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By: laura

hello from canada very nice post about your traditions. its great to see a family enjoying time together....... AND celebrating spring. it sure is welcome after a long winter. ~laura

By: Francesca

Loved your story!!! We too have our very own Easter Traditions and they too are heartwarming moments and are such a welcoming for spring. I think family traditions are so important. I particularly loved the earthy feel of your tradition. Have a wonderful happy holiday and I hope you find your egg this year!!! ;)

By: Easter Bunny Eggs Hunt in Norwegian Woods

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By: Spring Equinox and an Easter Egg hunt

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By: chuck

Not only was this a great story, but you took me right back home to a very nice time in my life when I lived with my brother, sisters and mom and dad -- all of us together in one house. (I write about it in my book too.) We decorated eggs as well, but yours are humungous and so colorful. Show More Summary

By: Irish Church Lady :)

Great story and pictures about your Easter Egg hunt Renny! LOL that Dad had to get there first ay? winkwinknudgenudge I did not now about the story of the Easter Bunny being able to lay eggs. Thanks for sharing!

By: April

i grew up in a very rural area and we hunted for eggs also. traditionslike these always give you a beautiful nostalgia. i still look back on those days and smile. and i love easter candy. for some reason it just makes me happy. must be the pastel colors.

By: apples

No way! I didn't know we had that tradition. It's always seemed like a more American thing... Never heard of any Norwegians having an Easter egg hunt before :)

By: RennyBA

@Buddy: Yes Spring is wonderful and now it is here in Norway too! @Sha: Happy Spring to you too... it's in the air you know and I just love it! @Chas: You know I can hardly wait - so to everyone: stay tuned becouse my Terella will soon be brand new :-)

By: Chas Ravndal

That's cool at least my work now is almost done so I can resume in finishing your blog.

By: claudie

"The Norwegian government is made up of approximately 50% women and 50% men." I dream this could be hear by the french government and the parlament! If only one day we could have a such law! The action of Diane against the violence made to women is fabulous!

By: Max Coutinho

Hey Renny, Women have come a long away indeed, however the fight is not over: And it is not over until one single woman, one earth, does not enjoy the rights she's supposed to enjoy: freedom...Show More Summary

By: Dim Lamp

Excellent post Renny! Norway is definitely more advanced in gender equality in the realm of politics than we are here in Canada. It is sad and depressing to see that the majority of politicians in Canada are men. I think we are going backwards in that field. Show More Summary

By: Ginnie

There are so many things in this post that have left me speechless, Renny. I had no idea Norway was THAT forward-thinking! "10 months fully paid maternity leave after the birth of a child?" That's unbelievable. You can be so proud of your heritage in this regard. WOW.

By: Solen i April

Was Googling for something else but ended up here and read your sensible post. Keep it up!

By: Red Nomad OZ

I see Australia could learn a lot from Norway about equal rights! Thank you for an interesting post!!

By: lime

thanks for sharing this and how norway is fostering the rights of women. the maternity leave alone is wonderful. here in the states you're lucky if you get 6 weeks.

By: DianeCA

I am so proud of my family for supporting this cause and marching with me and being proud of what we stand for!! I must be the luckiest woman in the world!

By: Zhu

I like the fact people take the streets to celebrate that day. As a French it appeals to me :-) It's a much more low-key celebration day in Canada.

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