episodes 8-13

Man. Ultraman X has gone through a lot during these past few weeks. From intense major event battles to sports games, the show is packing a ton of different elements recently. Perhaps the biggest thing to happen is that we might be hitting...Show More Summary

See trailer for Maria Ozawa's new action horror movie

I'm sure many of you Japanator readers are familiar with adult actress Maria Ozawa, she is one of the very few half-Japanese adult actresses in the industry. Some of y'all may have heard that she has been starring in mainstream films...Show More Summary

The Hazards of Surfing in Japan

I’ve mentioned before that Japan is probably one of the world’s most underrated surfing resources … by people outside of Japan. But if you can save the money, and the courage (to tackle the language that is, rather than the waves), the country has plenty of fun breaks on tap. Show More Summary

Tattooed Tokyo host

In Kabukicho, Tokyo’s infamous red light district, hosts are a common sight. Often distinctly attired young men, they entertain similarly young women in exchange for considerable financial rewards. A weirdly cyclical system that sees hostesses, and mostly other adult entertainment workers, use the money they have earned in their particular roles to subsidise hosts involved […]

7 YouTube Channels You Must Watch If You Wanna Know Japan!

When I started my YouTube channel 2 months ago, just as a reference I looked around for YouTubers who are talking about Japan. I was quite surprised by how many talented J-Vloggers are out there. Their content is really interesting and...Show More Summary

Annotated Anime: One Punch Man episode 2

Welcome to the latest recap of One Punch Man, the only anime series that probably doesn't need a recap, for so obvious is the plot, am I right? As it turns out, not quite. A fair bit goes on in today's installment, and while deviations from the source are few, newer viewers may find the latest developments engaging.

Moving to a New Apartment - Part Two

So it’s finally time for the move! Wow! The preparation was really tough. The last time we did this, there were only three of us; two adults, one baby, and not very much in the way of stuff. That move was pretty easy. Now though, we’re a family of four; a two-year old, a five-year old, two adults, and a shed load more baggage. Show More Summary

OP Up! Dating Sim Edition

Dating sims adapted into anime is nothing new. Unlike other video game genres adapted into anime, dating sims tend to offer a more structured story than most but things get complicated when the dating sim has multiple heroines or branching paths. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Travel around Tokyo

I have been in Japan for four months and so far I have not yet left Tokyo. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that I have not had much time off of work, I have not had much money to travel, and, the biggest reason of all, I'm still in the process of exploring Tokyo itself. Show More Summary

2 reasons why Japan has so many suicide (from the point of a Japanese view)

Hey, what’s up! My name is Nobita, a native Japanese guy who was born and raised in Japan. Writing in English is terrifying! This is a big challenge for me. Please readers! Don’t be too hard on me! My very first post on City-Cost is about suicide in Japan as I made a video about he subject recently. Show More Summary

Meet Kagaya and his Izakaya Restaurant

Kagaya is a lovely restaurant located in Shimbashi Tokyo. He specializes in the Izakaya style of dining. Upon being seated, you'll be greeted in a song and dance in a very personal way. After a bit, he offered the drink menu to us. He delivered it to us, specifically me, also, in a very personal way. Show More Summary

Going Above and Beyond

I'll admit I was pretty lazy before coming to Japan. To some extent I still am. But, Japan has changed me. It's not big revelation that people in Japan value a hard days work. Many salary-men will put in a six day work week and even working longer than the normal eight hours a day. Show More Summary

First Impressions: Durarara!!x2 Ten

The release of Durarara!!'s second cours dubbed started broadcasting last month and it went completely under my radar. 5 episodes in and I've become reacquainted with the denizens of Ikebukuro and the thin line called destiny that intertwines all of their actions together. Read more...

Tokyo One Piece Tower

If you are a fan of the #1 manga and anime series or even have a slight understanding of what it is, then his is a great place to visit. With themed attractions/activities based around each of the 7 main characters, this will bring you hours of fun. Show More Summary

Japanese eye contact and interaction

It’s often said that Japanese people aren’t overly fond of eye contact or interaction with strangers — a trait that’s supposedly even more pronounced when those strangers are of a foreign persuasion. But like most sweeping generalisations, it’s not entirely true.

First Impressions: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Another year, another new Gundam series. My interest in Sunrise and Bandai's flagship has waxed and waned over the years, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm rarely attracted to the "mainline" shows that make up the core of the franchise. Show More Summary

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