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Tunisia attack: UK wants inquests to be held partly in secret

Families of Britons killed by gunman at resort said to have agreed it would be better to keep security measures secret The UK government wants the inquests into the deaths of 30 British tourists killed by a gunman on a Tunisian beach to be held partly in secret over fears certain material could be used by terrorists to plot further atrocities. Show More Summary

Wa’ad al-Kateab is an award-winning film-maker. And she is in grave danger | Ben de Pear

For a year,Kateab has exposed the horrors of Aleppo. Now she is trapped there. We can only hope Syrian forces treat her and her fellow citizens properly A year ago Channel 4 News commissioned a young woman in Aleppo, Wa’ad al-Kateab, to make a film about life inside the city. Show More Summary

How cities took over the world: a history of globalisation spanning 4,000 years

From bronze-age Iraq’s market-driven cities to the riches of Antwerp to the tech revolution in India, Greg Clark identifies the many waves of urban globalisation in an extract from his new book, Global Cities History shows that cities have tended to embrace international opportunities in waves and cycles. Show More Summary

Luxuriate at the Pier 7 Ladies Night with unlimited Fun!

Dubai Events and Nightlife Blog | ClockOff Dubai Events and Nightlife Blog | ClockOff - Music & Entertainment, Dubai Nightlife and Events Let’s bitch a Little and wine a lot… If you’re up for a fun ladies night out full of dancing and drinking with a variety of options, head to Pier 7 ladies night events at Dubai Marina. Show More Summary

Eastern Aleppo becoming 'one giant graveyard' says UN humanitarian chief

Stephen O’Brien says 25,000 forced to flee homes since Saturday Russia dismisses ‘pointless’ resolutions in security council emergency session The UN’s humanitarian chief has warned that eastern Aleppo was being turned into “one giant...Show More Summary

The Guardian view on Aleppo: the west’s grim failure | Editorial

As Assad’s forces, backed by the Russians, make their final move on Syria’s second city, the world can only count the cost of a humanitarian and military disaster it failed to stop Exhausted parents clutching terrified children in their...Show More Summary

Labour MPs accuse SNP of opportunism over Tony Blair motion

MPs attack Alex Salmond for trying ‘to turn collective failure in Iraq into an attempt to pillory and scapegoat one individual’ Labour MPs have accused the SNP’s Alex Salmond of playing party political games over a cross-party motion calling for Tony Blair to be held to account for allegedly misleading parliament over the Iraq war. Show More Summary

Hundreds of MPs back campaign for Syria aid airdrops

With 201 MPs listed as supporters of the plan, government backing would mean a Commons majority in favour More than 200 opposition MPs and backbench Tories, including Emily Thornberry and Michael Gove, are supporting a campaign for airdrops...Show More Summary

The battle for eastern Aleppo in maps: how rebel territory is shrinking

Forces loyal to the Assad regime have launched a major ground assault on rebel-held Aleppo. Backed by Russian airstrikes that have already devastated the east of Syria’s second city and destroyed its last functioning hospitals, pro-regime forces are advancing rapidly into territory that has been in rebel hands since 2012 Continue reading...

Syria: tens of thousands flee Aleppo ahead of UN emergency talks

More than 50,000 leave amid continuing government bombardment that reportedly killed at least 21 people on Wednesday More than 50,000 Syrians have joined a growing exodus of civilians from east Aleppo, a human rights monitor has said,...Show More Summary

Now is the moment for us Palestinians to renew our national movement | Salem Barahmeh

For years the diaspora has been voiceless, failed by a detached political elite. The seventh Fatah conference is a rare chance to put that right Anti-establishment sentiment has just produced two shockwaves: Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Sports journalist jailed for three months in Bahrain over a tweet

He is alleged to have defamed Islam, but did his arrest have more to do with an open letter on Facebook urging an end to restrictions on freedom? A Bahraini criminal court has sentenced a sports journalist to three months in prison for a tweet that allegedly defamed the Sunni sect of Islam. Show More Summary

While many Iranians fear Trump presidency, others see opportunities

Fears Tehran will suffer under Trump are countered by view that Iran copes better with a Republican in the White House A cartoon in the Iranian satirical magazine Khat-khati depicts former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a student at the lectern of his teacher, Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Motherhood in Aleppo: 'Did I give birth to him to see a life like this?' | Umm Leen

Amid heavy shelling in the Syrian city, local resident Umm Leen gave birth to her son a month early. With food and other basic resources scarce, and the ongoing siege intensifying, she fears what the future holds. Here, she tells her story The siege has been bad, but we didn’t fear it as much as we fear the bombs. Show More Summary

Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus outskirts, Syrian reports say

Two missiles struck Sabboura area west of Syrian capital but did not cause any casualties, according to reports Israeli jets fired two missiles from Lebanese airspace towards the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, early on Wednesday, the official Syrian news agency said, in a strike on an unknown target that caused loud explosions. Show More Summary

Tearing up US deal with Iran would be disastrous, says CIA chief

Outgoing US intelligence chief John Brennan says Donald Trump’s opposition to nuclear deal is ‘height of folly’ The outgoing director of the CIA has warned of disastrous consequences if Donald Trump goes ahead with his threat of tearing...Show More Summary

Women’s Rights Activist Arrested After Attending Workshop in Georgia

Twenty Others Who Attended Women’s Empowerment Workshop Also Questioned Photographer and women’s right activist Alieh Matlabzadeh has been undergoing interrogation in Evin Prison since November 26 when Intelligence Ministry agents took...Show More Summary

Pentagon says human errors led to mistaken bombing of Syrian-backed forces

A U.S. military investigation has found that “unintentional human errors” led to a coalition airstrike that mistakenly killed dozens of Syrian-backed troops this fall, but it did not recommend disciplining anyone for the deadly attack. The Sept. 17 air raid on a garrison in the eastern Syrian town...

Libyan general Khalifa Haftar meets Russian minister to seek help

Haftar, who previously requested military support from the Kremlin to help fight Islamic militants in Libya, met foreign minister Sergei Lavrov Khalifa Haftar, the military commander of Libya’s eastern government, has met Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and said he was seeking Moscow’s help in his fight against Islamic militants at home. Show More Summary

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