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Britain sends £9m to Libya to fight terror threat and migrant crisis

Boris Johnson announces aid package, which includes £4m to remove improvised explosive devices, during trip to Tripoli Boris Johnson has announced a £9m aid package for Libya to help deal with the problems of migrants risking their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean and a growing threat of terrorist groups from the war-stricken country. Show More Summary

Dozens killed in airstrike on Yemeni hotel

Officials and witnesses say majority of those killed in strike by Saudi-led coalition on outskirts of Sana’a were Houthi rebels Dozens of people are feared killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition on a small hotel north of the...Show More Summary

Saudi Macarena boy's father pledges not to violate public morals

Teenager was detained by police after video went viral showing him dancing to song at an intersection in Jeddah Saudi police have released a 14-year-old boy who was filmed dancing to the Macarena at an intersection in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, according to local media reports. Show More Summary

Qatar passes law to protect employment rights of domestic workers

Domestic employment law will limit working day to a maximum of 10 hours and ensure monthly payment of wages Qatar has approved a law limiting domestic staff to a maximum of 10 hours’ work a day, the first such protection for thousands of household maids, nannies and cooks in the emirate. Show More Summary

Egypt cancels Jared Kushner meeting after US withdraws aid

Foreign minister had been due to meet US delegation led by Trump’s adviser and son-in-law in Cairo to discuss Middle East Egypt has called off a scheduled meeting between its foreign minister and top US presidential adviser Jared Kushner after the US decided to withhold millions of dollars in aid. Show More Summary

The Macarena video that led to Saudi teen's detainment - video

Saudi police said on Tuesday they had detained a 14-year-old boy who was filmed dancing to the 1990s hit song Macarena at a street crossing in the coastal city of Jeddah, in a clip that was widely shared on social media. The teenager wearing a striped T-shirt, grey sports shorts and brightly coloured shoes strides to the middle of the crossing. Show More Summary

‘We would rather die than stay there’: the refugees crossing from Morocco to Spain

The number of people travelling across the Strait of Gibraltar has risen sharply, and most who make the journey know the risks On the hilltops of Tarifa, the Spanish city that faces Morocco across the Strait of Gibraltar and mainland Europe’s southernmost point, gusts of wind power the turbines dotting the landscape. Show More Summary

Hey Macarena: Saudi police detain 14-year-old boy for dancing in the street

Teenager filmed performing 1990s dance hit at traffic lights held for ‘improper public behaviour’ in Jeddah Saudi police said on Tuesday they had detained a 14-year-old boy who was filmed dancing to the 1990s hit song Macarena at a street crossing in the coastal city of Jeddah, in a clip that was widely shared on social media. Show More Summary

Kushner heads to Israel for latest attempt at peace deal

President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner arrives in Israel on Wednesday in the latest U.S. effort to revive long-stalled Middle East peace talks, but at a time when progress may be more elusive than ever. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump’s closest ally in the region,...

Two North Korean shipments to Syria intercepted in six months, UN told

Security council reportedly investigating suspected chemical and conventional arms cooperation between two countries Two shipments from North Korea destined for the Syrian government agency responsible for chemical weapons have beenShow More Summary

Living in a void: life in Damascus after the exodus

During six years of civil war in Syria, novelist Khaled Khalifa has watched wave after wave of friends and family flee his home city. But despite everything, he has decided to stay My sister, whom I haven’t seen for more than two years, told me she was going to cross the sea in a rubber dinghy. Show More Summary

The State is right to humanise Isis recruits. We need to understand | Rachel Shabi

The TV drama’s characters are disarmingly ordinary – not the brainless, heartless thugs we’d prefer them to be. It’s confronting, but it’s certainly not propaganda After just one episode, you can already see the kind of flack that Channel 4’s The State might face. Show More Summary

Palestinian leader reportedly says he can't figure out Trump's Mideast peace plan

Palestinian leaders are hoping that a meeting this week with a high-level team from the White House will provide some clarity about President Trump’s plan to get peace talks started again between Israelis and Palestinians. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told a visiting delegation...

Iraqi forces advance on Isis-held city of Tal Afar

Military leaders are confident of recapturing one of the last remaining Islamic State strongholds in the country but humanitarian groups fear for civilians Iraqi forces have pushed into the outskirts of one of the last Islamic State-held...Show More Summary

Syria: Bashar al-Assad rejects security cooperation with west

Assad praises Russia, Iran, China and Hezbollah for supporting government as shell kills several at international fair The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has railed against the west, saying any security cooperation with western nations or the reopening of their embassies would not happen until they cut ties with opposition and insurgent groups. Show More Summary

Moroccan Isis terrorists ‘pose a threat on Europe’s doorstep’

Hundreds of Islamic State fighters have sneaked back into north Africa – and could use it as a base for further attacks As the hunt intensifies for members of a Moroccan-led cell thought to be responsible for the terror attacks in Spain,...Show More Summary

The 20 photographs of the week

The attacks in Spain, the rally in Charlottesville, Usain Bolt’s last race and wildfires in Greece – the news of the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists Continue reading...

Lebanese town looks for relief after three tough years tied to Syrian civil war

Ayman Hujairi’s stone quarry in the barren hills outside the town of Arsal on Lebanon’s northeast border closed its doors after fighting broke out between Syrian militant groups and the Lebanese army three years ago. Then his stone-cutting factory, also shuttered, was looted of all its machines...

Venezuela’s opposition is not so innocent | Letters

Brendan O’Brien says opposition violence is clear though largely unreported in the media, while Kevin Bannon says Theresa May should be condemning Saudi Arabia Professor Jean Grugel, a scholar of Latin American politics and Labour member, calls on party members to condemn the violence of the Maduro government in Venezuela (Letters, 17 August). Show More Summary

Fallon apologises to families of soldiers killed in Snatch Land Rovers in Iraq

Defence secretary says sorry to relatives for delay in introducing better-protected vehicles that ‘could have saved lives’ The defence secretary has apologised to families of British soldiers killed while travelling in Snatch Land Rovers for delays in replacing the lightly armoured vehicles. Show More Summary

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