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By: estetik burun

The serial number of a human specimen is the face, that accidental and unrepeatable combination of features. It reflects neither character nor soul, nor what we call the self. The face is only the serial number of a specimen.

By: Robert Longpré

Hi Renny. I came across your blog when I visited DimLamp's blog site. I have to say that I am glad to have clicked on the link that took me here. I have never been to your part of the world. Perhaps some year in the future. I do travel much of the world now in my retirement. Come and visit my site and discover more about who I am and how I see the world. Robert

By: Duvar Ka??d?

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By: forum

Y uno que se preocupa porque los avisos no molesten a los visitantes del blog.

By: sprachcaffe malta

it would be better with other languages support, but thanks..

By: estetik

does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?? RennyBA Use Google Translation in the sidebar on this blog.

By: ingiltere ogrenci vizesi

it looks like a nice site, but it would better with multi language support, for example spanish.. but thanks.. RennyBA Use Google Translation in the sidebar on this blog.

By: Lingard

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By: Tony

Heya! Im 13 years old and i just got a homework about the native people in norway (sami) and this looks so PERFECT. hanks you so much, im sure i will do great in my presentation with keywords :D

By: Vanfossen

Excellent site,Thanks for this great post - I will be sure to check out your blog more often.Just subscriped to your RSS feed..

By: From Russia with Love

[...] We ended up in Pechenga after three hours drive: The Pechenga area was indigenously inhabited by Samis. In 1533 it became part of Russia, in 1920 part of Finland and part of the Soviet Union from 1944. [...]

By: Sidney

Maybe we will charter a plane from the Philippines and visit you ! Count me in ( but only during Summer ;-)

By: RennyBA

@Cheh: Thanks for the nice comment - an example of why I love sharing my daily life with the world! Keep on dreaming - one day it might come true!

By: cheH

Oh deer!:)I just finished reading all your Arctic trip post series & enjoyed them all. I'm dreaming right now to actually experience the place as you did! renny,happy easter to you & to your family!!

By: racky

FROHE OSTERN (Happy Easter) renny! :)

By: AL

Hei Renny! Very nice and interesting series.... Have a happy easter!!!!

By: Love and Pride coupon

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By: Leon Small

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By: Angji

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By: Cyber Cruises during 2007 « Cyber Cruisers

[...] Halloween Party 2007 How Do You Celebrate Halloween Urban Legends Blends Hallo Halloween from Oslo Norwegians just dont get Halloween Your Oddly Ghost Post On drinking stars… Last day of Maui trip - Hana Falls & Bamboo [...]

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