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By: Karlyn

Hi Renny, I just want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday!!!! I am Brykmantras wife so I keep up with you on his blog. This is my birthday month too. I ususally celebrate for at least a week. You need to start it too. Works great!! Anyway.... ENJOY!!!!!

By: zingtrial

Happy Birthday my friend,nice pic's Thanks for sharing,Best wishes my friend

By: Rigmor

Happy birthday... I loved the take on Koselig. It is soooo Norwegian. Norwegian Kos. Seems like a cosy place far, far away from the dusty streets of London!

By: NorwegianMalbec

Dear Friend: This is Alfredo, We have been zipping some nice Argetninean wines together. I just want to tell you two things: One: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My best whishes for you! Two: Fantastic "explanation - description" about Koselig, defintly my favorit norwegian word. We keep in touch! Or at least I'll keep on reading your blog!

By: aiRah

renny, you had a blast i bet. you're such a charming person! go renny go lemme hear you say go renny go! waaaahhh,, can't you believe that I've just sang a cheer for you...!! have a nice day!! hugs cheers, aiRah P.S.: just saying nonsense & some stupid stuff here.. chuckles

By: cheH

Foodies looks really tempting & nam nam I hope you'll have a lovely weekend ahead! take care renny!

By: Caïla

Hehe... Looks like you've been exploring Brussels with all your senses... Tried to look up a raw food place for you in there, but I guess you might have to wait to taste some raw goodies until I open my raw restaurant in Oslo... Have a nice weekend! Done my homework now ;-) Caïla

By: n.b.

Oh yum! Thanks for sharing this delicious experience with us!

By: Pearl

The Art Nouveau decor sounds pleasant. Clearly you took a far better culinary path through Brussels than my Hubby and I. (We ate a music festival and came down with food poisoning for a few days.) Ice nougat sounds good.

By: Ginnie

Eating together is such an "eternalized moment," Renny, especially in Europe when it can take 3 or more hours. I have a feeling that's what it was meant to be and not the hurried gulping down of fast-food that so many people here in America do! Sounds like a foretaste of heaven! :)

By: Shionge

Ice nougat? That's interesting I've never come across anything like that at all. I've sure would love to have a go at what you have Renny.

By: Jenny Ryan

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm just starting to make my way around Ryze, but I'm enjoying it so far. So cool that you're from Norway. My maternal grandfather was first generation American from Norwegian parents. Unfortunately all that's trickled down to me are some (and I will spell this wrong, forgive me) some sandbakel (?) tins and the wonderful expression, "Uff da!"

By: Anonymous

Ayayay! Looks like a marvelous dinner! Yummm...

By: Mother of Invention

Order me the chicken souffle and ice nougat avec coffee! Such beautiful china too. It's all in the presentation some chef's say. It's just got to look beautiful as well as taste divine! Thanks for the invitation and for making my mouth water!

By: Expat Traveler

all that looks so tempting! But I'm so tired right now, I don't even think I want to eat, I'd rather nap... In which case, I can't do either right now... Ah... Thanks for sharing and if you want to see those pics on flickr, they will be up soon. =)

By: Charles Ravndal

It's really heartbroken, but this tragedy also unleashed a strong solidarity and love in our country.

By: Jaymo

So very sorry my friend. The world weeps with Norway.

By: ana lima

I'd like to say it in your language.. in the fashion of JFK, "I AM A NORWEGIAN!" by António Gedeão, a Portuguese poet: Whenever I weep, it's not me weeping. It is what men in all times have suffered, that weeps. The tears, they are mine, but the weeping is not. . . so very sorry for what has happened to you.. to us all.. AL

By: Ginnie

The entire world has been grieving with you, Renny and Diane. We know you will only become stronger and more beautiful, known still as one of the most peaceful nations on earth. That will never change.

By: Kyo

Renny, Diane and family, our thoughts are with you and yours during your country's trying time. We condemn the actions of this 'activist'. Stay strong and let nothing change your peaceful and progressive way of life. Love from Singapore.

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