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By: eastcoastlife

Hi Diane, The salmon looks simply delicious. That is a labour of love which I would love to do for my family too. :) I love salmon and cod fish. But these fish are so expensive in Singapore. We import it from Norway. The salmon you use looks so fresh. DianeCA Hi EastcoastLife, great to see you. Show More Summary

By: Ev Nucci

Wow, these pictures are really cool! I love how you did them! I'm duly impressed. Don't forget to come to my cruise in Maui starting August 25th! RennyBA Thanks for your compliments and I'll try to be over at the 25th.

By: Gattina

Don't forget to come to my cruise stop at the south East coast of the UK tomorrow! RennyBA Thanks for reminding me - I will!

By: carlotta

wow, that certainly looks very yummy! :) "What is most valuable about this kind of dinner is the time you invest in making something good which blesses your family, the anticipation of smelling the good food in the kitchen and the quality time you spend eating it and savouring the fruits of your labours." ---> i agree with you on this one. Show More Summary

By: Mark

Hello again Renny! Thanks for the comment you left on my latest post in WP! But there is a newer one back at my Blogger page. I haven't completed my move yet, still not happy with my WP design template. You can still visit me at Blogger, until I've announced the final move. Show More Summary

By: neuroticmissy

You're such an engaging writer Diane! x DianeCA Thanks for your compliments Missy - and for your post card too:-)

By: Läckö Baroque Castle in Sweden

[...] One of the most historical and majestic places to visit, 45 min drive from our vacation home in Sweden, is Läckö Castle. It was Tor and Anna’s luck to go with us for a visit this year and I gladly share some of the history and highlights from this castle with you: The history starts with a castle build by Brynolf Algotsson in 1298. Show More Summary

By: Mrs Lifecruiser

I've been looking around a bit on your July posts now. Impressive! And I've never been in Läckö slott, so that was really nice to see! I love old castles.

By: Barbara

Now, I know who Diane is...your wife...I got ya...Renny and Diane in their castle in Sweden and Norway. You must win the lottery so Robert and I can come see you. Can you send me a free vacation for Robert and my vacation for our 25 year Wedding Anniversary...we will be waiting! Barbara

By: Ridhima

Wow..That is indeed a lovely place to be on holiday!!

By: Helge Årsvoll

Happy that you visited my blog. Yeah, we had a great time in Oslo, but are now back in Stavanger (Norway!). I am back at work... keep up the contact!

By: RennyBA

@AnneJohnson: My summer place isn’t exactly a castle either, but we love it for what it is:-) I’ve been to the US a lot, my wife is from NY, and I find it quite interesting too! @guppyman: I hope for the same and when we do, let’s buy it together! @kenju: Yes, the Nordic countries are not that fare away you know. Show More Summary

By: Barbara

What a wonderful tour of the castle! I can't believe you own a summer house in Sweden! Can I come visit you and go on tour? The pictures add so much to your description!

By: JerseyTjej

We hope to take a 4 day rip to Norge i august... I have been and the husband but not the kids! We will be driving the car and hopefully we will not have the dog and cat! LOL! I enjoy your photos and descriptions!

By: Conners

I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog and came to visit yours. I love your travels and especially you answering your questions that Susy posted for you to answer. I visited you web site too. Mostly I love all the wonderful pictures with your discriptions. Show More Summary

By: jel

liked the tour of Swedish countryside. thanks have a great Vacation ake care

By: OsloBG The Mayor’s reception at the City Hall

[...] of Thor Heyerdahl. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Viking Ship Museum as well as Norwegian Maritime Museum and the ship Fram, used by Roald [...]

By: Music and Dance in Bunad at Folk Museum in Norway

[...] – 20 min by boat on the fjord from Oslo. Here you also find: The Viking Ships Museum, Norway Maritime Museum and Kon Tiki Museum. Remember also; with the Oslo Pass, included in the Oslo Blog Gathering, you [...]

By: Mini Cruise on Oslo Fjord in Norway

[...] Thousands of years of culture and history is to be explored at Bygday in a walking distance, e.g. : The Maritime Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, and The Museum of Cultural History. The end of the [...]

By: Adventures of a globetrotter in Oslo Norway «

[...] he told me From the harbour he took the ferry on the Oslo Fjord to Bygdøy Island and explored the Maritime as well as the Viking Ships and the Folk [...]

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