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By: meeyauw

I totally fell in love with that photo of the little kids in their safety vests! Just adorable! Oslo is a beautiful city. I have to run off now and convert Celsius to Farenheit! ;0)

By: nancy

Those little reflective vests are wonderful! I have never seen them used by school groups here in the States, but it is an excellent idea! You are right about the right clothes making all the difference.

By: RennyBA

@Mark: No, I think the do that all time of the year. - Yes, they are cute. @CheH: You really should experience some snow and below freezing - it's crispy you know! @Michael: Thanks for returning the favor - always good to welcome new...Show More Summary

By: Mother of Invention

You guys dress for the weather more than we Canadians! We let our kids stay in for recess at school on days it's 25 below or colder but they should just dress better! Cute kids!

By: Lynn

Well it is sounding like Norway is mirroring us. I will take a photo of the crisp silent night with the fresh virgin snow.

By: ttfootball

oooo they're so cute! Made me think of my friend in Porsgrunn and her stories about "field experience" in preschools, (thats what she's studying for u know) You know Renny, you make it sound so nice over there even in winter...

By: Richard

I agree that for Winter, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. But … for the summer, it can still be too hot even when undressed. When I was younger, the cold never bothered me as much. Now, I am afraid it begins to bother me. We are supposed to go to –32C tonight.

By: Lise

Cool! Hah, i live in Stiklestad. I’ve seen, acted, heard and done everything about king olav for (almost) real.

By: Tyholt tower on top of Trondheim in Norway

[...] you like to read more about The City with a Heart and the Nidaros Cathedral, please see my post from one year ago. I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did and get an idea of how it can be in [...]

By: New Oslo Opera House in Norway

[...] are talking about the largest cultural construction in the nation of 4.7 million people since the Nidarosdomen Cathedral in Trondheim in the 14th century. The opening of Oslo Opera house took place on the 12th of April [...]

By: iWalk

Yeah, It was classic Gothic church with rose windows, Just as Amiens Cathedral:) I love your guided trip to such a middle ages city.I love these kind of cities:)

By: TorAa

Thank you Renny, for this Guided tour, which I for some reasons did not join - and for linking to my post from Trondheim. As you commented, our stories are really different - but I think we know each other that well, we knew how to make our stories to one whole.

By: mirk

One word... wonderful!!I love historical stuff...ooops that was more than one oh well......

By: Love Mom

Your blog and these pictures really make me long for something I have never known but have always felt was a part of me. As I have said before my grandpa was Norwegian and it has been my lifelong dream to get to see the land he called home. Show More Summary

By: aka R'acquel

I've fallen in love with the west front of the church - the circular geometric design in the middle. Look forward to travelling further into it as inspiration for my next embroidery design piece. Who knows, maybe they will turn into a pair of viking pants! ;D

By: S

Gorgeous architecture, Renny! I just love old buildings of all sorts. Glad you are having so much fun in your travels! Take care!

By: Tink

Interesting stuff and beautiful pictures! I only knew Trondheim from the speed skating, now I know a lot more, thanks!

By: Maryagirl

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