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Earth Day Tokyo 2017 calls for a shift in lifestyle

Today, April 22, marks what in some quarters is known as the 'world’s largest secular celebration', Earth Day. Nearly 195 countries taking a bit of time out from the schedule to drum up support for this rock we all call home. Here in...Show More Summary

Nine in ten Japanese have drunk local wine, fruitiness main draw

A recent survey from the brewer Kirin and their subsiduary the wine maker Mercian looked at Japanese wine consumption. Before reading this survey, I was under the impression that most Japanese wine was made on an industrial scale with imported grapes, and that even Mercian was one of these fake wines, and any local wines […]

Getting Down and Dirty-- Cleaning a Japanese Bathtub

The amount of upkeep that goes into a Japanese apartment astonishes me sometimes. Coming from a country where "Clean the tub" usually means scrub out the insides and perhaps snake the drain if you really need to, I was utterly unprepared my first time trying to deep-clean the shower and bath area. Show More Summary

Small Yet Comfy Japanese Apartments !!

When I came to Japan for the first time, the size of the apartment perplexed me. I questioned how am I going to adjust in this tiny den? In my homeland I have a big house with bigger rooms and a lot more space everywhere. So my initial reaction to the apartment in Japan was not positive. Show More Summary

Local elections

There may be local elections in my town very soon. I've seen a few posters of candidates around at parks and things.But the biggest sign is the abundance of saying trucks riding around the past two days. They are basically non stop driving...Show More Summary

Little Tokyo bar looks

A face that is arguably as full of questions as the bar is customers.

Plastic food displays vs Real food displays

I saw this on the street the other day and I'm not sure how I feel about, so I'd like to get some opinions...The small soba shop put some food displays outside, showing the meals of the day.I'm used to seeing the plastic displays, as you can see with the bowl of noodles on the top left. Show More Summary

How to prepare for Spring in Japan?

Spring in JAPAN!Finally the spring has arrived in Japan with the sakura blooming everywhere. Most of the foreigners like the spring of Japan. But have you prepared to celebrate it effectively? Here is some good tips for the foreigners:1. Show More Summary

A look inside Ginza Six: Opening day

You’ve got to know that a shopping center is a big deal when the opening ceremony is attended by a Prime Minister (perhaps he had an hour or two spare), but that was the case with Ginza Six the latest, and for some time, grandest edition...Show More Summary

Nakano Broadway – the New Paradise for Otaku

When you think about Tokyo and Otaku you mainly end up with Akihabara. This area is famous as a shopping district for electronics and Japanese pop culture items including anime, manga, games and Japanese music. It became especially popular...Show More Summary

3 Lawsons in a row, WHY?

During my recent trip in Japan, I came across this intersection in a random district of the city that confused me. More precisely, I was confused by the marketing strategy of Lawson, the convenient store.I went into Lawson to take a look, came back out empty-handed because there wasn't anything I wanted. Show More Summary

Tokyo to Gotemba Premium Outlets: How to travel and how much it costs

Gotemba Premium Outlets could make the case for being the most popular in Japan (although the outlet mall in Karuizawa might have something to say about that). The reason for the perhaps confusing plural in the name is that the nouns are separate; Gotemba is one of nine Premium Outlets throughout Japan, managed by Mitsubishi Estate. Show More Summary

Limbo land

A large percentage of foreigners coming into Japan to live and work here tend to be employed as english teachers, and of these a large percentage are with the JET program. I am one of those people. It wasn’t the first time I had lived in Japan, but it was the first time to work here. Show More Summary

Furusawa-san of TOHO

Dindins with Furusawa-san of TOHO. He produced Kimi no Na and a load of other hits. ???????????????...


You might have heard of or even tried the popular children's snacks, umaibou. They are these rice sticks with various kinds of flavour seasonings, and I like them too much.Only very recently, I found this spin-off product that they have.The...Show More Summary

Guests, dishes, and food combine to create interactive art dining space, Ginza

Digital creative ‘teamLab’ and Saga-gyu restaurant SAGAYA in Ginza team up to raise the bar of ‘themed dining’ in Tokyo with a mind blowing dining space where guests, dishes, and food combine to create a growing, interactive digital art experience reflecting of the seasons. Show More Summary

Our Ikebana headmaster's solo exhibition

Our school, The Sogetsu flower school, celebrates 90th anniversary this year. And our headmaster, or Iemoto (???? ??), Akane Teshigahara held solo exhibition in commemoration of the anniversary at school HQ in Akasaka, Tokyo.It was not...Show More Summary

Moving-out: Get a Good Deal with Yamato

From Tohoku to Kanto, a new adventure awaits for me. But, before I start planning my itinerary, I told myself, “How will I get my stuff to my new apartment?”First, I asked my friends what’s the safest and budget-friendly move out service in Japan. Show More Summary

How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Nagano?

For those outside of Japan, the name ‘Nagano’ is probably easiest to associate with the Winter Olympics and Paralympics of 1998. An area doesn’t get to host such a spectacle without good reason, and Nagano Prefecture can justly claim to be one of Japan’s best playgrounds for winter sports and all things outdoors. Show More Summary

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