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Ode to a Backpack

Since trying to drive in Japan near gives me a panic attack just to think about (I understand it’s an irrational level of anxiety, that knowledge doesn’t fix me) I instead adopted a much more pedestrian lifestyle while we’ve been living in Nagoya. Show More Summary

Negotiating Parlay

For those who missed the memo, The Mister and I spent Golden Week in Cancun Mexico, to celebrate my little cousin tying the knot. I’ve finally smoothed over the jet lag, thanks in part to KP2 who read my last post and came over three...Show More Summary

Learn from My Mistakes

I’m pretty sure I am at a point where I would happily commit a heinous crime in exchange for one of those beautiful blue boxes of kraft mac n cheese in dino shapes. Jet-Lag: How does it manifest in your body? Tell me in the comments!...Show More Summary

We brain-dove Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online, and came back with answers

A team-based multiplayer shooter isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a Ghost in the Shell video game - the first thing is a Basset Hound simulator. But after that, Nexon and Neoples have done a pretty bang-up...Show More Summary

Strong Style: Back for more!

Hello Hello, fans and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at new Japan Pro wrestling on AXS TV. This week we are back at the Osaka-Jo Hall looking at the Dominion card from 2015. This week's matches are a bit of a dichotomy. Show More Summary

Watch this Cute and Clever Music Video for your Smartphone

RUN and RUN / lyrical school ?MV for Smartphone? from RUNandRUN_lyrisch on Vimeo. Normally, I hate it when people shoot video on their phones using the portrait orientation since it isn't the optimal way to frame a shot about 98% of the time. Show More Summary

This is Not a Drill - Hanami Is Upon Us

Last week Mac and I walked to the park and we were met at the entrance by a row of food trucks and a man juggling swords while balanced upon a unicycle.I turned to Mac for my best Rafiki impression: IT IS TIME.Hanami season is upon us!...Show More Summary

Making major life decisions "...based solely on a couple of hooters."

[She looks like how I imagine every exasperated celebrity looks when rabid fans run up and interrupt their day for a selfie.]Way way back, before the beginning of time I had agreed to move to Japan with The Mister and the Critters, I...Show More Summary

Virtual Reality Sword Art Online actually works, it turns out

When IBM announced its intention to Make Anime Real™ by producing a Sword Art Online-based virtual reality experience, I was a tad skeptical. After all, even the most advanced VR tech in the world can just barely convince us to get dizzy...Show More Summary

Japan’s Nintendo firm releases Miitomo (Me) so now you too can divulge personal information

Source: welovecarbondioxide Japan’s Nintendo firm releases Miitomo (Me) so now you too can divulge personal information only with an avatar Never did like computer games, in fact, sort of loathed them and always considered playing games on computers a serious waste of time. Show More Summary

Origin of futures trading and the rice-based samurai class in the Tokugawa era the “rice field era”

Source: welovecarbondioxide Origin of futures trading and the rice-based samurai class in the Tokugawa era (the "rice field era") While looking around for the origin of futures trading and derivatives, came across an interesting paper titled The Dojima Rice Market and the Origins of Futures Trading written November 10, 2010. Show More Summary

Japan moves to space for its “structural reform” placing its own satellites up in an already crowded

Source: welovecarbondioxide Japan moves to space for its “structural reform” placing its own satellites up in an already crowded low orbit There weren’t too many people I don’t think that caught the significance of the news two years...Show More Summary

300 year-old tree in Tokyo cut down on Thursday and the owner dies on Saturday

Source: welovecarbondioxideA friend who I have known for 20 years and who is a semi-professional opera singer, piano and singing teacher, invited me over to her house to meet her neighbor, a 73 year-old Japanese man who lived on what I guess you could consider to be a small farm. Show More Summary

Negative interest rates in Japan are going to begin taking a bite out of “your” money (energy)

Source: welovecarbondioxide If anyone is wondering how negative interest rates will impact their investments, banking and deposits in Japan, here is an opening article that may be a good source to reference to understand better how negative interest rates will impact your energy and how it is transformed into money. Show More Summary

Mukkuru, I Choose You!

There are two things that disappoint me about living in Nagoya: 1. As a life-long fan of (Japan-based) Nintendo, my American consoles are not compatible with Japanese games… plus I wouldn’t understand what was going on in those games even if I could play them. Show More Summary

Dysfunctional libido caused by Islam knocks on Japan’s backdoor by Bd-1 In Tokyo

The dark side of Islam (go instead with Sufi Islam of the Islamic scholar Imran N Hosein) is appearing on Japan’s doorstep with two Turks arrested for sexually assaulting a Japanese woman in her 30s. She was apparently pulled into a oilet by two Turks at Akabane Station in Tokyo last December, 2016 and raped. Show More Summary

Rock Star

I don’t know why this is coming back to me now... I used to be an ALT in a small junior high school (around 300 students) out in the sticks. One of the highlights of the year for the students was the farewell bash put on for 3rd graders before they graduated. Show More Summary

Finally, an actual Sword Art Online Virtual Reality game

File this one under "It's happening!", because it really is: Sword Art Online is getting a game adaptation in the medium that it helped make famous: Virtual Reality. IBM have announced a new online VR game project titled Sword Art Online: The Beginning. Show More Summary

KitchenQuePasa (a bit of a self-promo post)

I've got banana muffins in the oven. Ahem In our tiny little toaster oven. And they’re gonna taste amazing in about 20 minutes. (whereupon I will almost certainly burn the roof of my mouth clean off because I am completely incapableShow More Summary

AFA 2015 Merhandise

Its that time of year again folks - Anime Festival Asia in Singapore. I'm off this week to the Mer-lan...

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