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By: Mini Cruise on Oslo Fjord in Norway

[...] Thousands of years of culture and history is to be explored at Bygday in a walking distance, e.g. : The Maritime Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, and The Museum of Cultural History. The end of the [...]

By: Adventures of a globetrotter in Oslo Norway «

[...] he told me From the harbour he took the ferry on the Oslo Fjord to Bygdøy Island and explored the Maritime as well as the Viking Ships and the Folk [...]

By: Adventures of a globetrotter in Oslo Norway

[...] he told me From the harbour he took the ferry on the Oslo Fjord to Bygdøy Island and explored the Maritime as well as the Viking Ships and the Folk Museum. Vigeland Sculpture Park: In the afternoon I took [...]

By: pliner

Nice tour ) Thank you for photo and story

By: Olga Cruising from Norway to Germany

[...] her around in Oslo like to The Royal Castle, Vigeland Sculpture Park, The New Oslo Opera House, Norway Maritime Museum and of course for Norwegian Seafood Delight in our kitchen. However there is a time for everything [...]

By: Tinsie

That Olga is certainly well travelled ;-)

By: Shinade

Oh my Olga and sailors. What can I say? Oh my I won't go down that avenue. You certainly are giving Olga a grand tour indeed. She will definitely have her "C' legs to go along with her double D's!! Oh my forgive me Renny I couldn't resist. Olga just has a way of bringing out the crazies in all of us. I can't wait for the next adventure. See you next time Captain!!:-)

By: Ladybug

It's nice to know that Olga is supportive (in more ways than one)! :D Looks like you all had a wonderful time ~ it's such a cool place with all of those artifacts! Have a fantastic weekend, Renny! xxoo


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By: Teena in Toronto

I grew up in Nova Scotia, which is on the Atlantic Ocean. Seeing your pix makes me homesick!

By: Ruth

I love the excitement and hustle bustle of the docks and boats but not the smell of fish as you know! The sheepskin is a neat idea. Here we even have outdoor heaters to extend the season.

Oslo Social 2015 welcome to Norway

OsloSocial2015 is an open invitation if you want to experience The Capital of Norway by locals – taking place at 5th to 8th of August – you´ll meet others having an adventures time in exploring our culture, traditions and history. It all started in August 2010 at OsloBG when almost 50 participants met up in […]

By: claudie

Nice to read your post of 2006. I'll write one tomorrow on my blog!!! As you see I'm not so often on the web since I practice 11 hours of theater per week and began the piano!!! i should rent an appartment a the begining of january!!! We are so excited with Pierre!! So many plans for 2011!!!! Bisous bisous!!!

By: Smalahove at the best and oldest Engebret cafe in Oslo

[...] special Norwegian cuisine is available – as I have described in previous posts: Ribbe, Reindeer, Pinnekjøtt, Salmon, Lutefisk, Rakfisk etc., but even more at Engebret – and here we are at the crucial [...]

By: Mummy Jenkins

Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I grew up in the philipines but moved to america at such a young age I barely remember anything apart from the delicious food. I finally found some authentic Filipino recipes if you want to take a look, I thought I'd share it with you!

By: Christmas Tree and Food Traditions in Norway

[...] rutabaga and I like Brusselssprouts and cranberry jam. Read my post about how to make and eat it here! On Christmas Days (both the 25th and 26th of December are holidays in Norway), the family feast [...]

By: flower girl dress for less

Ceux-ci sont absolument adorable! Elle fait un travail fantastique!

By: himalman

Wish this Christmas Eve brings for you the gifts of happiness, good helth & joy ! I love Christmas Eve dinners with Family. RennyBA Thanks for the visit and greetings - wish you a good one too!

By: kitty litter

My woman is missing her Pinnekjøtt which she would usually have New years Eve. (My Ribbe and sausage came out very good...for an American! by the way. Next year we head to Oslo for the holidays. This year the misplaced vikings will have to make do with Filet Mignon for NY Eve God Jul!

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