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My First Visit To Japan

Born and raised in the UK, I fell in love with Japan towards the end of the eighties and discovered a...

Chaika gets hers in this 'Avenging Battle' trailer

I liked what I saw of Chaika the Coffin Princess. In fact, at first glance I was convinced that someone was blatantly ripping off the underappreciated Scrapped Princess, until I found out they were from the same author. I guess basically...Show More Summary

Smart Doll

Everything you need to know about Smart Doll and More! And sorry for the lack of updates ><

Belated Monthly Musings: Favorite Inu x Boku SS Endings

We're off to a good start, yes? Sometimes, a series comes along that blindsides you with how good it is. You didn't catch any discernible hype, but you were hooked from the first few minutes. For me, Inu x Boku SS is one of those series. Show More Summary

Street Fighter 4 glitch leads to 276-hit combo

I love me a good combo video. There's nothing like seeing a guy rock a game system hard and eek out strings of nasty hits. This vid from Youtube user biffotasty uses a very particular glitch to be able to go beyond the normal hit-counter and get 276 hits. Show More Summary

New Fate/Stay Night trailer features Taiga's lesson

Aniplex Japan has posted a new trailer for the remake of Fate/Stay night by animation studio ufotable. It's not really different from the first Fate/Stay night trailer shown from Anime Japan earlier this year, but it's worth a look since the footage still looks real nice. Show More Summary

Morning Musume 14' is coming to NY in October '14

Idols, while a huge part of the music and marketing culture in Japan, is incredibly niche overseas, making it hard for even the biggest acts to justify coming stateside for concerts. Morning Musume, despite it's deep history and becoming...Show More Summary

Breakout idol Kanna Hashimoto now powers mobile game girlfriend

The Japanese mobile game Girlfriend (Beta) has an all-star seiyuu cast and launched late last year. It accidentally fueled a meme earlier this year, when veteran voice actress Sakura Tange's French-named character crunched out her name in a series of adorable weird sounds. Show More Summary

Shonen Showdown 4-20-2014

Welcome to another weekly installment of Shonen Showdown, your everyday look at the latest in battle shows. This week we're catching up on the status of our favorite anime memes, and it appears that the evergreen "Moe Moe Kyun!" remains perennially popular, even among people who themselves could be described as "perennial". Show More Summary

The Bestsellers: Naruto still can't be stopped

Welcome to The Bestsellers List, where we highlight the bestselling music and movies in Japan, along with the best of the American manga sales each week. This week's manga charts prove that Naruto is still one of the most popular manga out there, beating out Bleach, Soul Eater, and Attack on Titan. Show More Summary

The Dose: Old School Thursdays

It's time to head back to 1998, as today's music is coming from Mr Reichi Nakaido. This is the first of two places you may have heard his music if you're into your anime, as he composed most of the soundtrack for Serial Experiments Lain, including the ending theme up top. Show More Summary

Puzzle & Dragons heads to arcades...a second time

I think we're all at least somewhat aware of how widely spread Puzzle & Dragons fever is in Japan, but I think their latest project is definitely a good indicator of its success. We've known since last year that Square Enix were developing...Show More Summary

Shinji's voice actor set to marry Ms. Norway

No, Megumi Ogata isn't coming out of the closet by announcing her marriage to the reigning Ms. Norway. Spike Spencer, the voice actor best known for playing Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rolo in Code Geass is set to marry Kim MacKenzie, 2013's Miss Norway. Show More Summary

The Bestsellers List: Top music, movies, and manga for April 11

Welcome to The Bestsellers List, where we highlight the bestselling music and movies in Japan, along with the best of the American manga sales each week. This week, Mobile Suit Gundam proves just how dominant of a force it can be, supplanting the perennial favorite Attack on Titan. Show More Summary

Birthday Rouge

10 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

When I first moved to San Francisco in 2008, I had little idea what to do with myself, beyond knowing that I had graduated with a degree in "Communications" and probably should be working. So I took a writing workshop that included an...Show More Summary

Cri-moe-a: Natalia Poklonskaya responds to getting anime-fied

10 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

Depending on where you get your news, the recent actions of the Russian government in the Ukrainian state of Crimea could be a correction of a historical mistake or the violation of a nation's sovereignty...or it could be an opportunity...Show More Summary

Schwarzenegger & Willis starring in new Kowa coffee ads

10 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

The latest bit of marketing for Kowa's new "Power" canned-coffee line features aging-action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis getting their hands dirty and shouting power at the top of their lungs. While it's not unusual for...Show More Summary

CNN declares World Order the new Gangnam Style?

10 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

I know we just took a look at World Order's new video for Have a Nice Day yesterday on The Dose, but while scrolling through CNN's website I came across a pretty hilarious headline. "Is this the new Gangnam Style?" While I was excited...Show More Summary

Studio Yumakano produces smiling screws

10 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

Ever feel like you keep seeing faces in everyday objects? Don't worry, you're not weird. And you're definitely not weird for seeing a smiling face on these screws from Studio Yumakano and Komuro Manufacturing. These smiling screws, complete with a custom screwdriver, are meant to inject a little bit of happiness into your household repairs. Show More Summary

Takeshi Koike to direct Lupin IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone

10 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

Can I freak out, guys? I love Takeshi Koike works -- not just Redline, but his earlier stuff too, like Trava: Fist Planet. His style is killer and when combined with his insane dedication to smooth animation, it results in some stylish works. Show More Summary

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