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Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online rolls out the big guns ahead of launch

So it’s been almost eight months since I had the opportunity to play Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online before it went Early Access, in which I wrote my thoughts about. To keep it short, I enjoyed what I played. Show More Summary

Review: God Eater Resurrection

The Monster Hunter franchise's meteoric rise in Japan in the past decade has given birth to a new genre that is still going strong in Japan with numerous contenders that spring up every so often. While many Japanese games that triedShow More Summary

Summer in Japan: Bon is... Well... What... What Can We Do in Bon? Part 2/2

The following morning after my venture to Matsumoto Castle, I wondered what I could do to beat the Matsumoto heat (although it was nowhere near close to the Tokyo burners) so I jumped down the stairs - well not quite - and spoke to the staff of Matsumoto Backpackers. Show More Summary

ANTEPRIMA flagship store combines fashion and food in Ginza, Tokyo

This Friday sees the opening of the flagship store for the Italy-based women’s designer brand. The ANTEPRIMA store will feature an Italian restaurant (ANTEPRIMA CASA CUCINA) in the basement, the first of its kind anywhere in the world for a brand like this.The brainchild of brand creative director Izumi Ogino, ANTEPRIMA came to life in Milan in 1993. Show More Summary

First Impressions: Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc

Sometimes in life, the greatest things are those that occur out of an unexpected turn of events. These opportunities can give many people the chance to do things that they normally couldn’t do. In my case, Spike Chunsoft’s decision to...Show More Summary

Three Gooey Japanese Foods

Neba-neba (????) is the word you'll hear describing these three foods in Japan.Neba-neba is sticky, gooey, or slimy. These are foods that people tend to either love or hate. Natto Of course, the stinkiest of the sticky foods to start us off. Show More Summary

Summer in Japan: Bon is... Well... What... What Can We Do in Bon? Part 1/2

Bon is a national holiday in Japan that celebrates the ancestors. Most Japanese people return home to their relatives to do so. Most foreigners are left behind in Japan wondering what to do in that week where everybody suddenly disappears. Show More Summary

Summer Gift Giving Season

Ochuugen (???) time has arrived. For those of you wondering what's going on, the department stores all have seasonal gift boxes right now, as July & August are a traditional time to give gifts of appreciation to family, bosses, and important clients. Show More Summary

Summer Fun in Japan

Preparing for a summer get-away in Japan took us a month-long planning as we wanted to make our second summer here fun and memorable. We decided get a real-feel of Japan summer and experience the beach. Choosing a destination was a challenge as we are not familiar with the cities and there is also budget consideration. Show More Summary

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Should I acknowledge that I skipped a week on the blog? I mean, we all know it’s because of PokémonGo right? Yes, we all also know I’m a grown-a$s woman who should be beyond childish video games, but we also all know that I flippingShow More Summary

Survey ranks Japan’s best English conversation schools

We couldn’t resist this one; a ranking of the best English conversation schools (eikaiwa/???) Japan has to offer. With a reputation for cutting corners and rinsing out every drop of a tight budget (usually by way of not paying staff their dues), these places are often demonized by the people that work in them.However, let’s be clear. Show More Summary

News: The way of the selfie stick - Pokémon Go away, sites request in Japan

And so it begins, news reports yesterday and today are telling gamers that train firms and ‘utilities’ companies in Japan are seeking for their sites to be rid of Pokémon characters, and thus hordes of gamers hunting them down.According...Show More Summary

Tokyo restaurant kitchen grime

Japan loves its rules and regulations. Of that there is little doubt. And yet oddly, when it comes to kitchen cleanliness, it almost comically seems like it really couldn’t care less.

Pattern Style

Fashion isn’t my thing, but from the first time I visited Japan, I noticed something funny. It seems like most people wear solid colors, maybe mixing in a pattern here and there, but some people wear some crazy combinations of patterned clothes. Show More Summary

Fireworks, but not as we know ‘em! Virtual hanabi events in Tokyo

‘Tis the season of fireworks festivals (????/hanabi taikai) in Japan. These well documented summer soirees are a highlight of the season for many. We love them, too, and would definitely advise you to give them a go, at least once, when you’re in Japan. Show More Summary

How to Eat Sushi the Traditional Way

Do you like sushi? Do you know how to eat it if you went to a high rise restaurant? Watch this Jvlog and learn how to eat sushi the old fashioned way. This is the traditional method of eating sushi, and if you go to an expensive restaurant,...Show More Summary

Summer in Japan: Beating the Heat

Summer in Japan can be like walking into a furnace. Especially in Tokyo when the humidity is up 90%. I sometimes wonder how the Japanese survive the heat compared to European people like me. The simple answer is that their bodies are designed to deal with heat, and ours are designed to deal with cold. Show More Summary

National Holiday Travels

Golden Week is a national holiday celebrated in Japan. Most people don't work. So what can foreigners do in Japan during Golden Week?Find out in this Jvlog!

“At the carwash, yeah!” The Cost of Cleaning Your Car in Japan

You may have already noticed, the urban Japanese home doesn’t offer much in the way of space to wash your car. And, unless you have car in Japan, you probably won’t have noticed the many carwash facilities that dot the main roads in Japan. Show More Summary

Learn Japanese

It's hard going to a country where they don't know English. Particularly one that isn't used to foreigners Japan is also still very new to us English speakers, so it's a good idea to be prepared with the basics. That way you're not entirely caught short.Below is a link to a lesson in my Jvlog. Please check it out!Learn Japanese (#1 Traveler Basics)

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