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Managing Editor of Banned Women’s Publication Hopes for Reversal of Decision

Iran's Press Oversight Committee has decided to suspend publication of Iran's premier women's magazine, Zanan-e Emrooz [Today's Women], and forward its case for prosecution to the Iranian Judiciary.

Political Prisoner To Be Tried for Contacting UN Human Rights Expert

Ebrahimi is accused of contacting the UN’s Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, from prison, to report to the Special Rapporteur on the condition of political prisoners who are ill. Iranian prison officials routinely deny even critically needed medical care to political prisoners.

TV Producer Jailed upon Return to Iran Now Faces Trial

Mostafa Azizi, a former Iranian television writer and producer, who has been in prison since February 1, 2015, will be put on trial on June 1, at Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court under Judge Salavati. Azizi, a resident of Canada since 2008, returned to Iran in December 2014.

Final Verdict: Five to Seven Years for Facebook Users in Iran

An appeals court in Tehran has sentenced six individuals to prison terms ranging from five to seven years for postings on their Facebook pages. Two additional individuals are facing as of yet unknown terms for their activities on the social networking site.

New Video: Iranian Expats Face Arrest upon Return to their Homeland

April 20, 2015—The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a video today highlighting the plight of the thousands of Iranians who wish to return to their homeland, yet fear likely imprisonment upon arrival for the peaceful expression of their beliefs, art, or lifestyle.

Prominent Iranians’ Views on Impact of Nuclear Agreement on Human Rights

“Our next agreement will be on our civil rights!” was one of the slogans people chanted in Tehran only hours after a nuclear agreement was reached on April 2, during their street celebrations. During his election campaign, President Hassan Rouhani repeatedly pledged to observe citizens’ rights, end the house arrest of the Green Movement leaders, […]

How Far is Hezbollah Willing to Go in Syria?

How Far is Hezbollah Willing to Go in Syria? By Vahik Soghom, BA. AUB, MA. Univ of St. Andrews, Humboldt Univ of Berlin For Syria Comment April 20, 2015 The melting of snow in the Qalamoun mountains signals the end of the especially harsh winter of 2015. Show More Summary

Worsening Conditions for Women in Iran Begin to Draw Attention

Rouhani and Other Administration Officials Speak Out against Discrimination Analysis- Almost two years after his 2013 election, President Hassan Rouhani and his Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, Shahindokht Molaverdi, spoke...Show More Summary

HRW: “ISIS Escapees Describe Systematic Rape”

Human Rights Watch today released new findings about IS’ sexual enslavement project that targeted Yazidi women and girls. Their report, entitled “ISIS Escapees Describe Systematic Rape,” contains many new interviews with survivors who escaped IS, some as young as 12 years old, who describe the forms of abuse experienced while in captivity. Show More Summary

Istanbul Twestival

Here is the last press release from the Istanbul Twitter Festival Team “Istanbul Twestival”. Unfortunately I only have a Turkish version. Google translate perhaps my pretties? :) I am happy to report that there will also be a Twestival in Ankara and in Izmir, which I will hopefully be helping out with. You should follow […]

Turkey Turns 85

Eighty five years ago today, the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed from the capital in Ankara. From the corner of my balcony on the Asian side of Istanbul I awoke to scores of red flags  hanging from apartment windows, poles, shops and even draped across the backs of people walking down the street…the air is […]

Terror In Uskudar

Three hand grenades were thrown at the building of the municipality of Uskudar, in Istanbul. 1 person has been injured from there knee following the attack and two people, 1 of them being a woman, escaped on a motorcycle and are being hunted down. Is this going to be a weekly occurance? Are we not […]

Istanbul bomb blasts – Gungoren

Last night two bombs went off in the area of Gungoren – killing 17 and injuring  154.  Two RDX bombs went off at 15 minutes interval, the first was a smaller explosion aimed at getting people to flock towards the sound of the bomb to see if they could help incase anyone was injured and […]

Prominent Activists Optimistic on End of Ban on Women at Sports Stadiums

Two prominent Iranian human rights defenders have expressed optimism over the recent moves in Iran to amend the laws banning women from sports stadiums, but note that real and permanent changes will require time and sustained citizen support for its realization. The moves to end the ban follow an international outcry over Iran’s refusal to […]

Executions Useless in Preventing Drug Crimes says Prominent Iranian Lawyer

In an interview with ISNA (the Iranian Student News Agency), the prominent Iranian lawyer Nemat Ahmadi lambasted Iran’s anti-drug law, calling it “lacking in preventive powers” despite its stipulation of the death penalty as punishment for drug traffickers.   “We have no other laws about drug trafficking, and because the anti-drug law was passed by […]

INN Special: Interview and Conversation with Richard Raymond, Director of Desert Dancer, in Theatres April 10

Listen to the full interview by Sam Razi of the Director of Desert Dancer, Richard Raymond, here: Sam Razi’s Twitter: @samrazi Richard Raymond’s Twitter: @richieraymond

Tehran Professor Decries Iran’s Criticism of UN Human Rights Expert

The following is a translation of Tehran University Professor Sadegh Zibakalam’s letter to Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Marzieh Afkham, responding to her statements on the latest report of Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran. In the Name of God Madam Marzieh Afkham, Spokesperson Foreign Ministry Greetings. Your […]

Cartoon 110: People’s Share of the Nuclear Agreement

As front line victims of several years of sanctions against Iran, and with news of an impending nuclear agreement, Iranians have every right to expect to see their diminished livelihoods and standards of life and welfare restored and improved. Any successful negotiation on the international stage, must be followed by immediate and vigorous steps at […]

The Children of Syria: A War and Image Industry

by Asaad Al-Saleh When writing my new book, Voices of the Arab Spring, I did not feature the testimonials of children. Though the book surveys participants from various backgrounds, differing in age, politics, and education, it doesn’t address the Arab Spring from the perspective of children, even though they are also actors in it. Show More Summary

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