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By: norwegian christmas traditions

[...] you can achieve by showing interest in others and sharing some from yourself. Blogsphere is a pe in NorwaySince then, the christmas tree at Trafalgar Square has become an annual [...]

By: Ria a.k.a msculit

P.S. Count me in the givers gain...I hope you'll meet my hubby this May so he can personally give you my "share." God Bless!

By: Ria a.k.a msculit

I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Make me feel like a special guest and I am very grateful for your offer to meet my hubby on his forthcoming visit to Norway this May. He is looking forward to that! I hope it's okay. It'll be a great...Show More Summary

By: iWalk

I can feel the enjoyment of sharing from you, RennyBA. And this is the reason I love your blog.:)

By: Tanya

What a fun little package! I really enjoy reading blogs from other countries! RennyBA It was great fun to receive it - glad you enjoy my blog too!

By: eastcoastlife

I like the beautiful medallion! I have made wonderful blogging friends from all over the world and met some of them. I hope to visit you and Toraa in Norway one day. Got to check out the Vikings myself. peep peep hahaha.....

By: Sidney

You are absolutely right. The internet is bringing people together if used wisely.

By: Beeps and Chirps

I did not know there were Loons in Europe. I live in Massachusetts but have seen and heard them in Maine. Beautiful and haunting sound. Nice work. RennyBA Glad I could teach you something new today then - it's a beautiful bird and I do like the sound of it.

By: Nancy Bea

What fun! If you are making a list or calender of blog exchange friends, please add me in! I love sending little "care packages" to children at camp or homesick friends who've moved away, so this kind of thing is right up my aleyis right up my alley.

By: Lisa

Blogging really does bring us together! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Renny.

By: Roberta Barnes

I am glad you are the one getting the votes because your blog Rocks!

By: Mary

Renny, I have entered your name in my giveaway. Please check back Wednesday my time to find out who won. Blessings, Mary

By: claudie

I red this post already two days ago but just I had a problem with my connection. Now all seems ok again. This a very "bellisimo" post. If only all lands all over the world had a such reference. The little angels are so charming.

By: Pages tagged "yuletide"

[...] = "0099FF"; var mooter_wrapper_url=""; var run_method = "preload"; var mooter_target = "0"; Dissimilis: About courage, joy and enthusiasm. saved by 4 others     ripter80 bookmarked on 01/18/08 | [...]

By: shionge

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post Renny and yes, they are very special indeed and thought us much. Sorry been away for so long, be catching up with you :D

By: Melli

Ohhhhh Renny! What an AWESOME post! What a GREAT group! What a LOVELY thing... I loooooove it! I only wish that you had shared a picture of YOUR special someone... so we would all know.

By: Ladybug

Thank you for sharing this wonderful and blessed event with us, Renny!

By: TorAa

Renny, a great post about something phenomenal. This group has spread joy around our country and even abroad for many years. And to experience each members proud to be a member is unique

By: ghee

ohh,its my first time to see the Norwegians Princess Astrid!Thanks Renny! The children must be lovely!and the soloist has a good voice :) Good to know that you and your wife Dianne care for this kind of organization :) TGIF!!Lets enjoy it!! hugs, ghee

By: Shinade

Dear Renny, what a pleasure to come and read your blog. I have a daughter with Turner's Syndrome. At one time almost all Turner's children were considered mentally retarded and unable to achieve. However, that was a phallacy. She has gone on to achieve her PHD. Show More Summary

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