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Beware of zombie demons this weekend at Shibuya

Since this weekend is the last before Halloween, lots of people will be dressing up and congregating at places around Japan, this short survey from MAKEY, a smartphone app that teaches make-up techniques, into Halloween costumes looked at what middle and high school girls and university students would like to dress up as. Here’s what […]

One in four Japanese love natto

Natto is many a foreigners’ nemesis, but this survey from @nifty into natto and tofu found that many Japanese too find rotton beans foul. I’ve tried a few times to eat it, but I just can’t cope with the smell; fortunately my wife too hates the stuff! Tofu on the other hand is wonderful! If […]

Once trouble when you buy a ticket for the train

Once trouble when you buy a ticket for the train, okay you can press the help button.It is this result.(Funny this video.)

Tokyo: a cute facade hiding a harsher reality?

When growing up, one of the most popular children’s TV shows was Rainbow; a programme based around a house inhabited by a man, a bear, a pink hippo and an odd-looking puppet with a zip for a mouth. However, despite such a memorable premise, what always stuck in my mind was the theme tune. A […]

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Tat from the 90s that Japanese can’t believe were all the rage

Number 3 will shock you, as the clickbait is wont to say, but in this case “Kill it with fire” might actually be an appropriate response to more than one of these nostalgic items from the 90s that people cannot believe were popular. Putting myself on the spot I’m mostly drawing a blank, so let’s […]

Look forward to more Universal Century anime goodness this June with Gundam Twilight Axis

11 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

With Gundam Thunderbolt's second season launching on GundamInfo, Sunrise revealed that they have another Gundam project in store for us. Just like the current Universal Century show, their new title, an adaptation of the Light NovelShow More Summary

Strong Style: Aerial Assassin vs Time Splitter

12 months agoLocal Interest / Japan : Japanator

Greetings mat fans and welcome to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we are traveling to Osaka (waka laka party time!) to the Osaka-Jo hall for Dominion 2016. Our first look at this BIG card has three titles on the line so let's get to the action from June 19. 2016! Read more...

I want NOTHING for Christmas

tiny disclaimer: this isn’t really a blog post for the world at large, it’s more for my inner circle of people, who I hope do not take this as a personal offense or me lacking gratitude, because by golly that is 100% never my intention. Show More Summary


I need some silly this week. Let’s do this. Roughly once a month I make the bold statement: “THIS. This is the best gatchapon that could possibly exist. I no longer need to buy gatchapons once I have bought this particular gatchapon.”...Show More Summary

Japan Dream

My arrival to Japan was in Tokyo. Coming from Toronto, I didn't feel any different staying in Tokyo.I felt like I arrived from one city to another city. Reason being, Toronto is also a busy city and resembles Tokyo in some ways.Tokyo is a fun and interesting place to be in; it has it's own beauty. Show More Summary

Road Trip!

Whah ho hey I’m back.Thanks for your patience, all. I enjoyed a lovely birthday blog break. So since we last met…Kp2 and I had a silly birthday party, complete with piñata, tabehoudai, and CAKE. Mostly it was a nice chance to catch up with our friends. Show More Summary

Texting Japanese, I Think I'm Texting Japanese...

When you’ve been in Japan long enough, I would wager even if you’re not actively trying to learn the language, you pick up a few phrases here and there. “Arigatou.” “Sumimasen.” “Daijoubu!”(that’s “Thanks.” "Excuse me." and “Ok." respectively,...Show More Summary

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Couch.

I originally started out to write about Japanese TV and movies I’ve been watching, but this tirade about the couch just… grew. I’m having one of those “missing home/ grumbly with Japan” weeks, so you’ll have to excuse the non-Japanesey topic. Show More Summary

Bullshit jobs in Japan while the institution of marriage drops and deadening boredom sets in

Source: welovecarbondioxideHere are a few indicators that Japan is not doing too well in the world rankings on how the Japanese feel about their circumstances as Japanese citizens. To begin with, Japan is facing a faltering in marriages where once the institution of marriage and raising children and domestic stability were the bedrocks of Japan. Show More Summary

Ode to a Backpack

Since trying to drive in Japan near gives me a panic attack just to think about (I understand it’s an irrational level of anxiety, that knowledge doesn’t fix me) I instead adopted a much more pedestrian lifestyle while we’ve been living in Nagoya. Show More Summary

Negotiating Parlay

For those who missed the memo, The Mister and I spent Golden Week in Cancun Mexico, to celebrate my little cousin tying the knot. I’ve finally smoothed over the jet lag, thanks in part to KP2 who read my last post and came over three...Show More Summary

Learn from My Mistakes

I’m pretty sure I am at a point where I would happily commit a heinous crime in exchange for one of those beautiful blue boxes of kraft mac n cheese in dino shapes. Jet-Lag: How does it manifest in your body? Tell me in the comments!...Show More Summary

We brain-dove Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online, and came back with answers

A team-based multiplayer shooter isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a Ghost in the Shell video game - the first thing is a Basset Hound simulator. But after that, Nexon and Neoples have done a pretty bang-up...Show More Summary

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