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The anonymous' statue freaks me out.

By: Puss in Boots

Thank you very much for the tour of Budapest over the last little while, Renny. I was all excited because I'd heard of Andrassy Avenue! I've obviously read about it somewhere. I also love the examples of the architecture, too. What a historic city it is and I bet it's great to explore!

By: Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Budapest is such a beautiful place. The structures are amazing. Thank you for sharing these great places.

By: RuneE

I must have missed a lot. Just sitting down on one of the benches in the last picture and contemplated all of that work would have been nice.

By: lime

wow, the underground really is a feat of engineering! and i just love that picture of the heroes square.

By: ghee

Hi Renny! Good to see you back,with multiple posts i`ve missed. :) Great great photos,from below till the top!!What a wonderful and clean country.Very developed and yet awesome to preserve their culture. It`s always interesting to read...Show More Summary

By: smartchic

Budapest is such as amazing city. That is one of the places I'd want to visit before I leave this planet, that is if I get rich enough to do some major traveling. :)

By: Charles Ravndal

Wow! The pictures are just awesome and now Budapest is now on my list of where to go on a holiday next time. Thanks for sharing about this beautiful city!

By: Mar

Great post and pictures, Renny, what a wonderful city!!

By: laketrees

magnificent tour Renny.. I want to visit Budapest :) :) have a great weekend happy travellers :)

By: Olga Cruising from Norway to Germany

[...] a guest is such a pleasure and we’ve had such a great time showing her around in Oslo like to The Royal Castle, Vigeland Sculpture Park, The New Oslo Opera House, Norway Maritime Museum and of course for [...]

By: Olga experience seafood delight in Norway

[...] guest at our house: The experienced Globetrotter Olga The Traveling Bra. We have shown her The Royal Castle, Vigeland Sculpture Park, The New Opera House as well as Norway Maritime Museum. You see, Olga’s [...]

By: Quatrains to Sugar Snap Peas - ManiaRavings

[...] am going to pass this on to Renny B. Amundsen, whose blog I have just begun to read all because Olga is currently visiting him in Norway ! Renny blogs about Norway and it’s history and people and it is always refreshing to meet [...]

By: brandon alan scofield

the soldier look great, royal palace of oslo, it looks like st petersburg :)

By: lime

oh that is so funny. i can just imagine what that guard was thinking when you stood there with the bra!

By: Ginnie

This is just hysterical, Renny. I love the concept...which helps us keep "abreast" of what's going on in the world. :)

By: Stine

Lucky old Royal Guard, to get a visit from Olga...

By: DianeCA

We had a very fun time exploring the Capital of Oslo with our lovely guest. It did seem to shock some people seeing an American girl like that, but most of the Norwegians were friendly and curious!! Looking forward to more adventure...

By: Sofie

Hi Renny! That was funny! Were you not caught for obscenity? :) :D Just a thought, maybe we can do that in countries like USA, countries in Europe, in some parts of Asia, but in certain part of the world, which I will not name, do you think it's possible. I don't think so. :) But a great idea! Very unique! :lol:

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