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Hope You're Having A Great Memorial Day

A newly rehabbed Lionel wishes displays his patriotism from his perch at Dayton and Montrose. (Cribbed from his Facebook page.)

From spelling bee champ to professional poker player

Pratyush Buddiga correctly spelled the word prospicience to win the 2002 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Prospicience means the act of looking forward, but no matter how much prospicience he might have engaged in as a 13-year-old, itShow More Summary

Public Health Report Prefers Gardiner Removal

6 hours agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

Toronto's Medical Officer of Health identifies eight ways in which removing the eastern portion of the expressway will benefit residents' health. A new report from Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David McKeown, prefers removing the Gardiner east of Jarvis rather than preserving it with Mayor Tory’s hybrid option. Show More Summary

Support Audax Summer Code School

In Lagos on Indiegogo: Audax Solutions is an e-learning, training, and assessment solutions company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our code school program is an initiative launched in 2013 to teach children aged 5 -16 in Lagos area primary and secondary schools, computer programming using Scratch, HTML/CSS and JavaScript, which started in 2013. Show More Summary

Conservative's win of Polish presidency likely to boost party this fall

The old and the young joined forces in Poland to hand a surprising victory to conservative populist Andrzej Duda, whose presidential campaign promises included rolling back the retirement age and wresting control of domestic economic matters from the European Union.

Indian Americans dominate the National Spelling Bee. Why should they take abuse on social media for it?

The streak is as impressive as it is difficult to explain. In much the same way that Kenyan runners have owned the Boston Marathon, Indian American kids have placed a stranglehold on the Scripps National Spelling Bee, winning it now for seven years in a row and all but four of the last 15 years.Read full article >>

And Also Appearing....

Live and at Montrose Harbor.... The Red Knots! (People with dogs who are bird-watching are encouraged to keep them leashed. We are told there's been a terrible problem with the dogs rushing at the birds both inside and outside the protected area.)

Off-grid solar systems increasingly viable for low-income communities

Excerpted from the ‘GE Look Ahead’ series: View image | Affordable energy technologies and new business models are bringing off-grid solutions to growing numbers of communities in the developing world As of 2014, 1.3bn people lacked access to electricity. Show More Summary

Chris Throws a Wrench Into Mommy's Plans for His Future

Kid, in stroller: What's that?Mom: A plumber truck.Kid: A plumber truck?Mom: Uh-huh.Kid: I wanna be a plumber truck!–7th & Atlantic, BrooklynOverheard by: concerned for the future

Kelly: When the great fox uprising occurs, don’t say I didn’t warn you

What does it all mean? I suppose we can ask that question ask all day long and never get a satisfactory answer. In fact, it’s probably better that we don’t ask it at all, for in the space between the asking and the answering is that dark, existential void.Read full article >>

Four arrested in peaceful Oakland protests

Four people were arrested in Oakland on Sunday night after a second consecutive day of protests over alleged police brutality and a new policy to force protesters out of streets and onto sidewalks.

Nigerian gas shortage resolved but new leader still faces major challenges

Nigeria’s gasoline scarcity was resolved Monday, but only after the shortages had damaged the economy, canceled or diverted commercial flights, shut down radio stations and put mobile phone networks at risk.

Galaxy honors Steven Gerrard's Liverpool legacy in hometown paper ad

The body hadn't even gotten cold before the Galaxy crashed a mourning Liverpool with a full-page newspaper ad honoring local legend Steven Gerrard.

Bullied 'Dancing Man' Gets Hollywood Dance Party DJed By Moby

After being shamed on the Internet for dancing, Sean O'Brien got his own L.A. dance party. [ more › ]

Just When You Thought It Would Be Cool to Have a Personal Troubadour

Guy on office phone: Is that because of your placenta?Guy next to him, singing: Is that because of your placentaaa?–25th & MadisonOverheard by: Shan Agra

TVCITY Street Style: Spring Sprang Spung

8 hours agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

Torontoist presents TVCITY Street Style, a video series about inspirational people, art, and moments in public spaces. You can see more TVCITY Street Style videos on its YouTube channel.

Armed intruders rob three people in Canoga Park motel room, police say

Two men, one armed with a machete and the other a handgun, forced their way into a Canoga Park motel room late Sunday and robbed the three occupants inside, authorities said.

Extra Extra: Chicagoland Honors Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day Weekend

Fallen soldiers were honored at Memorial Day events and services across the Chicagoland area this past weekend and today. [ more › ]

Nintendo World Championships Competition Coming To Schaumburg

After a 25 year hiatus, Nintendo is resurrecting the Nintendo World Championships and bringing a qualifying round to the Chicagoland area. [ more › ]

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